Nasus Build Guide

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The patience of an immortal; the power of a god.

written by Daynen

Nasus Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    welcome to a Nasus guide aimed at getting the most out your friendly neighborhood God of Death. I see AP guides, I see tank guides, I see "hybrid" guides, but what I don't see is a guide that uses everything Nasus has to its full potential. Building and playing a slightly different way can make him the most powerful team member in the entire game, able to handle any situation, and enhance any team. With patience and an open mind, read on...

  • Abilities

    Soul Eater
    Having some free lifesteal is usually seen as a fringe benefit and little more. Take note, however, that it means you can, but don't have to, get additional lifesteal to make this effective; you just need some attack damage. Also note it stacks with siphoning strike since SS is physical damage. Basically, to make use of this, you want to be smacking people hard and fast.

    Siphoning Strike
    Ahh, the ability that puts time on your side. Listen, this ability is underrated for one reason: the fact that it takes time to build.

    Secret: the more time it takes, the stronger it gets.

    I don't know if there is a cap on SS damage, but nobody seems to have reached it yet. This basically means that you can feel free to take the game nice and slow, and be content to farm minions aaaaaall day if the enemy will let you. This ability forces the enemy to rush the game, because they know that past a certain point, you become stronger than them, and their growth stops. yours does not.

    Update: oh dear god. Have you seen the difference that extra one point per kill makes? For someone who has played nasus a fair bit, that is a deceptively huge buff.

    Scariest slow in the game, until merc treads come out. Even then it's pretty stiff reduction. Having a slow that can last that long gives you a unique opportunity, however. With the right setup, you have the ability to keep a single opponent continually slowed for over 15 seconds. There is NO ESCAPE. Don't believe it? Read on.

    Spirit Fire
    So many delicious minion kills. Properly placed, this keeps you in a 1v2 and makes people want to MOVE. Use it to take control of an area and force cowardly enemies out, so you can stand where you wish. In a teamfight, drop it after everyone has decided where they're going to fight, and if they don't change their minds, they'll regret it when you get to them in melee.

    Fury of the Sands
    Such a satisfying ability. This makes hitting R a primally fulfilling experience. You know what I'm talking about. When you see that perfect opportunity and your index finger practically CRUSHES that key while you grin ear to ear and chase down that poor fool who dared to cross your path. This ability is similar to wither in that you want to be making use of it for the full duration to get the most benefit. You want to be as close as possible to your victims for the whole time if you can help it, because by the time that 10-second tick rolls around, you'll have sapped insane amounts of attack damage, and you should be making the most of that with your build, which I shall.

  • Updates

    2/15/2011: Added a few comments from the recent buff, did some spellchecking, and added some item discussions to supplement the main build.

  • masteries

    My Mastery setup is a 9/21/0 build, because you need to be able to stay in killing range as much as possible. A squishy Nasus doesn't do much. Pretty standard defensive build, just be sure to pick up ardor for the attack speed and ability power, improved exhaust, and improved cleanse, so NO ONE can stop your rampage once it begins. With a defensive setup including ardor and tenacity, your natural stats scale with your offense AND defense, making all your purchases a little more efficient.

  • runes

    Runes are good for covering your weakspots in your item build. Since my build will focus on scaling late-game, hybrid damage and survivability, it lacks mana regen and defense penetration. SO!

    For marks, I use desolation for the armor pen. You have enough damage, lifesteal, and attackspeed in this build, that a little armor pen will go a long way.

    For seals, I use clarity for mana regen/per level. This build is built to scale, and uses no mana regen items, so clarity seals are excellent to supplement your spell usage.

    For glyphs, I use shielding for MR/level. Same scaling principle, but supplementing a little magic resist. Nasus has ways to kill autoattackers, so spells are more dangerous to him. this helps.

    For quints, I use clarity again. This pushes your mana regen up to usable levels as you scale up, and with good management, gives you the mana you'll need. Just -don't- -waste- -spells- and you'll be fine.

