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It's SHEN!

written by VVirus

Shen Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Ki Strike
    Every 8 seconds, Shen's next attack deals bonus damage.

    Vorpal Blade
    Damages target unit and life taps him, healing allies that attack the target.

    Shen takes reduced damage for a few seconds.

    Shadow Dash
    Shadow Dash - Shen dashes rapidly toward a target location, taunting enemy champions he encounters.

    Stand United
    Shen shields himself and a target ally from incoming damage, and soon after teleports to their location.

  • Introduction

    Welcome to my guide called "It's SHEN!". In this guide I'll show You how I play shen, how to lane, what to do in team fights, some useful tricks and tips. I think that I can easily say that I have a lot of expierience playing Shen, so finaly I decided to write guide, describing how to be effective with him. Tried to make it clear, helpful and to put here everything what I think can improve your play with this great tank/support character.

  • Masteries + Runes

    I put masteries in 0/21/9 most of the points put in defense tree, improved ghost, increased expierience gain and greedy, to make my laning better.

    My runes are set for a balanced no-mana tank. I have magic resist
    Marks , health Seals and Quintessence also cooldown reduction Glyphs. These runes gives me enough defensive stats so i dont have to worry about getting killed quickly, it reduces cooldown too, so I can use all the time.


    Greater Mark of Warding


    Greater Seal of Fortitude


    Greater Glyph of Focus


    Greater Quintessence of Fortitude

  • Summoner Abilities

    From summoners spells I pick almost all the time Ghost and Ignite, I take them to have a chasing/fleeing spell and Ignite so i can finish enemy or reduce his healing. Remember that ignite is great against Mundo's ultimate. I sometimes take Flash but not often cause i have Shadow Dash, which conected with ghost gives me a really good boost to movement.

    Other useful spells are Heal or [spell_icon=fortify] [spell_text=fortify]. Heal is great if you are solo laning but use it when you are in big trouble or near death, if you want ot restore your health just use the Vorpal Blade. [spell=Fortify] will keep enemies out of your towers, followed with [mastery_icon=Reinforce][mastery_text=Reinforce] will be a great defensive tool.

    You can also take Clairvoyance - if no one did you can take it to give some more view on the for your team.

  • Skilling Order

    From skills I max so i can deal some damage and kill creeps fast, then i pick and ( when its possible ofcourse). I use this skill order when i am with someone on lane, to focus on pushing and harrasing enemies with .

    In this order i go if im alone, playing defensive or there is a champion with some throw ability like Pantheon's spear or Gankplank parley. This order of skills allows me to stay on lane long with no loss of hp from throws.

  • Unique Skills

    Now im going to write some more useful informations about Shen's skills.

    Ki Strike

    Shen's passive is (for me) primary damage ability, which is extremly useful farming and damge dealing skill. In bigger engagement you shouldn't mind who will you hit with this but in situations like 2 vs 2 try to strike the enemy who is life tapped by Vorpal Blade or the one with lowest hp, it is a great finishing blow skill.

    Vorpal Blade

    Vorpal Blade is his second and last skill which can deal damage, as Ki strike is really usful when you farm minions. It's life tapping is unreplaceable help to stay on lane, for you and your mate, also use it to keep enemies away, cause of energy system and its low cooldown it should show them not to come too close.

    Shadow Dash

    Dash is the most expenive of Shen's skills, but it's a thing which can make many enemies die easily if you have a damege dealing character with you. If you want to taunt enemy to kill him with help of other team mate use it right after he is fleeing so you will have more time to deal damage, if you are trying to rescue someone, dash through enemy to "grab" him away from ally. Besides its great movement and escaping tool, here is a video showing which walls Shen can dash through.


    This skill is really useful to absorb upcoming damage for example will protect you from enemy's throwing abilities, like Mundo's cleaver. If you can use it properly, combination of Feint and Vorpal Blade will keep you on lane for a long time, and your hp high. After few games you will know when pop it up to block incoming missle, its not that hard, problem is that it has long cooldown so if there are two enemy's throwers you will lose some hp.

