Taric Build Guide

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Taric - Leagues Paladin

written by Alarek

Taric Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Taric's attacks restore mana equal to 7.5% of the damage dealt.

    This gives you reason to auto-attack, it may sound scrubish, but it's not a bad idea whacking minions for mana. The Mana Regeneration itself is not amazing, considering it depends on your DPS. Still very nice when auto-attacking turrets to hold Radiance up.

    Taric brings forth earthen energy to heal his target. As the magic flows through him he is healed for the same amount. If Taric heals only himself, the total effect will be 1.4X the base heal amount.

    With the endless nerfing of this ability I find it a little more difficult to lane with Taric, but I do appreciate the AP ratio. Since auto-attacks shorten it's cooldown you should be hitting something for more heals, even while fleeing. As for the self-heal of 140%, it's better to heal an ally for utilizing 200% instead

    Taric is protected by a hardening aura, increasing the armor of himself and nearby allied champions. He may choose to splinter the enchanted rocks surrounding him to deal damage and decrease the armor of nearby enemies at the cost of the aura for a short time.

    The aura has about the range required to auto-attack someone, meaning it's not all that useful in terms of teamfights. However it does cover up your normal expenses on armor, whereas the activate gives you some burst damage and reduces your targets armor meaning your allies can hit harder.

    Taric emits a brilliant ball of prismatic light from his gemmed shield, stunning and damaging his enemies.

    Dazzle is mostly used to open up a gank, interrupt channeling abilities, and catch up or flee from enemies. The target priority is highly essential for you to become good Taric, whereas the distance is more tributal. With the AP ratio you will also find it useful to harass in terms of burst-damage.

    Taric emits a brilliant light, healing himself and increasing physical damage for surrounding allied units.

    Radiance primarily has one use; effectively auto-attacking turrets down with your team. It does of course have more utility than that, survival and tanking the turret being one of them. It does come with a hefty price of running oom, if you get silenced while it's active you can say goodbye to half of your initial mana.

  • Introduction

    Taric is a bulky support, who focuses on healing and taking down turrets. When playing him you might have gotten oom, instantly killed by gankers or in teamfights, and maybe failed to keep your team alive with Imbue. Thus this guide was created.

    Hey guys, I'm back with Taric after doing some theory-crafting, mostly because the patches made my first guides outdated. First of all, Taric is a champion who focuses on five things: Mana and Survivability are primary, without them you are worthless. AP and Cooldown Reduction will allow you to heal more, thus making you able to keep your team alive. Lastly we have taking down turrets, where attackspeed also decreases the cooldown on Imbue, and combined with damage it gives you more mana back with your passive. My playstyle in this guide may be aggressive, but that's just to keep up the pace.

  • Quick Reference

    Masteries: 9/0/21
    Summoner Spells: Clairvoyance + Ghost
    Runes: + + +
    Items: + + +

    Skilling Order: R > Q > W > E.
    I put the first point in E at lvl 2.

  • Summoner Spells

    Clairvoyance: This will give your team map awareness, keep in mind vision wins games! It mostly gives you the advantage of scouting and avoid getting juked or flanked. Keep in mind that only one in your team should take this spell.

    Ghost: The speed boost allows you to chase and flee from opponents, or save your allies in a pinch. It's really that little extra for when you really need it, combined with Map awareness you become quite difficult to kill.

    Considerable Summoner Spells:

    Clarity: A unique ability that will greatly benefit people who are new to Taric, I strongly recommend this in requested premades and if you have a lower summoner level than 30. I used to get this all the time, regardless of the situation.

    Exhaust: This can help you gank a target, or save an ally by disabling an AD champion. There are still people who think you should leave it to the carries, I partially agree but you are there to assist your carries so the arguement is invalid.

    Flash: Can replace Ghost at any given moment, if you want it; take it! Flash is very useful to jump over ledges, or mostly just to get away in a pinch. It depends on preference, but it doesn't bug abuse projectiles anymore.

    Ignite: You may ask yourself while reviewing the video in the introduction; why did he take Ignite? Now I can't speak for the man himself, but Clairvoyance was already taken by Blitzcrank. It guess it adds up to bursting potential, not really worth it.

    [spell=Rally]: Despite the fact that the cooldown ruins the spell, I did find it hilarious couping it with Radiance. But it no longer heals AoE, neither does Radiance meaning it's not all that viable anymore. Otherwise I wouldn't get it anyway.

    Teleport: Can replace Clarity, it gives you more utility in terms of lane presence. Having to walk all the way to the lane is tedious at times, but not game-changing. FYI; I have won games by only using Doran's Ring, go figure.

