Mordekaiser Build Guide

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Thoughts about Mordekaiser, from player to players

written by Skinny

Mordekaiser Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    There were just a few champions on the entire League that drew my attention right on launch. One of those, Mordekaiser.

    Sitting on the top of my most played characters list, with my best overall scores and undoubtly my second most loved champion (sorry, T. Fate still rules my preferences), this giant metal goliath is more than just a pretty mask on the Fields of Justice. His badassness and power is such that even skilled Summoners will think twice to tread near him.

    Just some more about me. I'm actually a skinner, and not really an advice guide or professional player. I often play with friends in arranged 3x3 and 5x5 teams, and sometimes a real "5x5-everyone on the same chat-mayhem" on Skype. If not with them, I play ranked solo queue on 5x5, where I avoid playing Mordekaiser that much, as for my tatics are, as I've already been warned, suicidal.

    Thus, if following this guide, I higly suggest you to be playing with your friends, and warn them before the game starts of your strategies, be them on this guide on freshly out of your mind.

    This is bound to be a long and detailed wall of text, and so you are warned about that. Also, this is my thoughts about this champion, and not really some text you will read and follow blindly. Being only a discussion about the champion, you are free to experiment with whatever is written here and your playstyle to see how Modekaiser is best suited for you.

    Good luck on your reading, feedback is to be thanked.


  • Pros / Cons

    Some things your should be aware about the Master of Metal:
    - Better than beyond god-mode when properly fed
    - Beyond god-mode when decently fed
    - God-mode when fed
    - Almost god-mode when farmed
    - A pain in the ass on almost every single situation

    Positive facts about the bringer of the Creeping Death:
    - Tankiest caster of the game, second to none
    -- Yes, he is a mage/caster, so he can dish decent damage on tanks
    --- That being said, we conclude he is one hell of a anti-tank
    - Relatively fast overall cooldowns
    - Not too difficult to master
    - Cheap (3150 IP or 975 RP)
    - Easy farmer

    Negative truths about the Siphoner of Destruction:
    - Easy to take down if focused by two or more DPS champions
    - Not really impressive range
    - Core itens are pretty expensive, with no cheaper alternatives
    - Tend to be focused on smaller team-fights (or when you have two or more champions lacking)

    Neutral information abou the Iron Man:
    - Can be built in various ways
    - Really fun to play
    - You'll be the target of the other team verbal aggro
    - Have a really cool cape (wich softens the lack of a scarf)
    - Talk some pretty nice quotes
    - Have spikes all over his body armor
    - He is completely heavy and metal heavy metal'ed themed!

  • Abilities

    Iron Man
    This is why Mordekaiser is tanky. Being a caster, this is his only defensive skill, and what a heck of a defensive skill! Ranges from 120 extra health (2/3 of a Ruby Crystal) to 630 extra health (3.5 Ruby Crystals).

    Mace of Spades
    Just some additional damage. Helps keeping the shield up as well as can be used for some lucky last hitting on that fleeing champion.

    [spell=Creeping Death]
    The additional health is kind of OK, but could be better. This is mainly used to keep the shield up and dish some damage that the enemy will only notice when it's too late. Also, this synergizes pretty well with Malphite, Rammus and Galio.

    Siphon of Destruction
    We'll keep on using this "pointing of doom" everytime until the end of the game. It's pretty simple: point to the enemy, damage him, heal your shield, repeat. Easier done than the theory shows.

    Children of the Grave
    Ah, so polemically discussed. This ultimate has been reworked in something, IN MY HUMBLE OPINION, much better than it was. If you are a decent Garen player, you'll probably do better with this skill more than most people. Other than that, a pretty good skill to cast on that "almost to go down" champion, as it will heal some of your life, raise your shield and grant you a pet for half a minute.

  • Unique Skills

    Mordekaiser gameplay is unique. He is a mage/caster with no mana, and all his skills (but his passive) create some shield (his passive). So, the Master of Metal have two "unique skills" that is important to discuss a little further.