    Stand United

    The Ultimate skill is perfect to rescue team mates and allows You to move thorough map quickly. There are few ways in which you can use it:
    1. Shield ally to give him time to escape
    2. Teleport to team mate just to help or move through map.
    3. As in point 1 you just shield some dps to let them finish opposing team.

  • Items

    1. At the beggining I allways buy Doran's Shield and one Health Potion.
    With this items and i can stay on lane as long as I want to.

    2. When you will be in shop for the first time buy Boots of Speed turn them into Mercury's Treadslater now you should choose if you want to set your build for magic resist
    MR against casters,armor AR against carries or hybrid HB for both types of enemy. Whoever is in the oposing team i buy Ruby Crystal and if you have enough money Cloth Armor or Null-Magic Mantle, to turn them into Aegis of the Legion

    3.after go for main items: anti-casters MR, anti-carries AR and hybrid HB
    MR - [item=Force of nature] and Banshee's Veil.
    AR - Sunfire Cape and Thornmail.
    HB - choose one of MR and one of AR. I prefer and [item_icon=Force of nature].
    4. Later:
    MR - Guardian Angel
    AR - Frozen Mallet
    HB - Guardian Angel

    5. Last item replacing Doran's Shield can be:
    MR - Frozen Mallet Sunfire Cape to reach over 3k hp.
    AR - Atma's Impaler to gain a lot of damage and some armor.
    HB - depends which type of champions are more dangerous Banshee's Veil for casters or Atma's Impaler for carries like in AR.

    Going over 300 armor a lot isn't good idea cause the % reduce won rise over about 87% even with 400 armor.

  • Build Example

    MR build:



    AR build:


    HB build:



  • Farming

    Shen is a great farmer, combination of and is enough to kill minions fast and easily. Use to last shoot them if you are pushed away but remember to keep your energy at 100 to be able to taunt imiedietly than wait until it will recover.

    My favourite and most deadly trick when im solo laning is something what i call "taunt for tower". When enemy is close to your tower, taunt him (make sure he hit you at least once) "grab" him into your side, strike with throw and if you putted [mastery_icon=Reinforce][mastery_text=Reinforce] use [spell_icon=fortify]. This combo can kill squishy champions or even this with more hp or will force enemy to teleport back to base.

  • Working in the team

    As Shen your main objective in team game is to protect, support or in the end save allies. You are also responsible for initiating team fights.

    When there is a fight mostly should happen situations like this: 1. Your team will easily taking them down. 2. Fighting sides are balanced and you need to do something to win this. 3. They are winning slightly or more.
    When such things happen you should, in case of situation number:

    1. - Mainly keep an eye on fleeing enemies to taunt them and score a kill for team, then watch if there is someone dangerous, if is taunt him allies should focus him, and lastly watch for your team mates hp to use to keep him alive.

    2. - This time mostly look out for any threath to remove it, then watch others hp, lastly chase survivors.

    3. - Opposite of situation number 1. Firstly save friendly champios, taunt deadliest enemy lasty run for the enemies.

    About useing , In the middle of fight you need to focus and choose if other members of the team will make it without your ultimate or if they can make it alone, then choose on who cast it. I prefer to save healer/best DPS, when saving healer(soraka,sona, maybe taric) they can save other for you by healig them. If you have choosen to save a DPS pick this who will deal more damage in next few seconds(the most feeded on probably).

    , use it in the best way possible, i mean try to taunt most dangerous/as many as possible/both of this. In team fight dont use it on one cause in a second or two there will be possibility to taunt two, three or more, the cooldown is too big to use it on single enemy.

    If i initiate a fight I use to reduce first wave of damage a bit, if your team is doing good and there is no need to save energy use it sometimes if enemy is attacking you.

    I try to avoid using in such fights, just not to loose energy so important to cast , and in the end . is good damage dealing skill but to weak to, maybe not waste, but spend energy for, as i wrote about use it only if its not necessary to have plenty of energy.

  • Credits

    Thanks for reading my guide, hope I help and give some useful informations/tactics and I hope you like it. Please rate and comment. If you want me to write another guide for champions I play a lot consider it in your comment. Characters I play a lot too are: Galio, Shen, a bit lesser: Malphite, Nunu, Trundle, and ocasionaly: Rammus and Kennen. Remember to always "thread carefully".

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