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written by BeardyDuck

Lux Build

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    YEA YOU. Don't expect everything here to be final, I still have to add a lot more stuff considering builds against different types of teams and I often don't play due to school or because it gets boring ~stomping noobs~ but don't worry! I'll still update this every now and then whenever I play Lux.

  • Introduction


    Yo guess what I found out guys. Lux owns. That's right. Lux owns. Although she's not as OP as she was on release, she's still OP if played right. All the boys and girls out there cry, "OP OP PLZ NERF!!!" whenever I play.

    Some basic tips:
    - Don't play Lux as a Support. Never ever play her as Support, always tell yourself, "I am the most badass nuker out there in the game with added survivability for my team."

    - Stay away from fights. Never ever go in except for the occasional spell spam. If all your spells are on CD just stay behind your team and run around dodging skillshots and AoE spells as your spells come off of CD.

    - Getting Mana and CDR is top priority on Lux rather than AP. You want to be able to spam your spells as much as you can, since her passive also adds extra damage if you're close enough to auto attack once.

    - You can use your ult whenever, Don't hesitate to use it at the start of a fight, in the middle, or even to snipe off running champs. I usually use it in the heat of the battle to lower the enemies health so my team can easily take down a high priority target without having to worry about getting CC'd and letting the enemy escape.

  • Abilities

    Not doing enough damage? Just hit a champ with one of your spells and it will put a charge on him, and if you proceed to auto-attack him it will deal extra damage to the champ. Similar to Akali's Q, but not as damaging.

    Light Binding
    Lux's semi-stun. It's technically a snare that's able to hit 2 targets.

    Final cool down time: 7.2 Seconds

    Prismatic Barrier
    A temporary barrier. Constantly spam this mid-late game as it will save lives and make the other team cry.

    Final cool down time: 6.6 Seconds

    Lucent Singularity
    Damage dealing slow AoE spell. First priority whenever your ultimate is not able to be leveled.

    Final cool down time: 6.6 Seconds.

    [spell=Finales Funkeln]
    The best of the best. This baby shaves everybody's health off, no matter if they're an AD champ, AP champ, MR tank or Armor tank. Use to your heart's content by the time you get it to level 3 with 40% cool down reduction.

    P.S. Lux's ult can be used at any time, whether it be to initiate, finish off a runner, use it in the middle of a battle to shave off the enemies health so that your team can finish them off, etc.

    Final cool down time: 24 Seconds.

  • Quick Overview



    Spell Priority
    [spell_icon=Finales Funkeln]

    Item Start

    [item_icon=Meki Pendant] x2

    Item Core

    Endgame Builds:

    My personal builds as of right now for Lux

    Regular all-around (My current build)
    [item_icon=Shurelia's Reverie] [item_icon=Rylai's Scepter]

    [item_icon=Mercury Treads] [item_icon=Rylai's Scepter]

    Full AP
    [item_icon=Rylai's Scepter]

  • Spell Order

    Solo Mid:

    Duo Lane:

  • Solo Mid or Solo Top


    As Lux you want to get CDR and Mana as quick as you can in order to spam spells in team fights and ganks. When going mid or solo top, I usually start off with and due to the Ring giving extra survivability Lux doesn't have early game. Just keep last hitting and harassing the enemy, and when you feel like you have enough gold (Around 1000-1400 gold) go back to base and buy a and and 2 to ward the river and avoid ganks from enemy jungle or MIA's.


    At around level 8 or so, you want to start ganking and pushing towers. At this point, I would usually have an and and would be able to spam spells no problem, even more so if I have blue.

    -Work in progress STAY TUNED-

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