Janna Build Guide

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Support Janna for the Solo Queuer

written by Kaelinh

Janna Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Hello everyone!

    I was looking though the guides for Janna and noticed there weren't a whole lot like some other characters. I'm wondering if people either don't play Janna much, or aren't entirely sure of what they are doing and don't want to write a guide for her. Well, I'm here to change that.

    Janna is probably my favorite character in the game (even before Sona!). I've loved her since I started playing, and she's actually been my secret to success in solo queue ranked lately. I want to pass along my experiences so others can pick up Janna and starting supporting their teams to victory.

    My current stats with Janna: 218 games with a 61% win. Playing in the 1300-1600 bracket.
    (I have also played this build in the 1600-1700 bracket because I sometimes queue with a high elo friend, and I have been able to support carry to wins with this build.)

    I am putting my stats and elo out there to show you that this build does work, and it is common to see at higher elo play. I am not just "thinking" this is the best, I have tested these items for a while now with pretty good success.

    Feel free to add me in game. Name is Kaelinh on the US server; I'll play ranked or normal games if you're interested. I'd also love to chat about all things Janna and support :)



    I tend to be long winded so it is taking me a long time to write. I wanted to get it saved and half published, so my computer wouldn't randomly crash and lose it.

    Thanks for your patience.

    Update 12/2/2010
    - Added patch v1.0.0.106 comments

    Update: 11/30/2010
    - Added a few sections, a note about my build and a little end note about SUCKY TEAMS.
    - Updated stats and my mastery build

    Update: 11/26/2010
    - Added an alternate Mastery build. I like it quite a bit.

    Update: 11/25/2010
    - Updated games played and win percent
    - Thinking about videos to explain concepts better

    Update: 11/23/2010
    - Added laning sections
    - Fixed some typos
    - Added more item clarification
    - Some solo queue tips
    - Added a picture!

  • Patch v1.0.0.106

    The only significant change with this patch was the reduction of Eye Of The Storm from 10 seconds to 5 seconds, with a 10 second cool down.

    Now some people might think this is huge, but it's just a way to separate good and bad Janna players; you can't just spam shield because it might not be on when you actually need. It's more reactive than proactive now, much like the healing system in WoW with Cataclysm :).

    Right now I am experimenting with cheap builds to get CDR asap so as to still be able to cast shield often.

    If you are concerned with not being able to cast shield, don't worry. The reduction isn't really that noticeable, I have been able to play about the same as before. What it really did is nerf her solo farming ability :(.

    Currently building:
    Doran's Ring Catalyst the Protector Mercury's Treads Kindlegem

    After these four I decide what I need next, upgrade to [item=Soul Shroud] or Frozen Heart depending on the team I'm against. I haven't had a Rod of Ages in a while only because I've been facing heavy melee teams lately.

    To keep my CDR almost maxed I make sure to buy Elixir of Brilliance

    Will update as I explore more!

  • Abilities

    A great passive especially for early game and the slower carries.

    Howling Gale
    Janna's iconic tornado, and her main farming technique.

    Move speed and a late game nuke and slow.

    Eye Of The Storm
    Janna's best spell, blocks damage and increases attack damage.

    Janna's aoe knock back, slow, and heal.

    More spell details later on in the guide.

  • Why Janna for Solo Queue?

    Janna is an amazing hero, possibly overpowered with the current meta game, which is to "support the super carry", i.e., Miss Fortune, Corki, Kog'Maw with as many shields as possible. So, a team consisting of Miss Fortune, Shen, Janna, Morganna, and Warwick would probably be just about as strong as you can get. If everyone protects Miss Fortune, she has enough damage to decimate a whole team.

    Although solo queue ranked games never seem match make like this, playing Janna will give your team a distinct advantage if played correctly and you have a capable carry of some sort. Due to her ability to counter any aoe initiation and disable heroes with her Howling Gale, Janna can carry a team by preventing a majority of the damage done to them when played properly.

