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My Irelia

written by Saigon

Irelia Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Ionian Fervor
    Each nearby enemy champion (to a maximum of three) reduces the effectiveness of Crowd Control on Irelia.
    * 1 Champion: 10%
    * 2 Champions: 25%
    * 3 Champions: 40%

    Dear lord, this passive may sound awesome, but it's about the same as Mercury's Treads. You probably will still need Mercury's Treads depending on the amount of Crowd Control the other team has.

    Irelia dashes forward to strike her target, dealing physical damage. If it kills the target, Bladesurge's cooldown refreshes and refunds 35 Mana.

    There is only one thing I can say about this skill. It is simply amazing. One of the most amazing last hitting tools in the game. Which will now be elaborated.
    -Melee Minions
    - Allow the tower to hit it twice and then Bladesurge to it. Repeat again on another melee minion
    -Caster Minions
    - Allow the tower to hit it once and then Bladesurge to it. Repeat again on another caster minion

    Half the mana cost is refunded every time. Cooldown is quite long though.
    This skill will also procs on hit effects. Life steal, Lich Bane, Sheen, Trinity Force.

    A great trick to also know about the on hit effects is that this skill also procs Hiten Style's Healing and True damage. With Hiten Style's active, Bladesurge will hit for a 75 true damage bonus along with it's original damage. Use this to your advantage!

    One last thing, be aware, this skill does not allow you to move through terrain or walls. Damage will be dealt but Irelia will stay at her original position behind the wall.

    - As of The issue with not moving through a wall MAY have been fixed. Comments from users claim so, I still have the issue where I faceplant into the walls. USE IT THROUGH A WALL AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION!

    -5/7/11 - THE GREAT MYSTERY OF BLADESURGE HAS BEEN SOLVED. Irelia will only move through the wall if there is ENOUGH room for her to be placed past the wall between her and the target. Most of the time, due to Bladesurge's range there will not be enough room for her.

    Bladesurge damage reduced to 20/50/80/110/140 from 20/55/90/125/160
    A 20 damage nerf at rank five. I just don't know.
    Bladesurge mana cost changed to 60/65/70/75/80 from 70

    So how does this skill make Irelia fricken own?
    When you bladesurge, everything in your damn sight will die. Once you kill something, you will kill it again.

    Hiten Style
    (Passive): Physical attacks restore health.

    (Active): Irelia's physical attacks deal true damage for 6 seconds.

    Heal: 10 / 14 / 18 / 22 / 26

    True Damage: 15 / 30 / 45 / 60 / 75

    While farming near a turret, this skill is more beneficial than Bladesurge. The active costs 40 mana for six seconds which should be enough time to let the turret hit Melee minions twice and smack or hit the Caster minions once and smack.

    40 Mana < 35 Mana X the number of minions.

    The heal component is nice for early laning. It also beats having a Vampiric Scepter
    This skill is recommended to be top priority compared to other skills. The true damage component is simply amazing in taking down any champion.
    You will laugh at the next tank's armor that crosses your path.

    So how does this skill make Irelia fricken own?
    When someone thinks they can fight Irelia, they think wrong. When Irelia hits someone with Hiten Style active, she bashes them into the face for 75 extra true damage.

    Equilibrium Strike
    Irelia pierces her target, dealing magic damage and slowing the target by 60% for few seconds.
    If the target has a higher health % than Irelia, she stuns the target for the duration instead.

    I loved the original description of this skill. Indeed it is described correctly.
    "Irelia's attack balances the scales"

    For the most part of this guide. I highly recommend that this skill be saved until your HP is at a lower percentage than the other champion. The stun is way more important than simply dealing damage and slowing your target. If your target is fighting you, the slow means nothing.
    - If your fighting a fight where the other person is fighting back, save this skill until your at a lower percentage of health. Only one build I will say I don't care when you use it, just use it.
    - If the target is running, that's when the slow will be very nice.

    So how does this skill make Irelia fricken own?
    When someone thinks you suck for having low life in a duel 1v1, show them you mean business by spanking them for a two second stun.

    Transcendent Blades
    Irelia summons 4 spirit blades which she can fling to deal magic damage to enemies they pass through, and she heals for 20% of that damage.

    During the laning phase, feel free to use this on a minion wave to heal yourself. Staying in the lane is more important than saving this ultimate that does minimal damage for something that might never come.

