Singed Build Guide

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Singed - Solo Top Lane or Share Bottom

written by Crannabis

Singed Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Empowered Bulwark
    Gives you some health from mana items, the only mana item you really need is the banshee's veil, and I wouldn't go out of my way for anything else with mana. It's thoughtful though.

    Poison Trail
    - Is a toggle that if you forget to turn off you will have no mana ever.
    - There is an art to turning it on and off letting a whole minion group be hit by it.
    - Also keeps people from chasing you.

    Mega Adhesive
    Huge area slow, good for stopping people from getting away or stopping a push on a turret.
    - Cast glue on bushes that the enemy team could gank you from, if someone was actually in the bush they may think you have it warded, and you could have saved yourself.

    Hilarious skill that will make you decide who your team kills, make sure you communicate with your team to know who they want you to toss. Don't waste it on the enemy tank.
    - Is also a great interrupt - Miss Fortune's ult is wasted if you fling her when you hear that laugh.

    Insanity Potion
    Built in ghost for chasing, attack buff for breaking towers, regen for everything, this skill is perfect, make sure you cast it before you have less than �% health, I'd rather use it and live for sure than save it for later and have died.

  • Off-Tank

    Singed is not a traditional tank in that he should be good at running fast and not getting hit. CC is your downfall and I get items to save me from that.
    In team fights the plan, elaborated on later, is turning poison on and flinging whoever it is should die first. Half the time I forget that I can auto-attack, which doesn't matter because after that fling everyone is targeting Singed and it's time to get out.

  • Edits

    March�: Added the juking section and basically reformatted the whole guide.
    June�: put up a newer build, changed the marks to magic pen.

  • Masteries + Runes

    �/ / is nice, having ghost up more frequently with the utility mastery means more initiations or chasing/getting away. I also like that when you do get blue buff it will last a little longer.
    Speaking of blue buff, if you get it you can leave poison trail on and still have mana regenerating, I enjoy it.

    x=.% run speed
    x =.% dodge rate [put points into [mastery_icon=evasion] and [mastery_icon=nimbleness]]
    I enjoy the speed boost from running through enemy minions when I'm on the prowl, dodge rate helps this; but you could easily substitute for more armor or whatever you'd like.
    x =. magic resistance at 
    Marks: again, there's room for your preference, mana is cool for another fling, maybe you want health or more regens if you find yourself in lowly positions.
    x =. magic pen

  • June� Build

    Changed how I build Singed over time, still no Rod of Ages, it makes Singed tanky and can put out damage, but I feel like there are other teammates that can deal damage so it's not my primary role,
    Rylai's Crystal Scepter will give you some AP for damage, health for tanking needs, and the slow to make sure the enemy can't get away.
    You run faster with your ult and you get better mana regen, so you can have poison running for an entire team fight, slowing them down with Rylai's and dealing constant damage, while shaping where people can go with glue and fling.

    So your job is still to run in (with your team hopefully behind you) and fling the person who needs to die first, and trying to distract the enemy team so they stay staggered.

    I buy them in this order:

    I feel like games used to last longer, because I used to be able to build more items, now I think people like surrendering when they can. Also the last couple of games I played the teams were mostly AP, if the enemy team is not mostly AP, do consider getting your favorite armor item before the banshee veil.

  • Items

    Here is the core of my build:

    Banshee Veil is so good, you could almost put it on every champion. The sunfire cape will damage enemies constantly and can reach them before fling does. I would love to be able to run but CC is always an issue so don't even bother.
    Philosopher's Stone is a favorite item of mine, I usually get it as fast as I can, hold on to it, gold is nice, regen's are nice, and it upgrades into a which has a very nice speed boost.

    If they have a lot of physical damage early on I like picking up a [item_text=heart of gold], warding bushes can win you the game and so gold regen will always allow me to pick up a couple wards when I recall.

    After those four items you are pretty tanky, it's possible that the game could end there, but if you do get the chance to buy another item: look at the enemy teams equipment and scores, you will want to cater your next item to the member of their team that has the most kills. This could mean upgrading your [item_text=heart of gold] into the , or you could sell it and get the

    Let me go over some other items for you:
    Thornmail = great if they have a lot of physical DPS, but as the tank they should not be focusing you, so a or could help your team more.

    Warmog's Armor = health is great, I prefer armor and resistance, more health regen is nice with your ult for making you hard to kill. I would instead recommend [item=force of nature] - this offers significant health regen and movement speed will always help Singed.