    First, his passive: Iron Man

    The bread and butter of Mordekaiser. Ranging from extra 120 health to extra 630 health, wich stands for 2/3 of a Ruby Crystal to 3.5 Ruby Crystals! Maybe it won't look menacing like this, but we are talking about a huge chunk of walking metal carrying a colossal spiky mace that can take all your hits and laugh at your face before making you run back to your base crying out for mommy with a devious ghost helmet above your head ready to rip your soul as you slowly see your health bar dropping to nothing... and I think I made my point.

    So, how to work with Iron Man? First things first, we need to know how to get it up. I'll classify the shield creation as "low", "medium" and "high", but will use no numbers, since we'll use it on all levels with all kinds of setups.

    Mace of Spades will get your shield up on the first hit after cast for a small amount (low), and if all the three extra projectiles lands a hit, they will add some more shield to you (all three at the same time, medium)

    [spell_text=Creeping Death] will slowly and steadly increase your shield, that is, if the enemies don't scatter and get hit constantly with the floating shards of metal. Taking all three melee creeps on a minions wave as a base, the shield creation is enough to cancel two of the three hits (low).

    Siphon of Destruction is the main form of increasing the shield. Use it on anything that have a red health bar above their head. Even hitting only one enemy, will get some shield to you (low), but this skill shines when you keep on using it on team-fights, as you'll hit lots of enemies as well as making your shield soar high in the skies. Taking the three melee enemies on the minion wave, the shield is considerably enough to block all the three hits and still be there (medium). You can also hit an entire minion wave with some nice positioning, wich will pump your shield (high).

    Children of the Grave is the less usefull skill to get shield, unless you kill someone with it. The percentage damage is so small it won't get you any shield (1 or 2 points, maybe), but the first hit, on-cast, maybe get you some shield to blocck one hit (low). Now, let's say the marked champion died. Now you can shine. Order "The Prisioner" to hit anything you want, as the more damage it'll do, the more your shield will grow. This means that, if you manage to get that Master Yi soul and order him to hit the turret (and let's hope he wasn't going AP), you'll get some considerable portion of the turret's health and raise your shield to almost full (high).

    Second, his ultimate: Children of the Grave
    Some quick math here: 100 AP will grant you 20% extra damage. Thus, 500 AP will grant you 100% extra damage. Well, this is wrong. Ingame, you'll need around 1200 AP to pump the skill damage to 100% (from the starting 34%). This is enough to realize this skill isn't a free kill.

    Now, discussing. This skill lost it's capacity of dealing lots of damage so it can kill an enemy on a few ticks of it's DoT (Damage over Time). As for now, you'll have to focus it on the champion who is about to die... and on most times, this means anything that is near you.

    There isn't much to talk about this skill... You get some of the attributes of "The Prisioner", it takes some of your attributes, it's attacks charges your shield, and 30 seconds appears to take more than 30 seconds to pass (unless you throw your pet ona turret).

  • Skilling Order

    The skilling order is pretty simple. Mordekaiser have some pretty different skill growth ways, and some, with comments, are shown below.

    Faster shielding, focusing on ultimate

    This one here serves the only purpose to get the biggest shield creation possible while still focusing on the "instant" damage that Children of the Grave can deal. Focusing on Siphon of Destruction first allow you to have some considerable damage early to mid game, while pumping [spell_text=Creeping Death] gives you most of the power you'll need to start or resist ganks.

    Gank-shield creation, alongside rushing ultimate

    This one is for those who think the ganks are to start soon, and prefer to have some extra amor (or give extra armor) as soon as possible. Thus, leveling [spell_text=Creeping Death] and Siphon of Destruction equally, you'll be able to dance with those two spells and keep your shield, at least, halfway full.

    Fast shielding rate for better survivability

    Actually, I think you got the idea. You'll get only one level on Children of the Grave as you'll only be using it on the enemy who is being focused. This being said, you'll have all other skill points to use on a balanced (or not) build, wich will make you get your shield up faster at mid levels.

    Agrresive DPS/Hybrid Mordekaiser

    This is mostly a joke build, but it may work. You'll need to be very DPSy to even try this build, and this is the reason why we'll focus on both Mace of Spades and Siphon of Destruction to keep the enemy at dangerous health levels at all the time.