    I personally love support heroes (not to mention they are what I am best at), so when I started playing Janna to get my rating up (hate to admit it, but I had solo queued my way down to 1050 at one point) I was pleased to see amazing results - I could protect my laning partner from his own stupidity (over extending), I didn't need to farm hard and focus on last hits, I could watch the map and ping when I saw trouble, and in team fights, I could save the carry and do significant things to keep the team together all the while being ale to tank a decent amount of damage. No lie, you can honestly carry a team pretty hard if they try to work together.

    Admittedly, at lower ELO for solo queue it's about luck with who gets the decent players, but if you play Janna enough, and you honestly are a try hard, you can carry yourself out of ELO hell. Take it from someone who did. (Seriously, I have over 700 games of ranked play and just hit ~1450 because I went up down up down up down)

    So why Janna? So you can hit people with tornadoes, get epic carry saves (last second Monsoon to heal them through Mordekaiser's ult), and laugh when you kite someone across the map and then turn around and kill them, and to kite that Garen around the tower with W and Q while he tries desperately to hit you with R.

    If you love Support and can't get Sona, Janna is your best bet to have some fun and be an integral part of the team.

  • Masteries + Runes

    My Preferred Build: 0/9/21 Masteries

    I was recently turned on to this mastery build by a friend who plays Corki a lot. I tried it out myself, and so far, I love the regen for characters like Janna who don't have very good passive healing. It basialy gives you a Regrowth Pendant at about level 4 and only gets better. It's great for being able to stay in lane, and reducing the enemies ability to tower dive you because you regen fairly quickly.

    The 15% magic pen is so-so for Janna only because your aim isn't to do damage. Staying alive is a lot better :).

    Optional Build: 9/0/21 Masteries

    If you don't want to click the link, I go 9/0/21, skipping the 2 points in ultility mastery and putting them in Expanded Mind instead.

    Standard caster masteries. However, I don't put points into Utility Mastery because I rarely go for neutral buffs on Janna, and find it better utilized for more mana early game. Your carries are better off with buffs. If you feel differently, or tend to grab blue often, change the masteries around.

    For runes, I change depending on how I feel for the game, but my favorite combination currently is:

    Greater Glyph of Clarity x9
    Greater Seal of Clarity x9
    Greater Mark of Desolation x9
    Greater Quintessence of Fortitude x3

    Having two sets of glyphs dedicated to mana regen eliminates the need for any mana regen items, which means you don't need to waste gold on something like Archangel's Staff. If you play correctly and don't spam spells unnecessarily, you will rarely have a moment with no mana to save a teammate, and you don't even notice mana issues mid/late game.

    I like having armor pen on Janna for harassment and getting last hits. The armor pen makes her more dangerous to lane against, and when your teammate engages, you can do decent auto attack damage to support their kill.

    If you prefer magic pen for her, use Greater Mark of Insight x9. This will cause her tornado and elemental to hit harder, but I feel it does less damage overall because of ability cool downs, aiming, distance, and it's simply less penetration total.

    Other possible rune builds include cool down reduction or ability power, but these pages don't allow for as much mana regen, and tend to run you out of mana rather than let you farm and support easily.

    For more detail on this rune build, please see the laning sectios below.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Primary Spells
    Ghost OR Clairvoyance, Flash

    As a solo queuer, you should learn to love and use both of these spells. They are the strongest escape spells, and the most useful in team fights for chasing or getting the last hit on a runner. Ghost is also great for getting back to your lane quickly or stopping a push. As a solo queuer and to improve your personal skill, you should learn to use these skills and not rely on spells such as ignite and clarity.

    Clairvoyance is a spell you should start getting around the 145-1500 bracket. If you know anything about jungling, you can pop this spell on the red buff, and potentially get a gank on the jungle or steal his red, or prevent a gank since you know where he is. Before 1450 everyone plays this game for themselves and doesn't react as well to pings and the like.

    Situational Spells:

    If you see a Yi, Tryndamere, or other heavy AD champions and no one else on your team is sporting exhaust, you should consider switching out Ghost for this spell. Not only does it improve your lane domination, but in team fights, pop exhaust on Tryndamere when his ult activates or Yi when he alpha strikes in and watch your team blow them up.


