Evelynn Build Guide

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Revive-Smite Eve + how to counter

written by Tetranoir

Evelynn Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Eve is probably one of the most misunderstood champions in the whole game. Follow the guide.

    This guide however is only for lvl 30s because of jungling restrictions (sorry)
    But if your really good, the same deal can be accomplished with sub-par masteries and runes (just a slower jungle)

    Let AD Eve Pwn, and AD Eve will Deliver!!


    ps for those of you unaware of who Sorakabot is, he is the Top Solo Queue player in the Euro league and he mains Eve!

    pps Why choose tyis builld over that AD jungle Eve guide over there? Simple, you are talking about a jungle time difference of 1:00 to 2:00! My guide her is able to complete all jungling by 4:30 with proper runes and by5:30 without! Talk about lag time. Further more, you don't need a full page of runes for this build to work so leymen can try it out. Don't wory this can be our secret

    Apparently most of you folks doubt this Eve before trying it out
    here are the Credentials

    External Image

  • Before you use this Eve Keep in mind

    1 This is a difficult build to master and is not for the feint hearted!
    2 This is a build in testing
    3 This build is based on Sorakabot's (the #1 EU player) build and sort of his jungle pattern
    4 This build works on EU because the Euro meta game is more based on pushing rather than 5v5 team fights like the US meta. Although Eve still can be used on the US to great effect, her Optimal performance can be best seen in the Euro meta.
    5 Need a Smart team-> that means Solo queue isn't always the 'best' idea (esp. in NA servers)

  • TL;DR


    Mark of Desolation x9
    Quintessence of HEALTH or MOVEMENT SPEED or ARMOR PEN GOODNESS x3 (who remembers the names right?)
    Anything else that caters to your playstyle here. Mana regen for mana freaks, Armor for Hp freaks, Magic resist for freaks. I Recommend getting stuff that improves jungling speed.

    Masteries Link here

    Conventional Skill build

    Early ganking build

    Dying at lvl 2 build

    Armor + 5 hp pots
    Boots + 1 hp pot (2 if you can)
    Get Razor into Wiggles
    Get Sheen
    Get Mobility Boots
    Get Mallet if you need survivability otherwise get Brutalizer
    Get Ghostblade
    Get Triforce

    Jungle pattern
    External Image

    Guide and explaination to all this can be found Below.

  • Part of a team


    What you try to do is follow the jungling pattern as best as you can, however due to its elasticity, you can get golem pretty much whenever you want (but you do have to burn revive first). You must watch the side lanes to see how well they are doing, and depending, change up your jungling strat.
    If you have used this Eve for a bit, you should be able to understand that in general, uninterrupted jungling gives you 2-3 hp pots after Reviving. With 2, you can fairly safely get Blue and Red but will have to recall. With 3, you can start ganking once you get Red. However if you have 2hp pots and you want to gank immediately, you rush red and start ganking.
    Also, Reviving at lvl 2 versus reviving at lvl 3 has little or no impact on the overall style of your game, don't worry about prematurely dying in order to help the lanes out faster.
    This Early game mindset is paramount as it determines what the mid and late game will evolve into, your favor or the enemy team's favor!


    You can do one of two things
    1. Push so the enemy team has to pull back someone to keep you from eating a tower or two. (Once the team fight begins make sure to join in as clean up if possible (aka the fight didn't result in all of your team dying and only 1 enemy guy dying), this way the fight would basically be 5v4)
    2. Initiate, run away, come back 10 secs later to kill the squishy.

    This part of the guide is in progress.


    Mid game is probably the best time for Eve. Mid game is all about ganking and pushing towers. Eve is a master at both. However it also bears high risk, if you ever run into an enemy with oracles, Ult out asap! If you get baited into the whole enemy team, Stop falling for it! If you see a ward go down, Avoid that fcking place! Generally you want to keep your location hidden and after the fight starts, rush in from the back to rape the enemy carry.
    Also, your ult heals you which makes Turret diving some what safer and makes it so you often come out alive, which is important cuz you know, whenever you die, a child in Africa gets his ear cut off and thats something you want to prevent.


    AD Eve, if you rememeber, is a Carry. Yes an actually carry. Her phenomenal attack speed, sweet stun, and burst gives her an edge to the best 1v1 carries (except for guys like Yi, Lifesteal Yi is fcking boss). Your HP is good enough to survive most ganks, however, remember to buy wards because remember, if you are getting attacked, you can't completely invis until the dmg curtails for a bit. Most of the time though, your Movement speed is fast enough to get away from most enemies.

  • Abilities

    [spell=Determined Killer]
    This is actually a very useless passive.
    Note- does not work on Neutrals

    Hate Spike
    Great damage dealing spell. Very Spammable. If you are going AP Lich, it really helps but thats not we are talking about here.

    Shadow Walk
    Do want.

    Magic res debuff, nice dmg Nuke, yes please!
    Keep in mind, when you use this on a neutral, Smite does MORE DAMAGE. It also helps with Q dmg. But in general, the extra dmg it gives smite is very valuable.

    [spell=Malice and Spite]
    Most important. Makes enemies crap their pants when a 520+ ms Eve is coming at them full speed.

