Amumu Build Guide

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Amumu - Cry More Please

written by sirpsychosexy

Amumu Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Oh hello sir and/or madam, didn't see you come in.

    Amumu is probably the most fun tank in the game. While he may not be invincible, and he can't exactly take down towers, he has some positive parts, I think. I'm not really selling this too well am I? Anyway... I play him almost every game, and I win most of them. I know the ins and outs of Amumu and I cry myself to sleep every night just to practice Despair. THATS HOW COMMITTED I AM. Also, I know multiple builds and can help you adapt to any situation you want. With this guide you will learn how to destroy any team, and if you practice enough, maybe someday you'll be like "oh man i'm so good look at me i'm 30-0-45" and then someone will kill you because you're smug, you know that? You're so smug.

    Also, this isn't a jungle guide, I don't jungle. lets say it again just so you don't waste your time trying to learn to jungle here


  • Abilities

    Cursed Touch
    Hey this is nice, it gives you Magic Penetration after you attack. This helps you a lot, and don't underestimate this. It doesn't stack, but you really don't need it to.

    Bandage Toss
    Very good skill, good for chasing, initiating, and just getting in extra damage. If you're getting chased, you can use this to escape, but it's harder than it looks. This also stuns, so you can get more damage in.

    OHHHHHH don't underestimate the power of eternal despair. with the Cursed touch, this can do some serious damage. Use this with Bandage Toss, and you'll find that when you're chasing someone they might just drop dead. Thats when you stop crying and realize just how important this can be. This is also a great way to lose mana. Don't keep this on too long, and if you REALLY want to... then i guess get blue buff and do it.

    AOE damage. Kind of nukeish but not really. This is good for last hitting, farming, and spamming to get damage in. This has a farely large AOE range, and as such can hit many targets, and farm minions really well. 50 mana is not much, but if you spam this, you will run out of mana. Also, the cooldown decreases when you get hit, and that's... well thats just awesome.

    Curse of the Sad Mummy
    Wow, curse of the Sad Mummy... where does one start?

    AOE ult, possibly the best ult in the game.
    Roots everyone within a big range of you for 2 seconds
    Deals damage

    It doesnt sound amazing when listed like that... but trust me, if you're in a 5v5 and you start off with this, your whole team can have 2 seconds of just pounding on their team, and bam, you generally automatically get a few assists. you can also use this to finish off the other team, like if you're in a 5v5 and it's finishing, and the other team is running, bandage toss in, ult, and catch 2 or 3 of them, and get those kills/assists easily.

    ganking, its an automatic kill. I don't care what your excuse is, you'll get the kill.
    if you're getting ganked, you can use this as a last resort to escape.
    Help other team members to escape
    Win a teamfight
    catch the other team when they're running

    The ONLY problem with this is the cooldown, which you can overcome.

  • Runes

    uhh... yeah get these if you wanna be good.
    Greater Mark of Insight x9
    Greater Seal of Evasion x9
    Greater Glyph of Clarity x6-9
    Greater Glyph of Celerity x0-3
    Greater Quintessence of Swiftness x3

    Now you may be like "WHAAAAAAAT???" because this rune selection seems to make no sense, but I mean like seriously dude, they work. Here's several reasons why.

    Greater Mark of Insight- gives out magic penetration. Amumu is magic. Therefore, with these, we will penetrate hard.

    Greater Seal of Evasion- Hokay so this is the part which is kind of confusing, and it took me a second to remember why I had these. When you get attacked your Tantrum cooldown refreshes .5 seconds, so in theory you would want to be attacked and not dodge too much, but the cool thing is that Amumu works well when he's fast, and [mastery_text=Evasion] and [mastery_text=Nimbleness] stack with these runes to make you fast. Also you dodge attacks, which is usually better than not dodging attacks because then you don't die. Also again, if you're attacked by someone with attack speed, you'll dodge one eventually, and you generally don't get outran.

    Greater Glyph of Clarity- Yeah so this will help you get mana regen, and this is probably the only mana regen you'll get all game, so make it last. You'll see that mana is a problem, so you should probably go with at least 7 of these, but I play with 7 and if you conserve your mana well like I do, you won't really need any more. Also I get blue buff. Just saying.

    Greater Glyph of Celerity- Cooldown reduction per level? Yes please. HAHAHA wait... uhh. So this will help ensure your cooldowns are reduced. Curse of the Sad Mummy has a long cooldown 170/150/130 and this gets rid of some of the wait. Also, you're going to need to spam abilities in fights, that's how you get kills as Amumu. There's nothing worse than chasing someone and losing them because theres .4 seconds left in your Bandage Toss, or losing a teamfight because theres 5 seconds left in your Curse of the Sad Mummy

    Greater Quintessence of Swiftness- Hey, one of the best parts about my rune set. Starting with 333 Movespeed is pretty cool. It's like having most of Boots of Speed in the beginning. Not to mention, the dodge mentioned before can give you up to 366 movespeed early on, which if I'm not mistaken, is faster than if you just had boots. Good for chasing, good for escaping, and you'll be doing a LOT of both.

