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So small, but so evil

written by ReyDu

Veigar Build

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Hello, I'm ReyDu. I've been playing PvP online gaming for more than 10 years. Started with Starcraft, counter strike and unreal tournament. Then moved to Diablo2, Wacraft 3 (playing mostly solo queue 3v3 random race hitting position 250 in the Europe realm in my best season and Dota ofc). Currently I spend my play time in WoW, where I lead a 10 man raiding guild, in RFactor, and in LoL.

    Update: Recently I've bein playing Starcraft 2 (I've gotten up to Diamond league, which is like ~1800 elo would be in lol skill wise) and some Diablo 3 (didnt like it much, overrated game).


    Current MAX elo in LoL : 1806

    In this guide I'll try to show you how to be a succesfull Veigar player. Keep in mind this guide is for Summoner's rift (5v5 map). There are many other better options than Veigar for 3v3 and Dominion.

    This is my first guide so all feedback will be appreciated.

  • Updates - How does each patch affect Veigar

    ***18-July-2012 - Jayce Patch

    Gonna update the guide since many things have changed in the last year.


    *** 27-July-2011 - v1.0.0.122 - Wukong Patch

    Zhonya's Hourglass combine cost reduced to 800 from 1000.
    Morello's evil tome added to item build section.

    *** 11-July-2011 - v1.0.0.121 - Leona Patch
    Rabadon's Deathcap base ability power reduced to 140 from 155

    - Still waiting for that Veigar rework Riot promised.
    - I have updated the items builds. I've paseed 1800 elo!!

    *** 14-June-2011 ***

    *** 17-April-2011 ***

    *** 23-Feb-2011 - v1.0.0.111 - Maokai Patch:

    Added Veigar in the current Meatagame section to the guide.

    # New Item: Morello's Evil Tome

    * Builds out of Fiendish Codex and Blasting Wand (Total Cost of 2350)
    * +75 ability power
    * +12 mana regeneration per 5
    * UNIQUE passive: 15% cooldown reduction

    I can't see any caster using this item with its current stats/price. We can have a similar item with a nice active ability (DeathFire grasp) for some more gold.

    *** 3-Feb-2011 - v1-0-0-110 - Karma Patch:
    - Rabadon's Deathcap cost increased to 3600 from 3400
    Cost raised again.... now will be harder to use the 'Lucky Day build' route.
    - Meditation mana regeneration reduced by 40%
    - Clarity Runes reduced in effectiveness by about 33%
    Mana regen nerfed. One more reason to focus on farming with Q and not harrasing much as Veigar.
    - Quintessences of Fortitude reduced in effectiveness by about 20%
    Early game nerfed a bit for all the people that use these Quints.
    - Doran's items had cost and some stats increased
    I never liked Doran items much, now they are less cost effective than before in ealy game.

    *Deleted older patches - 11-July-2011

    *Created 24-Nov-2010

  • Veigar in the current metagame (EUW)

    *** 19 Jul-2012 - v1.0.0.142

    Veigar is more viable right now than he was when I wrote this guide. The reasons are explained at the end of this section.


    *** 23-Feb-2011 - v1.0.0.111

    This section should be read by the people that are looking for a competitve ap carry to use in the ranked (solo or arranged) 5v5 queue. This is based on my experience in the ranked 5v5 solo queue (1632 elo as of 23-Feb 2011).

    What does metagame mean?
    Metagame is in this case used to refer to a game with moves that consist of creating or making changes in the management of the team to maximize its effectiveness or profitability.
    In other words... whats the best (most effective) team setup you can make at champion selection screen that 'guarantees' a win.

    The metagame is constantly changing as people find new and better strategies. Sometimes is someone with a brilliant idea that that turns a 'weak' character into a beast with the correct item/rune build (like happened with jungling Eve during January) sometimes is Riot releasing an overpowered champion (LeBlanc right after release) or introducing a new item or 'balancing' a champion or item (Gragas with Locket (removed from game)).

    How does the metagame look like today?
    Most games will look like this:
    The tank and the fighter will go to the jungle and solo top. The ap carry goes mid. Bottom lane is for the ranged ad and a support. You may see changes to this setup but is the one most people uses atm.