    Not mattering the skill tree you may choose, I higly suggest you to take, on the three first levels, all three spells (Mace of Spades, [spell_text=Creeping Death] and Siphon of Destruction) to have some variety of ways to get your shield ready.

  • Masteries + Runes + Summoner Spells

    Now, discussing masteries. As already said, you can play any role you want, although I really won't recommend playing support. The Master of Metal's best roles are, indeed, tank and off-tank (either DPS off-tank or caster off-tank).

    Here are some possibilities. Please, if you are already used to one setup, try that one before using any suggestion.

    Tanking masteries: 0/21/9 (improved Ghost)

    Off-tank masteries: 10/20/0 (improved Ignite)

    Runes. This is very personal, and I'll show some two, one for each role (tank and off-tank), rune pages, with no much many further information. As I said, runes are pretty personal in my humble opinion, and I really don't feel OK byt giving hints on other people tastes...

    Here are some possibilities. Please, if you are already used to one setup, try that one before using any suggestion.

    Tanking runes:
    9x Greater Mark of Resilience 9x Greater Glyph of Shielding
    9x Greater Seal of Evasion 3x Greater Quintessence of Evasion

    Off-tank runes:
    9x Greater Mark of Insight 9x Greater Glyph of Insight
    9x Greater Seal of Evasion 3x Greater Quintessence of Insight

    Summoner Spells
    A little about Summoner Spells. I'll show some combos wich may be used, and a little about how to use them is to be read on the following section. This will also follow the Creeping Death's roles of tank and off-tank.

    Here are some possibilities. Please, if you are already used to one setup, try that one before using any suggestion.

    Tanking Summoner Spells:
    or or

    Off-tank Summoner Spells:
    or or

  • Summoner Spells (in-depth)

    As possible Summoner Spells have already been discussed, this section here will show possible uses for all the Summoner Spells out there.

    Exhaust: this can be used as a form of crowd control... unfortunatelly, one of Mordekaiser's only form of crowd control... Maybe this can help if you are being focused by that pesty DPS with [item_text=Madred's Bloodrazor] who insists on hitting you, but if your team is helping you, they will focus the DPS first.

    Ghost: as for any other champions, this skill have two uses: running absurdely fast for chasing or running absurdely fast for escaping (or dragging opponents into a trap). This is my personal choice for every champion I run roles.

    Heal: frankly, not that much good in my humble opinion. It can surely save you early game, or even an ally, but it will lose its efficiency as the games goes longer. Use this if you are feeling that the game will be short, give this a try.

    Revive: as many would say, this is the same as saying "I'll die a lot on this match". Well, this can also be the same as saying "If I die, I'll be right back into the fray". But we'd rather not die, right?

    Smite: only reason for taking this spell is if you are said to jungle. As Mordekaiser is a natural farmer, this will make jungling faster. Only use.

    Teleport: faster than Ghost to reach a lane, but not very usefull for escaping or ganking, as three seconds is a lot of time (enough for almost anyone, Mordekaiser included, to die), and your teleporting destination is shown if properly seen (flash tube around minion or tower).

    Cleanse: tank-saver. This is always a nice pick, wich I never choose, if the other team have lots of crowd control. Nice pick for ranked, and a wise choice for normal matches.

    [spell=Fortify]: if your team is playing some hardcore tanky team, this is a nice pick for ensuring returning to the base is safe. Let the support pick this, if possible, though.

    Clarity: don't thouch this. Stay away from this. Don't pick this thinking about your team. You have no mana, and this is enough said.

    Ignite: this comboes pretty well with Children of the Grave as it adds a decent amount of damage as well ensures that healing the damages you dish aren't healed as fast as they were inflicted.

    [spell=Rally]: usefull for big fights where everyone is near, given yoru team have enough DPS-power to receive most of the benefits of this Summoner Spell. You wish the support pick this instead of you, though.

    Clairvoyance: map awareness. Learn it, befirend it, use it! But if your team could pick it instead of you, be kind enough about that.

    Flash: I don't know how long this will stay ingame, so you'd better not get used to this. Unless you are already an user, wich makes unnecessary further explanation, stay away from it.

  • Items

    On this section here, I'll comment the most common items that is used with Mordekaiser. Won't show complete builds, though, as won't separate the items in "classes".

