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I saw the Trundle bundle and now I'm loving the jungle

written by Scooterpie

Trundle Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Whenever a unit near Trundle dies, he heals for 2.00% of their maximum Health. This value starts at 2% and increases up to 6% at level 18.

    A great passive for jungling, decent for laning. Letting creeps die heal you, so hooray for that! Might be what saves you in a team fight as well, but don't count on it.

    [spell=Rabid Bite]
    Trundle bites his opponent, dealing damage and sapping some of their attack damage.

    The cooldown is shorter than the effect on this spell, it's simply awesome. It applies on hit effects, gives you AD and saps AD from your opponent. It'll be what makes you stand out in the jungle, and can nuke quite well once you get sheen/triforce. Avoid applying it on the same enemy, spread it out to debuff two opponents.

    Trundle infects a target location with his curse, gaining attack speed, movement speed, and crowd control reduction while on it.

    Your AS and speed buff, with a HUGE AoE, try to keep the enemies inside your circle so you don't suffer from a loss of AS. It also grants CC Reduction => Check test section.

    [spell=Pillar of Filth]
    Trundle creates a plagued beacon at target location, becoming impassable terrain and slowing all nearby enemy units.

    Anivia has finally gotten some competition. Useful for disrupting teams, slowing enemies, blocking passages, escaping etc. It cannot, contrary to popular belief, cancel channeling ultimates. Check the test section, and try to master when and where to use this skill.

    Trundle immediately steals his target's health and a percent of their armor and magic resistance. Over the next 6 seconds the amount of health, armor, and magic resistance stolen is doubled.

    This is awesome for lowering tanks so that you can quickly burst them down, however don't save it if there is no tank around. Any enemy has armor/mres, and the health it steals is quite nice as well. This along with your Q will hurt bad.

  • Quick Reference

    Masteries: 11/9/10 for the jungle, 11/18/1 for the lane.

    Summoner Abilities: + Smite for the jungle, + for the lane.

    Runes: + // + + //

    Items: start with -> -> finish -> finish -> -> -> /// -> finish -> [insert random item].
    Recommended items and more details under 'items'. Duh.

    Skilling Order: R > Q > W > E.
    I put the first point in E at lvl 4 to escape jungle ganks, or in order to gank in a lane. If you're laning you should always put a point in E at lvl 3.

  • Introduction

    This is my first guide on Leaguecraft, and quite some time has been devoted to making it as flawless as possible. This guide is showing the tips and tricks of Trundle, both out of, and in, the jungle. In my honest opinion there are few better junglers than Trundle, so stick to it - be gone Warwick and Olaf! If you like this guide, please rate it. If you dislike this guide, please give me a comment with some constructive criticism. "This guide sucks" will not grant much improvement.
    Trundle is a beefy DPS/off tank, great for team fights, capable of ganks and has nice chasing/escaping capabilities, more explanation below.

    PS. This guide is quite extensive, therefore I'll throw in a quick reference. But if you feel like reading a bit, not just copy pasting a build, this guide is for you.

    Kudos to Duke Lukewarm for helping me with the testing.
    Cheers! /Scooter

    Update list:
    2010-12-02: Published guide. Added Quick Reference.
    2010-12-03: Currently checking out other builds more focused on DPS than tanking. Will add build examples when finished.
    2010-12-05: Updated test section with a notice on Pillar of Filth, made small changes overall.
    2010-12-06: Gave the guide a revision, added a DPS Trundle build to sooth you fellow summoners.
    2010-12-06: Over 15.000 views already. And only 23 votes, c'mon folks ^^
    2010-12-14: Minor updates on the guide.
    2011-01-19: Patch .108 and .109 didn't touch Trundle, so be thankful for that. The guy is nicely balanced.
    2011-02-13: Reworked the runes a bit to match my current favorites, minor changes overall
    2011-02-28: Rating gone up from Great to Excellent. Wow. Thanks everyone :)
    2011-03-12: Trundle free week is over, over 100.000 views and the rating went up to excellent, thanks a lot all of you who vote this guide up. Still, don't forget to drop a comment with your own thoughts.
    2011-04-14: Gave the guide quite the face lift. Changed some of the items, gave some more explanation considering patch changes. Wriggle's still a core item, removed life steal from the proc. Corrected some typos. Changed the item path/build examples.
    2011-05-10: The incoming patch corrects a bugfix that I wasn't even aware of, so... hooray?
    2011-05-17: Regardind Tenacity, the new stat implemented in .118 - see 'Items'

  • Summoner Abilities

    As a bulky DPS/Off tank you should always grab one utility spell and one offensive spell.
    For jungling go Ghost + Smite , there really isn't another option.
    For Laning you could use a variety of Ghost, Teleport, Flash, Cleanse, Exhaust or Ignite.