    Again, if you see multiple back door champs such as Twisted Fate, Yi, or Olaf and no one else on your team is sporting teleport, you should grab it simply to protect towers after or during team pushes.

    Spells you shouldn't need to use:

    I admit, I used to be a clarity whore, but I've learned how to deal without and better use my spells so I don't run oom. My rune page helps as well, of course :)


    Ignite is a meh spell, and you give up survivability for a small chance to kill someone. Leave the ignite for others and remember that you need to be able to escape when the other team focuses you.

  • Items

    Below are the core items for this Janna build. In fact, they may be the only items you buy depending on the game.


    In almost every game you want to buy Mercury's Treads. There are so many champions with stuns and slows and taunts that it's always worth it to buy these boots. There is also a lot of magic damage, even from champions who are primarily AD. These include Corki, Miss Fortune, Garen, etc. The only way you wouldn't buy these boots is if the other team seriously has no stunners or you have level 1 boots and you are clearly winning the game. In that case, I would buy Sorcerer's Shoes for funsies.


    Doran's Ring
    Health Potion x 1
    Start each game with these items. This gives you health to avoid dying, mana regen to cast more shields, and a bit of AP to help you hit harder.

    Boots of Speed
    Catalyst the Protector
    If the laning phase goes well, try to go back when you have saved up enough gold (1675) to buy both these items. If you die or need to back early, prioritize boots, then the health crystal and mana crystal.

    Don't forget to buy a Sight Ward at this point! If they have a jungler, ward either Dragon or the river bush. It will save your life!

    Catalyst is the best item for any mana user in a lane. After getting the item, it will make it very difficult for you to go oom unless you're not casting spells wisely.

    Mercury's Treads
    It's very likely that you will have gold for merc treads before the rest of the Rod of Ages. The next time you back, unless you are carrying enough gold for the Rod straight up, purchase the treads.

    Rod of Ages
    After treads, purchase the Rod. (It will likely be about 20-30 minutes into the game when you buy this).

    These items give you enough survivability in terms of health and magic resist. After finishing the RoA, think carefully about what is killing you, what the team needs to be successful.

    Chances are the next item you will want is a Aegis of the Legion. This will make you more tanky and provide a nice aura for your team.
    If someone has already purchased one, you should consider buying Banshee's Veil for heavy AP or stun/aoe teams and Frozen Heart for heavy AD/AS teams.

    If you feel you need shorter cool downs, purchase [item=Soul Shroud]. This will give you some nice hp and cool down reduction, but resistance and armor will make you better at taking damage.

    Janna is great because she is not really item dependent, but you do need some tankability or teams will destroy you if you aren't careful of positioning.

    Always remember to buy Sight Ward throughout the game and place them on Baron and Dragon!

    Wait, why not play AD/AS Janna?
    Janna is mainly a support champion because of her abilities. If given the time, you can farm up a pretty heavy AS/AD build, but the truth is that other champions are simply better at it than you, and AD/AS Janna doesn't carry games as well as support. When playing an attack champ, you tend to focus on killing rather than keeping your team alive, and soon find yourself alone amidst 2-3 enemies when the rest of the team has died. You can play AD, but it will be a much less effective build in the end game.

    Wait, why do you not build more AP as Janna?
    Well, AP Janna can do a decent amount of damage, but AP Janna is also squishy as hell. If you are spending more time running away because you get killed incredibly fast, then your team is doing most of the fighting without you, which hurts them a huge amount.
    But my AP Janna uses Rylai's!
    Well, if it works for you then go for it. Aoe slow Howling Gale is pretty ridiculous, but building Rylai's first will hurt your mana regen incredibly, and if you build a mana regen item first, chances are you won't be able to finish the Rylai's fast enough, given that you're doing your job of supporting and not stealing enemy kills from your team.
    But Tear of the Goddess is so good!
    Maybe. But if you build that first you sacrifice HP for mana that you don't necessarily need in the long run, and spend a lot of gold getting the whole item, which still leaves you very vunerable to attacks, even if you have the mana to cast your spells.
    Personally, I laugh at support who build Tear of the Goddess because it's simply not necessary if you build a different item first. Example being, Catalyst on Janna and Innervating Locket on Sona. These items are so strong for early game, and give you way better stats than the Tear.

