Lux Build Guide

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Lux: The Support Carry

written by haothehare

Lux Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Hello everyone, I like most of you have been reading up on guides and trying out characters quite a lot in LoL. I've played many games thus far and I've recently reached level 24. I don't claim to be top ranked or anything but I feel confident that I know what I'm doing when it comes to mage characters as I own all but 4 of them (I'm referring to the mage tab in the store).

    You've all seen her, and if you're reading this you've most likely played as her. Most guides here would put her as a solid DPS with 4 skill shots in their minds and go for straight AP. This is not wrong. But I believe I offer a better option.

    There are some important concepts in LoL that everyone needs to know. But before I go into detail in all of them, let's me just present a simple idea.

    Every time a player kills an enemy character the player gains gold and the dying enemy loses gold. Over time the players/team with more kills gain more gold and this translates into more powerful items that would later cause the game to be won.

    In other words, (and I know this is oversimplifying things but bear with me) LoL can be simplified into an economics game.

    There are a few ways to gain this game winning gold.
    Farming: If you perform the finishing blow on a minion you gain gold. (Lux is great for this... more on this later)
    Killing/Ganking: Lux is amazing at this... (More on this later)
    Assists: You gain gold for helping an ally kill an enemy, and no they did NOT kill steal you...(More on this later).
    Tower destruction: Whenever you destroy a tower the whole team of yours gain gold. This is very good!

    There is only 1 way to lose gold.
    Death: O_O OMG really?!!! WTF? No seriously, dying is BAD. NEVER EVER use "I killed someone in exchange" as an excuse for dying!!! This is because it will only ever be worth the gold if you killed someone 1v1 and died that way and that enemy that you killed had been on a long win streak... otherwise it's just terrible. If you die and your ally comes to save you, then that's even more deaths for your team. If you get ganked but kill someone while getting ganked so you'd think you're breaking even, you're wrong because the other team gets gold for assists as well, while your team only got gold once (since you're alone you get gold but no one else in your team does). Of course if you're in a gank situation and you absolutely can't get away but you can kill someone, do it... just keep in mind that doing so does NOT help at all (it only turns a bad situation into a slightly less bad situation, and is a net loss for your team.)

    Ok, so here's the plan. We want to maximize the Farming, Killing, Ganking, Assists, and Tower destructions and MOST IMPORTANTLY: MINIMIZE DEATH.

    Another way to look at it, which might help put things into perspective, is everytime you kill an enemy you can do either of 2 things. You can buy an item that will help you kill better in the future (an AP item in this case) to maximize farming/kills or you can buy an item that will help you survive better in the future (An HP or Armor item) to minimize death.

    I know this might be a long guide, but if you read everything I have to say, I think you'll come out at the end more knowledgeable about LoL and agree that this is a very efficient build.

    Before you continue on however, let me just state it plainly, if you haven't caught it by reading between the lines: Lux or any other mage, is NOT meant to EVER be SQUISHY.... If you feel you're SQUISHY you're doing it wrong... if you feel you can't do significant damage, then you're also doing it wrong and your team is likely losing. :P

    With my build, your Lux will do amazing damage, and almost never die... almost (I guess it's possible, but if you play her carefully like I do you might get only 1-2 deaths per game, even when losing)

  • Masteries + Summoner Spells

    For Masteries I do the normal 9/0/21 for mages on Lux. I know there are variations on how you allocate the 21 points in Utility, but I think the only things you need to keep in mind is to get the very bottom one (the CD reduction) [mastery_icon=Presence of the Master], the exp gaining one (I think it's called Awareness)[mastery_icon=Awareness], and your pick between [Mastery_icon=Haste], [Mastery_icon=Spatial Accuracy] and [Mastery_icon=Blink of An Eye]. Another to consider is [Mastery_icon=Utility Mastery] if your playing style has to do with those blue buffs :) Which is basically necessary as Lux really benefits from it. However, it IS your choice, and if you don't ever go out of your way to grab that buff then don't get [Mastery_icon=Utility Mastery]... instead max out [Mastery_icon=Perseverance] and [Mastery_icon=Expanded Mind]