    Warmog's Armor: this may be considered a core item for Modekaiser, since he creeps very well and have no problems farming (even if he didn't wanted to). Thus, you get at least 50 of the 100 creep kills needed by farming, and probably the other 50 will come from 5 champions kill. Stacking this can also be a good idea if you are going DPS, as you can get Atma's Impaler for some beefy damage.

    [item=Force of Nature]: this IS a core item for the Ace of Spades, as it will regen yoru health as fast as you can spam spells, wich is nice. Also, some extra magic resistance and some more movement speed are always welcome to our stats, right? One is enough, and comboes pretty well with Warmog's Armor.

    Sunfire Cape: this one have been nerfed. As [spell_text=Creeping Death] counted as two of this item, stacking this was pretty cheap, awesome, shiny and noobish... but it worked, so, whatever. This can pump your damage output on battles, as well as making farming easy pie. Even if the enemy is ranged, YOU have to get closer to maintain damage, so it will still work.

    [item=Leviatan]: this is the item that will make your opponents rage and cast hells agasint you. If you manage to get this up to 20 stacks, you'll receive greatly reduced damage, what will make you able to run inside their fountain if you feel like doing so, and run back still alive after typing down "/joke" there. You got my point.

    Randuin's Omen: nice active, nice passive, nice overall stats, reasonable price. This is a must on everyone who want to be tanky. This can also be used as soon as you jump inside a fight for extra visual awesomeness... and for giving all your enemies some debuffs, too. Not very usefull if the enemy is mainly a caster team, though.

    Thornmail: say hello to those pesky DPSs who think they can scratch your armor unharmed. You already got spikes on it, get some more and thorn those enemies apart as you keep rising your shield. Yes, damages to your shield will do the magic damage this little baby have. Also, who won't want 100 points on armor stat?

    [item=Rylai's Scepter]: some health, some ability power, a nice crowd control, as your flying shards of awesomeness doom does benefits of its slow... this IS a core item for Mordekaiser, unless you are going for the completely tanky build. Oh, and this can be used with your ultimate for extra ranged slow, wich you can combine with other spells and itens so you can reach that little runner.

    Abyssal Scepter: you'll have to be on close quarters to keep damaging your opponent, so this will always be usefull for you (and possible for your team mates, if they happen to be near you to help you out). Also, the price is reasonable for the stats it gives, and extra ability power or magic resistance is pretty nice. This is a core item, if you are not going completely tanky.

    Hextech Gunblade: damage, check. Lifesteal, check. Ability power, check. Spell vamp, check. Ranged slow, check. Reasonable price, failure. If you can afford this item, this one is a nice choice, for an extra slow, some extra damage, some healing potential, and a nice picture to add on you inventory slots.

    Will of the Ancients: extra ability power for you and your team, and some vampirism on your spells. Pretty nice. Even if you have a small output of instant damage, remember that you'll be hitting lots of enemies at the same time, wich will add around 50 health per spell, wich can help you survive a few more seconds on the middle of the raging battle.

    Hexdrinker: this one is pretty nice. An "help me please" shield wich spams pretty frequently and can block some deadly spell. OK, maybe not a deadly one, but will frustate at least one spells of your enemies' array of spells. Also, gives some damage and magic resistance, wich is nice. And is cheap. Pretty, pretty cheap.

    [item=Zhonya's Ring]: invencibility. This is the only reason to pick this item. Two. Fucking. Entire. Seconds. Invencible. Meaning your shield will charge (if you had [spell_text=Creeping Death] active, that is) as you do nothing but shine goldly in the middle of the team fight, with a "tziiim" chime echoing. Or this can save you some time, as your hold the enemies for you allies to ambush. Uses are various. And gives some nice extra ability power, too.

    Banshee's Veil: I personally don't like this, but if your enemy have lots of crowd control, this might give you the upper hand, as it will block one spell cast by them on you every half a minute. Although you'll pay for some extra mana that I doubt you'll be seeing on your stats. Dunno, maybe if you are swimming on money, or the situation demands this item. Who knows?

  • Build Example

    No discussion, just already built builds that you may want to copy or adapt into something you think will work better.