    Solo top
    Usually a strong melee champion (fighter) that needs good farm to be effective. Like Nasus, Irelia, Renekton, Xin Zhao, Riven, Olaf, Udyr. Some ap champs can go top aswell: Rumble, Vladimir, Kennen
    If your bruiser is in the jungle the solo top is usually a tank: , Malphite, Cho'gath, Jarvan or Shen are a great option for it.
    You will want someone as fast as possible in the jungle and effective when ganking. Rammus, Shaco, Nunu, Warwick, Udyr, Akali, Olaf, Master Yi ... UPDATE: Mundo, Lee, Shyvana, Udyr, Shaco, Nautilus, Alistar  .... jungle has changed a lot :)
    Mid lane
    Ap carry that can farm from a safe position and ideally kill his enemy at level 6 and roam. Kassadin, Anivia, Ahri, Morgana, Cassiopeia, Viktor..
    Bottom lane
    Ranged ad: Focused on last hitting as many minions as possible. Ashe, Miss Fortune, Corki, Caitlyn...
    Support: babyshitting the allied carry. Trying to harras the enemy carry so he cant farm. The support should not last hit or push the lane if your carry is around. Support must buy A LOT of wards. Popular picks: Janna, Zilean, Soraka, Taric.... In solo queue supports that are able to heal are usually a safer choice cause you never know how good your ad carry partner will be.

    UPDATE: lately there has been a more aggresive meta in the bot lane with the so called 'kill lanes'. This lanes have a high burst ad like Corki or Graves and and a high cc support like Leona, Alistar or Blitzcrank.

    And what about Veigar....?

    Well Veigar is more an assasin than an ap carry, and sadly assasins (Akali, Le blanc, talon, veigar, eve, etc) are not in a good spot in the game atm.

    But I must say Veigar is in a better position in the current meta than he was 1 year ago when I did the last update to this guide. My win ratio in ranked this season as Veigar is much better (105W - 77L  58%) this is thanks to several reasons:

    - Veigar had the mana costs reduced at some point during season 2.

    - People realized that the blue buff should be for the mid player. This is a huge boost to Veigar, now u can try to harras with stun + combo and not going out of mana right away. God,with blue buff you may even be able to zone your oponent. After being zoned by enemies for so long it feels great.

    - Veigar harder matchups are not that popular anymore (Annie, Le Blanc, Mordekaiser) or are usually banned (Kassadin, Morgana)

    - Deathfire Grasp has been buffed and is now more powerful on Veigar than before what makes Veigar a beast in mid game.

     - Some champions (Ahri, Riven,Graves....) can no longer dash through your stun.

  • Abilities

    "Veigar's mana regen is increased by 0.5% for each 1% of mana missing."

    Not a bad passive but nothing exciting etiher. It will help you in early game to spam a bit more your Baleful to get that ap up.

    Baleful Strike
    "Unleashes dark energy at target enemy dealing magic damage. If a unit is killed, Veigar gains some ability power permanently."

    This is your main spell. You will need to kill minions using this spell to level up your ability power as fast as possible

    Dark Matter
    "Veigar calls a great mass of dark matter to fall from the sky to the target location, dealing magic damage when it lands."

    This ability has several uses.
    1- Its the second spell in your nuke sequence.
    2- Allows you to kill entire waves of minions.
    3- You can protect your towers without being exposed.
    4- Bush check.
    5- Aoe in team fights

    Event Horizon
    "Veigar twists the edges of space around the target location for 3 seconds, stunning enemies who pass through the perimeter for a short duration."

    Most casters are easily ganked and the only thing that they offer in team fights is a big nuke against 1 enemy target. This ability (in my opinion the best in Veigar's arsenal)sets Veigar apart from the other casters. Most common use:

    1- Stun the enemy that is running away so you or a teamm8 can finish him.
    2- Stun the enemy that is chasing you or an allie.
    3- Initiate your nuke sequence.
    4- Initiate a gank.
    5- Stop channeled spells (katarina, nunu, fiddle...)
    6- Shut down an enemy game breaking ability for a short time (tryndamere or twitch ultimate).

    Primordial Burst
    "Blasts target enemy champion, dealing magic damage plus 80% of the combined AP of Veigar and the target."

    Pretty self-explanatory. This is the reason why you will usually focus enemy casters first.