    Pretty much in summation, this whole set will make sure you're alive and well. Not dying is important, and this will make sure you have the Mana you need to use skills, which with the right guidance you can use to escape. This will make sure you have the Movement speed to escape from pretty much anyone. This will make sure you can evade attacks, without losing too much cooldown reduction on tantrum, which will help you score kills. Oh, and MAGIC PENETRATION. I think I underplayed this too much, because it is how you do damage. Without it you are nothing, and everyone knows it.

  • Masteries

    So.... Masteries. Right

    EDIT: So I found out how to finally put this picture in, if you want to read the rest of this, go ahead, I'll leave it up, but you probably don't need it.

    go to that page to see my exact masteries... sorry i'm still working out the kinks in this guide.

    WHY? Because I fucking said so, quiet down and eat your Apple Jacks.
    Also you're a tank. Defense and Utility is pretty much what you want.

    so yeah

    pretty much make sure you hit up these important masteries, everything else is gravy.

    4 [mastery=Evasion]
    1 [mastery=Nimbleness]
    I put 2 into each Hardiness and Resistance

    DON'T level into [mastery=Harden Skin] because it will sometimes completely block the smaller minions surrounding buffs, and those actually really help you get Tantrum cooldown down and get the buff faster.

    Get [mastery=Haste]
    3 [mastery=Perseverence]
    [mastery=Blink of an Eye]
    [mastery=Presence of the Master]

    Yeah I'm not going to get into each of these, but hopefully you realize by now that movespeed is important, and we're going to be very mobile all the time.

    One thing I will explain however, is Greed and Awareness. How do you win games? By being a higher level and getting more money than the other team. SOOOO these seem good to get if you can. I also find myself often a level or two behind the rest of my team, so Awareness is pretty important. Also, with Curse of the Sad Mummy, we usually get assists, and let the carry get kills. This leaves us with little spending cash, so greed is good.

  • Items

    We dont need items.



    Geez. Okay so here is where the fun happens.


    BUILD 1: Health Regen (don't laugh)

    1) and red pots

    2) [item_icon=Heart of gold]

    3) [item_icon=Heart of Gold][item_icon=Force of Nature]

    4) [item_icon=Heart of Gold][item_icon=Force of Nature]

    5) [item_icon=Heart of Gold][item_icon=Force of Nature]

    6) Sell and upgrade [item_icon=Heart of Gold] to and buy a situational item (from the bottom of this section

    7) [item_icon=Force of Nature] (situational)-->

    NOTE*** boots are situational, I just wanted to show where they would be in the build

    This build gives insane heath regen, with pretty decent armour and magic resistance, especially if you stack sunfire capes. You can get to almost no health and get away safely, wait 30 seconds and be at mostly full health.

    Build 2: Basic Armour/Magic Resistance Build

    Doran's Shield[item=Heart of Gold] Aegis of the Legion...situational... Guardian Angel

    I don't personally do this very often, but most Amumu's use this, I just find my build works better for me.

    Build 3: Weird Hybrid - For teams with more than one physical champ

    The last game I played had teemo, twitch, ashe, irelia, and cho'gath and so I made this build on the fly. It landed me a win with 15-2-13, so i'd reccommend it in games with 2 or more physical DPS

    [item_icon=Force of Nature]

    VERY GOOD build for the specific situation where thornmail would be effective (like in the one above). Pretty much build it like the Build 1, but get thornmail right after the boots (or before if you really don't need them)

    If you want to mess around with the builds and items for Amumu, here are some good ideas for items.

    for general defense for your whole team
    [item_icon=Force of Nature]for yourself. movespeed and health regen
    if you're going to focus on getting health regen, this is a good idea
    [item_icon=Warmog's Armour]HP, HP regen, and can make you a beast. Can also stack.
    overall awesomeness and hp regen
    for the passive. i'm slowly realizing you can see what these items are by hovering.
    good idea, but don't go for the "sunfire build" it kind of sucks real bad.
    for an extra fucking life?
    for physical dps
    for physical dps, CDR, armour, and mana. Great item, especially without blue buff.
    [item_icon=Rylai's scepter]for the very very late game, and you're owning
    I've had games where i could easily fill 20 stacks, but it's like a 10% chance tops. It would be SOOO cool though.
    HP regen, mana regen, CDR

  • Skilling Order

    this is basically what you want to do. Reason? Because while your Q is perhaps one of your most useful skills, the main reasons it is so good is for positioning and stunning. Leveling up on Bandage Toss doesn't affect either of these, but the damage gets good at the end, so look forward to that at least.

    basically the priority is R-E-W-Q, but it's a bit more complicated than that.

    If you're going to grab blue buff, which you should totally do, you're going to need at least level 2 on Despair, so get on that. you should also be at least level 6 and have full(ish) mana. I usually grab blue around level 7, then again whenever i get the chance. BTW, I always try to get the lane near blue for this exact reason.

    Also, obviously you want to get your Curse of the Sad Mummy up to 3 as fast as possible.