    Summoner Spells:
    I HIGHLY recommend having as one of your spells. The reason being, you can escape ganks with it better than anything... even with a banshee's veil cleanse would still be useful... I cannot tell you just how many ganks I've escaped because I had an "oh shit" button... and my friend, that button is Cleanse. If you are stunned, you can't get away with flash or ghost until after the effect is over, often times you're dead by that time... no, don't wait, cleanse and run is MUCH better :P

    I recommend ... simply because this has so many applications, you can use it offensively to finish off an escaping enemy or flash over/through impassable terrain like trees or ledges so you can escape better, or simply get away quicker after you use cleanse to escape a gank.

    I recommend ... nothing gets you back in the action faster than this spell. However if you're going to get you should have either flash or ghost instead of teleport so you can escape or chase better.
    All else is up to you to decide. I recognize that Summoner Spells is largely a personal choice, so I'll leave most of the decision up to you. Still, try cleanse out... just try it. It's your "OH SHIT" Button.

  • Runes + Items

    For Runes I grab the , , , and finally . They are in order; health, cd reduction, magic penetration, and movement speed.

    Of these I think most are self explanatory except for movement speed. Of course it can be debated whether or now we'd like our Lux to be even more of a cannon than she already is by adding more Magic Penetration or Ability Power, but personally I think movement speed is not only vital but greatly increases combat effectiveness by either allowing you to escape or chase down an enemy... plus being able to consistently outrun pursuers is a good thing to have. I think when you have 2 or 3 the only characters you have to be afraid of getting chased by are Miss Fortune, Warwick, Master Yi, and Rammus... And even then you still have and to stop and/or slow them down. Conversely the only champions who could possibly run away are those with stealth or moves that allow them to jump away from you, slow you, etc.

    For Items...
    I start off with a . The reasoning is simple, more HP, less dying... Why not something cheaper and grab a potion instead? First off, the need for potions imply to me that you already plan on tanking with your face... this is generally a bad idea... Lux has the range to fight without ever resorting to tanking with her face... leave that to characters like Garen... no, for a long ranged mage like Lux, stay back and attack from afar. So no potions necessary.

    Even if you plan on early lane ganking, you should still stay behind your partner and use your to help out. Remember, MAGES DO NOT TANK WITH THEIR FACE!

    Ok so after a bit of pushing and proding you gain a bit of gold, the enemy might have tried to pressure you or gank you outright and their eagerness is most likely rejected by your cleanse + flash, or even just a simple Light Bind in their face and they're forced to calm the F*** down. :)

    By this time you may be out of mana (oh btw don't use your spells on mobs early game, save all your mana for or to prevent early ganking in your lane, or to help ganking)

    Maybe I should clarify on why this is a good idea. Firstly, it's obvious if you can get a kill you want to use your mana to kill... meaning you don't want to go "oh crap I don't have mana to help gank when I could have killed an enemy"... It's even more obvious that if you can light bind an enemy who is eager to kill you or your laning partner it would be a good idea... All the pushing early game should just be done using auto attack. Usually the enemies will push you harder because THEY will be using their abilities to kill mobs and as a result they might be a little ahead of you in EXP and the mob waves will be closer to your tower, if not right under it. This is GOOD. Why? By being under your tower your opponents risk a light bind in the face and taking loads of damage from the tower, it is easy to retreat to tower, and most importantly, it gives you a longer "chasing" distance in case you or your ally is ganking an escaping enemy... what you don't want is to be near your enemy's tower early to give them an easy retreat path, so you can't gank/kill them.

    First back: First time you go back grab a , and if you can afford it. this will give you more mana to play with (meaning by this time if your opponents have actually started to damage your tower, you'd want to invest SOME of your mana to pushing the mob waves back using , the extra mana helps with this).

    Second back: By this time you probably have either killed an enemy or helped gank with your laning partner... if you haven't then that's ok too, because that just means your opponents are playing just as safely as you are. Back second time you should get either a or the ... This would largely depend on your lane situation. I recommend the shoes if your enemies have boots, because you really want to be able to outrun your enemies. If however you feel no pressure thus far, and have been plagued by low mana, grab the Catalyst as it will help with this problem.