    During fights, save this skill when the other players are attempting to run. The range on this skill is simply amazing. Not to mention it lets you fire four times.

    Try not to shoot this off like a gatling gun, NOR engage using this skill. Save it for priorities like healing and clean up.

    5/24/11 -

    Transcendent Blades

    -Now heals for 10% vs minions, and 20% vs champions.
    -Ability Power ratio increased to 0.5 from 0.4
    -Deals physical damage instead of magic damage.
    -Scales with attack damage and ability power
    This nerf decreases Irelia's sustainability in lane, something that should've been hit a LONG time ago. This nerf doesn't make me happy as an Irelia fanatic, but it makes me happy in terms of balance issues.

    6/22/11 -

    Transcendent Blades

    -Now heals Irelia based on the actual damage dealt (instead of a % of the raw damage dealt), but the heal is not reduced if the damage is shielded
    -Heal versus Champions increased to 25% from 20%
    Balance update that makes sense. Glad they fixed this along with Udyr's turtle stance. The healing they got was ridiculous since it was not migitated based on the damage they did.

    Transcendent Blades damage reduced to 80/120/160 from 85/135/185
    : FML.

  • Who am I?

    Quite the contrary to my LeagueCraft name, no I am not Saigon of League of Legends. My summoner name is Izinski. I am a low ELO player that is stuck in the 1300's. In the case that I have a deceiving stare, I MAIN Irelia.

    My low level smurf is called My Irelia.

  • Notes - This place is reserved for anything I have to say

    - If you happen to leave feedback, be sure to drop off a comment along the way. If its something poor that I am doing wrong with this guide, tell me why!

    - I feel that Irelia is a situational champion.
    - Please do not go AP when matched against a Veigar on the other team.
    - Do not go lifesteal if there are lots of stuns on the other team.
    - I find that AP Irelia does not work very well in side lanes compared to middle or solo laning. Reason being is the lich bane and mejai's soulstealer cannot be obtained as quickly.


    A nerf may come. WE SHALL SEE!!

  • Masteries - Summoner Spells - Runes

    The Mastery set that I use for every Irelia is 21/0/9.
    The changes in masteries that would happen is if you ever go AP, then get 3 points into Archmage's Savvy which is in tier one offense, instead of the critical strike chance, Deadliness.
    Or if you ever decide to take Alacrity, the attack speed mastery in offense over the cooldown reduction. No problems, feel free to do so.

    For summoner spells - Always
    Flash and Ghost save lives.
    If you really want to be offensive:

    Runes :
    Whatever you like, if you ask for recommendations,
    Depending on which type of build:
    AP - Magic Penetration Marks
    AD - Armor Penetration Marks

    Seals and Glyphs, whatever you want, but I always like some mana regeneration runes on Irelia, mainly because she uses her arsenal of Spells a lot.
    For quintessences I recommend Flat Health.

  • Side vs Middle Laning?

    Irelia can both Side lane and lane Middle.
    - In my opinion, middle laning Irelia works the best, she can be denied very easily in a side lane depending on the champions being laned against. In middle Irelia can consistently last hit.
    - In middle lane, use Bladesurge to last hit at your tower. If the minion waves are fighting at the center, try to hang around in experience range and last hit as well as you can. If needed, activate Hiten Style for an extra damage boost if you need the damage. Otherwise conserve mana as much as you can for Bladesurging.

    - Know when you can engage an enemy at mid. If they try harassing you, try to brush it off as much as possible using Hiten Style's passive life regeneration. Eventually you will get the hang of it.
    - Engage when you know that your life is low enough that Bladesurging to the other champion will still leave them at a higher health percentage than you.
    - Basic One versus One combo would be Q to enemy, E for stun, W and right click to win.
    - The only build this combo does not apply to is the AP build

    - In side laning, focus on last hitting. Try your best not to attack minions unless its for a minion kill. Keep the minions in the center of the lane at best, or at your tower. This gives you hope to run if a gank is coming.