  • Masteries + Runes

    External Image
    We start out with the offense tree for more AP, Cooldown reduction and some Magic Penetration for burst potential. In the utility branch we start by improving our summoner spells, more EXP, longer buffs, Cooldown reduction, and less time spendt dead.

    Greater Mark of Alacrity: Everytime you auto-attack you get a 2 second cooldown reduction on Imbue, making attackspeed very beneficial for Taric. Not to mention how it synergies with Radiance and Gemcraft.

    Greater Seal of Clarity: Mana regeneration is essential for Taric, so much you could even use them on Glyphs. Which speaks volumes about it, but I prefer only to get primary and cut the edges.

    Greater Glyph of Focus: Combined with 9/0/21 you will start out with 14.85% Cooldown Reduction. Capping 40% with a Golem Buff, Nashor's Tooth, or Soul Shroud and an Elixir of Brilliance.

    Greater Quintessence of Potency: With Doran's Ring you start out with 30AP as Taric, which is quite potent for healing 90 x2 for every Imbue instead of 60 x2. Making flat AP better than flat HP.

  • Skilling Order

    This is a skillorder I like to use in normal or very hard games to keep my allies alive, maxing Imbue as soon as possible and getting an early point into to dazzle for the stun. I recommend this in almost every game with a few exceptions.

    Having two points into Imbue for making sure you actually can manage by maxing Shatter first. As always we put a point into Dazzle for the stun, for harassing and such, then of course the reason we max Shatter is for farming and burst damage.

  • Itembuild Sequence

    1. Doran's Ring + Mana Potion / Mana Manipulator
    2. Boots of Speed -> Mercury's Treads + 1x Sight Ward
    4. Null-Magic Mantle + Ruby Crystal + Cloth Armor -> Aegis of the Legion

    Starting out with Doran's Ring for the best start possible, possibly a Meki Pendant but I like to start safe. The Mana Potion gives you more heals, which is better than a Health Potion unless you're doing the Golem. Mercury's Treads are simply a must, while Aegis of the Legion is my recommended choice regardless of how you build Taric.

    Recommended Taric:
    3a. [Item=Meki Pendant] -> Chalice of Harmony OR 5. Fiendish Codex
    5a. Nashor's Tooth + Guinsoo's Rageblade

    I recommend this itembuild to anyone who tries playing Taric for the first time. Don't get me wrong, I mostly use this build myself as well. Chalice of Harmony is recommended for beginners or for those who struggle with mana up-keep, otherwise you want to turn your Meki Pendant into a Fiendish Codex after Aegis of the Legion. Nashor's Tooth will significantly improve your Imbue, same goes for Guinsoo's Rageblade which will help you win the game.

    Inf. Manamune Taric:
    3b. [Item=Meki Pendant] -> Tear of the Goddess
    5b. Stinger -> Manamune + Nashor's Tooth

    I have to give a shout-out to SixSonatas on this one, being one of the first to try out Manamune on Taric. However I can't have plagiarism in this guide so I gave it a twist, this is my work after all. Tear of the Goddess seems to fix your mana issues just as well as Chalice of Harmony, later on giving you a slight edge in terms of Damage. Then we go for Nashor's Tooth to boost Manamune's potential and to improve Imbue of course.

    Aura-Wh0re Taric:
    3c. Mana Manipulator + Kindlegem -> [Item=Soul Shroud]
    5c. Abyssal Scepter / [Item=Stark's Fervor]

    Like you saw in the video, Aura-Taric is viable if preferred or requested. Major gratitude towards Coldturkey49 who I have been a fan of ever since his first initial Taric video. This build has been around for quite some time, having Soul Shroud as one of it's core items. After you might consider Abyssal Scepter or Stark's Fervor depending on team preference, you could also try Will of the Ancients but it's not all that great tbh.

    Situational Items:
    Guardian Angel - If the enemy team focuses you first, you should consider this item. It might become your double edge sword, given you don't have the capacity to support your team. What I'm saying is; they might focus you last, wasting GA's and your potential. Or they just tunnelvision you, meh.

    Mejai's Soulstealer - If you are having a good game, you could get this item. Wait, what? Taric with Mejai's Soulstealer hoping to get fed!? Hahaha, that's just silly. In other news you do get a lot of assists, and there are times where you get focused or killed. Huh, maybe not such a bad idea after all.

    Spirit Visage - If someone else took Aegis of the Legion, get this instead. The cooldown reduction may fuck up the boundaries of this guide, but who cares? It might become an ordeal in terms of what build you want to use, the answer is simply going AP while making sure you have enough mana to support your team.