    Once again, these are mere suggestions. If you are already used to your own build, please, do test or use it before adapting yourself to one of those suggested here.

    Tank against DPS team

    Tank against caster team

    [b]Tank against mixed team[/bold]

    Off-tank against DPS team

    Off-tank against caster team

    Off-tank against mixed team



    Hybrid build for the lolz! (this one actually works pretty fine, as long as you don't get focused)

  • Farming

    How to properly farm as Mordekaiser, you ask me? Well, the answer is pretty simple, indeed. You'll just spam your spells being in the middle of the fray. Easy enough, right? Wrong. As that may be true, Mordekaiser have no crowd control skills to save himself if needed if ganked while farming. Thus, you'll have to play smart to be able to save yourself if anything goes wrongs.

    First, how to overkill one entire minion wave, fast: [spell_text=Creeping Death]. Yup. By using that skill, you can decimate an entire creep wave faster than a blinking eye. Although you won't get all the last hits, the faster you gain experience points, the faster you'll level up your other skills and the faster you'll be able do to anything else. An easy way, and safe, nonetheless, to farm creeps is by casting [spell_text=Creeping Death] upon yourself and diving into the clashing minions. This way, you'll still have two other spells ready for use for a possible gank.

    Now, let's say they decided to gank you. If your team is near, command an assault and refer to the "Working in the team" section. But what would you do if you all by yourself? Most people will say you are a noob, running around farming alone during mid or late game, but they possibly forgot you are Mordekaiser, the Master of Metal! And, by being the Master of Metal, you are destined to be hardcore!!

    If wards helped you foresee the gank, you probably already ran away. If you missed the timing or ambushed earlier than you thought you would... run. Given the fact you jumped on the minions' clashes after they started, your shield will be up and ready to stand some hits for you, as you make your escape. If the minions, however, took part of your shield, you may want to use Siphon of Destruction on the enemy creeps before running, so you pump up your shield.

    There isn't really much to discuss about farming with Mordekaiser, as you'll probably get your money from enemies you wasn't even focusing, due to your spells. You just need to keep and eye open for always having a way to pump your shield before fleeing, as it will probably make the enemy give up running after you alone, or it will receive the hits you may get while running.

  • Creep Jungling

    Jungling as Mordekaiser is much like farming, although you'll have to keep two things in mind: the Master of Metal can solo the dragon with a little trouble, but he can hardly solo Baron Nashor, unless he got properly fed (wich I didn't tried, because when you are fed, the exhaltation is merely visual, as you won't notice any differences). That in mind, let's focus on particular strategies for each monster camp. I garantee that's a fast way to clear the camp withouth losing much (or any) health.

    SR stands for Summoner's Rift and TT stands for Twisted Treeline.

    SR: Wraiths (1 big wraith and 3 small wraiths)
    Easiest creep camp on SR. Charge Mace of Spades and [spell_text=Creeping Death], hit the nearest small wraith then cast Siphon of Destruction. Clear the rest with one normal attack. Way faster with Sunfire Cape.

    SR: Wolves (1 big wolf and 3 small wolves)
    Repeat the normal strategy: charge Mace of Spades and [spell_text=Creeping Death], hit the nearest enemy then cast Siphon of Destruction. You can do them with no items and on level 3, if you want, and I doubt you'll lose more than 25 health or so...

    SR: Golems (2 golems)
    This guys are far one from the other, so not always will the bounces of your spell hit them. So, cast [spell_text=Creeping Death] to draw their attention, and cast both Mace of Spades and Siphon of Destruction. You'll probably have time to cast one of those two once again before clearing the camp.

    SR: Blue Buff (1 boss golem and 2 small lizards)
    Same strategy, but you'll have to be extra careful about that bush behind you. Cast [spell_text=Creeping Death], Mace of Spades and Siphon of Destruction as soon as their cooldown is refreshed and that will be quick. I'd suggest you to run inside the bush, to prevent being ambushed from it (you will, however, lack vision on the bush's other end).