  • Irelia Main Syndrome

    When you play Irelia, her abilities might get the better of you. It's perfectly understandable. I mean really, when you think about it, it almost seems like you want to be harassed by the enemy champion. I mean really, Equilibrium Strike, Your health needs to be at a lower percentile in order to stun the order champion. Now I know, the stun's duration won't be any longer when your like 1% lower than the other guy compared to 86% lower percentile. The more you look at this, the more dangerous it gets. Possibly you would run around in your lane talking to the monitor in front of you, screaming "HARASS ME VLADIMIR, HARASS ME MOAR!"
    There are several balances that eventually become almost non-existent to the disease known as Irelia Main Syndrome. For example, when your at level one and you decide to turret dive an enemy, you notice there is something called the "turret", hence "turret" diving. However, late into the game, you begin to notice that the turret is almost non-existent, speeding down the lane, faster than a speeding bullet, you ram into the enemy champion and BAM, PAOW, DING! "You Have Slain an Enemy."

    Now I know some people have played Twitch, the Plague Rat, in their life time, others have not. In case you have not, you may notice that Twitch has a skill called [spell=expunge]. I played Twitch before the nerf sticks hit him and dropped him into the trash can. Rest in peace my rat. Expunge is what I like to call as my "Kill" button. When Twitch gets several hits off on a target and he has those poison stacks up, Expunge acts as a single target nuke that hits all the people in a large radius of Twitch that has venomous stacks on. This tool was one of the many reasons why Twitch could become so well farmed and fed on champion kills, HOWEVER! The main topic of this is that, this skill trains one's eyes well to determine when expunge can kill a target.
    When Irelia Main Syndrome takes over your mind, you will notice that you will immediately hit Bladesurge(Q) whenever your target drops below the point where Bladesurge will land a killing blow.

    The perfect score, what we call perfect is an imaginary boundary where we define perfect as perfect. There is only one perfect score for Irelia, and that is to have an absolute zero on your assist counter.

  • So how does Irelia own in Irelia free week?

    So you want to know how Irelia fricken owns in Irelia free week?
    Simple, you little nut. Irelia owns automatically once you lock her in during champion select. The moment your teammates see that your rectangle is grayed out and Irelia's portrait is shown in that small box, they will leak tears of joy. Once the opposing team sees your box with the giant letters IRELIA, they will crap their pants and immediately droop with tears of sorrow.

  • Honor the Summoner's Code

    Remember guys! Honor the Summoner's Code! Honoring the code prevents offenses and the possible creation of enemies on the fields of justice.

  • The Rules of Irelia

    Contrary to what others may say, these are the rules of Irelia that I have maintained.
    -Irelia is a masochist.
    -She likes to get harassed so she can stun.
    -Every time you see an enemy champion, you will tell him/her to fight you.
    - Bladesurge is never on cooldown.
    - Bladesurge is never on cooldown.
    - Bladesurge is never on cooldown.

  • Starting Section

    Due to patch's nerfs on the Doran's items this section will discuss different arrangements of items that you can start on.

    - Rejuvenation Bead + 6x Health Potion
    - This setup allows you to stay in lane for a VERY long time. The regeneration lets you brush off minor harassment along with Hiten Style's health regeneration per hit
    - Rejuvenation Bead + 4x Health Potion + 1x Sight Ward
    - I personally favor this one, it lets me have a ward to ward a brush later at about 5 minutes into the game without having to go back, giving me lane presence.
    - Regrowth Pendant + 1x Health Potion
    - Lots of regeneration in this one, also very good against harassment champions.
    - Rejuvenation Bead + Faerie Charm + 1x Health Potion
    - This one is okay, it gives regen to both HP and MP but I don't like it because it just doesn't give that much survivability in terms of gold usage. - meaning, one potion won't do you good in a lane with these items, unless your in a lane that is fairly passive.
    - Boots of Speed + 3x Health Potion
    - This beginning set gives mobility and lane ability.
    - Long Sword + Health Potion (DocSmoothJew)
    - I hear this works as well, you can build that long sword into different things. Gives a fairly wide range of aptitude.
    - Mana Manipulator
    - Please don't.
    -[item=meki pendant] + 2x Health Potion
    - Possible starting setup, can be built into Tear of the Goddess
    - Sapphire Crystal + 2x Health Potion (GrandMagus)
    - Possible as well, can be rushed into either Catalyst the Protector or Sheen or Tear of the Goddess.
    You can still start with a Doran's item, but I prefer alternative's because I like my health potions.