    However, Flash, Cleanse and Ignite are my least favorite on that list, and here is why:
    Flash was a bit nerfed after the latest patch (v and it was quite justified. It no longer cancel projectiles flying towards you and the cooldown was increased. It's still a good escape tool, but in my opinion ghost trumphs it every time, especially since you're melee.

    Cleanse isn't really needed, since Contaminate and Merc's should provide you with all the CC reduction needed.

    Ignite might be tempting for early kills or shutting down healers, but exhaust is better and can be used both offensively and defensively. I like it even more now since it was changed a few patches ago to decrease damage done by both mages, AD carries and abilities. Yay! Be sure to put one point in [mastery=Cripple].

    You're already a great chaser, exhaust is just icing on the cake. It also shuts down those pesky DPS toons like Yi, Trynd, Tristana etc. Slow + Damage Reduction + Armor Reduction (with Cripple) is far better than some tick damage I think. To sum it up; Exhaust + Ghost/Teleport is the way to go! Ghost gives you more chasing/escaping capability but Teleport is awesome for quickly swapping lanes, ganks or getting back to the lane after a death.

  • Runes

    For Masteries please check the topics dedicated to Jungling (preferred) or Laning. The runes, however, stay the same.

    Arm Pen for Marks
    or or Health per lvl, Mana Reg. or Armor.
    Mres/lvl for glyphs
    or or Flat health, Attack Speed or Movement speed.

    There are always personal preferences when considering runes, but these are what I use, and they work quite well. You could go with mana reg seals or glyphs if you feel like you're lacking mana/having problems grabbing golem. You could swap out the Quints for movement speed/exp gain/attack speed, or anything really. Check what suits your style.

    As of late I've been using flat arm seals when I'm jungling. I didn't have them before, but they have boosted my early game quite a lot, and for an off tank the health/lvl isn't really needed.

    As for now I'm running with Arm Pen x 9 for Marks, Flat Armor x 9 for Seals, Mres/Lvl x 9 for Glyphs, and movement speed Quints. The total cost for this rune page is 13,530 IP.

  • Items

    Some people like to start with Doran's items, Doran's Shield would work fine on Trundle when Laning, but personaly I prefer to always start with a Vampiric Scepter wheter I'm jungling or not. If you're going for a DPS build, see the jungling section for more details and items. Now, after the price increase I advise against buying any other Doran item than the shield for Trundle.
    Patch .118 has brought us a new stat, and 3 more items, all to encourage the buy of different boots than . Tenacity reduces all Crowd Control effects by 1% per point, Tenacity does NOT stack. Mercury's still have the highest value, the other items are; [item_icon=Eleisa's Miracle], and . I would still recommend grabbin Mercury's as Trundle doesn't benefit greatly from other boots. However, if you feel like it, you can go with or along with [item_icon=Eleisa's Miracle], depending on the enemy team setup. The upgraded philo stone is the only item I would recommend for Trundle, and if you lane with him (damn you) this would be a very nice item for you.

    So, to break down the shopping, start with or the and health pots.
    On your first visit back to the fountains, buy and as much of that you can afford. This item gives you everything you want at start, armor, life steal, damage, the ability to tear through minions + the free ward. It's just awesome. In patch .115 they changed some of the items, Wriggle's Lantern was one of them. The life steal does no longer work with the passive ability to damage minions. However, they increased the base life steal so it still works like a charm for junglers.
    Your next item after Wriggle's should be a to make your Q really hurt. The low CD on your Q makes this item awesome early game. Proceed to finish your boots. There is no other option for shoes imo, maybe if the enemy team has zero stuns, snares, slows etc. But will that ever happen? stack with Contaminate so the CC reduction is awesome. See the test section for further explanation.

    Now you're a bit squishy, so let's get some defense. I usually get Phage at this time, boosting my health a bit, nice extra slow and some damage for quite a cheap price.
    After this it's time to evaluate the enemy team. Some good items to consider are;

    is a great all-round item, grants you and your whole team defense and offense. This should be on you or the support, just make sure your teammate doesn't have it if you're building one. This is usually the item I get on Trundle.

    is a great item against a team consisting of auto attackers like ashe, tristana, tryndamere etc. It's cheap, and the passive is awesome, keep in mind that it's a unique passive, so the effect won't stack. It gives a huge amount of armour for the price, but along with the passive it's the only thing it gives, so don't get it early if the team does not have, say, 3 auto attackers.

    provides you with more health and a bit of armor, as well as a nice passive. Weigh this against Thornmail when you're facing a lot of physical damage.