  • Summoner Spells

    I favor Cleanse and Exhaust.


    Yes, you heard me. Cleanse and Exhaust. I know Nasus has a slow already, and I know I said we'd build some survivability. That doesn't make either spell pointless. "OMFG, no ghost? FAIL!" Psssh. Whatever. Nasus has no need to chase if his multiple slows can't do the job. You have all the time in the world, and your enemies do not. They will have to come to you eventually.

    Exhaust is, with the mastery, a 3.5 second slow before reductions, as well as a slight reduction in your opponent's overall defense. Since this build lacks big penetration, the reduction of BOTH defense scores helps your damage respectably. Also note that you can chain a wither into an exhaust for up to 8 seconds of non-stop slows (again, before reduction/cleansing.) Also note that exhaust and wither both kill autoattacks, making this combo DEATH to physical carries. Once you get another particular item, you bring a veritable TRAIN of slows to the table. This gives you the power to either slow THREE people at once during a fight, or keep one person slowed for a potential FIFTEEN SECONDS. If they get away from you with that many slows, you have failed--Hard. This WILL make people buy merc treads against you.

    Cleanse is a huge deterrent for those who bring CC, and people WILL bring CC. Being locked in place pisses me off, so I simply decline the stuns when cleanse is up. NO ONE tells me to sit down and shut up. If they think they can escape by snaring you, scare the SHIT out of them by cleansing it off and continuing your barrage of slows and leeching tactics. There's just no good reason not to take it, since I've never seen a team that brings absolutely no crowd control at all. Even a single enemy exhaust makes this choice worthwhile.

  • skilling order

    Unlike some champions, I find that Nasus works best with a good balance in mind. I usually start with spirit fire, just to have the zone control early.

    At level two, I usually get siphoning strike, unless I really NEED to slow down a hyperactive harasser, in which case, wither comes out.

    At three, I get whichever spell I haven't yet, so I have all my options up.

    From that point, I get spirit fire to rank 3, then jump between wither and siphoning strike. All of nasus's spells gain considerable benefit with higher ranks, so having them all nice and even gives you a good spread of options for any situation.

    Siphoning strike gains a shorter cooldown and more base damage, making it easy to build faster, as well as more threatening to whoever gets too close.

    Spirit fire gains more damage and armor reduction, making it more scary to stand on, and a better farming tool.

    Wither gains massive bonus slow%, making it counter enemies' natural attackspeed scaling very well.

    And of course, at level 6, things get hairy with your ult. I've never found a good reason to skip over this, or any ult for that matter, so click it when it's there.

  • items

    Every item build I see with Nasus emphasizes one or more of his abilities to great effect, but it leaves him sorely lacking in other areas and gives the enemy glaring weaknesses to exploit. There is great power in all of his abilities, but if you forego the scaling of some, I feel you are wasting the strength of Nasus. Focusing on one stat to the exclusion of all others is just folly to begin with, since it means you have one avenue of victory, and many roads to defeat.

    Nasus has a lot of potential, but he needs several stats to really be a force to be reckoned with. He needs survivability first, in order to get in range for all the cool stuff he can do. He also needs his abilities to hurt just enough for people to be afraid of him. Finally, he benefits well from lifesteal and a little spellvamp, since he does good physical and magic damage combined. With that said, you know from the getgo that his build is going to be expensive. That's ok, since with Nasus you should be in no hurry to finish the game. remember, you have siphoning strike and an ult that takes away a percentage of enemies' health. Time and Death are on your side.

    It's probably a good idea to start with a Sapphire Crystal and a health pot. The mana boost gives you more spirit fires early, and builds into the classic Sheen. Once this is completed (no need to rush, remember?) your siphoning strike will score more kills and miss less last hits. Naturally, you'll want to complete your Trinity Force at SOME point for some well-rounded awesomeness in your diet.