    After that it all depends... but the rest of my item build will be:

    : Lots of HP (500+), Lots of Mana (400+), 80 AP, both offensive and defensive... Efficient starting item to up your overall effectiveness in lane.

    : Helps you run around faster and the 20 magic Penetration helps a bit... I wouldn't mind if you swapped this with if the enemy has a lot of slows or silences (because you don't really want to waste your cleanse on a slow or silence... cleanse is mainly for escaping a hard CC)

    [Item_icon=Rylai's Scepter]: This is VERY important for Lux. Here's why. Ok most players by now will think "OMG AP!!!" and want to build their Lux to be a glass cannon nuke. That's a noob's idea of pwn. Because this is what will likely happen... you nuke someone to death, you celebrate, then a few minutes later you get killed after only 1 stun or something because you are squishy. Terrible -_- Rylai's Scepter does 3 things for you all at once. 1. You gain more Hp. Hp is important, because it keeps you alive... DUH. Rylai's is slightly less efficient HP wise than your Rod of Ages but as the game progresses there's less and less need for Hp because you'll likely be behind allies. Still at around the time you're getting your Rylai's you are in the mid game, and that's when usually people stop laning and start moving around the map to gank... Hp helps. 2. Your Rylai's give you AP! Lux IS a very damaging cannon, and just because I said she shouldn't be squishy does not mean I think she should just be fat and tank with her face... no, I mean she should not be squishy AND be dangerous :) Rylai's give 80 AP... so it's not weak by any means. Sure you could get more AP by grabbing something like [Item_icon=Zhonya's Ring] this early in the game, but you lose out on the HP front and that can be a fatal decision... You see, this way, you should have over 2K hp, so you're not an easy kill by any means, AND you've got the Pew pew. 3. Finally this item gives you a slowing affect on your spells... which is IMPORTANT!! Because on the off chance your Ult, yes, the laser, does not kill an enemy, the slow effect will make it easier for your nearby ally to chase down and finish the kill. This is VERY important. You also can Aoe slow with your Lucent Singularity... etc.

    : Ok this item needs some explanation. By this time you don't need more HP... you should be comfortably over 3K Hp now... Lux is not a tank, and as a support character 3k HP is a good place to be at even late game. At this point it's all about your AP Right? Wrong! Yes you need AP. BUT let's take a look at the Passive that Lich Bane gives... for the price of gold that is just slighty above Rylai's you get movement speed increase, the same 80 AP increase (so by now 240 AP from items and then some from your Runes and Masteries). And most importantly, Lich Bane's 100% chance that after you cast an ability that your next physical attack will deal an additional 100% AP damage... Ok let's take a closer look at this... If you went for a straight up AP item, you end up with... well, more AP, so your initial spells deal more damage... good. But not good enough. Lux's abilities like all mages gain increased damage from AP by a certain factor... on average Lux' abilities scale at about 0.7... so in effect only 70% of your AP is actually converted into damage... On top of that, you have to bypass their magic resist. But with Lich Bane 100% of your AP gets turned into damage on your next physical attack, meaning your next attack will in effect be like ANOTHER SPELL!!! So you're using your High AP more efficiently if you give Lux this item. And finally, I would like to point out to you that Lux's Passive will also trigger. SO instead of just dealing 100% AP damage, you're also triggering Lux's Passive to deal additional damage... SO I'd say even up to this point, there's no excuse not to get this over Zhonya's Ring. Because this item for Lux at THIS point in the game is the most efficient. Just remember to attack after every spell if you can! (this will maximize damage output)