  • Masteries + Runes


    The 21 points in ofensive are pretty standard. You could move the 2 points in havoc to somewhere else, maybe to Butcher to last hit better, havoc is a pretty bad skill anyway.

    The 9 points in utility are important cause as an assasin the movement speed is really important. This is why you should have mov speed runes aswell.

    For runes i use the standard MagicPenetration marks. Ap/lvl seals and glyphs in order to do as much damage as possible mid-late game and Mov speed quints.

    Marks and Quints are mandatory in my opinion.

    For seals you could use mana reg (although the 1-2 doran ring and blue buff should be enough) or amour seals (facing a Talon mid or something like that). MagicRes glyphs are viable aswell.

  • Summoner Abilities

    1-Why ?
    Every character needs a fast escape mechanism, specially a low hp champ like Veigar. You must take flash.

    2-Why ?
    Before i started using ignite countless of times enemies have escaped very low in hp after I used my whole nuke sequence. Now it does not happen anymore.

    Other options:
    Nice one, if flash ever gets removed I'll get this spell.
    Not a bad option if you are solo mid or 1v2. It will give you great map pressence mid game to push/defend towers and join teamfights in time. You can also teleport to a bot lane ward and do a unexpected gank

    I would not use any other ability as Veigar.

  • Skilling Order



    I usually dont get W untill level 8, There are 2 reasons to do that. First one is the mana cost, just too high for the laning phase. The other reason is that until you have at least 2-3 points on E is hard to land it on the enemy (and a good enemy will get tenacity asap against Veigar). Also a longer stun time will help your jungle to reach the enemy.


    You might want to skill first if you are in a 1v2 lane to prevent minions hitting your tower.

  • How to play Veigar

    First you must decide if you take a solo lane or not. 
    I strongly recommend NOT going solo mid as Veigar if you are in a ranked gamed with a decent ELO. There are too many champions out there that can outshine Veigar in mid. If the enemy is a good mid champ-player you will eventually find yourself gold-exp starving and outleveled. He will start ganking top and bot while you hug your tower.

    Does not apply anymore, in the current meta Veigar is a mid (and only mid) champ.

    Early game - Farm farm farm farm. Dont bother harrasing if you can last hit a minion. Try to only last hit and not push to their tower, this will give your jungler the oportunity to gank and you will not have to worry about their jungler too much. Creep score is everything in this game you dont want to get to min 30 with 100 cs while the enemy Morgana has 250. You can kill most enemies 1v1 after level 6. If you cant (Galio, Morgana..) keep farming.

    Dont trade hits early game, you are the weakest champion in game in the first levels. On the other hand junglers love to gank Veigar's lane because your stun and burst. A lvl 2 strong gank (like Alistar's) can give you an early First Blood. In the mid lane usually you should bait the enemy and engage so he doesnt see the gank coming until is too late for him.

    Mid game - Now is when Veigar shines, with your DFG+combo+ignite you can probably kill anyone in the map so is time to kill the enemy ap and roam. With this build you are gonna be very fast and remember that you are an assasin, you need to get kills so after clearing each wave you must check other lanes and gank if you see an oportunity.

    TIP: Once you are fed enough try to let the rest of the team get the kills, if you go 15-x-0 and the rest of your team  0-x-8 you might still lose the game cause you CANT carry ALONE as hard as a Morgana, Viktor, Anivia and the likes can.

    Whenever you go through the jungle the wraiths and wolves camps and finish them with Baleful. Ask for help to get the golem buff until you can do it alone without losing much time or hp.

    Late game - Never initiate fights. Run always behind the tank and the bruisers and try to stun and nuke the biggest enemy threat (usually the ad or ap carry). If there are several candidates always try to kill the ability power based champions first. If they have very powerful channeled spell like katarina's or Nunu's ulti save your to stop the cast. Also if you know a champion like Twitch is about to show up with his ulti save the stun for him. Keep in mind that only the edge of stuns.

    As every mage Veigar has his own nuke sequence: e--w-q-r-ignite
    Stun enemy with .
    Cast on him

    Before your W lands use  
    Finish him with +
    if you think your full nuke wont be enough to take him down

    Veigar is probably one of the hardest champions to master. If you are failing with him analyze what mistakes you did and try to improve your gameplay. Most common mistake that Veigar players do is not being careful enough what usually leads to painful deaths. Stay behind group and dont get into the jungle if its not warded.

