Zilean Build Guide

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Sup Zilean.

written by akahlman

Zilean Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Heightened Learning
    Zilean increases the experience all allied champions gain by 8%.

    When u see ur team have a 3 level advantage, this is the answer.

    Time Bomb
    Zilean places a time-delayed bomb on a target. After 4 seconds the bomb will detonate, dealing magic damage to all surrounding enemies.

    Zilean's bread and butter early game. Q W Q combo punch.

    Reduces all of Zilean's other cooldowns by 10 seconds. Rewind does not affect itself.

    The most misunderstood spell of everyone who plays Zilean. Why you ask? Because it affects ALL, also his ultimate. That means, get golem and spam endless with 40% CDR. This is why Zilean is the total key to support.

    Time Warp
    Zilean slows an enemy champion's movement speed or increases an allied champion's movement speed by 55% for a few seconds.

    Good for boosting carrys or initiates or getting the #&@! out of there. May cause ADD to enemies.

    Chrono Shift
    Marks the target with a protective time rune for 13 seconds. If the target would take lethal damage, they are instead transported back in time regaining extra health.

    Haha... this has to be the most anivia-like spell in the game, except this is castable.
    Revive everyone and let the enemy rage.

  • Introduction

    "There is no greater grief than for a loss that is yet to come." -- Zilean
    But that ain't gonna happen with zilean on your team.

    Hello peeps. Glad you are reading this guide.
    Why why why?
    Because Zilean is so misunderstood in the most ways.
    In this guide i will show you the support side of Zilean.
    This guide is especially ment for mid game to have effect, early game you will just scare enemies with a 600+ dmg burst.
    That old smelly man may actually have something good in store for us.

  • Masteries + Runes

    The masteries of Support Zilean depends if you have first pick or not.
    If u have first pick just go with
    Have another place? just look what fits the team. But the must is the 21 in utility, for all CDR stuff.


    The way for runes is the most metagame though

    Greater Mark of insight x9 -- Extra bomb damage early game.
    Greater Seal of Clarity x9 -- Spam ur skills more on early mid and late game.
    Greater glyph of focus x9 -- CDR because we need to spam skills.
    Greater quintessence of Fortitude x3 -- Health, less squishy early game.

  • Summoner Abilities

    I prefer to use Flash and Ignite or Heal/ Clarity

    Since Zilean can get almost away with anything using and

    So Flash is a must-have on zilean.

    So a list -
    The must-have, escape. initiate, save, everything is fit in here.

    Kill Early game, relieve damage end game.

    Can be good -

    extra support.
    Extra support
    Map awareness is never bad. And on support is usefull

    Dont use -

    [spell_icon=Rally] Rally on Zilean? that has to be the most epic dumbest idea ever.
    Revive... you have Chrono Shift.. What else do you want?
    We have time warp for that
    We will never get in range for exhaust.

  • Skilling Order

    The skilling order for Zilean i usually take is maxing out time bomb first. Because in early game you need to do damage and not to support yet.
    Around 25 mins you should start supporting alot. And you should also be around level 14/16 if u dont feed.
    Here is the common skill order

    COMMON - early to late game

    We get Time Bomb early because we need to drop out damage early game. Mid game becomes where you start the initiates most of the time and thats why we are leveling up Time Warp.
    Use ult every time u get in a team battle, on the one taking dmg or carry. Because we need them to survive.


    When u get stuck in early game 5vs5 battles. Leave out 1 point in Time Bomb untill level 6, and keep time warp on 2 to keep escapes at hand. As always, ult everytime and pump the bombs.
    However, this should almost never happen.

  • Items

    Alright well we are at the items already. The best way to go is make support items. The key is Shurelya's Reverie.

    I start off with a Regrowth Pendant or a Doran's Ring and a Health Potion or Mana Potion
    You should farm alot and try to last hit if you are solo lane, because zilean is quite overpowered if he gets solo laned.
    When u have to recall, make sure you have around 700+ gold. More u can lane the best ofcourse. DONT RECALL IF U HAVE MORE THAN ENOUGH HP.
    Recall and buy Philosopher's Stone and Boots of Speed

    The next trip back you should have around 850 gold or 2000 gold depends how good ur lane goes.

    Buy boots that fit the game, mostly i just go for Mercury's Treads or Sorcerer's Shoes

    IF you have enough gold, buy Shurelya's Reverie

    This is basically the key build you have and you should find urself supporting reasonably good now.
    You should have this now

    The next item is basically what you think will fit the game. Mostly we will get [item=Soul Shroud],
    But only if the tank gets Aegis. If you dont have a tank or the tank isn't getting it. You will get it over soul shroud Aegis of the Legion
    However, if you can complete soul shroud first. Just follow up with AotL

    Now, this is where you mostly would've won the game already.
    [item_icon=Soul Shroud]
    If you still haven't won this yet... You're team probably sucks.

    Go on with making defensive items because we need you to survive to keep the aura's up.
    I mostly get Banshee's Veil or Guardian Angel
    If u dont need that or not getting focused... just get [item=Zhonya's Ring]

    Mostly u win the game now.

    Otherwise, build what fits end game.

  • Laning/Playstyle

    Laning.... If you're team has a tank who needs solo, always let him pass above you.
    If there is someone who needs mid. Let them have mid.

    Basically, if there is more need for someone else, let it pass and go sidelane.

    But when there is a chance..... abuse the chance and make it yours.


    Harass your enemies with bombs.
    Dont be shy, once you have the stone your mana should replenish every 20 seconds.
    And ofcourse use Time Warp to escape from gangs, or boost your team's ganger/jungler.
    Once gang phase starts. Leave lanes when needed, always try to duo bomb a minion wave.

  • End?

    Nothing else to say, it's all explained in this small five sections.
    Remember Zilean's wise words.
    "Time is wasting."

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