    But what about CDR!
    CDR is great, but you need a bit to make it useful. I find the average team fight is like ... enough to cast Q two to three times, so roughly 24 seconds of fighting. Rarely during a fight do I wish I had CDR. I'm usually wishing I wasn't silenced any longer so I can flash away or hit Q again. Sometimes I buy a [item=Soul Shroud], but I always buy RoA first. Remember, Catalyst the Protector is pretty much the most amazing early game item, so I rarely build anything else first because health and mana are the best stats for laning.
    And again, CDR has a tendency to cause you to oom and be a little reckless with spells, so I tend to avoid it.

    Learn to cast wisely and use these runes, and you free up more gold for items to fill in the other stats.

  • Item Build Note

    I was recently criticized in a game (that I won) that I was a bad support because I didn't buy Aegis of the Legion or [item=Soul Shroud] quick enough. In an effort to better myself I tried building up to Catalyst the Protector first and then going for the items for Aegis of the Legion. It was ... okay, but I still didn't feel all that useful in fights because I was running with half finished items. Generally, tanks build an Aegis anyways - Amumu, Rammus, sometimes Shen do for the all around stats it gives.

    When it comes to building the Aegis, just look at your team and make a decision if you need it first or not. Remember, you won't be able to build a whole lot of items as Janna unless your team is dominating early game.

  • Skilling Order

    The mistake a lot of Janna players make is leveling Q, Howling Gale, and W, Zephyr first. E, Janna's shield is her strongest spell by far. It can save you from ganks, makes last hitting a breeze, and prevents you from over pushing the lane.

    This is how I always skill Janna. This gives you a level 5 shield by level 9, and can negate a lot of dangerous ults such as Vladimir's, Morgana's, Garen, etc.

    So why R>E>Q>W ?

    Her ultimate is an obvious choice, because it increases the chance your team will survive an encounter. Shield is second because it prevents your carry from being burst down as quickly, and increases their damage by a full BF sword, which is pretty significant for any one. Q is third because it is your most efficient farming tool and a long range semi nuke, if people chose to stand in it. W requires you to be pretty close to targets and is only good for chasing and getting away, so you only use it for the slow, and not the nuke or the base movement speed.

    Following the skilling order is more detail on her spells and using them throughout the game. This might explain more about why I use this skilling order and give you more insight into using her abilities during the game.

  • Skills: Using Janna's Q, Howling Gale

    Howling Gale is easily the most popular spell of Janna's, mostly because of how visual it is, how annoying it is to lane against early game, and the amount of times you get hit by it before you figure out how to avoid it.

    Unfortunately, most Janna's I see use Q incorrectly during the laning phase.


    A hard thing to learn in this game is not to push the minion line, which is one of Janna's best abilities - she is an incredibly strong laner and pusher. However, in ranked games the last thing you want to do is find yourself at the enemy tower with them backed up against it. When you are past the river, especially past the bush, you put yourself at very high risk to be ganked by the enemy jungler, or get caught off guard by a sudden attack from the enemy laners. Therefore, you only, ONLY want to use Howling Gale early game to farm if the minion line is past the river and closer to your turret. If used correctly, Howling Gale will keep the minions off your turret, but not push them back to the enemy turret, this way you can harass your enemy and keep them in the middle of the lane and off your minions, denying them possibly gold and XP, and give your jungler an opportunity to gank your lane.

    This is the #1 reason why you never get Q as your first skill. The second reason is, you can spam HG on the minions and lower their hp, but it isn't until late game that you will actually kill all the minions with it. If you constantly use HG, you just keep the enemy minion line low but you might not get the last hits off the creep, plus you waste your mana on an expensive spell.

    One example of HG being used incorrectly[bold]: I was laning against a Janna/Tryndamere combo. Now, this sounds good in theory, use Janna shield to feed Trynd, but instead my side was pushing the minion line almost to their turret, and the Janna kept casting HG on the minions. This kept them in a very strange place, and her HG would almost kill the minions, but before Trynd could last hit them my side would harass him to death, and our minions would be killed by the enemy minions. She effectively was denying her own partner minion kills.