  • Items

    Last Update 18-July-2012


    Updated 11-July-2011. After hitting 1800 elo (European server) some weeks ago and with all the changes the game has suffered since I published this guide I've decided it is time to update the item build

    The build is focused on getting ap as fast as possible. You are the assasin type mage so more defensive builds wont help you. Always start with    Boots of Speedx3 Health Potion

    Ideally you will do your first recall with a bit more than 1k gold. Get 2x[item=Dorans Ring] some more pots if needed and at least 1  Sight Ward

    Then build Deathfire Grasp and Rabadon's Deathcap in that order.

    Finish the build with Void Staff (people stack magic res as soon as they see a Veigar in the game) and some defensive items.

    Depending on the enemy main threats you should adapt your defensive items. 

    Against suppression abilitites (WW, Skarner, Malz) And high CC teams (Ashe, Amumu, Leona) you will want a  Quicksilver Sash right after the Deathcap.

    Against assasins who are gonna jump on you and you need to survive their damage (Akali, Talon...) you may want a  Guardian Angel

    Against Blitzcrank and other strong engage abilites you may want a  Banshee's Veil 


    There is not much room for diversity in a Veigar build. Keep buying at least 1 ward each time you recall and use a blue elixir before teamfights.

  • Team composition

    A balanced team should be something like this:

    Tank: someone with the ability to start a teamfight and keep enemies busy while soaking high amounts of damage
    Fighter/Bruiser: a tough melee champion able to take some hits and make a decent sustained dps. A tanky ap champion could take this spot aswell.
    Ranged carry: high sustained ranged dps
    Nuker/Ap carry: burst damage
    Support: heals, auras, buffs, shields, etc
    The tank or the bruiser usually are the jungles although some other champs can jungle aswell they are no safe picks and some could be even considered trolling (Fiddle, Vayne, Fizz ad, Karthus...)

    Veigar fills in the Nuker spot. If your team already has one champion of that kind you should not pick him.
    Veigar is a mid-late game champion which needs a solid team and good farm to succeed, else game wont last long enough to show his potential.

    If you play ranked queue NEVER first pick Veigar, he is easily countered by champs like Kassadin , Mordekaiser or Talon.
    Veigar should always be one of the last picks to fill the nuker spot in your team. Its a solid pick for that role cause he also brings some utility to teamfights with his stun and some aoe damage.

  • Matchups

    As a Veigar player is easy to tell early in the game if the enemy player will be an easy prey or if he knows what he is doing.

    A good player will try to zone and punish you since level 1, will stay out of your big stun range when he thinks you can burst him and will get tenacity and hp/mres items as soon as possible. If the enemy rush ap and doesnt get tenacity most champs will be free food for Veigar even if they have the potential of countering you.


    I'll try to rate the usual matchups you may find in solo queue. I can think of some great counters to Veigar out of the meta like could be Riven but since no one plays Riven mid I'm gonna pass on it.


    -1: you dont want this matchup. You will have to outplay him hard to win the lane and the game.

    0: down to player skill. Will be a fun lane.

    1: Veigar has the upper hand. You will see there are not many, this is why you dont first pick Veigar in draft mode EVER.


    Ahri / 0 :  Ahri relies on her high mobility to create chaos and stay in a safe position. Now that she can not dash through your stun is a easier matchup than before . A good ahri wil go get some doran rings and magic res early to survive your burst, this will hurt her mid game damage output you need to use it on your teams favour. If a dragon fight happens and she is tanky you may want to consider using your dfg and nuke combo on a different target


    Annie / 0: whoever stuns first wins.You should not try to engage her alone casue she will flash and tibbers and all is over. Try to have river control so you can catch her if she tries to go bot.


    Akali / -1: despite Veigar is an assasin/carry other more specialized assasins can kill him before he even notice. Buy a pink ward ask for a gank and bait her. Dont try to kill her 1v1 unless you are ahead.


    Anivia / -1: Veigar shines when he is able to kill the enemy in less than 1 second with his nuke sequence. Anivia egg is one of the most annoying abilities in game. Also she can push you to the tower and make you miss cs and she can carry harder than you late game with her tons of damage and utility.