    Don't wait too long to pick up your boots, since you have to be able to catch your prey. Upgrade them to a Mercury's Treads when you get the chance, so you can't be locked down so easy. With merc's and cleanse, people will hesitate to crowd control you, making your assault that much more carefree.

    Aegis of the Legion is a good all-around item for Nasus, since it boosts up all important stats; the aura for your teammates is the icing on that cake. You should have a solid early-mid game if you get this before too long.

    [item_text=Madred's Bloodrazor]....wait, WHAT? Yeah, I know. Seems out of place right? Let us examine that claim, shall we?
    First, Madred's can be built out of various moderately priced items, all of which Nasus can farm without too much trouble. Second, it gives him Armor, damage, and attackspeed, all of which contribute to his survival (lifesteal, remember?) AND the bonus % damage is a great equalizer for those who aren't squishy enough to just lay down and die with one siphoning strike. BONUS bonus, it makes you a monster killer, baron nashor included. the fact that your enemies now cannot build just armor and health to stop your attacks is just candy. Oh, and yes, you can solo baron quite effectively later.

    Warmog's Armor.....ummmm, noob item? Lololol? SILENCE!! I SLAP YOU!!
    For too long has Warmog's been dismissed as the worst defense item in the game. Too expensive, no real defense, blah blah blah. This reaction shows a limited way of thinking. first off, we already have several sources of moderate armor and magic resistance in this setup, so the HUGE health boost multiplies that very well. Second, this is Nasus. Spirit fire. Dead minion waves. Full warmog's. No problem. Just know that health is like a middle ground between armor and MR, since everything damages health. The more health you have, the more your armor and MR are worth. Note also, I never said Nasus is a tank. He just needs good survivability to be in the fray. this, plus aegis of the legion equals generous endurance while leaving room for enough offense to be a threat.

    Hextech Gunblade NOW people will probably start questioning my sanity. This is another item that has been dismissed and ridiculed since its creation. I find it to be an awesome complement to the awesomeness that is Nasus. You get a boost to all your attacks and spells, ways to vamp health off everything you do, including your ult, AAAAAAND!! That gorgeous active slow that goes so well with exhaust and wither! YES! Chain slows, here we come! And this one deals a little damage on the side, too. Sweeeeet.

    Now, with all these items completed in whatever order, you'll have spent a considerable hoard of gold. It goes without saying that you might not get all these items every game, especially if both teams are in a hurry to end the game and farm their damn IP. However, if you have a willing team who is dedicated to victory at any cost, (read: premade) then you can just play defense, annoy the enemy by refusing to give ground at any turn, and constantly improve your siphoning strike until nothing can withstand your power. Use additional money for elixirs to push you up into uber levels of death-godness, and either your enemies will make a mistake, giving you the ace and the win, or they'll run out of patience and ragequit, giving you the win. See where this strategy is going? It's just like a game with Veigar or Sion. the longer they play, the harder they are to beat. Time is on your side, so act like the immortal you are. It goes without saying that you should ward when you get the chance, but once your item build is complete, it's really helpful if you have a willing support character who can buy your share of wards.


    While this selection of pricey goodies makes for a powerful endgame, they are not the only viable options Nasus can make use of. Since the writing of this guide, other items have come to the fore, and warrant consideration, along with many of the classics. Give them some thought first.

    First among them is Rabadon's Deathcap. Wow, what a monster. 200 AP just from this one item. That's crazy, Riot. What were you thinking? With no other AP sources whatsoever, I can push Nasus' ult up over 7% drain each second. For one item, that's scary. And I can fit it in the build wherever needed based on the situation, and depending on the sacrifice I need to make.

    Rylai's Crystal Scepter is a well-balanced item, offering health, AP, and a nice extra slow to your AOEs. If you bring this little gem, it makes your ultimate virtually impossible to escape with normal movement, and the AP pushes up the drain even more. Just make sure you don't give up an item that can win you the game for it, since this strategy already has some massive slowing power.