  • Builds list

    This section will list the builds down - You have a build you want to contribute? Feel free to share

    - Recommended Irelia
    - Jungle Irelia - CHANGES TO COME!
    - HotShotGG's Irelia®
    - MercuryRed's Irelia®
    - Wickd's Irelia® - Scrapped as of
    - AP Irelia
    - Tank Irelia
    - Madgod's Irelia -
    - Flavor of the Month Irelia! (Here)
    - Feedrelia - Troll build!? Impossible! To be continued!

    Doran Items have been nerfed in prices. STARTING ITEM RECOMMENDATIONS TO BE CHANGED!

  • This Irelia is recommended for those who are playing Irelia for the first time. Copied from the Summoner's store in-game.

    This build is purely for experimental play only. It does not work very well from personal and community experience in higher level games. I recommend this build only be played during your early gaming career if you decide to buy Irelia before you enter the level 10's and plus games.

  • - Skill Ordering

    Here is a skill order that prioritizes Hiten Style while balancing the cooldown durations of Bladesurge and Equilibrium Strike.

  • - Building your items

    1. Start out with a starting set REFER TO Starting Sets SECTION!
    2. First trip back? Grab a Boots of Speed If you have enough, buy a Brawler's Gloves
    3. If you didn't have enough and now you do, get a Brawler's Gloves or build it straight into an Avarice Blade
    4. Quick quick! Get that Youmuu's Ghostblade straight away and then build them Berserker's Greaves
    5. This is where you make a decision, if you notice that you are unable to survive in One versus One fights for very long, try grabbing the Vampiric Scepter over the Recurve Bow or straight into the [item=Emblem of Valour] otherwise if you wish for attack speed, grab the Recurve Bow
    6. Build that [item=Emblem of Valour] or Recurve Bow into [item=Stark's Fervor]
    7. Your next item should be a Phage
    8. Build that Phage into a Frozen Mallet
    9. Last, work your way into that Guardian Angel

  • Jungle Irelia

    In my opinion, Irelia was not made for jungling. There are much better champions out there for jungling, but there does come a time, when there is no one else that is going to jungle and you have a Smite at hand. Hey, why not?



    Smite is necessary for jungling as Irelia. However, Cleanse or Ghost is up to you, whether you feel more safe with Cleanse or feel that you need to be able to chase or run better.

    Take the smite mastery over Archmage's Savvy.

    Runes : In the champion spotlight, Phreak used attack speed runes to maximize Hiten Style's usage.
    I have no qualms with what runes you decide to use.
    - Please keep in mind though! I use Tier 3 Flat Health Quintessences no matter what other runes I use!

    1/25/11 - CHANGES TO COME TO THE JUNGLE BUILD! Stay tuned if your one of those people who likes jungling with the Will of the Blades!

    1/27/11 - Changes have been made. I did not like the build that I had put up before due to less effectiveness compared to other junglers with the same build or that the build didn't work well due to cost issues or even less viable compared to laning builds for Irelia. Hopefully the addition of Sword of the Divine adds more effectiveness to Hiten Style and armor penetration.

  • - Remember!

    As a jungler, you should gank often! Gank any lane that you see is open as they are pushed towards your towers.
    - Carries are a must to gank, keep them on the edge and make sure they do not farm up too much.
    - If one of their team members is denied enough, you could gain an advantage on terms of economy and experience.
    - If there is an opposing jungler, buying wards and warding Dragon, Lizard or Golem are good methods of keeping them in check. If you have smite up and happen to be nearby, you could always attempt to steal their buff by smiting it.

  • - Items

    To be jungling, you MUST at least have a razor! Whether you build them into a Wriggle's Lantern or Madred's Blood Razors is completely up to you!

    This should be how your build looks like into mid game. Madreds is missing though, depending on what you built it into. Please note - This build does not work in late game where everyone has all their items built already.

    Although the builders don't have it, make sure you get survivability items when it draws closer and closer to the point where a baron might end the game.
    - Guardian Angel
    - Abyssal Scepter
    and others

    If your not getting focused then you can continue to build more damage items like [item=Black Cleaver] for penetration and attack speed or The Bloodthirster for more damage and life steal.

  • - Building them items!