    [Item_icon=Zhonya's Ring]: Ok, now everybody's favorite. The reason to delay Zhonya's is because firstly straight AP isn't efficient early on, as you first need more HP, then later things like slows and the Lich Bane's effects are more effective to have... AND not to mention the coveted +25% AP effect isn't as efficient when you don't have much AP to apply that effect to... but now that you have 3 Items that give you 80 AP each, and add 120 from Zhonya's you are at 360 AP, and then with the effect you are sitting on 450 AP from Items alone. Not bad eh? And if by this point you still don't believe me when I say "get Lich Bane before you get Zhonya's Ring" think about it this way. If you did the item build the way I recommend, whenever you attack a target with a regular attack after casting a skill, you deal an additional 650 damage (450 AP thus far + 190 damage from . So Zhonya's Ring at this point is REALLY GOOD because it boosts and combos with your Lich Bane! Also, AP is good, we all know this, so why Zhonya's Ring? Why not say Abyssal Scepter or some other AP giving item? Why SO MUCH AP? At this point in the game, it's Zhonya's or be useless... you actually NEED that huge jump in Damage output to stay effective as most tanks in the game will have ridiculous health... Also, your 3K hp might not save you from Ganks anymore as some DPS characters out there can easily take you out even with that much HP, so the active on Zhonya's could mean the difference between life and death... This is VERY useful for situations when you are left with no choice but to brace yourself for damage, example: Karthus's Ult .

    : Ok, so now you've got HP, and AP and lots of utility, great movement speed... what else do you need? If your team haven't won by this time, it's time to get serious... There are many strategic things you could be doing like killing inhibitors, getting Baron buff, etc, but when it comes to Items the only thing you really need at this point is the ability to KILL the enemy so you can do all those good things that will win you the game. For this reason Mejai's is the only choice... why? Well we only have 1 item slot left... and by this time Mejai's will be SUPER efficient because 1. You will likely not die as much this late in the game, 2. because you're team fighting you're getting a LOT of assists. 3. You already have Zhonya's so whatever AP you get from Mejai's will be boosted. Too many times players get this item first. The mistake they're making is they're spending a LOT of gold on something that doesn't guarantee an advantage for them. AND on top of all that, they're wasting an item slot (because you need item slots to build bigger and stronger items, by getting items like Mejai's early you're limiting your options for those items that require 3 items to build, ie, Lich Bane).

    The above are my most RECOMMENDED items... obviously you're free to disagree, but I hope you understand the reasoning behind all of this... After all, you don't have to be using any of my suggestions... but then I'd wonder why you're even reading this... :P


    : A less than optimal substitute for and I would get it at around the same time as I described earlier for Lich Bane, which is AFTER you have Rod of Ages, and your Rylai's Scepter. Why you should consider using this over Lich Bane... Well, you shouldn't... Not unless your against an entire team of Tanks... if and ONLY if the enemy team is going for high magic resist and have a lot of tanks should you consider getting Void Staff over Lich Bane... because Lich Bane will still give you more damage output if you remember to trigger it's passive along with Lux's passive.

    : A less than optimal substitute for , because you require to build both items, it's sometimes a better idea to get Banshee's Veil instead of Rod of Ages... Keep in mind this is less than desirable. You will be trading off 80 AP in exchange for more survivability. While I don't like having my Lux be squishy, she still need her AP to be scary, and that means Rod of Ages. However if say you're laning against Twisted Fate or Morgana, this item is potentially a life saver.

    : Another less than optimal Substitute for BUT I actually quite like this item. I personally own all but 4 of the mages in League of Legends and I have to say this item is quite good. But for your Lux, Lich Bane is truly more efficient than this rod most of the time. The situations that come up that would make this be a better choice are as follows. 1. If the enemy team has 3 or more AP casters (in which case a is simultaneously a good idea), 2. If your team has 3 or more AP casters (by lowering the magic resistance on nearby enemies you're allowing not only your own skills to do more damage but also the other casters' skills on your team could benefit, so with 3 or more mages on your team, this item will bring out more hurt in a team fight than a Lich Bane would. 3. If your team has Morgana, Swain, FiddleSticks, or Vladimir or if another mage on your team is going for . The increased Magic penetration will help teammates with spell vamp or life siphoning abilities A LOT.

    : Another substitute for , except this time, it's very specific to one situation. If it seems like the other team has a bounty on your head and everyone on the other team wants you dead and always seem to try to target you first, get this item instead of Lich Bane. Otherwise it's not a good idea to get this because you'll be losing out on a lot of AP.