    [item_icon=Force of Nature] This is a bit more expensive, great for consistant magic damage though, massive Mres and health regen, however don't get this if the enemy team does not consist of, say, 2 mages / AP Tank or something.

    If you have problems with a burst mage, get a . The Mres is nice, health and mana is never wrong, but the 45 sec spell blocker (increased from 30 sec) is awesome for disrupting burst chains (Annie, Ryze, [insert random stunner]). xXxStraithxXx (kudos!) pointed out that the Hexdrinker might be a nice item to get for Trundle. Its shield can save you from those pesky mages, and it provides more damage along with some MRes. Feel free to experiment with these items and find what suits you best.

    I used to buy on Trundle when he first came out, it gave a nice boost to health, MRes and the CDR + passive worked like a charm together. To be honest, since the nerf of the CDR and the price increase this is quite useless on the troll.

    After your first tank item you should focus on a If you can't afford to buy it at once (which is likely), get before This is quite an expensive build so fill the last two slots with whatever you feel like. Add a little extra damage or survivability depending on your team and the opposing team. Sometimes I build or before finishing Triforce, but that's depending on the game situation.

    That's the primary target here though - assess your team's strength and your enemies' weaknesses.


    Items that always should be on Trundle:

    Items that are nice for Tanky Trundle:

    Items that are nice for Terrorizing Trundle (DPS):

    Items that might seem good but are wasted on Trundle: [item_icon=Stark's Fervor][item_icon=MAdred's Bloodrazor]

    Madred's Bloodrazor is quite bad on Trundle, rather invest in pure damage with a lesser price tag. You should have enough defense already, and the passive isn't that great for you.

    Frozen Mallet offers you a nice slow and some health, but that's about it for a huge gold cost. Don't get me wrong, it's a great item, it's just that for the price you should get another item that Trundle benefits more from. Health is not such a great survivability tool as people think it is, since you need armor and Mres rather than health at first. Furthermore, you should always have Lizard buff; with Red buff + [spell=pillar of filth] + trinity procs you shouldn't need more slows.

    Stark's Fervor is yet another great item, but I don't think it suits Trundle. Life leech is nice, but he gets that from Wriggle's already. The armor reduction is a bit wasted along with your ultimate. Attack Speed is nice as well, but W + Youmuu's + Triforce grants you all the speed you need (I'm such a poet). If you want to build an aura item you should get Aegis instead of Stark's.

    This is of course my humble opinion, but then again, it's also my guide harr harr.

  • Build Example

    Updated section, there were quite a few bad items here after some patch nerfs. Note that the stats given are with the jungling masteries/runes. Here we go!

    The updated recommended build. A DPS/Off tank build that works against a typical team of auto attackers/mages/tanks (for a total of 11,482 gold). Nowadays I almost always get this build, but if your team is consisting of a bunch of squishies I'd consider going with some of the more tanky builds. The build is a bit costy, but I usually manage to pull the most of it off. The build stats are complete with lvl 18 stats, runes and masteries.


    Off tank build against a heavy Magic Damage team (for a total of 10,5000 gold). If the game drags on, upgrade sheen -> Triforce.


    Off tank build against a heavy DPS team (for a total of 10,795 gold).


    PS. Notice that there is something wrong with the stats on the two latter builds, it's additive for every build example. So if you're interested in finding the exact stats on example 2 or 3, check "even more information".

  • Skilling Order

    R > Q > W > E.
    Putting a point in pillar of filth at lvl 4 eases your ganks, and lets you escape dire situations in the jungle. If you're laning you might want to skill it Q -> W -> E in the first three lvls to grant you full access to your skills.

  • Jungling

    There are three routes you can take, I recommend the first one for off tank Trundle, but if you're at a lower summoner lvl, or maybe not so experienced in the jungle, the second one is viable as well. Tje first two are better (goldwise) than starting with the regular cloth armor + health pots, which in my opinion is a huge waste of those early 175 gold that the potions cost. Doing Golem and Lizard grants you a total of 160 gold. Starting with the pots makes these camps useless in terms of gold, that's the reason why I incorporated the alternative route in this guide. The third route might be better if there's an enemy jungler, as it is easier to keep your health up and pick up dragon earlier with Madred's.