    Rylai's Crystal Scepter = Adds a decent slow to your fling and to poison, if your team can win a fight except for some enemies escaping, this will help so much.

    If the other team is doing awful you can hybrid AP: , , these will make you still fairly durable and put out so much damage, tell your team if you want to build less tanky though, because they could disagree with the concept, but luckily, these items still have tank benefits with them.

    Zhonya's hourglass is a very fun item with its activated ability. You can stop a Karthus or Lux ult that have tells of when they are going to hit you. - Not recommend using it for an Ashe arrow, because they wanted to stun you in the first place.

    End game possibility:
    [item_icon=force of nature]

  • Game Plan

    I use the same items for v's and v's and in v's I typically take solo top lane, if your team is taking the game seriously you need to have a jungler. Also I recommend making some friends and having TeamSpeak or Ventrilo, taking the time to type can lead to death [in game].

    I use the spells Ghost Cleanse Every Singed needs ghost. Cleanse is overkill on CC reduction, which is good overkill. You could also take Fortify if you're that nice, or Flash if you like escaping without showing off your run speed. Ignite is also an awesome show of DoT when they are poisoned too.

    Game Start:
    Pendant becomes your philosopher stone which is nice to get early on, or the mana crystal builds into the catalyst. Both are nice because you won't be running out of health or mana. I tend to start with the regrowth pendant.

    I try to conserve mana and usually sell the mana potion on my first recall.
    Here's the order I try to buy my items:
    , , , and any time I recall to buy items, if I have money left over I buy  or  wards.

  • Solo Top Lane

    Fling is the first skill you want, only put the one point into it until you have some more mana regen because the cost of �� is too much already.

    What you want to do at this stage is hope that the enemy is more aggressive than yourself, wait for them to push that first wave of minions, and fling them into turret range if the turret isn't shooting at anything.
    Successfully flinging a low level opponent into the tower will:
    a. make them afraid of you running at them again
    b. maybe kill them
    c. give you a chance to base if they do/don't escape [due to the newly shortened respawn timers you probably don't want to leave your lane until someone can cover it for you or both of the enemies from the lane are dead]

    Another fun way to do this is to fling and throw a glue to stop them in turret range.
    * This is effective at any level. Also having some poison to throw them in around your turret is also good, but don't poison so much that you run out of mana.

    Your job here is to not die, you want your jungler to never have to take a break from jungling to save your lane. Because of the non-aggressive role, when you can base, I grab the Philosopher's Stone right away (instead of boots). You will start making more gold and have the mana regen to fling when you want to.

    Farming: run in the way of their minion wave - toggle poison on and then off, the minions should all run through it, that is, unless a team mate attacks them and stops them from advancing.

    Flinging enemy champions is only a good idea if the turret will hit them or you have an ally that can back you up, otherwise, save your mana. Throwing glue is less mana expensive and makes the enemy very uncomfortable.

    You want to keep the minion waves just in front of your turret's range, so that the minions are not getting hit by it, then any enemy you fling will be struck by the turret and she/he will have to navigate through the minions to get away.
    If the enemy minions are getting hit by your turret and you fling the enemy champion into range, you just wasted that mana. :[

    If the enemy has to leave [maybe they recalled after taking some turret hits] You will have the opportunity to lead your minions to the tower. Take the minions so that the turret is hitting them, and keep walking, lay poison down for the next wave of their minions or throw a glue, without your ult the minions are going to do more damage to the turret than you will, so take advantage of the turret not hitting you to kill their next wave of minions, by then another wave of your minions will be there to hit the turret for you.

    If you can ult, do so, and make sure the enemy minions are attacking you, your health regen should keep you from danger.

    *A great demoralizing affect to the enemy: if a tank.. say.. Amumu comes to get you off the turret and you have ulted, ignore her/him. The low level tanks are not going to do enough damage with your buffed health regen, it's hilarious watching the turret fall with an enemy auto-attacking you.
    **Keep in mind, if you are near the enemy turret and the enemy walks into a poison trail, the turret will now be shooting you.
    ***If you are that Amumu that keeps letting her/his team down, kill the minions on the turret before you attack Singed.

  • Sharing Bottom Lane

    Say the other team has no jungler and your team thinks that your Kennen or Heimerdinger would be a better match v than you. Because of your Philosopher's Stone you don't lose out on gold when you have a partner. Figure out what skill your partner takes at first level or how you want to initiate fights with them. When I'm grouped up with a Sion I like to fling people at the turret and then have Sion stun them in range. But if your jungler is coming to gank the lane, Sion will stun first and then I'll fling them back.