    Frozen Mallet similar to the crystal scepter, the mallet is a melee item for nasus, but this one is usually a better pick in my opnion, since my strategy favors physical attacks more. the health is generous, the damage is nice, and the constant slow of your melee compliments your spells better than Rylai's, in my experience. If you face a few less casters, you can take this over the aegis, and have only slightly worse endurance against casters. Could be worth trading in the aegis by the lategame if the setup is in favor of it.

    [item_text=Force of Nature] Since nasus can so effectively shut down physical opponents, casters are more often his bigger concern. One of these babies gives you that extra layer of skin to shrug off nukes, a good chunk of health regen on top of warmog's, and that extra boost of speed to help you catch the runt when you're certain to get the kill. Drop aegis for this if bombs are flying everywhere lategame.

    Abyssal Scepter another caster killer, this one helps with your otherwise low magic penetration, bumps your AOE power up a bit, and softens most death rays somewhat.

    [item_text=Stark's Fervor] another classic item in a Nasus build, this one is always worth considering, especially if the lifesteal and armor reduction are of concern to your team. The individual stats are perhaps not as potent for Nasus himself, but if your team composition benefits from it, then volunteering to pick it up will make you a hero with your partners. Just be sure you're actually with them to ensure optimum use of the aura.

    Last Whisper if the enemy is stacked up on armor and tearing you up because of it, this may be an option. To me, it feels less than optimal, since Nasus has so many ways to deal physical and magic damage at the same time. when you have ways of reducing peoples' defense, taking away percentages of their health in two different ways, and the lifeleeching power to keep it up, this might not be worth it. Some people swear by it though.

    Void Staff like last whisper, this may be an option if your enemy stacks up way too much MR. It helps keep your AOEs in top form, and this is especially synergistic with your ultimate. Because of the way Nasus's spells interact with his autoattacks, this is more useful in more situations than last whisper.

    Frozen Heart this is probably, per gold, one of the most powerful items in the game. 99 armor is a major boost, 500 mana is a whole rotation of your spells with points to spare, and the attackspeed slow aura is murder to anyone who doesn't rely on completely nuking you to ashes. The big cooldown reduction is groovy for chaining withers and siphons, too. Scary as hell. If you see more than one enemy who relies on autoattacks, this may very well completely ruin their day. wither goes down to under 11 seconds cooldown, giving you the power to slow the enemy four times in a row with exhaust and gunblade up. I shudder to think of something that can't be killed in under 20 seconds of constant percentage based damage. Did you just let Sion farm for two hours or something?

  • Playstyle

    Okay, now that you know what you're aiming for, it's time to go get it.

    With this particular strategy followed, more or less anyway, you become a late-game powerhouse that enemies will have to counter very carefully. Your ability to throw down so many slows, so much aoe damage, and have so much life recovery on your own makes you not to be taken lightly. You are not a tank, however. you have no abilities that directly force people from leaving your squishies alone. You can be seen as a tank, purely by virtue of your frontline presence, but you still don't have to go in first if you have a primary tank to initiate and control the fight.

    If you DO end up as the main tank, which can happen, then you may very well wish to sacrifice your bloodrazor for a Randuin's Omen, or a Frozen Heart, if they're autoattack heavy. for more magic heavy opponents, swap it for a Banshee's Veil, Abyssal Scepter, or [item_text=force of nature]. If they're just bringing a lot more pain than you can handle, don't be too stubborn to bring a Guardian Angel for more sheer survival. The bloodrazor is the least essential part of your strategy, so if you're tanking, it can be thrown out first.

    On the other hand, if you find you have enough beef on the team already and you need to up the pain factor, try swapping your aegis for a Manamune or Archangel's Staff to be more spell crazy, or perhaps a [item_text=stark's Fervor] to bring some face-pounding power to the team. This kind of thing is a judgement call, and you have to have used a lot of different items before to have a good idea of what would help you and your team the most. Experiment, and think thoroughly about your item choices when improvisation is called for. As Nasus, you are a flexible builder who can adjust to take advantage of any of his abilities when called for, so if you can act as a skilled jack-of-all-trades, you can fill whatever void your team and your enemies create for you. Just know that generally, the bloodrazor can be sacrificed first for more defense, or the aegis can be sacrificed first for more offense.


