Ashe Build Guide

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Ashe - She can hit 5 birds with 1 arrow

written by Like30pirates

Ashe Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    This is my first time writing a guide. I chose Ashe because she is a pretty basic hero that is easy to learn. With the right tools, Ashe goes from that blue hoe with a bow that dies a lot to blasting the f**kin heads off of those other clowns, and getting filthy rich in the process.

  • Abilities

    Ashe's Critical Strike chance increases by 0.03-0.18% every 3 seconds while not attacking.

    Self-explanatory, if you dont shoot for a while, you get a better chance to crit. This will be at 100% chance to crit by the time you meet the other unfortunate souls on the other team. I like to open on the squishier of the enemy champs (if youre side laning) with this and knock out about 1 life bar. Not too shabby of a start.

    Frost Shot
    While active, each of Ashe's basic attacks slow her target's movement speed. This drains mana with each attack.

    Spell Summary
    Toggle: Ashe's basic attacks slow her target's movement speed by 15-35% for 2 seconds.

    This is what makes Ashe so deadly. With this maxed youre getting 35% slow on hit for 2 sec. This is perfect for chasing and raping, kiting and raping, or saving your fleeing teammate and raping. Costs 8 mana per attack, so make sure you only use it on enemy champs.

    Ashe fires 7 arrows in a cone for increased damage. Volley also applies Ashe's current level of Frost Shot.

    Spell Summary
    Ashe fires 7 arrows in a cone dealing 40-80 (+1 per bonus attack damage) physical damage. Volley also applies Frost Shot.

    Pretty much your bread and butter. Max this first so by lvl 9, youre squirting out a buttload of arrows every 3 seconds. Extra damage along with the added slow from Frost Shot will just about guarantee a dead guy.

    Each time Ashe kills a unit, she gains some extra gold. Ashe can activate to send her Hawk Spirit on a scouting mission.

    Spell Summary
    Passive: Ashe gains 1-5 extra gold whenever she kills any unit.
    Active: Ashe animates a Hawk to scout for her, revealing terrain as it flies toward target location.

    No damage, or cost of mana, but very important and useful for scouting buffs, baron, dragon, or any unwarded areas. Also, farming with Hawkshot at lvl 5 gives you 5 extra munnies per kill, so be sure to haul ass to a minion mob and blow their heads off for a bunch of extra golds

    Enchanted Crystal Arrow
    Ashe fires a missile of ice in a straight line. If the arrow collides with an enemy Champion, it deals damage and stuns the Champion for up to 3.5 seconds, based on how far the arrow has traveled. In addition, surrounding enemy units take damage and are slowed.

    Spell Summary
    Fires a large arrow in a straight line. If it hits an enemy champion, it will stun that champion for up to 3.5 seconds, based on the distance the arrow traveled, and deal 250-600 (+1 per ability power) magic damage. Additionally, surrounding units take half the damage and are slowed.

    This skill makes Ashe one of the best initiators in the game, and not someone to feck around with. It's perfect for ganking, saving towers that are getting beaten on, escaping, rescuing, loving, hugging.. anything. This is simply, IMHO, one of the most useful ults in the game, with a pretty short cooldown to top it off. Ugh, i just love it.

  • Pros / Cons

    PROS: Underestimated carry. Great slow, amazing ult-stun with unlimited range. Great for scouting with Hawkshot. Capable of retarded amounts of damage from a distance. Best farming champ, as Hawkshot gives extra gold. One of the best initiators in the game. Excellent for setting up ganks.

    CONS: Obviously, she is very squishy. Without defensive summoner abilities, like Flash, Ghost, or Cleanse, she gets her ass whooped very quickly, unless she is played conservatively. Ashe is often the primary focus in team fights because of her low survivability and high damage output.

  • Masteries + Runes

    I dont know why, but I wasn't able to upload the mastery tree pic.

    This is how I spend my points, 21/0/9 Feel free to tweak it however you want, but what I like to make sure i have is 1 point in [mastery=archaic knowledge] so your Enchanted Crystal Arrow really stings.

    Greater Quintessence of Desolation X 3
    Greater Mark of Desolation X 9
    Greater Seal of Clarity X 9
    Greater Glyph of Focus X 9

    The armor pen from the quints and marks adds up to be +25 armor penetration, which you will notice comes in handy for taking down those tanky champs.

    Some people prefer the flat mana regen runes, which is fine. But since the Greater Seal of Clarity surpasses the regen rate of the flat mp5 rune once you reach level 4, I prefer the mp5/perlvl

    The short cooldowns on Ashe's abilities are made even shorter by stacking Greater Glyph of Focus. It is very important that Ashe have her abilities ready asap, as she is one of the easiest champs to jump on. These runes will give you approximately 5.85% CDR

  • Items

    My item build goes like this:
    Long Sword + Health Potion Go back once you get 765 munnies.
    another Long Sword and Boots of Speed Go gank some silly hoes.
    The Brutalizer and Boots of Swiftness
    B. F. Sword - Buy this alone for more base damage, then buy Zeal to build into Phantom Dancer; the extra 75 dmg + 25 armor pen from your other items makes you pretty nasty already when combined with the awesome attack speed and crit from Phantom Dancer. Not to mention youre hauling ass around the map now with the increased move speed + Boots of Swiftness
    After Phantom Dancer, build Infinity Edge from your B. F. Sword

    All that extra damage, extra crit, and extra crit damage will have the enemy team sh!tting their pants.

    From here, it depends on how the game is going, who on the enemy team is doing the most damage and all that BS that you already know.

    SO! for a rather tanky team, you want to build [item=madred's bloodrazor] next, so all that HP that those clowns have will mean nothing to you.

    If you are having trouble surviving, I recommend Banshee's Veil. The extra life, mana will help greatly, and you are protected from negative abilities every 30 sec.

    Life-steal is a must for Ashe, especially if you want to stick around for more than 4 seconds in a team fight. I build [item=stark's fervor] for the extra attack speed, plus the life steal aura that your whole team benefits from. With this, you are just about unstoppable, (unless you fed early on, in which case shame on you) with your massive damage output and increased life steal from critting your pants off.

    Your last item depends on you. If your game lasts long enough to buy a 6th item, you can buy Guardian Angel to keep yourself safer, you can build The Bloodthirster for even MOAR damage and life steal. It's really up to you, at this point you should know where the game is going and be able to choose your final item accordingly.

  • Skilling Order

    W > Q > W > E > W > R > W > Q > W > Q > R > Q > Q > E > E > R > E > E

    sorry, not sure how to make that cool chart.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Since Ashe's survivability is so low, I usually go with Ghost + Flash

    Both of these can be used for escaping, as well as chasing and raping. Be sure to include the mastery point into the summoner ability you choose as it pertains to your build.

    These however can be changed into whatever you prefer, but I choose these because they constantly save my ass.

  • Conclusion

    Well there you have it. A not-so-in-depth-but-maybe-just-a-little-in-depth guide to Ashe, with which i have been continuously successful.

    Please, if there are any questions or constructive criticism you would like to add, please do. I know I am not the best player out there, so I still welcome any learning opportunity. Thanks for reading, and I hope this works for you.

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