    Brand / 1: You want this matchup, he is big and that makes him an easy target! Also his combo is hard to land and slower than yours and Brand players like glasscannon builds.


    Cassiopeia / 0: the queen of harras. She is gonna push you to the tower so ask for a gank and kill. Stay next to your ranged minions and bait her poison so she pushes more and more, a gank to a Veigar lane has a high success rate due to the huge range stun and burst. You may try to kill her 1v1 after 6. Even if she flash+ulti you still may have time to kill her and force a double K.O a la Street Fighter.  This matchup is harder in solo queue then in premades due to unreliable junglers.


    Galio / -1: he gets offensive stats by getting defensive items..... this is so broken, how could ever Riot think this kind of mechanism is good for the game. He is gonna outfarm you, outpush you and you wont be able to kill him like ever. Stun him to stop his ulti and you may want to focus the ad carry jungler or solo top in the teamfights.... Avoid this matchup plz.


    Kassadin / -1: High mobility, a silence, high base hp and damage. He has all the tools you hate.


    Kennen / 0 : This little rat is op as hell, long range, high base damage, high autoattak damage, low cds, energy champ so doesnt give a shit about resources, hight mobility, aoe stun.... You NEED to know when he has his abilities on cd so you can farm/harras/engage safely. It may be tricky to stun him is he rushes to you in an unpredictable way. You need to be a experienced Veigar to win this but is doable.

    In teamfights when he runs into your team your job is to stay out of his range and kill him before he can hurt your team and use his Zhonya.


    Le Blanc / -1: try to avoid this lane. She is able to burst you faster than you can burst her. I recommend changing your build order and get magic res early against her. Focus on farm, you want a long game.

    If she leaves to gank a lane dont follow her if you dont have vision (this applies to most situations). Call miss and push your lane to deny her cs.

    Also I hate when you are gonna ignite her and the passive mess it up.


    Lux / 0: a good Lux player will stay out of your range most of the time farming and trying to harras you. Focus on farm, ward river and try to catch her when she leaves lane.


    Mordekaiser / -1: like Cassio he is gonna push your lane hard. You need a gank since he has no good escape. Dont bother harrasing him when the shield is up. You will need to be really ahead to kill him 1v1.


    Morgana / -1: Similar to Anivia's and Galio's lanes. You cant kill her, she is gonna push you to the tower and will carry hard late game.


    Orianna / 0: Dont let her harras you in lane. Her mobility, shield and aoe damage are really annoying but 1 stun and she is dead.


    Ryze / 0: This one used to be  a -1. Is not an easy lane by any means but since his last nerf he cant be so tanky so now is winnable for Veigar. Also many people still think he is the best counter in the world for you and probably will play careless. He has high base damage so dont let him hit you early and farm. Since he is not tanky early game ask for ganks.


    Sion / 0: Ap sion is not gonna kill you. Instead he wil push your lane and roam so let your team now. If you catch him with the shield on cooldown you may kill him, else stay away from him. He gets weaker as the game goes on, be patient, farm and dont feed (easiest said than done in solo queue i know).


    Talon / -1: dodge queue, switch lane, he is gonna rape you all game long.


    Twisted Fate / 1: poor tf doesnt have a chance 1v1. But keep in mind people dont pick tf to win his lane, they pick tf to win other lanes and have map control. Anyway i like playing against him, he usually takes the glasscannon route and is not a threat to you if you can dodge the cards.

    If he uses his ulti from mid try to stun him before he leaves. If he is porting close to where you are you can place you stun on his destination, he will be inmediately stunned and you can kill him easy.


    Viktor / 0: Despite Viktor is the other ap I main and I love him (his laser and cloud are insane :-) )  I dont have any experience in a Veigar-Viktor or Viktor-Veigar matchup. But from my experience with both id say it would be a pretty interesting and balanced fight. Viktor will probably play like Ahri would, getting some doran rings and magic res early. If he throws the stun and ulti on you try to flash out asap and nuke him.


    Xerath / 1: hey look a guy that likes to stay in a place and spam shit. Easy target for your stun. Although a good Xerath player will keep his max range all game long and will be hard to reach so the lane may be a farm fest. This is similar to Lux's lane but I usually find Xerath easier.

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