    With all this said, it should be noted that your early game laning phase is not going to be stellar. this strategy doesn't use Doran's items, nor does it stack up one stat to be a one-shot wonder. You are going to have to play the early game with patience and care. Your goal in the beginning is very simple. Do not let your tower take damage. Oh, and don't die.

    You have no need to go after champions unless a kill is assured, so there is no need to stick your neck out for something risky. You gain the most benefit from taking your time and farming up your SS at every chance, making you that much stronger in every fight. Remember, just by being Nasus, you put your opponents on a limited time table. If they don't beat you fast, they might not be able to beat you at all. Just play with a more defensive mindset, focus on keeping your health, and your towers health, up. Especially if you 1v2 a lane, since you not only outfarm both enemies, but outlevel them.

    In such a case, experienced players know they can push Nasus hard in the early game. Let them. Just spirit fire whenever anything gets in striking distance of your turret, build your siphoning strike whenever it's safe to do so, and don't let your health get low enough for a towerdive from behind.

    Get wards and put them in the lane entry bush at the river and the rear bush behind your turret, so you can see gankers coming from either direction. Remember, yours is the waiting game. the longer you go without dying, the more frustrated most players get, and the more desperate they become at trying to kill you and take your turret. Remember you have two slows at any given time, even before you get your cutlass/gunblade, so SAVE them all until some fool tries to blitzkrieg you under your turret. Make him bleed and struggle for every hit he lands. Having an elixir of fortitude in your inventory helps to discourage this sort of suicidal assault, since it's a generous instant heal and a damage buff. If your health gets below half, and you see a diver commit, gulp it down and slow him to death. He'll probably think twice before trying that sort of nonsense again.

    MID-GAME! Time for FUN!

    Once laning is offically over and you have your boots done, you can more freely scoot around jungles, taking buffs, feeding your SS, and generally making the ultimate outcome of the game more favorable for you. Once you start roaming with your team, you become everybody's favorite buddy, simply because of Wither, exhaust, and your cutlass/gunblade active. With so many slows, you have a lot of power to control the pace of various sized fights. If you catch a gank squad, you can throw a slow on three different people to allow escape or proper initiation. If you catch a carry alone (the fool) then he'd better have flash, cleanse, a quicksilver sash, AND a very quick prayer, or he's toast. (Damn you, Mundo!) You have the cooldowns to start with wither, follow up with the gunblade active (once you have it) and then exhaust if you need another slow. If you've spaced them out properly, your wither will be just about up by the time exhaust is over, so wither again! If they have the power to escape that, they either flashed, or you're dumb for focusing the tank.

    By this point in the game, you should probably have your merc treads, and hopefully you have at least part of your aegis or triforce done. You can easily build them in chunks, in other words phage, sheen, zeal, mantle, ruby, armor, etc. With your farming ability, you should ideally have enough for another portion of an item every trip--unless you're getting killed repeatedly, in which case, what are you DOING out there?

    The cool thing about this sort of balanced, patient strategy is that each complete item offers various benefits at each stage of the game, while there are no BAD choices for any of them at any point. thus, you have the freedom to choose which item/portion you want most at any given time, depending on the matchup and situation. You could get warmog's first if you're farming minions up with no pressure, or you could get your gunblade a little earlier if your positioning is scoring you early kills. It's all useful stuff to you, so be flexible and use some sense when choosing your next item.