    So remember: Use Q sparingly during the laning phase on minions.

    The other use for Q early game is to avoid getting killed. Because it has a stun effect, you can stop any chase or channel on you by quickly double tapping Q in the direction of the enemy while continuing to move toward your turret. This is the main reason to level HG in the early game, because it will do decent damage and stop them in their tracks.

    This can also be used for ganking. If you are correctly positioned, and your jungler is hiding in the bush, you can run up to an enemy champion, ping them, and double tap Q to knock them in the air. This should give your jungler enough time to run in and get any slows, stuns, or extra damage while they are unable to cast spells. Coupled with W, this is a devastating combo that even Flash can't save you from at times.

    So remember: Double tap Q is your friend! However, be careful not to double tap too quickly or your Q won't go off immediately and you will be sad :(.
    (Why double tap? Because it takes forever for the damn thing to charge!)


    Mid game is about the time when you will be able to farm outside of a lane. Q is amazing for this! Simply aim through the minion line, shield yourself and auto attack the caster minions. Your Q will do significant damage, and with the shield, your auto attacks will finish them off, allowing you to farm most of the creep wave effectively.

    In team fights, you will mostly be double tapping Q when they are grouped up or chasing your carry. Your job as Janna is to keep the carry alive or help them get the kill on a champion. The best thing about Q is that is can interrupt and screw up a lot of ults in the game. Cast it on Morganna to pop off Black Shield, hit Galio to knock him out of his taunt, slow Garen's assult on your squishy carry. In the middle of the team fight, using Q on almost all of them will mess up the enemy team, disorienting the player who was in the middle of focusing, and slow their ability to spread out. Q is an amazing ability and you should be trying to use it on someone every single cool down in a team fight.

    So remember: Double tap Q on chasers or to help chase!

  • Skills: Using Janna's W, Zephyr

    So to be perfectly honest with you all, I hate W. I hate it because it's shorter than Janna's attack range, and trying to hit a chaser or a runner with it can really ruin your day.

    All you need is one point in W at the beginning of the game to let you move through the minion lines easily and to help you slow an oncoming assult. Don't use W to harass because at level one it barely does more damage than your auto attack.

    The best way to use W for a combo is to hit an enemy with it, then use Q to hit them quick. If you can get the W off while they are running, an instant tornado will hit them at the edge of its range and allow your team to catch up.

    Just use W in combination with Q and you'll be using it fine.

  • Skills: Using Janna's E, Eye of the Storm

    This is Janna's best spell

    I repeat: this is Janna's absolute best spell. Level it first, no exceptions!

    Using E is pretty simple - cast it on the person you are laning with if they do more damage than you to help them with last hits and harassment. A good example of this is Ashe. Levels 1-4 you should exclusively cast shield on her, allowing her to run up, auto attack, volley, and get some last hits. This allows you to control the lane completely.

    Cast it on yourself early game and during farming to help with your own last hitting and harassing - and, of course, to avoid harassment.

    In a team fight, focus on having shield on your ad carry the entire time. If your carry is not present, cast it on the tank as he is initiating to help him take less damage and be a bit more deadly. After, cast it on the squishiest character to help them live through the fight. People like Annie, for example.

    The important thing for you to do during the champ select is figure out who is going to benefit from your shield the most, and remember to stick to them like glue, using all your spells to keep them alive. By doing this, you can effectively carry a team with Janna, by being the carry's defensive item.

  • Skills: Using Janna's R, Monsoon

    Janna's ultimate is the second reason why she is such an amazing support champion, but learning to master it is a bit difficult. I have played several, several games on Janna and I still screw up the range or timing on it.

    Janna's ulti is a knock back and a decent heal all in one, with a slowing element if the enemy decides to reenter the area. It's main use is to escape ganks, stop aoe ults in team fights, and heal your carry while they try to finish off the enemy carry. The main problem people have is using it at the wrong time, and knocking back enemies who then can escape with very little hp, or using it at the same time that someone on your team uses and aoe ult (namely, Morganna, Amumu, Galio, etc).