    The goal is still to fling the enemy into the turret. If they wise up and aren't so aggressive it can be difficult to kill them, this is when you can focus on farming. Try to keep your partner safe, if they ever have low health, line yourself up to fling the assailant off of your dear friend.

    Laning can become boring if they aren't being over-aggressive and there is no fighting happening, you could slip away and try to help kill their mid champ. Or you could recall and buy some wards.

    Game changing: . When laning with someone you have more time to run around and place wards in the jungle. Having one at dragon is always nice, having sight into the bushes at the entrance of their jungle is nicer. You will never be ganked.
    Here is an image:
    External Image
    The blue dots are where if I was on blue team I could place wards, the magenta dots for the other team, really any bush is an acceptable spot to place a ward, but knowing who is in their jungle can win you a team fight.

    I have mentioned that I like to recall more frequently to buy items, I take fling at first level, then poison, then glue at third. Getting that next level of poison is helpful, but it's not what determines if you can make a kill. So letting your ally get a level on the enemy is useful, and so is grabbing that next item for your build.

  • Team Fights

    Ask your team who they are focusing, this will never be the tank. This will be: Teemo, Ashe, Ryze, Yi, Miss Fortune, Malzahar. Someone who does a lot of damage and needs to be shut down at the beginning of a fight.

    You will initiate by:
    . Turning on poison trail, your ult, [ghost if you feel like it]
    . Flinging whoever needs to die first.
    . Hitting cleanse to get all that CC off of yourself.
    . Running to safety/ throwing a glue on their team just to make them uncomfortable.

    If your team has a real tank [Gragas, Malphite, Rammus, Amumu] than you wait for them to do their business before step one.

    When the fight is happening you want to leave poison on and run around the team to make sure that everyone is being poisoned*, anyone chasing you will be taking constant damage and will give up, surely.
    *This is where I forget that I can auto-attack, unless you have red buff, your damage isn't too noticeable to miss. Poison trail is where it is at.

    If the fight is going well you want to run ahead and lay poison and glue for the people that want to escape.
    If the fight is going bad you should keep an eye out for who on the team has low health and is being targeted - fling the enemies off of your teammates.

    Never: Throw a Cho'gath at your Veigar, never throw their tank into your team. Never throw dragon outside of its pen [fling no longer displaces dragon, but it will move golem and lizard]. Try not to throw the enemy into bushes.

    Do: Fling Miss Fortune when she is ulting. Fling Anivia's egg into turret range. Fling Malzahar when he's ulting someone else. Throw the enemy at your turrets for fun.

    Fling is where a bad Singed makes it obvious that they are a bad Singed.

  • Juked

    Having a high amount of survivability is fun, you may get a little cocky, not really a bad thing, I think Singed can pull it off. You may find yourself running into a v or v because you know you can fling one of them and survive long enough til your team can back you up with real damage. In the scenario that your team does not notice that you were Rambo-ing around the enemy jungle and you ran into most of the opponents, you will need to run away.

    Running into a bush can save you from targeting abilities, bushes are excellent to enter. Most people will assume that if you run into a bush that you will continue in the direction you took when you entered it.

    One tactic, this could work with multiple people chasing you but is harder to time, is to stop upon entering the bush and as soon as the enemy comes to enter the bush you run back in the direction you came from. -- The enemy will assume that you are running a straight path and will have clicked beyond the bush they will need a fast reaction time to notice that you are not so predictable. This will not work if their Twisted Fate can see you with his ult, or if they have wards placed.

    The bushes that have three entrances are also wonderful, i.e. the bottom lane bush between purple team's blue buff and turret. You could continue to enter and re-enter that bush from different directions and they would have a hard time landing a solid attack on you.

    I won't necessarily recommend this because if it fails your team will think you're stupid, but if you could evade their team by running out of the jungle and passed their turret, that will be unexpected. The plan is to be unpredictable, and if they see a bush that you could enter and take a different path through the jungle they will think you'd take that instead of a turret shot. If you think that they would be able to kill you and instead you'd rather get hit by the turret twice to escape [and live] it could be an option.

  • Summary

    You're great at pushing towers, you're great at getting away from ganks, you can kill Master Yi if he chases you when poison is on, you can stagger their team with one skill. You are very equipment dependent, but you are also great at farming.

    Singed is a fun hero to play, don't take yourself too seriously, you're a Mad Chemist that's good at throwing people. I hope this guide provided you with some insight, maybe not even on equipment, but on strategy.

    Feel free to comment, I'd love to answer questions.

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