Ezreal Build Guide

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Ezreal- Who needs a map? In-depth AP/AD/Hybrid guide (fixed and updated!)

written by Myzze-579

Ezreal Build

Table of Contents

  • Before we start

    Hey, I´m Myzze, Sweden, NA servers. I´ve been playing Ezreal since around the middle of Season 1 and I consider myself quite good, comparing to the Ezreal´s I´m facing :)
    Anyhow I felt like writing a guide a bit more concise than win10cent, including AD, AP and Hybrid game styles. I will go through runes, masteries, gameplay and items.
    The text will be displayed in different colors depending on what they are about
    Black- General info
    Red- AD
    Green- Hybrid
    Blue- AP

  • Abilities

    Rising Spell Force
    This (and Mystic Shot) gives Ezreal to oppurtunity to be played as DPS; as you spam Mystic Shot, you also get an amazing firerate which works great with for example [item_text=Madred's Bloodrazor]. I used to play attack speed for some reason, I don´t know why really. But [item_text=Madred's Bloodrazor] always work. You go toe to toe with some tank, land a couple of Mystic Shots and get 50% more attack speed and you will see his hp quickly running down to zero.

    If you are charging an enemy early-game for a kill you should probably make sure you have atleast 3-4 stacks, this gives the same effect as Recurve Bow. Use 2 or 3 Mystic Shots and use the 4th towards the target, then charge in with Arcane Shift and hope it ends well, which it probably will if you follow this guide :P

    Mystic Shot
    Your main spell if going AD. It has a very long range and can be used to search brush for enemies before entering and get slain... It deals massive damage early- and late game, when you´ve got Trinity Force. If playing AP you can also use this for decreasing cooldowns on all of your other spells.
    Since it applies on-hit effects, Sheen is a great option. In level 4 where you often get it you will deal around 70 extra damage (well, you will have to calculate with the enemies Armor too).

    New patch, Mystic Shop scales with AP as well, making it perfect for playing Hybrid.

    Essence Flux
    A very nice spell late-game if playing AP since it gives 0.6 extra damage per AP, combinate with Mystic shot to decrease cooldown to around 4 seconds.
    If you are going mid and are facing an enemy who just circle around his minions when you go for an offensive you could both harass and add the de-buff for a planned offense with Essence Flux. If both your team and your enemies team has mostly DPS champions this could be the decisive factor. In level 5 it decreases the enemies attack-speed by 40% and increases your allies with the same amount.

    Arcane Shift
    This awesome spell can be used in serveral way, E.G moving through jungle faster, last hitting champs etc. But I would recommend you not to spam it just to devastate a minionwave, because if you suddenly get ganked you will have no chance to disengage. This skill doesn´t increase in cost, it stays steady on it´s 90 MP.

    Trueshot Barrage
    A truly ULTIMATE spell. Can be used when clearing an entire lane for minions, or starting your burst with when surprising someone coming towards your brush.
    This now works both with AD and AP (chooses the highest).
    I used to save this for finishing of low-hp champs, but I figured I got more use of it before I went on tow-to-tow with another champion, or in teamfights.

  • Things to have in mind+Tips and Trix

    Here´s a couple of things that´s good to think about when playing League of Legends most awesome champion.

    First of all, in the loading screen, take notice about who will probably go mid and print his/her summoner spells in your head, for example if he/she´s got flash you cannot be sure to get away after a failed offense with Arcane Shift. Or if they got Exhaust so you can´t get clear shots with auto-attack.

    Another thing, which can lead to first blood. Right in the beginning before you reach your tower, you enter the jungle and walk into the mid-lane brush. Here you can scout for an enemy champion at the same time you are protecting your jungler. So if you see a champion walking towards your tower, run after and give him all you got and hopefully you will get First Blood before minions spawn!

    Here´s a vid where I domonstrate some tactics and other basic stuff:

    If you are using Clairvoyance and you are lucky you can kill-steal Baron or Dragon with Trueshot Barrage (also works with wards of course).
    Attack damage Ezreal focuses on a steady dps, while Ability power Ezreal goes for burst. Hybrid if kinda ninja, somewhere between burst and dps. Think about that when, for example, someone tries to tower-dive you. A DPS Ezreal will have a much harder time decrease the enemys HP when you at the same time are running around trying to avoid enemy attacks. Hybrid and AP can just pull of a burst and force the enemy to retreat.