    The first thing to get used to with Monsoon is it's radius. This is important because you can use your ulti so that just the edge touches your allies and barely knocks away the enemy, so that they can't escape, but you stop their assault for a split second and heal your team.

    The other thing to get used to is timing. If you team has a decent amount of aoe, you av to keep your finger off the R button until the aoe is about done. If you team is being railed on while this happens, save pressing the button until your carry is about dead; then, try to get in front of them and knock back the enemies. It's very likely that they will get greedy and try to chase inside, but the slow will give you enough time to shield and tornado the most dangerous ones. Be careful not to wait for too long or your carry will die as you cast the heal, and then you've just put yourself in a very dangerous position.

    The most fun thing to do with Janna's ulti though, is to speed ahead of the enemy team, or flash into them and ult, splitting them up and knocking them into your team so that you can take out one or two of them while the rest scramble. The other method of this is to ulti and knock an enemy up against the wall, so that they are stuck for a second and slowed while trying to run away from the DPS. [bold]Be very careful with this method however!
    You will quickly learn which walls you cannot do this with - if you cast it, for instance, in the brush on either side of mid, they will be blow through the side wall.

    The rule is, if you can use Flash to get over the wall, your ultimate will knock them over too!

    The best way to get used to her ulti is simply practice, but remember that patience will pay off in the end. The later your can wait to use it, the more likely you are to win the team fight.

    Also, don't be afraid to ult when your team is low and pushing the tower. This will give them the confidence to continue pushing rather than go back and heal. And in solo queue, pushing is the best way to win the game :).

  • Dual Laning as a Solo Queuer

    As Janna in solo queue, you will almost always be going bottom to the dual lane. There are a few occasions where you will solo top or mid, but Janna is one of the best babysitters in the game (if not THE best) so going bot with someone who needs some special attention is perfect for her.

    The first thing you have to do is judge your partner's ability and aggressiveness. If they are going in for the harassment, follow them and give them a shield and harass as well. It's likely that they will know when they can jump in for the kill, so be ready to rush with them.

    If you partner is passive, and simply auto attacking minions, do your best to harass the enemy team and get a few last hits yourself. Because they are auto attacking, you will be pushing up likely faster than the other team can push back, so make sure you stay in the side brush and always be ready to be jumped by the jungler. You can try explaining to your partner that you need to only last hit, but it's likely they won't listen or understand, so just go with the flow.

    If you partner is doing a good job of just last hitting, make sure you shield and take a few of them, but for the most part try to keep the enemies away from their last hits by harassing and fake Howling Gale them to zone them out of experience.

    If you are facing some heavy harass in your lane, do your best to stay in range of the minions for experience and deflect some of the damage with shield. It's important that you level up to 6 as fast as possible for your heal so that when they try to tower dive, you will be ready to kite them around the tower and heal as they die to turret damage. Remember to ping for your jungler to come down and gank or scare off the enemy team - especially if they are over extending past the river.

    What your lane should look like:
    External Image

    Notice the red lines - this is NO MAN'S LAND. Basically you are in danger if you are between there, and as you can see, your minion line is past the red line, forcing the enemy to be inside it. They are about to be ganked by your jungler, and you are zoning them out of gold. This is the ideal situation.

    Janna doesn't need a whole lot of last hits (gold) to survive in the game, so make sure you feed most of the kills to your partner, and cross your fingers they know what to do with the gold.

    Make sure to hit tab frequently to see if your team and/or partner is last hitting well. If your partner isn't doing too well, you can start trying to snipe last hits from them, as you will likely be better off with gear since you understand more mechanics of the game than them. Either that, or practice watching the minions they hit, and try to get them low for your partner to auto attack to death before the minion line kills them.

    Remember, you can always hit tab to see how well the enemy jungler is doing. By watching their minion kills, you can estimate where they are in the jungle and when they are waiting for a gank - IE, haven't killed minions in a span of 30 seconds.

    A lot of junglers like to gank at around 15-21 minions, so be prepared for that, and make sure you ward Dragon!!!