    1. Start out with a Cloth Armor and 5x Health Potion
    2. Build that Cloth Armor into a Madred's Razors
    3. Focus on jungling around and attempt to build an Avarice Blade
    4. First item focus is Youmuu's Ghostblade
    5. Next is up to you, whether you build a [item=Madred's Blood Razors] or a Wriggle's Lantern
    6. Next work your way towards a Sword of the Divine
    7. If your at a loss at this point and you don't know what to get, try to build attack damage items, maybe something like a The Bloodthirster or [item=Black Cleaver]

    I notice I haven't talked about a pair of shoes yet. You can get them anytime in the game. My personal recommendations deals with either Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads

  • - Skill Order

    Same skilling order, prioritize Hiten Style for best effectiveness in the Jungle.

  • - Jungle Path

    You can refer to the Champion spotlight if you need help deciding a Jungle path.
    My jungle path begins at the Blue Ancient Golem camp (Smite it). I move on to the Wolf camp. Then I go towards the Wraiths and then I take lizard. After lizard your health should be low to the point where you need to back. Go back, heal up and take the twin mini golems and gank bottom lane is possible. If it is pushed too far, then try for mid lane. If no lanes are gankable, then go back to jungling.

    - If someone in a lane is about to die and needs to go back, feel free to take over their lane for a little while.
    - Ganking is always nice. Make sure your health percentile is slightly lower than the champions you are attempting to gank so a stun is guaranteed.
    - Please do not make like Phreak and gank with 3 bars of health, quite to the contrary of what may seem, Irelia is very squishy during early game if you run into a lane like that and could possibly end up in giving away first blood rather than getting it.

  • HotShotGG's Irelia®

    I only have one thing to say about this build. HotShotGG is a genius. Taken from CLG's Livestream. This build can also be found on GeneralWiser's Youtube channel under the HotShotGG Irelia videos.
    This is the core build - Very simple.
    Late game items can eithor be more Phantom Dancers or maybe some lifesteal.

  • - Skill Order

    Still the same.

  • - Building your items

    1. Start out with a starting set REFER TO Starting Sets SECTION!
    2. First item to get when you come back and either be a Boots of Speed or a Phage.
    3. Get the Phage is you didn't get it earlier.
    4. Take the Sheen, you will now be awesome
    5. Last take the Zeal.
    6. Build the Trinity Force.
    7. Build another Zeal to get ready for a Phantom Dancer.

    Once again the boots are situational. Heavy Crowd control or caster team? Mercury's Treads. Lots of right click to win? Ninja Tabi

  • MercuryRed's Irelia®

    Another genius' build by someone from the League Of Legends official forums.
    Which can be found Here

    Core build is:

    - Manamune will leave you with no mana issues at all.
    - Trinity Force gives you good synergy with your skills.

  • - Skill Order

    Still the same. Prioritize Hiten Style.

  • - Building your items

    1. Start out with a starting set REFER TO Starting Sets SECTION!
    2. First trip back? Your choice between getting your Boots of Speed first or go straight for Tear of the Goddess.
    3. Get either one that you didn't get in step 2.
    4. Build your Manamune if you have enough, otherwise, grab the Long Sword.
    5. Build that Manamune!
    6. Get your Phage.
    7. Build them Sheen!
    8. Grab the Zeal.
    9. Turn the three into a Trinity Force.

    Once again, boots are situational. Heavy Crowd control or caster team? Mercury's Treads. Lots of right click to win? Ninja Tabi

    Late game items that are recommended are
    * Stark's Fervor
    * Last Whisper
    * Bloodthirster
    * Infinity Edge
    * Frozen Mallet
    * Randuin's Omen
    * Banshee's Veil
    * Hexdrinker

    Take into count of the situation. If there are nukers that are incredibly scary, Hexdrinker, the new anti-nuke item is the way to go. Want more chasing power? build into a Frozen Mallet.

  • Life Stealer Irelia


    Skill Order is also the same

  • - Building your items

    There is a difference in the order of getting the items though. Since you are not jungling, the Madred's Razors will not be necessary to be rushed.

    1. Start out with a starting set REFER TO Starting Sets SECTION!
    2. First item to be rushed is the Youmuu's Ghostblade. Grab Avarice Blade first for the gold boost.
    3. Get the The Brutalizer.
    4. Build the Youmuu's Ghostblade.
    5. If you think you need the extra chance for instant kill minions, get the Madred's Razors. Otherwise go after the Vampiric Scepter.
    6. Get the latter that you did not buy yet.
    7. Build the Wriggle's Lantern.
    8. Your choice between Recurve Bow and [item=Emblem of Valour].
    9. Get the one you did not buy and build the [item=Stark's Fervor].