    Also, it bears repeating that you do need to be a team player, and be where they need you most. This is typically in the thick of things right behind your main tank, or in front of your squishies. Remember that your AOE power and your slows make you a dangerous frontliner, so when your team is ready for a fight, make the enemy fear you. When you can slow so many people, drain so much life, and endure so much punishment, people will want to get away from you. Just don't be greedy. If you KNOW you can kill someone WITHOUT DYING, use those slows to help you shred them with siphoning strike. Don't let them escape if you don't risk your own death. You have exhaust and a gunblade for a reason. Use them.

    Finally, make good use of your ult. Don't be too proud to use it to take down a golem or baron in a hurry. Between your ult and your bloodrazor, you can basically solo baron if you need to, or you can take down even the most health-stacked cho'gath in seconds if you like. Remember, you have two ways of taking a percentage of your enemies' health, so it honestly doesn't matter how much defense they have. Tanks will die almost as fast as squishies will against such draining power. Just make sure you focus fire with your team, and anything you target WILL drop.


    NOW Nasus's power begins to REALLY show. You should probably have at least 4 of your big items by the 30 minute mark, unless things have gone horribly wrong. this means you are likely to be a meaty monster who can stand up to almost anyone, since you can slow them three ways to allow you to engage, you can steal generous amounts of life with staff and spell, and you can deal almost as much damage to a tank as you can to a squishy. Few heroes will have the abundance of attributes needed to endure so much slowing, lifestealing, and balanced magical and physical damage for long.

    They can't stack health, because you take a percent of it with every blow and your ult.
    They can't stack armor, because you take some of that with spirit fire and you have two sources of big magical damage.
    They can't stack MR because you still hit hard enough with your siphoning strike and autoattacks that you can take them down.
    They can't just pound you into the ground with attacks, because exhaust and wither hurt their speed and damage so bad.
    They can't just kite you, because you have three different slows with decent casting range to help engage.
    They can't just stun you, because you have merc treads and a cleanse ready to deny it.
    They can't run, because of the drastic power of your slows along with the passive one on trinity force.
    They can't stand and fight, because you have ways of recovering generous amounts of health while whittling them down to size.
    They can't ignore you, because you can push quickly, AND continue to build your siphoning strike.

    They can flash out of range to escape you, but that's okay. You don't have to chase down evasive prey; you can make them come to you. Time? Infinite growth? Remember? They can't run forever. If they don't kill you and your towers, they WILL eventually lose.

    They can out-tank you, but that's okay too. If they're tankier than you, that means they hurt less than you do, and probably heal less. If they decide to send more than one tank after you, then your team has a free shot at their squishies, so they fail.

    With all the options you take away from them, you can force the enemy into very difficult situations. Push alone while your team pushes another lane? They have to choose between MAYBE killing your push, or facing the other four members of your team and watching you wreck a tower with SS.

    Big team ganking you and about to take you down with no way out (stop overextending, but..)? Pop your ult and spirit fire, throw down all your slows, and stand your ground. they'll have to pump out some serious damage to take you down, and you're buying time for your team while they do. You may even take one or two down if they don't gank in good formation. Make them EARN that kill. You're a BOSS, so FIGHT like one. the longer the game goes, the harder it is to take you down due to your ever-growing siphoning strike. Every time they try it, it should be a little tougher on them. If you hold them off long enough despite their persistence, it can become impossible for anyone to stand against you, since your melee strikes hit like....hmm...well, like something really big and really freaking heavy, like a plane or something.

    At this point in the game, the only thing you will fear is complete and total focus fire. If you and your team are ready for it, this becomes a very difficult thing for the enemy to accomplish. Remember, every time the enemy fails to push and win, you come back with a vengeance, hitting harder and harder every time. So let them fail. Let them beat their heads against your wall of death. Let them take your team out (actually, no, dont do that last one.) So long as your nexus stands, their chances of winning grow slimmer and slimmer. Every time they try to take the game and win, make sure they bleed for it. Make them desperate enough to suicide into your defenses, and frustrate them into defeat or surrender. Act like the god of death that Nasus is, play with the patience of an immortal, and your enemies will come to fear the TRUE fury of the sands.