  • Solo Laning as a Solo Queuer

    There is a very rare occasion that you as Janna will need to solo lane. This means that you will likely be going top or mid, and your team is full of melee or duo queuers.

    It's okay! Solo laning as Janna is not as scary as it sounds. Especially with my rune build, it is highly unlikely that you will oom while farming the minions.

    The trick is to simply shield yourself and ONLY LAST HIT MINIONS until the minion line is pushed up to your tower. Then, once you have Howling Gale, charge it up and toss it through the minion line while shielding and auto attacking the caster minions. You should be able to farm easily, and keep the enemy from pushing too far forward for fear of your jungler ganking them.

    With my rune build, you can also do a fair amount of harassment with shielded auto attacks while waiting for your minions to wear the other ones down.

    As Janna it is very unlikely that you will get a gank mid or top unless the opponent is way over extending or the enemy is able to heavily harass you, so focus on staying alive and farming while your lanes do the heavy hitting. The best part of Janna is she is very hard to kill without multiple people attacking because of all her escape abilities, so unless you are over extending past the river, you will not be feeding the mid or top player.

  • Some Solo Queue Tips

    1) Learn how other champions work and understand how to build them.
    I haven't played every hero in the game, but I sure as hell know their abilities and what sort of items work on them. If you understand how the champions work, you will be able to look at the items they buy and determine which players are the weak (bad) ones and won't be able to kill you. This will also allow you to laugh when you kill them.

    2) You are the support champion, so please buy some wards.
    Yes. Ward your bush, ward dragon and Baron, ward the buffs, just place wards. It will seriously help you win games when you can figure out where the other team is.

    3) Stick to your carry.
    Always be with the team. Don't go off and farm by yourself unless you are very close to an item (~100g) or seriously need to beef up for the next team fight. You are the best gank preventer, so stay with the carry and help them get fed.

    4) Ping important places.
    Yes. You can help lead the team by pinging buffs, ping where you think the enemy is hiding (that mid bush, I just saw them!) ping Dragon, and ping Baron. Ping if someone needs help. You can watch the map better than the tunnel visioned dps, so be the map awareness for the team.

    5) Talk during champion select.
    Let people know who you are picking, and remind them that you need a tank, a jungler, and some carries on your team. If you talk, it's more likely that your team will work together.

    6) Try to duo queue.
    When you duo queue around the ~1200 elo mark, and you and your partner know how to play, you will be paired with about 1300 people, and it will give you better partners who also know how to play. However, Don't rely on duo queue around 1350 because when you get matched up with a second duo queue, they usually are dragging someone unranked with them and you will be paired against 1400's, which seems to be a breaking point in ability to play.

    7) Learn how to NOT over extend.
    Seriously. If the other team is MIA, don't be halfway down the lane pushing. Stick to you team and move as a unit. Ping the guy who is out in the middle of the lane as a warning to get back. If you learn to play cautiously, you won't be the feeder, and if you lose the game, you can be sure that you weren't the reason why.

    8) Know when to be aggressive.
    Pay attention to how the other team plays so you can pick out the weakest player of the bunch. That is the hero you can be aggressive against, especially if you have your carry with you. Ping to initiate, and if you lead the charge, chances are your team will follow to get the kill. Of course, if your team doesn't like to follow, then you have to find another way to get them to initiate.

    9) Be the bait!
    Baiting as Janna is really easy, because everyone thinks you are a super squishy champion. If you intentionally over extend with your team nearby, chances are the enemy will get greedy and start throwing stuns at you. If you have confidence in your team, bait them out and start a team fight. If you die, it's okay - because it means that several of them have to be dead too, since killing Janna takes a hell of a lot longer than you might think.


    Yeah, mine do too, as you can tell from my drop in win % on Janna.

    If you get a bad team, just try a little bit, but sometimes, you can't do anything about the carry that doesn't build dps, or the feeder up top. The best thing to do after a bad game is wait about 5 minutes to requeue so you get paired up with fresh faces and are on a different cycle than the people you played with before.

    One good luck charm for me is to actually put the terrible players on ignore. It makes me feel better and gives me the illusion that they won't end up on my team again.

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