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You Either Tank With the Best or Fail Like the Rest

written by BlitzkriegGaming

Kennen Build

Table of Contents

  • Oh, hey.

    It's an update.

    I haven't checked this in a while, I'll be honest. I put this up for my idea, refreshed the page every few hours for about a week then it pretty much slipped my mind and, well at least I thought, it died. Today, my friend reminded me about it. I think it deserves an update as such.

    For the moment though, you can only have these few paragraphs. I'm sure it's enough to fuel your Tank Kennen goodness while I actually try and think of something that's come out in the last five patches (I think? Could be wrong, though I'm sure I released this at .103). All I can think of right now is the new [item=Zhonya's_Hourglass] in place of my normal [item_text=Rylai's_Scepter], as it seems fitting now that it gives armor.

    I will now resume my Tank Kennening for a good thirty or so games, I think, testing builds and such, and will make sure to report every juicy detail back to you guys.

    See you on the Rift.

    This paragraph was written in the patch .108. Everything past this was written around .103, and until my testing I mentioned is complete and the guide is reconfigured with my results it will stay that way, obviously. It should be viable now all the same. I will still reply to comments, my testing will go up soon, and all will be well. Your nightmares caused by this guide just not getting enough attention will be cured soon, children.

  • Intro

    I know why you're here. Yup, that's right. 'Cause you think we're stupid.

    We're not. Remember when that Morde fellow came out? We've been playing since then. We've watched the game change and we've watched it grow; hell, I myself watched it since beta. And when Kennen came out, that yordle ninja, everyone went batshit-fuckin' crazy. It was AMAZING. I am damn serious too. Remember that?

    Yeah, it was cool. He was a mage.

    And the key word in that sentence is was.

  • Tank? Kennen? Kekekekekeke.

    Think it as you will, but hell, it's viable. I can honestly say I've lost one game as Kennen when playing with the tank build. His strong CC makes him an incredibly viable tank, as well as the fact that since that buff with Lightning Rush gives him an increased armor and magic resist count, you can really get in the faces of your enemies without much fear.

    Kennen plays off his stuns to REALLY make a difference. The fabled 'five-man stun' that Kennen is legendary for can be pulled off harder and with less danger using this build. Remember that time that your tank screwed you over when you were rushin' in all crazy and such, and then bam, you're dead? Well, you're that tank now and you make the decisions how things work out.

    Tank Kennen uses a similar mindset to a regular Kennen, but with a few differences, one of which is: I am strong and you cannot kill me.


    Good. Let's begin.

  • Abilities

    Mark of the Storm
    I mentioned he works off stuns, yes? And I doubt I need to explain that Mark of the Storm is the reasoning for this, as I think most of you can read (if not, then get out - oh, wait) and can browse over to see the description if you weren't already aware. Three marks = one stun. Marks do only last for a limited amount of time, and this affects you most during the laning phase.

    Learn that timing, as it can make a large difference. Only during the laning phase, though: in a teamfight, you're chargin' right in and popping Electrical Surge like there's no tomorrow and just stunnin' their whole team like nobody's business. Well, I suppose it's your business, and their business, but let's pretend all six of you are called 'nobody' and I suppose that works.

    Thundering Shuriken
    Your prime harassment - did I need to say that? A long-range skillshot that does large damage. Both you and your foes will notice the difference when you're levelling this up, as ow - does it hurt. When you drop Electrical Surge on top it becomes a hefty amount of harassment damage, and if you've also used your Lightning Rush to get that final mark, some Surge-charged auto attacks can do some amazing damage. Think about it - at level five, with two in Shuriken, two in Surge and one in Rush, you're doing around 300-400 damage.

    Now add on two auto attacks (Kennen has an AD of 68 at level five, so a rank two Surge-charged auto attack adds on 34) and one Surge-charged auto attack and you've just hit someone for 500 odd. Enough to kill with a decent teammate? I think so.

    Electrical Surge
    This move is to be used EVERY TIME you hit someone with an Thundering Shuriken. Do not even THINK ABOUT not using it. If you DO NOT USE IT, I will FIND YOU and I will SLAY YOU IN YOUR SLEEP for such MUTINY.

    I think that's enough random capitals for one paragraph.