  • Pros/Cons

    *High damage output
    *Movement-/engage-spell ( Arcane Shift)
    *Can snipe and very long range with Mystic Shot
    *Helps teams to take down towers in seconds
    *Completely skillshot-based

    *Low hp
    *Hard to play mid-lategame if not fed
    *Completely skillshot-based (yes, this can also be a con)
    *No specific boosts like Master Yi´s Wuju Style or Tristana´s Rapid Fire.

  • Offensive How To Play

    This is actually the most important part for an aggressive Ezreal so read carfully! First of all, you should always try to go mid. Almost always you see a ranged squishy going mid, use this to your advantage. Your Mystic shot deals around 100 damage with the right runes and masteries, and most characters have around 400-450 hp, which means that you will deal a quarter of their health. Now add 50 dmg for your autoattack, this means you have to use Mystic shot twice and autoattack four or five times and BAM! first blood. I you manage to do this even before minions spawn then sure, no problem. But if the enemy champion are hiding many meters behind the tower you will have to wait for the minions starts fighting. Now her´s the beautiful part, you run up behind the enemy minions, land a Mystic Shot, auto attack twice or trice. This will deal around 250 damage and force the enemy champion up in the brush since you are blocking the way back to the turret. Now follow up into the brush, but be carefull so he/she doesn´t fool you and runs back in under the turrent, so keep persuing. It´s here you should use your Arcane Shift and follow up with Mystic Shot and get the kill. If you would fail kinda badly with your shots, then simply use ignite to finish off.

  • Defensive How To Play

    To be honest, I´m playing more and more defensive nowadays, I´m trying to focus farming instead of killing. If you are playing Carry you should play defensive and farm ftw.

  • AP Masteries + Runes


    Greater Mark of Insightx9

    Greater Glyph of Wardingx9

    Greater Seal of Resiliencex9  OR   Greater Seal of Replenishmentx9 or a mix of both

    Greater Quintessence of Fortitudex3  OR   Greater Quintessence of Insightx3 or a mix of both

    Alright, so this I suppose will be kinda obvious, I prefer Mag pen. rather than AP, mostly because you will play passively early and you won´t need the extra 10 ap. Fine it will probably be a little more than 10 but it still won´t make a big difference.

  • AD Agressive Masteries+Runes

    For masteries:

    Greater Mark of Desolationx9

    Greater Glyph of Wardingx9

    Greater Seal of Resiliencex9

    Greater Quintessence of Fortitudex3  OR   Greater Quintessence of Desolationx3 or a mix of both

    The Desolation marks gives 10 armor-pen or 20 with Quints, combined with the mastery Sunder you will get a total of 16/26 armor-pen, + 10% pen from [mastery=Weapon Expertise], and the buffs from Brute Force, [mastery=Alacrity],  Executioner and finally Doran's Blade, you´re a killin´ machine! 100 damage from Mystic Shot, in level 1! How cool is that?   The 6% lifesteal also help your lane sustainability together with the defensive masteries.
    But why flat amount-runes instead of /per level-runes? is a very frequently asked question. Well, the /per level-runes DOES get better than the flat-amount runes, but not until you are level 5-6, which means you will be weaker early-game, this is what we want to prevent. We want to be as strong as possible early-game. Because if you have a good early-game, you will get items that does the runes job 9k times better. So if you for example get first blood at the 2 min-mark and perhaps another one at the 5 min mark plus farming, you will probably be able to get both Sheen and Boots of Speed at the 10 min mark. Hopefully you will be level 6 at this time and switch lane for a gank. From here the kills should just be dropping in like the rain in a rain-forest :P
    The Glyphs and Seals gives a total of 13 more armor and magic resistance! That means you will block 33% magical damage and 25% physical, combine that with HP runes and masteries (+150 hp) and you will be a hard nut to crack.