    I use a jungling enhancing mastery set-up with 11/9/10 - grabbing improved smite, and focusing on armor penetration, speed, a bit of damage reduction, while still getting the improved experience, regeneration and buff duration from the Utility tree.

    The Favourite Route

    Start with a Vampiric Scepter. If you want to afford a Health Potion consider this: Golem spawns at 1:50; at 1:30 the gold starts ticking. Going from fountain to golem takes approx. 10-15 sec depending on your movement speed. Taking Golem with just Q + Vamp Scepter at lvl 1 works like a charm together with smite, you shouldn't even be low on health.
    However, if you want to, you can wait a few sec to pick up a pot as well (buying scepter leaves you 25 gold, needing just an extra 10 to grab a pot). This shouldn't delay your jungling.
    Clearing your whole side of the jungle takes approximately 2½ minutes, going down a straight path from golem, without pot. This leaves you with around 550 gold - enough for a pair of Boots of Speed + some pots/wards. When dealing with Lizard you can get quite low without a health pot, and if you grab it and get so low that you can't gank there's really no use. What you should do is skip the Lizard, go down to the duo golems and finish them off. Return to fountain, make sure you've got boots and whatever you can afford, rush back to Lizard, kill with smite -> gank a lane. This way you don't waste any time on that buff by going back.

    Alternative Route for lower lvls/wrong runes
    Start with a Vampiric Scepter. Go to wraiths, smite the big one - spam Q on the rest, leave the camp with full health. Head over to the wolves, make a short process of them, head down to golems -> return. Buy a Cloth Armor, a few pots if you think you'll need 'em or just save the cash. Hit the blue golem and work your way downwards.

    Yet another Trundle Route
    Start with the traditional Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potions. Head up to the wolves' camp, kick the head in on the big fellow. Leave the tiny two for later, rush up to blue Golem. Kill the Golem, if your health goes below, say, 80% pop a health pot. Use Smite once his health is at ~500 to ensure a kill. Follow the jungle downwards going -> wolves -> wraiths -> lizard -> golems. Keep your health up, and wait for the golem buff to take care of your mana before entering a camp. Once your side of the jungle is cleared, keep an eye open for gank possibilities, see if your teammates need a recall so you can defend the lane, or clear the enemy jungle side if it's safe. Once you have 825 gold go back to base and pick up Madred's Razors, a vision ward + a health potion. If it's possible, go straight to the Dragon with the aid of a bot laner, place the ward up the ramp towards the enemy golem and proceed to kill the Dragon. With Razor's and a potion this should be easy with some help. On your next return, grab a pair of Boots of Speed and as much of Wriggle's Lantern you can afford. If the laning is still going on, organize ganks or continue jungling. The next item on the list should be Sheen followed by a Mercury's Treads. Check the build example for further details.

    In patch .109 they gave Nashor and Mr. Dragon a buff, making it harder to solo Dragon early on. In patch .115 they nerfed Wriggle's lantern so it no longer leeches life on the minion proc, this makes it near impossible to solo Dragon early in the game. Try to organize it with your team.

  • Laning

    For Laning Masteries I use an 11/18/1 set-up focusing on armor penetration, attack speed and defense, while grabbing the improved summoner spells ghost and exhaust.
    If you are laning as Trundle, grabbing might be a good idea, since you're not relying on the Golem buff. While laning, remember to utilize your passive. If you get low on health, instead of returning and lose exp/gold, back up to your turret - let the minions die and last hit in tower range. With each minion dying you'll get your hp back. Don't overestimate yourself though, a carefully executed tower dive will kill you in no time if you're already low.

    Your friends are ranged attackers, as this is the area you don't master. To have a laning partner with range is clearly profitable.

    Good laning combos:
    Anivia + Trundle. Completely block enemies with your duo walls and slows. Anivia can nuke hard from a distant, and you can take the punches to protect her.
    Veigar + Trundle. Veigar provides a large AoE stun that works great for catching enemies. He's squishy as well, so protect him.
    Annie + Trundle. Same as Veigar, she has a stun and can unload a shitton of damage at one time, while you deal more consistant damage and protect her.

    There are a shitload of other good combos, but you get the point. Having a duo of AD and AP makes it harder to counter. Your role is to protect the squishy mage while they unload their damage on your target. Slow them (E), catch up (W), unleash the wrath (Q/R), blardy blardy blar.

    I would advise against laning though, since he does so well in the jungle. And whenever I lane with him, I end up failing horribly, hehe.