    Another note to make about this move is the Surge-charge that happens every five attacks. This gives your auto attacks a nice boost with magic damage (40%-80% ranks 1-5) and SHOULD NOT be underestimated. It's a free mark, so save your Surge-charge attacks for an easy stun without endangering yourself during the early phases by using Lightning Rush.

    Lightning Rush
    Turn into a ball of lightning, gain extra defense, and charge at things to do damage. Fun? Yes. Useful? Very much so.

    Lightning Rush is an initiation spell and an escape mechanism - but I'm sure you could've worked that one out. As your movement speed increases during it, it's very good for getting in and out quickly as a squishy, mage Kennen - or getting in and coming out when their whole team is dead from your wrath as the mighty Tank Kennen. Tank Kennen shows no mercy for those that let you hit them with your Rush.

    Additionally, you can farm with your Rush, by hitting the entire minion wave and then using Electrical Surge. But I'd guess you knew that too.

    Slicing Maelstrom

    I'm not even kidding. You press R and things become serious business. I mean DAMN SERIOUS. Chicks will be swoonin' when you thrust that lightning from the sky. This is the key to that door of full-team stunning, and it is so easy to lock the enemy team when they all focus you.

    One thing to note, however: although it may be fun to throw down all the time, Maelstrom can perform two stuns, as it can hit three times as well as the three marks you can pull off from your other spells. This means it should really be used when a lock down is FAR MORE NECESSARY. It's a very good move to use in a 1v2 or 2v3 situation, as it can make up for another teammate. With already ridiculous burst without AP, this will generally be your main source of damage in teamfights, as it's quite hard to hit the entire team with a Thundering Shuriken.

  • The Full-Team Stun

    I feel this quickly deserves it's own section.

    The way you stun their entire team is a VERY simple lockdown. It can be done in two ways.

    The first is quicker, and easier to perform, but quite situational: you open with your doom-signifying Lightning Rush, quickly follow with Electrical Surge and slam down the R button for Slicing Maelstrom. Done correctly, this can do a triple, quadra, or even the legendary full-team stun VERY easily. It is an amazing method and can easily win you a teamfight.

    The second method involves Slicing Maelstrom alone; late to the fight, or your first attempt went badly? Pop your ultimate and quickly run around, trying to strike their entire team with three marks - from level 16, when your ultimate ranks to its max, this is possible.

  • Items

    Okay, let's talk about items.

    The Tank Kennen build we run is a strong one, ranging through the early game and late game. You will be a strong damage dealer and can take a LOT of damage yourself. And by a lot of damage, I literally mean an effective health of OVER NINE THOUSAND. To be precise, 10865.09. See how that number is over nine thousand? That's right.

    We open with a Ruby Crystal. This is the standard opening for what we rush into, which is a Aegis of the Legion. Alternatively, if you are feeling a bit cautious, don't like starting without Health Potions, are planning to battle against a full physical lane or just have a strong hatred of Ruby Crystal, you can also start with a Cloth Armor, two Health Potions and a Sight Ward. This can also be better for a higher ELO play, but overall, it's down to personal preference.

    From your Ruby Crystal or Cloth Armor you, as said, go into an Aegis of the Legion. This is a nice, well-rounded core item that helps you and your team in the early phases of the game, and is very good for a side lane, which, by the way, I recommend you doing. You're a strong mid if you have to, but there's no reason not to give it to someone else. From your Aegis of the Legion, grab Boots of Speed.

    Now there's two ways you can go here, but they rejoin soon enough, and it depends on what your lane and their composition is. If they've got a lot of physical champions, pick up a [item=Heart of Gold]. This will later become Randuin's Omen. Alternatively, should they have more magical champions, go into your Mercury's Treads instead, followed by the [item_text=Heart of Gold] for the Randuin's Omen, which is your next item. Needless to say, if you take the [item_text=Heart of Gold] route, upgrade your boots to the Mercury's Treads before getting your Randuin's Omen.

    Now that our armor and magic resistance are pretty well rounded, grab a Giant's Belt to increase our health. This also builds into our next item, [item=Rylai's Scepter]. [item_text=Rylai's Scepter] gives us another boost to our CC, allowing all of our spells to slow; this lets us lock down a lot easily too! Yay. We also get a marginal boost to our AP, raising our burst by an amount to keep up with everyone else while still being nice and tanky.