  • Defensive Masteries+Runes


    Greater Mark of Desolation x9
    Greater Glyph of Clarity x9
    [rune=Greater Seal of Resilence] x9
    Greater Quintessence of Desolation  x 3

  • AD/Carry Summoner Spells

    Ok, so I think I have actually found the perfect spells here.
    Teleport and Ignite.You might wonder why these are the ones I prefer and if I´m out of my frikkin mind. I will explain what I mean.  Teleport, a spell allowing you to go back to refill health and mana, buy items, and go back to your lane without missing out on a single thing. And think carefully, how do you simply win at League of Legends? You destroy towers and inhibitors to get to the enemy Nexus. IMO there is only two spells (or three) which helps us in this task, Surge and Teleport (and sometimes Heal). I personally don´t like surge, so Teleport is my first choice.
    Ignite, you will need one offensive spell, I like ignite, but it´s up to you.

    Other approved spells

    Meh, I wouldn´t recommend it but...

    Use these and I will strangle you

  • Hybrid/support Summoner Spells

    I´d like to recommend the following: 

    Ghost, I suppose that you already know all about this, but I´ll draw a quick picture for you, you are playing in higher ELO and have made up a plan where your team pushes bot while you alone get the last tower at top. But when the enemy team sees that you are closing in on the inhibitors the run after you to hopefully stop you in time. now it´s now you should pop ghost and just run like hell, in to a brush to recall of regroup with your team. To use this offensive you just pop it when you see an low-hp champion running away to follow up and get an easy kill. Sometimes if you are playing  AD Ezreal you might not need this though since if you get Youmuu's Ghostblade
    Ignite, makes is easier to get first blood, but also great if you for example are facing Mundo who just activates Sadism when you take the shot. POW! ignite, an enemy has been slain.

    Exhaust, This has, just like ghost, an effect which makes easier to get a kill before the enemy runs away. The only difference is that the hunt will be stretched out over a smaller distance since you slow the enemy down instead of increasing your own movement speed, which will hopefully lead to that you will be able to retreat after the kill instead of getting slain by the enemy team because you are to far in on their territory. And if going 1 vs 1 use it for a drastically decreased incoming damage.

    Clairvoyance, Highly recommended spell in high ELO. I used this all the time for easy kills with Trueshot Barrage in my early days, until I learned where they often retreat to, to recall. When you go side-lane it´s good to use in the very beginning at the enemy spawn to see what lane will fit you best. I mean like, no one want´s to face a Sion and Taric combination. Or any bruiser with a healer, but that´s just my opinion.

    Also decent spells:

    Heal, this can be used by any summoner on almost any champion with the ``I´m almost dead come kill me, bitch´´ tactic, which means that you wait until you get on low hp whereafter you let the enemy half-hp champ go face-to-face with you. Now when you are almost dead, you pop Heal and finish of the kill. But be aware, if the enemy has Ignite your Heal won´t have much effect and you will feed the enemy with an unnessesary 300g.

    Cleanse Always a good spell, allows you to ignore any anoyinng stuns, taunts, snares etc. There´s not much to say about this really, I think you can figure out ways to use this yourselves.

    Clarity Since your Mystic Shot is very cheap (30-50 MP) and if you use your spells right you won´t need and extra mana. It´s a very good spell if going AP though, but your not, if you are you are reading the wrong thread...

  • AP/Caster Summoner Spells

    Clarity and  umm... eeh... Yeah, you can use soo many spells here, like for example
    Flash, mobility
    Teleport, map control
    Ghost, mobility
    Ignite, for well, yeah you know.
    or  Clairvoyance if playing more support like.

  • AP skill ordering

    Personal Favorite: 

    Why this order?
    This is my favorite order. I like Essence Flux because can hit multiple enemies at the same time, which is good is you are to get ganked at mid by for example Master Yi and Tristana, you just Essence Flux them, which will violently decrease their damage output, when you´ve got Essence Flux level 5 it´s like stealing a Recurve Bow from ´em. Why Mystic Shot as first spell? This is because it still deals most damage since you won´t have enough AP to deal damage with Essence Flux, and later you will use it for the 1 sec CDR and ability to check the brush, plus, after the new patch it now scales with AP too (0.2). Essence Flux and Mystic Shot are your main spells late-game Mystic Shot will deal incredible damage once you´ve got Lich Bane, first of all it scales with AP, but since it also applies on-hit effects if will scale again with your Lich Bane, dealing massive damge.