  • Summoner Abilities

    and are what I use. This is because of maneuverability. With everything else we have going on with this build, the boots of swiftness, the speed quints, the %8 move speed from the force of nature, and the +10% speed bonus from dodging attacks, we are pretty hard to chase already, but with ghost, not only can we outrun almost anyone, but along with flash, we can do it often and even through walls. Flash also helps with your ult. (bandage toss in, ult in the other teams' faces, do some hits, get some kills and assists, then they come to and you can flash out since you'd be in the middle of their whole team)

    Things that would work, but i dont use.

    i used to use teleport, but then I switched builds and now it seems kind of silly when i move so fast to sacrifice survivability and exact positioning for general positioning. getting around the map isn't really a problem without it, but *shrug*.

    cleanse is good since the only way you die towards the end of the game is if the other team is either fed out of their minds, or you've been slowed and have 2/3s of the map to go. It's just not as stong as ghost and flash.

    works with what you have, especially your ult. picture it. Toss in, ult, despair, spam tantrum, then you're stuck with 3 people at 200 health and they're all getting away... aww :'(. well ignite and they die. but so what? chances are that someones gonna get at least one of those kills anyway. Also, i find myself at low hp more often than i find people escaping me with less than 200 hp. This is definitely worth noting though.

    I never really gave this too much thought because I don't consider this a great skill anyway, but with your spirit visage, you'd max out at 600 health healed as a health nuke. idk, just thought i'd include it. If you're going for my health regen build, then that's about 20 seconds worth of health, so I don't use it.

  • Summary

    Sure, you may think you're hot stuff but you're not. Well you may be, but still, lets recap.

    x6-9 x0-3 for runes

    0-9-21 for masteries

    E-Q-E-W-E-R-W-E-E-W-R-W-W-Q-Q-R-Q-Q for skills

    [item_icon=Force of Nature] (situational)-->

    HEALTH REGEN for items with armour and MR built in.

    get buffs.

    use your ult wisely.

  • Pros / Cons

    -Can get assists like its his JOB. Give your team 20 extra kills.
    -So many uses of Bandage Toss including escaping, stunning, chasing, damage, harassing.
    -BIG ULT and watch your K/D/A get better.
    -Tank that never dies if you're not retarded.
    -With health regen, you can get to 100 hp then hide in the bushes or whatever for 45 seconds and come back with tons of hp. Sometimes this happens without me even noticing.
    -AOE king, chase after someone while they have low hp, and just having Despair on will be enough for them to drop. Also, you can just kill them.
    -You'll have the speed you need to chase someone to do that AOE damage.
    -Can lane very well with blue buff, and can pretty much do anything well with blue buff.
    -Somewhat gankproof, and considerably good at ganking
    -HAHAHA SOOOO strong late game. (peaks from level 16 to about 10 minutes into level 18)
    -Even without jungling build, if you feel like it you can jungle at around level 10

    -Needs a laning partner, at least in the beginning.
    -Bandage toss hits minions
    -AOE means you have to be right up in their faces to do any damage
    -Long cooldown on your ult
    -Often banned in ranked matches
    -Not so many kills until you get good.

    Honestly Amumu is a great character, that's why he's always banned, and I can't even complain because I wouldn't want to go against me either.

  • Working in the team

    Seriously? A "working in the team" section? k here are your roles

    First and foremost, you are a tank. Act like one. Get strong, and do it fast. Protect the squishies and absorb damage.

    Secondly, you initiate. A great way to do this is to bandage toss in and immediately using your ult. This will not only give your team a great "FIGHT" signal, but it will give the opposition an immediate few hundred damage, but it will stun what is at least 3 people, hopefully more. This will give your team 2 seconds to do WHATEVER YOU WANT to theirs. Have a viegar? BAM nuke kill. Have a cho'gath? BAM uhh... nuke kill. Master yi, Galio, Ryze, Morgana, Katarina, ANYONE can get a kill, especially if they're focused.

    Thirdly, you have stuns, so you can use them to stun anyone who's chasing down a teammate. Who knows? this could even turn into a kill.

    Fourth, and perhaps one of your most satisfying roles, is to ult when there's people around you at low health. This is how you get kills, and its fun to watch them think they're running away one second, then dead the next.


    -shit talking your team
    -taking red buff
    -chasing to dangerous levels, or turret diving
    -laning well, don't be sad if you can't lane well, because it's not easy.
    -going back every 2 minutes.

  • Farming/Laning Strategy

    Farming is hard. So do it with a partner, no matter what. It looks like Amumu has great laning skills, what with Tantrum and Despair, but these cost mana, and without blue buff, you wont be able to do this very well, and you won't have blue forever. Also these don't do as much damage against minions as one would hope.

    So here are some pro tips:

    1) Lane with a friend
    2) Grab the lane close to blue buff. Even with a jungler, he might let you have it sometimes (junglers have priority).
    3) Early levels, you wont be able to do damage to minions, just get last hits when you can.
    4) Go in bushes, and use bandage toss on champs when you can survive it. Let your partner take care of the minions. Psychological warfare is a killer ;)
    5) Protect your partner, if they die, you lose a portion of your tower, for sure.
    6) Be careful for ganks, keep your ghost/flash available where you can.
    7) When your team is ganking for your lane, let them know if you have your ult, and save up mana for it. W-Q-E-R-E or Q-W-E-R-E.

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