    Banshee's Veil - If you are having trouble with AoE Teams and such, try this item. Getting stalked by some fed AP carry-like champion who is killing everyone on your team? Insta-killed in teamfights? Being asked to get this item? Then just do it ffs, BUT; if you can't support your team, you don't serve any purpose. Just keep that in mind.

  • The Laning Phase

    External Image
    You either start out bot or top lane, but before that I just want to mention the possibility have an early-golem buff. Now it does have some requirements, but that's not really important, just think of the EXP advantage and the endless mana you or your lanepartner get.

    The Wolf Camp:
    External Image
    Ask your lane-partner, or mid by all means, to come help you with the wolves. All you have to do is position yourself right next to them, and wait until your lanepartner attacks. This will trigger your aggro, and there is no harm done to you. This is important if you want to survive the Golem.

    The Ancient Golem:
    External Image
    After healing your teammate up you should tank the Golem yourself, just make sure that he follows. First of all; if you are unsure of yourself you can buy a Health Potion, in addition you can run around avoid getting auto-attacked by the golem to stay alive. Be sure to only use self-heal when tanking the golem!

    Harassing in the Lane:
    External Image
    This consist of using Dazzle on your target, mostly the squishy ones, followed by Shatter and auto-attacks. The best way to do this is with your teammate, make sure he follows every time you stun to deal more damage. This will give you lane-dominance allowing you to farm freely and have loads of opportunities to get a kill and push the turret.

    Farming in the Lane:
    External Image
    Last-hitting is an art, especially with 60 damage at the start. Furthermore you can also set up your own last-hits with Shatter or finish them off with Shatter. Don't forget Gemcraft which gives you mana back every time you are auto-attacking, if you can manage it you don't really need clarity if the lane is passive.

    The Defensive Lane:
    External Image
    Play safe and don't feed the enemy, but most of all don't let them auto-attack your turret! Last-hitting and harassing becomes moredifficult, but not impossible. Use shatter to clean the minion waves, time 1 auto-attack with 2 turret hits on a minion, or 1 auto-attack, 1 turret hit, and minion focusing the current target. As for getting kills, stun them at the tower if they get too cocky.

    The Aggressive lane:
    External Image
    Taking harassment to a whole new level, and getting your lanepartner fed. This is why babysitting or having snowball champions for lane-partners is a good idea, espeically carries. However, despite your abilities to heal; you have to avoid getting harassed! Make sure your lanepartner knows that. Then again make sure you ward the river to avoid getting ganked by mid or jungle.

  • Warding and Ganking

    External Image
    People tend to get lazy when they have Clairvoyance on their team, lazy at warding that is. Clairvoyance does take up the same job as warding, yet it's used to spesifically locate your opponents and to gain the advantage of vision. You still have to ward, but not on all those exotic places.

    The Art of Supporting:
    External Image
    Taric is meant to support his team, you are meant to help them win the game. A few rules follows when ganking, and when contributing to the team. First of all we have your ability to heal, your auras, and your stun. Second we have things you can do to help with like; Warding the map, getting Oracle Elixir, and giving away buffs.

    1. Do not strive for godhood, assists are better than kills for supports.
    2. Devote yourself, if your carry is about to die you should take his place.
    3. Keep up the pace, a support has to be just as initiative as a carry & tank.

    This doesn't mean you are not allowed to get kills, accidents do happen, it's just your moral compass within the game. There are times where I have gotten a few kills by myself, although it's not recommended. As for the second note, not feeding the team is preferable and people often mix up sacrifice with feeding.

    Cultivation of an Empire:
    External Image
    Taking over lanes to either push or farm is a good idea, gold is scarce when playing Taric. You should also help ganking mid and other lanes, just don't get yourself killed in the process. It's really all about leveling up and getting gold. Ranging from 5k to 9k per match, it all depends on how much effort you put into this.

    Pushing Lanes & Turrets:
    External Image
    Whenever Ghost is up you can take a few chances with the turrets, in addition to getting more gold and experience. Warding, and scouting out for miss calls is primarily your concern, if they show up at the tower you have nothing to worry about. If things turn ugly just make them join the Taric train for 10-30 seconds.

    Jungling and Buffs:
    External Image
    When teamfights are about to start, you know when things are starting to get serious and you have to work together to win the game, I find getting a golem buff preferable. I did say give buffs away, but it gets oveershadowed by Infinite mana and cooldown reduction which is bound the help your allies more than anything.

  • Working in the team

    External Image
    At this stage of the game you will often get 3 or 5 enemies in the same spotlight. That doesn't say warding is just as important, it just gets more situational. Keep in mind that you have to think for yourself when warding the map. The fighting arena always depends on the game, whats important is that you adapt to that.

