Blitzcrank Build Guide

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Blitz the wrecking ball

written by kuzuryusen

Blitzcrank Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Mana Barrier
    This is your go to save. Remember it activates at low health and saves you in those sticky situations

    Rocket Grab
    the Nom Nom Nom pull of doom. The other team is going to be very alert to your position. continuously go back and forth to throw them off. Do not over use rocket grab to keep them off guard when you do let it fly. Also the farther the target the more you have to aim. Remember it is pretty pin point so when the enemy hero is moving try to lead them with it slightly to insure a grab. Also never use it when creeps are near the enemy champions it will usually result in a creep pull.

    Zoom Zoom move. Use this during chases and escapes. Or when you need to get to a group battle quickly. I personally use it on towers as well.

    Power Fist
    Oh hi knock up. Use this in succession to your rocket grab not only is it a huge burst of damage, but it does knock them into the air allowing you to get in another auto attack. Also its pretty much spamable and costs little mana

    Static Field
    Lawl aoe of death. Take advantage of the passive arc for a few ticks before using it. Also try to get as many enemies in it as possible. Lastly don't open with it ever try to save it till the enemies are getting lower on health for guaranteed kill's or 1 shots all around.

  • Introduction

    Blitz is a very viable hero for any situation. He can set up ganks in pretty much any format. Hes a hell of a tank and he can throw out some decent damage especially with the second build i will be showing you how to do.

  • Items

    Ill explain the first build for a more novice blitz, or if you need a full tank in game. You want to rush your boots/aegis right away. I'd get a Sapphire Crystal first though for the extra grabs you would get. Which you will keep till your 4th item which will turn into a banshee's veil.

    Next after you have grabbed your Boots of Swiftness and Aegis of the Legion its a straight on rush to Frozen Heart. This item in my opinion is the best tanking/group item in the game. The cool down reduction as well with the -25% attack speed for their team is unbeatable.

    Next since Thornmail has been upgraded i believe it a suitable item. Not only does it give a base 100 armor but it returns 25% of damage received back to the attacker in magical damage. Making most nukes literally kill themselves.

    Next a Banshee's Veil is your best friend. The +health and magic defense caps off your tanking build along with the 1 spell absorption gives you the ability to initiate the ganks like a true tank should.

    last its a Frozen Mallet of course! +725 health a little bonus damage and of course the slowing attack makes your blitz a formidable force to reckon with when its all said and done your looking at
    Hit points, 3,688
    Mana, 1808
    defense, 299.5
    Attack , 148.2
    Cd Reduction, 35%

    You don't put out the deeps but if you want to i will show you a mega blitz spec. This one is for more advanced players who can get kills early game and understand hero comp's.

    This is blitz's AP build. It is in my opinion ridiculous and will call for a nerf when people start using it.

    Instantly rush a Rod of Ages you need this very quickly so you can start to benefit from it right away.
    If you have gotten several kills as well rush another 1 because it is ridiculous end game. (only rare circumstances can you do this so follow normal build unless your dominating if you do get it do not finish with a rylai's).

    Second you must grab your Boots of Swiftness Because blitz is rather slow without any movement.

    Third is a Mejai's Soulstealer this is a ridiculous item if your able to max it out. Thats why you don't get it unless your an advanced player.

    Fourth is a [item=Zhonya's Ring] cause come on 100 base AP plus 25% of your total = fair right?

    Fifth do to a great insight is a Lich Bane This pretty much makes all of your abilities OP now that power fist is truly maxed out. You can actually grab this first if you so choose to skip the Rod it is truly up to you. I personally would incorporate it either 3rd 4th or 5th.

    Sixth is simply a [item=Rylai's Scepter] the extra AP health and of course the slowing attack make you a shark among minnows.

    Here is the final calculation of this ridiculous blitz.
    Health 3,418
    Mana 2633
    Defense 176.5
    AP 600

    I wanted to show the end game abilities to prove to you how ridiculous this blitz is.

    Rocket Grab 300+480=790 rocket grab
    Static Field 500+600=1,100 activated static with a 450 arc every 2.5 seconds when off CD

  • Skilling Order

    Rocket Grab +1 level 1
    Power Fist +1 level 1
    Rocket Grab +1 level 2
    Overdrive +1 level 1
    Rocket Grab +1 level 3
    Static Field +1 level 1
    Rocket Grab +1 level 4
    Power Fist +1 level 2
    Rocket Grab +1 Maxed
    Power Fist +1 level 3
    Static Field +1 level 2
    Power Fist +1 level 4
    Power Fist +1 Maxed
    Overdrive +1 level 2
    Overdrive +1 level 3
    Static Field +1 maxed
    Overdrive +1 level 4
    Overdrive +1 maxed

  • Summoner Abilities

    Because you went into the defensive tree i recommend rolling with
    You not only help your team with fortify but also escape bad Xv1 situations with cleanse.

  • Summary

    All in all either build is amazing. i generally use the tank build allowing my teamates to roll nukes, but lately i have been freelancing more with the ap build. It still allows you to somewhat tank, but you throw out so much damage its really classified as a DPS build. Like i said Use the tank build to get used to blitz and learn his mechanics then if your daring enough go try out the AP build. Both work wonders and this is why my favorite hero is Blitz. Message me on the forum or in game for tips or to see me play it so you can get an idea. My name is Soujiro Tenkan.

  • Pros / Cons

    Pro's of Tank blitz - #1 priority survivability it is very hard for any single hero to ever take you down. All and ill i've run around in the middle of a group gank taking fire and living through it the entire time will my team ate them alive.

    Con's of Tank blitz - The only true con i feel is he doesnt do to much. the only way your gonna get kills is by using your alt when the other champions are low but it's not a guaranteed kill though.

    Pro's of AP blitz - Simply your a juggernaut Honestly you remain a high health/defense hero but now you toss out severe amounts of damage and have the ability to chase down any hero except a few during their ult's (sivir) Overall this build is my favorite and can carry an entire team.

    Con's of AP Blitz - You lose out on the full tanking aspect, but ill trade that for damage any day.

  • Creep Jungling

    Blitz shouldn't really jungle Hes much more useful on lane due to his initiation and survivability. The only time i see it fit is if blue is up and someone is there to help you.

  • Working in the team

    What can be said. You are the initiator. Practice your pulls and quick power fists to bring an enemy into your teams grasps while knocking them up in the air for a second. This makes group ganks instantly unbalanced because your team has taken little to no damage while they have lost a full hero. You want to stay close to the front of the group because you aren't as vulnerable to nukes as most hero's plus if they get close enough your ult's passive will hit them for decent amounts while giving you an opportunity to grab someone.

  • Unique Skills

    Mana Barrier is amazing. When you drop to 20% health it will activate on a minute cd and use the mana you have. If your tank build it still gives you an decent amount of damage absorb but if your ap it literally gives you nearly another life.

    Rocket Grab is your most potent weapon it will do everything for you.

    Overdrive This is your best friend. It gives you attack and movement speed. I personally use this whenever it is up just to move around quicker. be weary of it though it does slow you for 3 seconds after it expires.

    Power Fist Spam it hard and fast. it costs a whopping 25 mana and does double your base damage. Abuse it!

  • Farming

    Pretty much farm like a tank. Use power fist nonstop for extra damage an last hits. Whenever you find yourself facing a monstrous creep push blow your ult its cool down is only 40 seconds without cd items so it's logical to blow it on creeps.

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