Mordekaiser Build Guide

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Mordekaiser... The Ultimate Farmer/Tank/Rapist Hybrid

written by TheSilentStygian

Mordekaiser Build

Table of Contents

  • Authors Comments

    This is my first time writing a build and I will be constantly updating and improving. Please don't hate, just recommend what I can do to make it better.

    This build should be easy for anyone to use (especially since Mordekaiser is free this week.)

    This is currently update 1.2,1.3

  • Abilities

    Iron Man
    This is what gives Mordekaiser the ability to tank. Combining Siphoning strike and Mace of Spades with this ability will give you an unlimited shield. I recommend trying to have this up as much as possible, for one it is reassurance, and for two it is intimidating.


    Mace of Spades
    This is the ability your all going to want to max out first. WRONG! In my build, this is your least prioritized ability. This ability does provide extra damage and is good for farming. Your points could be spent in better places in the start of the game (Siphon of Destruction.)

    -Lumpsome of Damage
    -Least Priority

    [spell=Creeping Death]
    This is the ability that pretty much whipes Sunfire Capes from my build. End game it does the damage of 2.5 sunfire capes. Its good for farming and grabbing those squishys who are just barely outrunning you even with your ghost on.

    -Kill Stealing (Haha yea right, Go test it!)
    -2.5 Sunfire Capes

    Siphon of Destruction
    In my opinion, Mordekaisers "bread and butter." This is what will give you your farmability. When you lane early game throwing this ability at squishys can lead to a first blood. Good in team fights for it can do 200-300 damage to their whole team. Its pretty much a destructive cone of doom.

    -Bread and Butter
    -Best skill (by opinion besides ultimate)

    Children of the Grave
    This is the funniest ability (just wait till you kill another kaiser with it.) It pretty much does initial damage and a timed drain returning all damage to you. It can be used as either offensive or defensive ability. It gives health back. Also, when an enemy dies (even not by this ability) and Children of the Grave is active on them, you receive a ghost of their champion. This is great for turret tanking, or if receiving a ranged champion, sniping his partner. Popular belief states that the ability must kill the enemy for Mordekaiser to receive a ghost. I have found otherwise.

    -Initial Damage and Drain
    -Health back

  • Items

    Core item build of my guide:
    Sorcerer's Shoes + Haunting Guise + Sunfire Cape + [item=Force of Nature]

    So good it's idiotic build (when the game is taking over a hour and you have thousands of extra gold):
    Sorcerer's Shoes + Sunfire Cape + [item=Force of Nature]
    Frozen Mallet + Abyssal Scepter + Hextech Gunblade

    This will give you max survivability with super damage. Some AP to boost your abilities. (Hybrid Part)

    To start with, these are the starting items i recommend:
    Doran's Shield Health Potion

    Then build into:
    Sorcerer's Shoes and Haunting Guise

    If you don't want Sorcerer's Shoes options:
    Mercury's Treads OR Boots of Swiftness
    These both can work well with Mordekaiser if used correctly.

    Mid-Game build:
    Sunfire Cape + [item=Force of Nature]

    Get them both? Yes, it gives max survivability. (Somewhat Optional)

    Endgame Item:
    Frozen Mallet OR Trinity Force

    I recommend the Frozen Mallet. Never tried the Trinity Force but i suppose it might fit with kaiser.

    You can tradeout if desired Frozen Mallet, Sunfire Cape, or Force of Nature for:
    Randuin's Omen

    This build acceses survivability and maximum damage. Some would call this build a half tank (since you end up with around 3k health.) You can modify it as you wish but this has worked well with me. I will be updating my build weekly if i see some items fit better than other (recommend don't hate.)

  • Masteries + Runes

    With Mordekaiser I recommend 9/21 and i don't have much more to put here.

  • Skilling Order

    With skills, i recommend in order,
    Children of the Grave - Siphon of Destruction - [spell=Creeping Death] - Mace of Spades

    You can vary but this is whats recommended with my build. Make sure to but one in mace of spades as your second or third ability just for farming.

  • Summoner Abilities

    I prefer having Ignite and Ghost.

    Ignite is DEFINATELY NEEDED. It can get you a kill start game and it adds a HUGE boost to your ability to kill a fleeing enemy champion with your ultimate. You must chose this Summoner Ability.

    Ghost is a preferred Ability, but can be substituted. If you don't want ghost then i would go with something like Flash or maybe Heal (I really don't have a substitute.)

  • Team Fights

    Mordekaiser plays a huge role in team fights. With my build, he can act as the tank of a team fight, or as the main damage giver. My build supplies you with enough life and health regeneration to tank a turret, hang back and throw Siphon of Destruction for 30 seconds, then tank another turret. As Mordekaiser you should be throwing your Siphon of Destruction As many times as possible, to both deal damage and to charge your shield. Try to save your Creeping Death for when the team battle actually engages (You stop running in circles throwing Siphon and are actively fighting.)

    I have recently discovered, that with another half-tank such as Garen and a healer such as Sona or Soraka with you you can easily hold a lane against if not kill their whole team.

    Having a ghost in team fights also supplies a very large advantage. Once a squishy gets to low health, throw your ult and ignite, and the ghost will definitely win the fight for your team. I did receive one Pentakill with Mordekaiser when my ignite killed one squishy and Children of the Grave killed another. My ghost killed the last squishy and i chased their tank. After killing their tank, one of their squishys had revive and gave me my Pentakill. This is very rare and I was very lucky. Don't expect this every team battle. Maybe once every 10,000 Modekaiser games.

  • Jungling-Dragoning-Baroning


    Mordekaiser can take on the Dragon and receive no damage. At level fifteen or higher, run into dragon and spam your Q W and E to keep your shield charged. You will notice the dragons health will drain quickly. I am still testing how early Mordekaiser can dragon, but by guess is at 20 minutes or after you get your Sunfire Cape in my build.

    Mordekaiser can easily tank Baron with your team. Recently, I was experimenting and I just ran into Baron alone. I got him down to half health before I had to flee. I was amazed how much damage i could do to Baron by myself. The next game I played I grabbed a tank with Children of the Grave and tried again. I was successful! The rest of my team was in a team fight, and the Baron buff just popped up and they were like "What the ****" and "Holy Kaiser." You have to be skilled enough to do this. I also know that Tryndamere can Baron alone at 18. But, if you have a Tryndamere and you're both at level 14-17 then you can get an early Baron with just the two of you.

  • Laning Preferences

    With Mordekaiser I personally prefer a ranged champion to lane with. Characters with healing abilities are nice, but are un-needed in Mordekaisers lane for he can get an early kill if he has someone with a stun or slow. Ashe and Twisted Fate DEFINITELY are laning priorities though they usually go middle. I also like to lane with people who have survivability. Garen and Mundo are good lane partners, because they have survivability, slows, and high damage. They can lead to a controlled lane that is very nice. I play Mordekaiser very offensively, throwing Siphon of Destruction at squishys instead of minions. This can lead well when you have someone with a stun.

    For example:
    Lets say that Veigar is in the opposite lane with Gangplank. If I had Twisted Fate or Ashe in my lane, I could easily get veigar to half health (200-250) first thing in game. I wouldn't aim for Gangplank (Remove Scurvy.) It leads to a first blood when Veigar becomes stunned or slowed (Gold Card or Frost Arrows) and we own Veigar. Better yet, if they had pushed, their Gangplank would soon follow Veigar.

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