  • Working in the Team

    Trundle serves the role as a DPS/off tank, meaning that he has no hard CC effects like stuns or taunts, but he's bulky enough not to go down in a second. If jungling he has good ganking capability. When reaching a lane, try to block the enemy with your E [spell=pillar of filth] so your carry can finish him off. The small circle inside the bigger one shows exactly where the pillar will show up so the skill is easy to land. Use your W Contaminate to quickly catch up to the enemy. E + W makes a great chase combo, if the enemy is ranged this should be enough for you to catch up and land your Q, slowing the enemy down with the lizard buff.

    In teamfights, Trundle's role is not to initiate, this is the tanks job. He should follow the tank - if possible you should use your E [spell=pillar of filth] to separate the enemies. Try to push the tank away, block one enemy while focusing the other etc.
    Use your Q [spell=rabid bite] on the carry, it gives you Attack Damage, but it also steals the target's attack damage, meaning that the carry's damage output is severely hampered. Since the cooldown is shorter than the effect's duration you can use this to soak damage from multiple targets. The buff granted will still be the same, but the enemies' damage output will be lowered on two champs.

    Always use your R [spell=agony] on the tank. The squishies go down quickly enough, and the fact that the stats stolen are given to you should make the decision clear; the more Mres/Armor the enemy has, the more you can steal from them.
    A tank is built around the ability to take damage, you can take this away, making the tank an easy prey. If there is no tank around, feel free to use your R [spell=agony] on whoever you're focusing. Just remember not to blast it off as soon as the fight starts, the first health steal is instant so wait a few seconds to gain the full benefits from the skill.

    If you're jungling (which you should be if you've read my guide) always remember to place wards at key points! Wriggle's ward is just not enough. Dragon (and later in the game, Nashor) should always be warded. I also recommend to ward enemy blue and red buffs and river entries. 75 gold is not much if it saves your or a teammate's life.

    The most important thing is, coordinate with your team and follow the tank's lead.

  • Test Section

    This section is dedicated to various test done with Trundle. So far one test has executed, in order to examin the effects of stacking CC reduction. If more tests are made this test section will be updated ASAP.

    Test: CC Reduction
    Me and my friend (kudos to Duke!) tested if Mercury's Treads stacked with Trundle's Contaminate.
    The test subject, Trundle, was harassed by Morgana's Dark Binding.

    At lvl 9 Morgana's Dark Binding and Trundle's Contaminate were at lvl 5. At this lvl Morgana's Dark Binding lasts three seconds, and Trundle's Contaminate reduces the time of crowd control effects for 40%.

    These are the results
    Morgana Dark Binding lvl 5 = 3 seconds
    With Contaminate (lvl 5): 2 seconds
    With Merc's Treads: ~2.4 seconds
    With Merc's + Contaminate: ~1.4 seconds

    As we can see the effects do stack, but multiplicatively rather than additively.

    35% CC reduction from Merc's + 40% from Contaminate should give us 75% reduction in that case, resulting in a 0.75 sec long binding. This is not the case here. CC reduction has diminishing returns, meaning that if you get several items recuding crowd control effects each item will be less effective. Anyway, the point is that they do add up so it's still useful to get Merc's along with Contaminate!

    Test: Disruption with Pillar of Filth
    I've been testing this skill lately, as I thought it could interrupt people's ultimate. However, this statement is false. I've been doing consistant testing, and the enemies merely move out of the way but continue channeling their skills. People have probably been lucky with landing the Pillar when the enemy's ability was canceled some other way. You can still pop it on e.g. Nunu to move him a bit to the side - this might save a teammate standing near the edge if Nunu's circle is pushed away.

    By Landing [spell=Pillar of filth] on top of enemies you will not cancel their abilities.

    I will soon do some further testing to see if you can cancel Fiddlestick's Drain, Warwick's Infinite Duress and Malzahar's Nether Grasp by moving them with pillar.

  • Pros / Cons

    *Great jungler.
    *Ganking capability.
    *Team disruptor.
    *Chasing/Escaping capabilities.
    *Can be built successfully as either off tank or DPS.

    *His contaminate is quite easy to just escape, so it works best in team fights or as a tool for chasing/escaping. He gets a bit stranded without his AS buff from this.
    *No ranged attack ability, which can be a pain in the ass sometimes.
    *Might have trouble dealing with ranged attackers, especially at the start (in lanes).
    *Mana might be a trouble, especially while laning.
    *Weak laner.
    *Weak laner, that's right, I said it twice.

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