    SR: Red Buff (1 boss lizard and 2 small lizards)
    Why do you want this, anyway? You'll do better with [item_text=Rylai's Scepter], if the slow is the matter. Same strategy, but you'll have to be extra careful about that bush behind you. Cast [spell_text=Creeping Death], Mace of Spades and Siphon of Destruction as soon as their cooldown is refreshed and that will be quick. I'd suggest you to run inside the bush, to prevent being ambushed from it (you will, however, lack vision on the bush's other end).

    SR: The Dragon
    You'd better leave some DPS take this for you. But if you must, never let your cooldowns refresh faster than you cast the spells. You will receive damage to your health, no matter how fast your shield goes up.

    SR: Baron Nashor
    Stay away from soloing him. Other than that, you already know what to do. Remember: if you can cast a spell other than your ultimate, your doing it wrong.

    TT: Random camp #1 (1 golem, 1 small lizard and 1 big lizard)
    One of the easiest creep camp on TT. Charge Mace of Spades and [spell_text=Creeping Death], hit the nearest small wraith then cast Siphon of Destruction. Clear the rest with one normal attack. Way faster with Sunfire Cape.

    TT: Random camp #2 (1 big wraith and 3 small wraiths)
    One of the easiest creep camp on TT. Charge Mace of Spades and [spell_text=Creeping Death], hit the nearest small wraith then cast Siphon of Destruction. Clear the rest with one normal attack. Way faster with Sunfire Cape.

    TT: Green Buff (1 boss wolf and 2 big wolves)
    Same strategy, but you'll have to be extra careful about that bush around you. Cast [spell_text=Creeping Death], Mace of Spades and Siphon of Destruction as soon as their cooldown is refreshed and that will be quick. I'd suggest you to run inside the bush, to prevent being ambushed from it.

    TT: White Buff (1 boss wraith and 2 big wraiths)
    This move speed is a nice addition to your stats. Same strategy, but you'll have to be extra careful about that bush around you. Cast [spell_text=Creeping Death], Mace of Spades and Siphon of Destruction as soon as their cooldown is refreshed and that will be quick. I'd suggest you to run inside the bush, to prevent being ambushed from it.

    TT: Grez
    An easier red buff fight. Use the same strategy: cast [spell_text=Creeping Death], Mace of Spades and Siphon of Destruction as soon as their cooldown is refreshed and that will be quick. So, what are you taking for, anyway?

    TT: Ebonmaw
    Same fight as the dragon on SR. Use the same strategy: never let your cooldowns refresh faster than you cast the spells. You will receive damage to your health, no matter how fast your shield goes up.

    As you can see, there isn't really an strategy... you'll keep on spamming your spells as they are ready for use, and see the experience and money incoming.

  • Working in the team

    Team clashes. This is where Mordekaiser shines. Although you won't have much fun on them before having your own "one man army" moment. Before anything else, let's define what a "one man army" moment is. There are times when, you alone, standing atop corpses on the Fields of Justice, shall fight all remaining enemies, as they will be frenzied into killing you to score that so desired ace, and you shall not fall, fighting them as they struggle among flying metal shards of doom, rising maces of damnation and fallen ghosts of enslaving. Inside that apocalyptic introduction of mine, you may have noticed that you will, sooner or later, fight alone the entire enemy team. This is the "one man army" moment.

    As said on the introduction of this guide, I'm assuming you are playing with friends or already informed your partners about some suicidal actions you may take. That being said, let's get right into the tricks.

    You'll always, repeating, ALWAYS, will position yourself on the middle of the fight. Before jumping in, of course, you'll also cast [spell_text=Creeping Death] on yourself. Smart casting it is better, because that way you'll have no casting animation (or, at least, a very reduced one). As soon as you are inside the fray, you'll start spamming Siphon of Destruction as if you life depends on it... and it does! Try to keep the cursor near Mordekaiser and always cast it on the side with more FOES (red health bars).

    Seconds after you join the fight, the enemy team may try to separate, so they can deal better with single targets. You choose one and follow him to hell. You really don't need to focus the carry, but if you do, the better it will be. I myself always follow the tank, so he won't mess my mates' fights. Even if the enemies are running around the battlefield, you'll keep on spamming E on them, as the range is pretty good.

