Kassadin Build Guide

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Kass Will Whoop your ass: Damage Kassadin

written by ChainsawMonkey

Kassadin Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Damage Kassadin should only be played when the other bases on a team are covered. If you do not have a caster and a primary dpser this build will not work (most of the time). This works well for me, I just felt like sharing and giving an alternative to "Kassadin must cast"

    When playing Kassadin it is your job to get as many kills as you possibly can. Because I like to spell Kass as KS'S or KSadin. Dont worry about your team, they wont care when they realized you rolled over the face of the other team with your glowing purple Lightsaber

    Though Personally not the most skilled player around 800 games as Kass I have averaged roughly a 2:1:2 KDRA ratio. This is almost exclusively with this build, though some of those games were development time.

    Some match history

    Pentakill in ranked

    Ranked Rape

  • Abilities

    Void Stone
    This passive sounds alot better than it actually is and will be almost completely ignored

    Null Sphere
    despite what most other builds will tell you, this is actually a my main (non-ult) skill in most games. Remember this should not be focused if some who spams spells is in your lane like Karthus, Twisted Fate, Alistar etc.

    Remember, purple balls to the face solve all of your problems.

    Nether Blade
    This move is good LATE game when you can hit people regularly with your purple Lightsaber, but is terrible in the laning phase

    The activate-able scales extremely well late game

    Force Pulse
    excellent move, but only if its regularly full, which is rare early game. Pulse provides you with the utility to chase more effectively and keep your teammates alive. It will be up all the time in teamfights.

    Rift gives Kass an ability to be versatile. with it he can gank and run or just spam it to proc Sheen Riftwalk gives what every melee dps wants, the ability to close distance in a consistent fashion.

  • Items

    On Summoner's Rift

    Start with Sapphire Crystal and 2x [Health potion]

    Upon return get Boots of Swiftness and if you have the money get Sheen. Next get Phage to start building Trinity Force.

    After getting Trinity Force get The Brutalizer to work towards Youmuu's Ghostblade

    This is your core build, this is the quintessential AD kassadin.

    Most games are over by this point but just for shits and giggles

    next up is Infinity Edge
    After IE I lean towards [item=Bloodthirster] over [item=Stark's Fervor] for the higher AD and lifesteal

    The final item is up to you because at this point if the game isnt over you should be countering their builds

    Final Should be

  • Masteries + Runes

    For Masteries generally I like to go 21/0/9
    More Detail

    Runes are as follows:
    Marks; 9x Greater Mark of Desolation
    Seals; 9x Greater Seal of Evasion
    Glyphs;5x Greater Glyph of Force and 4x Greater Glyph of Intellect
    Quintessences;3x Greater Quintessence of Desolation

  • Skilling Order

    its pretty simple


  • Summoner Abilities

    Usually I go with Ghost and Exhaust because Flash is pointless on Kassadin.

  • Pros / Cons

    you have "surprise rape" capacity on par with twitch
    your team will think you are a pro (when played properly)
    you will kill many people (most of the time)
    If you one vs one another Kassadin you will probably win
    You can kill a ranged dps carry before your silence wears off
    Your respirator and Lightsaber make you a winner every time
    If you don't do well people will question your build
    You will get focused
    you will die (but less than you kill)
    your spells wont hurt nearly as much as another Kassadin's

  • Working in the team

    Your Job as Kassadin is really simple, Riftwalk to the squishiest champ, rape him (or her), turn around proceed to rape other squishies. If someone is chasing one of your team mates riftwalk to them and shove your purple laser Wang down their throat will excessive force. after you do said job expect to experience rage it is then your duty to enter in all chat "lolumad?" repeatedly this will have one of two results A) they will rage more or B) they will identify you as a troll, if called out you must accept it.
    When working with team mates pop over walls when ever you can to enter team fights, also silence anyone who is channeling anything, dont worry about Ks's it doesnt matter if you win

    Kassadin is actually a fairly good mid against squishies, and is an excellent 2v1 candidate.

  • Judgment Calls

    Most of what makes or breaks a Kassadin is the judgment calls, knowing when and where to jump on a bitch. This tend to come with experience and doing it wrong first. I tend to dive Half health squishes at level 9 if I have sheen and BoS. Know that your burst deals about 500 damage to non-tanks with a full cycle. Towards Youmuu Kassadin can melt almost any champion in a matter of seconds.

  • Solo Laning

    In both a 1v1 and a 2v1 lane Kassadin should be playing very passively and focusing almost solely on last hitting. Upon reaching level 6 you can be significantly more aggressive, once you reach level 9 you have traveled back once to grab sheen and boots. once you return to lane turn on the aggression rift null pulse combo and auto attack then retreat, rinse and repeat. this will melt squishies and no1 can harass like that. Once you are free to leave start ganking as much as you can, or farm hard.

  • Duo Laning

    Dont try to get FB, you are not the king of level one, play careful and play passive last hitting until 6, at level 6 you can begin to play more aggressively but not too much so. Of course this does not mean that if you have a strong lane partner you should help them be aggressive.

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