  • Summoner Spells/ Masteries/ Runes

    No joke

    Ok so this is where things get tricky
    but in general:

    Masteries are kinda up to you to decide.
    But the essentials are [mastery=Preservation] and [mastery=Awareness] and [mastery=Plentiful Bounty].

    [mastery=Preservation] gives extra hp for when you use Revive; this helps tremendously when you jungle.

    [mastery=Awareness] for jungling exp (this is obvious but in case you are new to jungling) (also watch this guy stonewall008, he is I dare say the best jungler in the whole game)

    [mastery=Plentiful Bounty] for extra gold to get boots and an extra hp pot for when you die.

    The Essentials are what bound this Eve to being only used in higher lvls (sorry Smurfers). I haven't tested the minimal amount of Mastery point that can be used to work out but I have completed jungling (slower ofc but not by much) with only http://leaguecraft.com/masteries/3010010000000000130000000000013040130000000
    Taking Meditation because I lacked Mana Regen runes on one of my alt accounts.

    Greater Mark of Desolation x9
    is a must. Everything else is up to you. But I highly recommend Greater Quintessence of Fortitude x3 or Greater Quintessence of Desolation x3. Movement speed is something you might want to consider for shits and giggles.
    For faster jungling get something along the lines of attack speed, armor pen, or magic pen. The Marks aren't solid yet, you can change it up as well.

    I try to keep Runes requirement to a minimal but if the "everything else" part bothers you, get
    Greater Seal of Resilience x9
    Greater Glyph of Intellect x9

  • Skills

    To questions asked.
    The double skill points on Q is for faster jungling. Then you sudden switch to E because well, you want to surprise the carry the succulent butt sex and this is the perfect way to do it. E has ridiculous base damage for a non ult spell and thats why you want it. Keep in mind this as well, W doesn't just increase your invis time, it also increases your stun time which is always a nice thing.

  • Jungling

    External Image
    1. Smite Lesser golems to kill them.
    2. For Wraiths make sure your First hate spike hits the Blue Wraith to kill him faster or else you might actually fail the jungling! It take some practice the best why I've found is to click behind the wraith before attacking him to walk behind him, then attack the Blue guy! Ingenious
    3. Wolves, make sure your first hate spike is hitting the guy you are attacking.
    4. Kill the two little helpers then die to the big guy.
    Kill big guy.
    5. Get lizard

    Let the ganking commence!

  • Items

    Armor + 5 hp pots
    Boots + 1 hp pot (2 if you can)
    Get Razor into Wiggles
    Get Sheen
    Get Mobility Boots
    Get Mallet if you need survivability otherwise get Brutalizer
    Get Ghostblade
    Get Triforce

    Change Wiggles into Blood if you want to but if you do, get Blood after Triforce

    If you want a defense item, go for it.
    Banshees for magic res.
    Guardians for armor.

    The best two defense items by far.

  • Counters

    First know the jungle pattern.
    The 4 most prolific patterns that I know of in order is:
    1. Wraiths, double golem, die* at Red
    2. Wraiths, wolves, double golem, die* at Red
    3. Double Golem, Wraith,(die* at Wolves) or kill wolves and die* at Blue.
    4. Die to a Tier 2 Tower and start at Blue then following the normal jungle arc.

    die*- go get a buff. If red, ganking is imminent, if blue, jungling will continue.

    Typical Items at the end of those orders
    1. Armor, 3-5 Hp pots + ward
    2. Armor, 3-5 Hp pots + ward
    3. Armor, (if died at Wolves 3-5 Hp pots + ward), 1-2 Hp pots + boots (no ward)
    4. I dont care because this pattern is ******ed

    Times to gank this Eve (~10 secs after Eve has died):
    When s/he dies check your team's lanes and health. Try to determine in your point of view if any of those lanes are gankable. If yes, head to Red. If not, head to Blue. Try not to go too early and not to go alone. Watch for mid. Mid might end up joining in one of those ganks.
    Note- If you own jungler has decided to gank without Red buff yet, tell the guy to be careful because in Eve's mind, once that gank has ended, the jungler is going to get Red and Eve will be waiting

    Smite stealing is something you might as well not try. Ravage's MR debuff gives smite extra damage, so a Ravage with an immediate smite combo, you're going to miss the chance to use your own smite.


    Armor pen or Attackspd marks...............................at lvl 1 you have invis, nothing else
    Hp regen or Hp regen/5 seals...............................you will be walking around a lot
    CDR or Mana Regen glyphs...................................to spam Q more and invis more
    Exp or MS or Armor pen quints..............................to lvl sufficiently and because you walk around a lot

    but you should have VERY good background in jungling
    e.g. Every popular champion's jungle routes (+ common derivatives), all jungle spawn times, and rough dps estimate on those champions per lvl to make sure you can kill them.

    Amumu- Blue Golem at start or Blue Golem after he passes though mid (w/o smite)
    Olaf- Anywhere
    WW- Anywhere
    Eve- Blue Golem, Wraiths, or Double Golems
    Shen- Blue Golem, or Lizard
    Rammus- Blue Golem, or ???
    Malphite- Blue Golem
    others ...???

    (note- get gank times too)

    Mana regen seals are appropriate if you get Flat mana glyphs and defensive masteries' "strength of spirit"

  • Summary

    Watch out for Oracles and NORMAL Wards as well because they can give away your relative position.


    Regardless-glhf :D


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