    Know your Enemy:
    External Image
    Any second now Sivir is going to use her Spellshield and get away, unless she already used spellshield before I went in. You have to know specifics like this to succeed in ganks, knowing when to initiate and knowing when to back off is extremely important for Taric. How you counteract and deal with the various champions of the league is what defines your experience as a player.

    Teamplaying Strategy:
    External Image
    If you noticed the rainbows first, I have bad news for you. Anyway, the strategy is pretty much the same as always; always walk together, try to kill one on the enemy team without suffering penalties and then start a teamfight. Your stun will help ganking, and interrupting channeling abilities in teamfights whereas you otherwise have to make sure your allies stay alive.

    Slaying Baron Nashor:
    External Image
    Scouting out Baron Nashor, possibly getting him yourself. It's mostly a late-game thing you never get do unless someone on your team is feeding. In other words; almost all the time. Instead of excessively spamming Clairvoyance, I prefer to ward it unless someone is running around with an Oracle Elixir. Just don't rush in at Baron if you know they are there, it's a deathwish.

  • Commentaries + Tricks

    Highlights and Tricks:
    If you have any videos on Highlights and Tricks I'll add them here.

    Commentaries and Gameplay:
    If you have any videos on Commentaries and Gameplay I'll add them here.

  • Closing

    External Image
    Taric is a support, it's all about helping your team. If you can devote yourself to help another champion, you should! But there is no need to die without taking Taric up to his true potential, the longer you stay alive the more you heal. The more you heal the higher success rate your team have of staying alive. The longer you stay alive, the longer your team stay alive. Then of course just help with stun, burst damage, and turret tanking. It's all for one thing, victory!

    Hard Counters vs. Taric
    Stun + Silence - Makes you unable to cast any spells, which can be devastating for Taric.
    Reduced Healing Effects - Ignite, Executioner's Calling, Grog Soaked Blade, Explosive Shot etc.
    AoE Teams - Teams who are all AoE focus often makes you go like "I can't heal this shit!".
    Teaming with PUGs - Simply just unreliable people, but there are times when you meet decent people.

  • FAQ + Changelog

    Frequently Asked Questions:
    If you have any questions please ask them, I will answer within a week, I guarantee it.

    Q: Who's the one playing in the pictures named Alahric?
    A: That is my real account name, I'm playing on EU servers.

    Q: What's with the name "Leagues Paladin"?
    A: It's a reference to both WoW and DotA for me. Taric is based upon Omniknight, who was a member of the Silver Hand, a Paladin order. Which is why I drew the conclusion of Taric being League of Legends "Paladin" type of character.

    Q: Why Clairvoyance instead of Clarity?
    A: Taric is one of my mains, and was the very first champion I played. Clarity back then was an absolute must, it's still good but not necessary. Vision wins games, in addition to wards I figured Clairvoyance would be better on a support.

    Q: Why do you go Utility instead of Defense?
    A: For the sake of Summoner Spells, cooldown reduction, and even greater utility. Defense doesn't add up as much as it should, taking 1% dodge and reducing the damage of minions by 2 into account, it's not all that useful for Taric.

    Q: What do you think about rushing Aegis of the Legion?
    A: If you ever get +1900 gold on your first trip back to the fountain, you should purchase Aegis of the Legion before anything else. Why? Because it's an item that really shines early-game since the aura also affects minions, making it really potent when pushing.

    Q: When should I buy Sight Wards?
    A: All the time, whenever you have a spare 90-180 gold you should purchase wards and place them depending on your current situation as shown in the guide. But this is mere pointless if someone on the enemy team has an Oracle Elixir.

    Q: How do I create an image from League of Legends?
    A: When you are in the game swap settings on Video to windows mode, and press Alt + Prnt Scrn when you have the image you want. Paste it into a Paint or Photoshop, upload that file at http://imageshack.us/ and use the forum code.

    Q: Should I use Taric in normal game PUGs?
    A: There is no rule that says Taric is automaticly banned in PUGs, that's something you have to decide yourself. The problem is that people tend to be unreliable at times, but when you have 5 carries in your compostion I think it's better to play a support.

    Changelog and Updates:
    18/01/2010 - Mobafire Guide Created.
    25/12/2010 - Guide Published.
    30/12/2010 - Chalice of Harmony is now optional.
    * You can upgrade your [Item_text=Meki Pendant] to Chalice of Harmony to fix Mana and Magic Resist issues.
    * You can upgrade your [Item_text=Meki Pendant] to Fiendish Codex after Aegis of the Legion.

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