  • Miscellaneous Thoughts

    As a Nasus fan, I enjoy his flexible playstyle and growth potential. He has no hard CC, which is sometimes seen as a weakness, and he has no major gap closer. I say these things are good for the player, since they force you to use better timing and positioning, and thus develop better habits. Instant gap closers are a tool of assassins, and Nasus has no need of such petty tricks. Stuns are also NEVER fun to endure, since they literally send you to the timeout box for a few seconds. Nasus does not need such weaksauce.
    On the other hand, it does seem that he has some valid weaknesses that could be adressed. The first is the fair point that it takes him a while to build up, since his siphoning strike is slow to grow. I think this could be solved in much the same manner as was done with veigar: give it additional bonuses on a champion kill. Say, 10 damage for a champion kill as a passive benefit, just like veigar's baleful strike passive now? That would definitely add purpose to champ kills.

    **UPDATE** oh thank you riot gods for that teeny tiny SS buff. It has made all the difference. Now it takes about ten minutes less for Nasus to achieve terrifying levels of damage with siphoning strike.

    The second is the fact that he has lifesteal as a passive but does more damage with his spells. Some say he needs spellvamp. I think that perhaps a spellvamp component to his passive would suffice, giving him ways to heal with all his offensive strategies. His theme is all about leeching life in its various forms, so having lifesteal, a growing slow, attack damage leeching, and healing from his spells would give him all sorts of survivability and work with his theme and kit very well. It wouldn't have to be much spellvamp, perhaps 5% at every increment. you could even tone down the current lifesteal to match, giving him a total of 15% lifesteal and 15% spellvamp when all is said and done. Might still be too much, though, so who knows?

    Alternatively, you could change his wither in such a way that it steals something from the enemy. Perhaps it could work in a similar way as malphite's seismic shard, stealing some movement and attack speeds from the enemy he slows. This might make the spell very powerful, however. It's an idea worth mentioning.

    In general, people seem to feel that Nasus is being overshadowed by newer, more modern champions, in that they can wreck face with a minimum of effort and item planning, while he has to actually squeeze some performance out of his build. It's interesting to me how easily people discredit a character for the effort required to play him. It does mean something when the character just can't compete no matter how hard you play, but I don't feel Nasus fits that category. He has a flexible, diverse, and synergistic set of abilities, well-balanced stat growth, and the potential for infinite growth over the course of a game. Built with good balance, he can be very puzzling to counter, since he has ways of dealing health percent damage, physical, and magical damage in generous amounts.

    His unpopularity stems from the actual effort required to make him useful, and I feel like that speaks ill of the general community rather than Nasus himself. I say there is enourmous potential for the character if played with a different strategy in mind, but people have two issues with that: Impatience, and "the metagame." He somehow doesn't "fit" with the current meta, and thus is dismissed as low tier. the fact that he takes awhile to gear up hurts public opinion as well. These things make no sense to me. With just a slight shift in perspective and goal, Nasus goes from "balanced, yet unviable" to "unbreakable with time." If a Nasus team focuses on keeping the enemy at bay long enough, rather than trying to rush down a win, then the game continually, gradually tips in favor of Nasus and crew. Eventually, the scales tip to an unwinnable state, but no one seems to be willing to endure a game that long, so Nasus's true potential goes to waste. Of course, this changes if you face a veigar or a Sion, since they have the same characteristic of infinite growth in other areas. Back to basics in that case.

    In my opinion, Nasus is a very advanced champion, in that he needs an unusual and unorthodox playstyle to bring out his real power. The obvious power of carries like miss fortune and kog'maw has been demonstrated, and everyone knows exactly what they are capable of. With a character like Nasus, we haven't seen the real deal yet. Some people have played him with great success, but I still see a higher ceiling we haven't reached yet. Sure, a few tweaks/buffs would be welcome without breaking him, but even in his current form, he has the power, in the right hands, to be literally unstoppable.

    All you need is some patience.

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