    : A generally good item to have... BUT you don't actually need it all that much as Lux can't spell spam as much as other mages. Also with Rod of Ages and Lich Bane you should have all the mana you need, especially if you get the blue buff from time to time. I wouldn't get this unless you feel pressured to constantly cast spells to push back enemy mobs (which would mean that your team is behind and they've destroyed your inhibitors)... if you're in THAT situation, and you have the money, get this item and use your skills on the waves of Mobs... but you really shouldn't be in this situation to begin with, so the point is moot.

  • Abilities

    People undervalue this passive. A true Lux user knows that triggering this passive as much as possible gives a significant boost to damage output. I HIGHLY recommend getting a Lich Bane to combo with this passive ability :)

    Light Binding
    You want to keep this at level 1 until you've maxed out Lucent Singularity. This is because this move already has it's full effect duration at level 1, AND more importantly upgrading it will make it cost more mana, and you want to keep it cheap to be able to use it more often!! Once you do have Lucent Singularity maxed out however, it IS debatable whether you want to max out Prismatic Barrier next or Light binding... The choice is between more Damage with Binding or more protection for your allies... It's up to you, it really depends on your situation.

    Prismatic Barrier
    This ability can save your allies' lives! True story, I saved 3 allies from a gank with 1 cast of this ability in a match, and this effectively turned the gank around and it became OUR gank and we immediately scored 3 kills. Learn to time this skill effectively and to position properly. Yes, once again, LUX DOES NOT TANK WITH HER FACE!! That means stay behind your allies, and when they are about to take damage or are in a dangerous situation, use this ability to save them! Best used in team fights, but you could also use it to keep a tower diving ally alive longer!

    Lucent Singularity
    You'll want to max this move out first. This move allows for spotting enemies in bushes, slowing enemies down as an area effect (by not detonating it, the area of the singularity slows enemies down!) and of course AOE! Don't forget that this also triggers your passive, so this move makes farming with auto attack after you detonate it very very efficient for gaining gold! If you're trying to run away and Light Binding is on cool down this move could also be cast between you and your enemies to slow them down! And just when they're about to pass it, you can detonate it for both damage and another slow effect if you read my guide and decide to get Rylai's Scepter! :D

    [spell=Finales Funkeln]
    OMAGAD LASERBEAM!!!!! HYPERBEAM!!!! Ok, but seriously, is there any move out there as cool looking as this? And on top of that this move is FUN!! A few tips. It's best when you have the Blue buff from the Golem, because it reduces Cooldowns and gives you more mana regen. Secondly, TAKE YOUR TIME AIMING! This move has incredible range so even if you take that one extra split second to aim it will be well worth it, because the difference between a hit and a miss can be devastating.

  • Assists and Kill Stealing (some concepts for skilled players)

    Ok I want to bring your attention back to the concept of Gold being the driving force of the game. It starts off simple. You kill, you get gold. The dying enemy loses gold. But there's more to it than that. If you're fighting together with a team mate and you both dealt damage to the target that died, then the one who killed still gets the same amount of gold as a normal kill, but the assisting player gets some gold as well!

    SOOOO I would go so far as to say "there's no such thing as a kill steal". You want to kill with teammates as much as possible because this will maximize the amount of gold your team gets and THAT gets you all better items and wins you the game.

    As Lux you actually have a lot of KILL power. That's awesome, and you should always kill when you can. Simple enough. However, there are a few instances when you want to consider NOT killing.

    You see, early game if you get a lot of kills that's good, because you'll have more DPS for later by getting all those items with AP that I have shown you (AND you won't be squishy either at the same time). BUT, starting in the mid game, whenever you are sure an enemy will die and the ally closest to the enemy and targeting the enemy is a TANK, let the Tank make the kill! You'll still get gold from the assist (you'll just let the tank have more gold), but it's really important for your tanks to start to get Beefy enough to tank for you and your teammates. Obviously if you're playing solo and you think the tank is a noob player who's been feeding all game, there's no reason not to just take the kill and continue to be a Carry.

    This is why it's so important to recognize the unique role Lux has. She is BOTH a Carry and a Support. If you go glass cannon build on her (which is silly.... if you read this guide at all you'll understand you can be a scary cannon AND not be squishy) she'll be a Carry, but if you want to be a really good team player then use her to support your allies... shield them, and allow tanks to get kills....