    Remember to always renew your shield when the cooldowns refreshes. You'll probably cast it more on yourself than on anyone else, at least on team fights. Also, do the same with Mace of Spades, although you really won't notice its damage output on the mess the fights will become.

    Also, the usage of Children of the Grave is pretty important, if done with the right timing. Never cast it on someone above half their health, no matter how fast they are losing health. Believe me, it's hard to aim while keeping an eye on all enemies and your spells. You better save your ultimate for that fleeing, low health enemy, as the instant damage will probably kill him/her.

    This is the most basic scenario possible.

    Mordekaiser have no initiation skills, but is a great initiator. If you draw someone to fight one on one on you, the rest of their team will probably join to help, as may be caught unaware of ganks. Thus, you are a bait. Or you can do as I do: activate Ghost, click on the enemies, self-cast [spell_text=Creeping Death] and toogle Mace of Spades, and start spamming Siphon of Destruction, yelling for help in-betwen every step. That generally make their team flee... right into a trap... Or they will jump on you, right into their doom!!

    Other possible team role for Mordekaiser is to wait on bushes, and let someone else bait it into you. But don't make the default baiting, where they will run from bush to bush, no. Taking the middle lane river, as an example. Your opponent follows your bait through the large bush and both goes on the wraith's direction. Then you run from the small bush mid-river to get them, as your bait mass stun or something like that. Anyway, innovate. This way, your team will have the suprise effect on your side.

    On this kind of action, always cast [spell_text=Creeping Death] first, intead of using Siphon of Destruction, as missing its casting time may give your opponent all his need to run away. It is better they find you with rotating shards of evil inside a bush, then receiving the "point of doom" spell, than receiving damage out of nowhere, spotting you inside the bush and attempting an escape.

    Mordekaiser can also solo Baron Nashor or Ebonmaw as a distraction, wich may draw the other team into you, and trap their team on the bosses arena, as your team come from behind with an all-out rush.

    Anyway, the opportunities are various, but the schemes are few. You'll probably just use the same tatic everytime, over and over and over, to the infinity and beyond... what tatic, you ask? That one, jumping in and casting you ass off... easy pie, if you ask me.

    Now, "one man army" moments. Your entire team is dead, you are left against more than half their team, everyone with three quarters of health or so. What do you do? Run? I'd rather kill at least half their team and leave severely injuried all the survivors. Mordekaiser is pretty hard to kill unless focused, and having no crowd control, you WILL be focused if left alone against their team. Then, why giving the easy kill while you try to run? Figt! You may even make THEY run from you. You just keep your tatic, spamming everything you got, always focusing on the lowest health one, or on the most menacing target (those pesky DPSs). ALWAYS try ulting on ANYONE who is going to die. As you read not long ago, the damage The Prisioner dishes increases your shield, and even a full AP Soraka Prisioner will have additional AD because of your skill's effects. Keep on fighting until you drop or they flee, wichever comes last!!

    Before you say it's impossible, I already managed to fight inside te enemy fountain, against all three enemies (Gragas, Ryze and can't remember the other) on Twisted Treeline, and managed to score a double-kill before my friends destroyed the Nexus... no, I'm not talking shit and no, I wasn't fed. Proper itens, proper timing, some huge mindplay, lots of pression and there you go!

    Repeating: you are Mordekaiser, and you fight until you drop or you enemies flee! WICHEVER... COMES... LAST!!

  • Summary

    Masteries, Runes, Masteries and Items
    Ghost Ignite
    9x Greater Mark of Insight 9x Greater Glyph of Insight
    9x Greater Seal of Evasion 3x Greater Quintessence of Insight
    0/21/9 (improved Ghost)
    [item_icon=Force of Nature] [item_icon=Rylai's Scepter]
    (this is what I fashion on the Fields of Justice)

    General Strategy
    Cast just after you hit, for a second, fast attack with extra damage.
    Cast [spell_icon=Creeping Death] on yourself and jump on the middle of the battle.
    Cast for a quick shield charge.
    Cast on a fleeing enemy if he/she is very low on life, or on the focused enemy if below half their full life.
    If you see any of your spells as castable (other than your ultimate), you are doing it wrong. KEEP ON SPAMMING THEM!!


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