    The MP-cheap Order: 

    This is the most MP-cheap order as an AP-Ezreal, but with this order you will also have a little easier early-game if your new and don´t know exactly how much you can use your spells and still have enough MP left. This is because Arcane Shift doesn´t increase in mana-cost, it will always cost 90 mana, and because the very cheap Mystic Shot is simply very cheap. But you will still have Spell Flux ready when when you need it.

  • AD skill ordering

    My Favorite Order:

    I´d like to recommend the following order:

    Why this order?
    As a AD Ezreal it is quite obvious that you should maximize Mystic Shot first. Arcane Shift is a good choice for engaging enemy and get First Blood. You should not use Essence Flux too much in early game since you manapool is very small, but in mid-game when you´ve got golem, spam it as much as possible combined wih your other spells to cause maximum damage. This is also a very viable spell mid- and late-game to give a working team member loads of attackspeed to for example devastateing a tower, but remember, always use this in teamfights as much as possibly, because it will also decrease the enemies attackspeed with the same amount that your teammates gains.

  • Build info

    This guide is suited for everyone, both experienced players and completly new players.

    New players (basic) are thoose who play Ezreal for the first time or have played up to 19 games.

    Experienced (advanced) players are thoose who have been playing 20 or more games as Ezreal.

    This is only to give you the best suited guide to make you a proffesional Ezreal player as quick as posssible.

    You can also choose your line by determine if you are going to play defensive or offensive.

  • AD/Carry build items

    The special thing with the AD-build is that it´s the same thing for both New players and Advanced players.

    There is not really a core build, I´m gonna have to skip directly to the Semi-core :P

    Semi-Core build: [builder=Ezreal/5f7131d0b1b69909cc77c396c2dac1e0]

    Game starts: Simply get the Doran's Blade. It gives us the best early-game stats in the entire game, which is precisly what we want. Like who could say no to 10 extra damage + 100HP+lifesteal? And after you´ve got first blood you will get the ``snowball effect´´ which means that the more kills you have, the more kills you will get, so don´t worry about those "wasted" 475 gold.

    Stay in your lane, don´t leave it for one bloody second. You´re playing Ezreal as a Carry (more info in the How To Play thread). 

    Second trip back, you should definatly have your core-build now, so next step, the Semi-core build. 
    The semi-core build is the items you get unless there´s a very special problem that you have to deal with first, like if they are all physical, like Master Yi+Tryndamere+Tristana+Ashe+Shaco... Then you might wanna consider getting a Thornmail first.To summarize, the semi-core build should be bought in the order you need them. If the enemy starts stacking armor you get Last Whisper, if everything is going great get a The Bloodthirster. I think you get the point.
    So start building towards The Brutalizer and thereafter The Bloodthirster.
    Now depending on how the game is going you should either finish your Trinity Force and Youmuu's Ghostblade, getting some defensive items or boosting your power with more items, for example Infinity Edge or Hextech Gunblade, or defensive Banshee's Veil or Randuin's Omen.

    Semi-core:  [builder=Ezreal/5f7131d0b1b69909cc77c396c2dac1e0] 
    Full Build ex: [builder=Ezreal/b2f940b1ee343e555c85c60eb79dda3a]
    You may also buy Frozen Mallet, helps a lot with it´s health boost and slow which syncs with Mystic Shot.

  • AP build items

    Core build: Boots of Speed Rod of Ages and Lich Bane. These are vital for an AP Ezreal. Rod of Ages gives a nice amout of hp at the same time as gives AP, plus, it get´s better as the game goes on. BE AWARE: can also be a con since you have to get it as soon as possible to get the MAX amount of HP and AP.
    Lich Bane is a very good option since it gives you both AP and even a little bit of movement speed, but first and foremost because the passive has great synergy with Mystic Shot, as it will trigger it if you fire mystic shot and then deal the bonus damage if it hits.