    Don't mistake a melee DPS as a tank though... if you and a melee DPS both are about to kill I'd actually just go for the kill... there's no reason not to, as it's probably better for you to get stronger as your shielding spell (Prismatic Barrier) will be better.

    Simply put, in a good team, there's really no such thing as a kill steal. However that said, you do want your tanks to get more gold starting from mid game and onwards as tanks NEED to be Tanky or your team will lose the team fights. (Plus everybody loves a tank who can just tank the damage from the enemy towers... this way your team can bust into the enemy base a lot faster and give you that win.)

  • Tactics and Execution

    SO you've now read most of this guide, but how to actually use Lux and be OMG AWESOME?!

    Early game like I said try to save your mana for PvP related activity... Don't think of it as harrass... in fact you're NOT trying to harrass... you are trying to prevent the enemy from ganking you or your lane mate and at the same time you are trying to KILL them if possible. If somehow you didn't get to kill them and they get away, don't chase after them, because you might die underneath their tower, another enemy might come and kill you later, and most importantly, once you've driven them off, they can't gain EXP from minion waves, so you should spend this time last hitting enemy minions so you out level the enemy that had to go back and heal!!

    If you've been harrassed enough to have to run back and heal don't be discouraged! Your enemy might get overconfident and stay in the lane at medium to low health. Also what might happen is they will be near your tower. This is actually a VERY good situation. If you're mid, go around so that you come out from behind the enemy from the bushes in the middle of the map... If you are laning with someone make sure you're ally don't scare the enemy away prematurely... you want to have your Light Binding casted on them before you start the gank! When he sees Lux pop out from behind him he'll suddenly he go "oh crap" and either engages you or starts to run away... because you're approaching him/her from this angle you have a clear shot with your Q which is Light Binding... After you bind him, MAKE SURE YOU TRIGGER YOUR PASSIVE BY HITTING HIM! Then send out a Lucent Singularity AHEAD of him so that he is slowed while running through it... instead of attacking him at this time, run at him so you close the distance even more (don't do this if the target is a melee character). Then detonate the singularity just as he/she is about to move out of it. TRIGGER YOUR PASSIVE BY ATTACKING AGAIN! ... And finally, you use your Finales Funkeln and get your sweet sweet revenge... (If you don't have enough time to trigger your passive a second time after that lucent singularity, just Funkeln, because it also triggers it! And if that didn't do the trick, flash after the target and hit again, which will trigger passive yet again because the Ult also causes the enemy to be marked by Illumination.

    In a team fight, make sure you're not the first or last person in the group... you've got long range but you're not Ashe... Stay somewhere in between the middle and the back of the group. Obviously use your better judgement. Use your W to shield your allies often, and your Binding spell (Q) to initiate. If your whole group is trying to back up and escape, use your E to slow down the enemy, and detonate when most of them are in it. You want to place the E as "in their way" as possible so that they HAVE to move through it and be slowed...
    Being the last person in the group is actually kind of bad, because you risk getting surprise ganked from behind by an enemy player trying to go around your group... YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE THE FIRST ONE CC'd! Because you are a support role, you can always shield the ally in the back if necessary, but if YOU are stunned then your group has just lost a lot of Crowd Control... Cleanse if you have to in this situation.

    When you're alone and you're running away from enemy, DO NOT just run away. Instead, while running away cast your Light binding and Lucent Singularity... Not all at once, but maybe run run run, cast, run run, cast, etc. If you're maybe at half health and you are not in immediate danger of dying, you can also attack once after you cast so as to trigger your passive on them... then keep running... if they keep chasing you, keep slowing or binding them and triggering your passive... sometimes this process will turn the situation around and you'll end up chasing THEM as they try to get away from you, after realizing "Oh crap, Lux just brought my health down!!" And of course you finish them off with a beautiful Funkeln.

    While laning make sure you trigger your passive on the enemy minions after using Lucent Singularity!!

    If you liked my guide or even read it to this point and think it has it's merits, please don't forget to vote/rate my guide! Otherwise thanks for reading and enjoy your matches!

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