    Our final item to effectively round us off is a sturdy Banshee's Veil, which should be a staple on nearly every champion just because of how good it is. A nice bit of health, a nice bit of mana (so useful for the mighty Kennen!), some magic resist and the infamous 30 second spell bubble, Banshee's Veil is worth the gold put into it.

    As for a sixth item, go with your gut; a [item=Zhonya's Ring] is what I've found most effective here, but if you have a preferred choice, such as a Quicksilver Sash if they have an annoying Morde that INSISTS on trying to make you into his ghost, go ahead for it. Another good choice if your team consists of a few magic-using champions (including yourself, if you wish) is an Abyssal Scepter. This is also a nice counter if they have a fair amount of magic users.

    So, in a nutshell (or for you tl;dr's (by the way, if you are tl;dring, get out (i mean it))), here is our build:


  • Masteries, Runes, Skill Builds and Summoner Spells

    Alright, let's get into this nitty gritty business.


    First of all, the rune-page is not the cheapest thing on the Earth, but it's not something to die over. 15375 IP. Quite a stretch, but most runes you will already have:

    Greater Mark of Insight x9
    Greater Seal of Vitality x9
    Greater Glyph of Shielding x9
    Greater Quintessence of Fortitude x9

    This is a very basic tank build; if you want to, replace your marks with flat armor marks or run flat magic resist glyphs instead. It doesn't really matter in the long run - the magic pen is there for a bit more damage, and I prefer /level over flat.


    Okay, secondly, let's look at masteries. What I run is a nice 0/17/13 build, but if you want to a 0/21/9 is just as suitable.

    Defense (17)
    Resistance - 3/3
    Hardiness - 3/3
    [mastery_text=Evasion] - 4/4
    [mastery_text=Nimbleness] - 1/1
    [mastery_text=Harden Skin] - 2/3
    [mastery_text=Veteran's Scars] - 4/4

    Utility (13)
    [mastery_text=Good Hands] - 3/3
    Perseverance - 3/3
    [mastery_text=Haste] - 1/1
    [mastery_text=Awareness] - 4/4
    [mastery_text=Utility Mastery] 2/2

    Defense (21)
    Resistance - 3/3
    Hardiness - 3/3
    [mastery_text=Evasion] - 4/4
    [mastery_text=Defensive Mastery] 2/2
    [mastery_text=Nimbleness] - 1/1
    [mastery_text=Harden Skin] - 3/3
    [mastery_text=Veteran's Scars] - 4/4
    [mastery_text=Tenacity] - 1/1

    Utility (9)
    Perseverance - 3/3
    [mastery_text=Haste] - 1/1
    [mastery_text=Awareness] - 4/4
    [mastery_text=Utility Mastery] 1/2

    Summoner Spells

    The one spell I see as a staple for Kennen (or perhaps, nearly every champion) is Ghost. You can join this with Ignite, Exhaust, Flash or even something wacky like [spell=Fortify] or Clairvoyance if you feel the others are unnecessary. Personally, I choose Ghost/Ignite.

    Skill Order

    This is the general skill order I take. However, should you feel that, perhaps, you prefer Electrical Surge, or your opponents are playing defensively behind their minions and Thundering Shurikens are hard to land and you would rather focus on Surge-charged attacks, put more points into Surge. Skill building is very situational, and really shouldn't be taken as 'always build this way'. Look at this path, and keep it as a very low-priority rule of thumb.

  • Working in the team

    You're tanking. Remember this and forget your AP mage mindset. You initiate with your E, W + R and stun their team for your team (or even you, as you can do it) to pull them apart. Easy.

    May go more in-depth here, but I feel as you play Tank Kennen, the mindset becomes quite self-explanatory. Should people need request it, more in-depth shall I go.

  • Summary

    Tank Kennen is an easy switch to make and a very effective build if played correctly (which, having read this, you should be able to). Please give me feedback on the build I have provided here, rate this guide and generally I hope to see some more Kennii (total plural) that tank out there.


    Blitzkrieg Gaming (Snitch)

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