    My standard build: First get a Ruby Crystal (475g)

    On your first trip back, get a Catalyst the Protector and some boots if you can afford it.
    Boots: 80% of times I get Mercury's Treads, because you will have use for them the entire game.
    You can also get Sorcerer's Shoes ofcourse, but these only gives a fair effect early and mid game when your enemies have finished their core builds and are getting other items, which may be MR, so if an enemy have for example 150 MR, your -20 won´t do any big differense.

    On your 2:nd trip back you should be able to afford your Rod of Ages. If you would have money left, I suggest you buy a Blasting Wand.

    At this time, the laning phase should be over and you should be able to recall at anytime, get your Sheen and upgrade it to a Lich Bane.

    This completes the AP core-iteam guide.

    Here is some examples for AP builds:

    Prioritizing damage output: [builder=Ezreal/d58887d7e0ae11a60d02653264bd926d]
    Only recommended from pros who know how NOT to get targeted in big fights.

    VS: Normal teams (defensive, 2-3 casters + 2-3 dps)

    Why this build?
    This build gives exellent hp, MR and armor, at the same time as it gives some decent AP. The Rylais is awesome for Essence Flux, your main-spell, because it gives a good amout of HP and AP but first and foremost for the AOE slow. And I´ve already explained the Rod of Ages and Lich Bane. The Banshee's Veil is probably one of the best items in the game, it gives you HP, mana, MR, and a passive that blocks one negative spell every 30:th second... what more could you ask from a singel item? 

    VS: Heavy caster teams (4-5 casters with much CC)

    Why this build?
    This build is also a defensive build which gives a brilliant defense versus magic damage and CC. The combination of Banshee's Veil and Quicksilver Sash makes you almost untouchable, you will be able to lock and spell in the game, they complete each other somehow. Like Quicksilver Sash can´t block an incoming spell or other insta-damage-spells like Banshee's Veil can, and Banshee's Veil can´t remove CC like Quicksilver Sash can.

    VS: Heavy DPS teams (defensive, 4-5 dps)

    Why this build?
    This build is the last of my defensive builds which exels the DPS:ers and gives a decent amout of AP to fight back, notice the thornmail´s passive which is great vs. for example Master Yi since he often focuses AD and not HP.

    VS: Normal teams (offensive, 2-3 casters + 2-3 dps)

    Why this build?
    This it my last example for builds to AP Ezreal. It gives awesome AP and over 3000 mana and at the same time a nice amount of CDR.

    Items NOT to get:

    [item=tiamat] This is an auto attack item, your a caster. It works much better with hybrid.

    Trinity Force Your Lich Bane has much better synergy with your playstyle.

    Warmog's Armor Or any pure tank items not that is not earlier mentioned, you need to invest all your money in viable efficency.

    Any AD items (duh...)

  • Hybrid build items

    New player build:

    Core build: 

    As a new Ezreal player you will have to play a little more defensive. Ezreal is hard as balls to master so take your time to learn and don´t give up. Anyhow, you should focus more on getting minion kills than champions until you get your full build. To effectivise this farming you´ll have to buy [Item_text=tiamat]. Since your Mystic Shot applies on-hit effects it will increase your farming violently.

    I first start with Rejuvenation Bead and a Faerie Charm
    This improves all your regeneration magnificently early-game. You go toe to toe with the enemy champ until you both have around 50 hp (or if you manage to finish of the kill), then you step back behind your minions and wait til you have full hp and mana whereafter you charge into the enemy and get the kill. If you´re facing a champion who´s much more powerful than you, you should focus last-hitting minions until you´ve got [item_text=tiamat] and sheen and thereafter go for a gank in one of the other lanes.

    On your first trip back you should continue to build towards your [item=Tiamat], or if you actually can afford it and start building towards your Boots of Swiftness
    You might wonder why the heck you have to get Boots of Swiftness, I´ll tell you why. Don´t forget that this is the hybrid build, your main-goal is still to find and take down enemy low-hp champions, and that´s what the extra movement speed is for. There´s simply no other boots that fits better for this style, you have to be quick at all time. If you compare them to Boots of Mobility, you will see how hard it is to keep up the 3 extra
    movement speed, which means that you will stay at 2 extra movement instead of the constant 3 from Boots of Swiftness.

    2:rd trip back, thanks to the farming you should now be able to get both [item=Tiamat] and Sheen (plus theBoots of Swiftness), which means that it´s time to go gank some poor bastard. Just remember to get your Trinity Force when you can afford it, it helps a lot, speed, dps boost and a little survivability, and of course the sheen proc.

    Advanced player build (the ninja build):

    Core build: 
    My favorite and best suited items. As hybrid Ezreal it´s your job to look for- and take down enemy low-hp champions. That´s why you get movement speed. Trinity force´s passive is also great for your Mystic Shot. Manamune boosts both your manapool, mana regen and AD. Hextech Gunblade is just a sucha brilliant item, but expensive as few. It grants lifesteal, spellvamp, AD, AP, plus an active that makes Ezreal OP, relly nice slow and an extra 300 damage.
    As you see you won´t get much survivability eariy- or midgame exept for the 250 hp that Trinity Force carries. That´s the differense between the advanced player guide build and the basic build. You have to be more careful in teamfights and watch out for ganks.
    Most of times you will not even have time to finish this build, but if the game is taking forever and you are looking for item to complete your build, I recommend one of following items:

    Banshee's Veil Gives a decent of MP and HP but have and amazing passive that blocks one spell, including Twisted Fate´s Destiny!

    Guardian Angel This item´s passive is epesially good for squishy champions now when it gives a flat amount of health instead of a percent of your MAX health. So let´s put you in a decisive moment... Somehow the entire enemy team has managed to surround you. What do you do? You go as close to the closest wall as you can, you make a final stand until you get pounded to death. When you revive you use Arcane Shift and flash through the wall.

    Quicksilver Sash I guess this is kinda obvious. It makes you almost untouchable combined with Arcane Shift. This item will let you get rid of Nunu´s ult´s slowing effect, all taunts (ex. Galios Idol of Durand, [spell_text=Rammus Puncturing taunt])... well, actually all debuffs and crowd control (not Karthus´s Requiem or Caitlyn´s Ace in the Hole though)

    Rylai's Crystal Scepter I love this item. It gives all your spells a slowing effect. Just a fun thing, this full build will give Essence Flux spell vamp, reduced attack-speed and slow... with 4 second cooldown... OP!!!

  • (going side lane) Laning Partners

    Here´s is a list of champions that I recommended to lane with (if going sidelane) :

    Morgana, This lady has I snare with long rage and duration, allowing you to land a full burst and a few extra Mystic Shots. Her ult synergizes great with your Trueshot Barrage, first it slows the enemys down, letting you adjust your position before the stun, from where you will release your fury.

    Amumu, A quite obvious choice, 2 stuns and good survivability to tank towers, towerdive etc. The ult is quite alike Morganas ult; AOE stun. The only diffrense it that you never know exactly when it will come, giving you less time to adjust your position.

    Taric, I think you are getting the point now, champions with great CC are great laning partners. Taric has a very good heal, his ult increases your AD and HP regen, his Shatter increases your armor making you even more of a bruiser!

    Rammus Actually one of my favorites, takes the heat off allowing you to give ´em hell.

    Lux, Pretty much same as Morgana but can snare 2 peeps. Let me explain, Lux uses Light Binding, both of you ult and hopefully you will get 2 kills :D

    Sona, A good support who doesn´t require farming, allowing you to farm the hell out of those minions. She also got an ult that makes it easier for you to hit with Trueshot Barrage

    Alistar, Great CC and a small heal, can also towerdive with Unbreakable Will.

  • Twisted Treeline

    I would recommend you not to play Ezreal on Twisted Treeline at all unless you are really good, in most cases he´s to squishy. But as you get more skill you learn how to deal damage without even putting yourself in the risk-zone. This is when you are able to put your foot in the Twisted Treeline.
    I strongly recommend you NOT to go AP when playing 3 vs 3. First of all the games are shorter and you might even not reach level 18. AP Ezreal is not much of a threat early-mid game but helluva lot stronger late-game. The problem is, you might not even reach the late-game, and even if you do, your team-mates might already be so fed up from the early and mid-game that you won´t even be noticeable. That´s why you should go AD or Hybrid and 0wn your enemys early-game.

    As everyone probably knows is the jungle control veeeery important. That´s why you ALWAYS have to buy wards, they WILL save your life.

    The builds are a little different from the 5 vs 5.

    Corebuild: Boots of Speed, Sheen, Wriggle's Lantern, Youmuu's Ghostblade

    This thread is most directed to the AD Ezreal. This to give you the best early-game.

    The items:

    I suppose Sheen is quite obvious, no further info needed.

    Boots of Speed, duh. In 9/10 cases I pick Boots of Swiftness. This because you will be focusing alot on movement, which leads us to Youmuu's Ghostblade. These two puls Ghost will allow you to sprint anywhere on the map very quickly. Now you might wonder, why do we have to focus on movement speed?? I´ll tell you why, you will take the role as the ganker. You switch lanes and get a kill before your enemy have even had the time of calling MIA. As soon as the enemy in the other lane are over the middle of the map and are under 50% HP (well, unless it´s Mundo) you use Youmuu´s or Ghost and dash towards the kill, just Arcane Shift through the wall into the brush and unleash the hell.

    As I earlier mentioned Jungle-control is viable. You MUST control the woods to any price. To your aid you have Wriggle's Lantern. It gives you a free ward, a chance to bonus-damage to monsters and a good chunk of life-steal, all for a resonable price.

    MORE ITEMS: if the games gose on I´d recommend survivbility items or you will be waaay to squishy.

    Guardian Angel Good armor and Magic Resistance and the probably best passive of all period. This is a must if you go snow-balling (using Sword of the Occult or other stack-items).

    Randuin's Omen Combine This and Youmuu´s passive and you´ve scored a kill. If you go toe to toe with and enemy champ you have 20% chance of slowing the enemy´s attackspeed and movementspeed by 35% for 3 seconds! And the active... slowing movement- and attack speed by another 35% in AOE!
    And don´t forget the Armor, HP, HP regen and CDR!

    Banshee's Veil I guess you know all about this already, after all, you can just read the description by holding the mouse over the Icon...

  • Patches

    V1.0.0.115 Lot of changes, fixed a glitch where Ezreal gained 2 stacks on Guinsoo's Rageblade and Tear of the Goddess
    Added Champion Brand.
    Incresed the cost of Wriggle's Lantern by 75 but incresed the lifesteal by 4% from 12% to 18% and the bonus damage now deal magic damage.
    Made B. F. Sword more cost-effective by derceasing cost by 200 and decreasing damage by 5.
    Decreased cost of Cloak of Agility by 50.
    Infinity Edge increased damage by 5 and added more crit chance (5%).
    Added 5% more spellvamp to all spellvamp items.

  • Guide Updates

    16:th of March 2011, Published guide (Alpha stage started)
    17:th of March 2011, Corrected spelling errors, added AP- and Hybrid build info, added Patches thread
    18:th of March 2011, Added AD build info
    19:th of April 2011, Modified "How to play" and added more to that
    23:th of April 2011, Corrected spelling errors, more AP modification, wrote the Laning Partners thread
    25:th of April 2011, Wrote the Patches thread and the Twisted Treeline Thread.
    27:th of April 2011, Added info and modified the Twisted Treeline Thread.
    29:th of April 2011, added AD info
    16:th of June 2011, finally took time to re-build at least some of the errors. Corrected grammar errors.
    26:th of November 2011, decided to fix this shit where the text had moved to the land of far-far away and couldn´t be found, edited some builds and overall fixed it, up to date again!20:th of December 2011, AD remake.

  • Miscellaneous

    Did you know that super-squirriels likes old peanut-butter?

    Remember that it takes a lot of time to master Ezreal, there´s nothing to do about that, have patience.

    EZREAL CAN NOT BE PLAYED AS A TANK. He have no CC whatsoever. But I`d like to make it clear, a tank has high armor and MR and medium-high hp, a though champion has only high hp, which makes it possible to combine the high hp with [item=Atma´s Impaler] and still get decent damage!

    I hope you found this guide helpful (and you better frikkin do, I´ve spent like 9k hours with this), please rate and comment!

    I will soon add the Tough AD build!

    COME ON! Over 10k views and only three comments... Tell me what you want more!

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