    There is massive synergy with Spirit Visage on Irelia. Try to find the right time to spend that sum of gold on that one item! It can be game changing!

    You can get the boots of speed whenever you like. Build it into either Mercury's Treads or Ninja Tabi depending on the level of casters and physical DPS on the other team.

  • Wickd's Irelia ®

    Wickd, another genius of CLG. This build makes the use of Innervating Locket and Hiten Style to function as a sort of pseudo life steal. To regenerate health while fighting a battle. What sounds more cooler than that?
    Core build!:

    Note! This is one of the builds that I will tell you, SPAM THOSE SKILLS! YOU WANT THE HEALTH REGENERATION!

    12/14/10 NOTE

    3/19/11 NOTE
    Innervating locket may see a come back with the recent 20th Summoner Spotlight.

  • - Skill Order

    Prioritize Hiten Style while trying to balance cooldowns on Bladesurge and Equilibrium Strike.

  • - Building the items

    Still working on the best order of getting the items! Expect progress!
    1. To start out, begin with a Doran's Shield and a Health Potion
    2. On your first trip back, get yourself Boots of Speed and assuming if you have enough, try to build a Catalyst the Protector or if you don't have enough get the Ruby Crystal.
    3. If you hadn't before, build the catalyst now!
    4. Begin to start building the [item=Innervating Locket] with a Mana Manipulator.
    5. Upgrade your pair of boots into whatever you need. Either Mercury's Treads or Ninja Tabi.
    6. Next up is the Youmuu's Ghostblade. Start out by getting The Brutalizer.
    7. Get the Avarice Blade or if possible, build straight into the Youmuu's Ghostblade.

  • Zhonya/Rabadon's Irelia

    This build is the AP build that I have been working on for a looooong time.

    In order for this build to work, Irelia must have a lane in which she can farm in. Rushing Lich Bane is an absolute must for this build to work. Rabadon's Deathcap must be her second item, unless you, the player, know that you will get kills, grab Mejai's soulstealer before Deathcap.

    - This build either works, or fails. If Irelia can farm and have a good early game, she will dominate with this build. Otherwise, she will end up feeding. If early game is not good, and you are getting denied, I recommend you switch over to either MercuryRed or HotShotGG.
    - DO NOT USE THIS BUILD IN A GAME AGAINST AN ENEMY VEIGAR. It is an absolutely horrifying experience.

    Ability power ratio for Equilibrium strike reduced from 1 to 0.5
    Damage output slightly nerfed
    Cooldown reduced - Maybe not!?

  • - Skilling Order

    The order in which you skill is at your preference, but I recommend Equilibrium Strike a first priority, why? because it is the only skill you have other than your ultimate that stacks with ability power. Have at least one point in other skills.

    Bladesurge is second priority because it procs on hit effects. Meaning Lich Bane applies to Bladesurge.

  • - Itemization

    1. Start out with a starting set REFER TO Starting Sets SECTION!
    2. Make Lich Bane top priority! Sheen should be your next item!
    3. Make your way to the Lich Bane and complete it. If you think your doing very well, then grab Mejai's Soulstealer before completing it.
    4. Rabadon's Deathcap must be your next item. I prefer getting Needlessly Large Rod before Blasting Wand but it is up to you.
    5. Afterwards, your following items is completely up to you. I like getting either Guardian Angel or Zhonya's Hourglass for survivability.
    6. If possible, fit other AP items into your build like:
    Rylai's Crystal Scepter
    [item=Archangel staff]

    - Your boots are situational! I recommend Ionian Boots of Lucidity for cooldown's sake but Sorcerer's Shoes or Mercury's Treads are good at times too.

  • Tankrelia

    Haters beware! A New tank has joined the league!
    This is the core build!

    Carrying into a game past these two items, I suggest getting some more defensive items such as:
    - Guardian Angel
    - I can't say much for this item other than it causes the other team to think twice than to attack you. I don't suggest this item unless they actually focus you down rather quick. They might not go for you at all at fights anymore with this item on.
    - Warmog's Armor
    - When the armor and resistance just isn't enough and you don't want to pop when you rush in
    - Thornmail
    - For those times when they're physical damage is getting rather the best of you
    - Abyssal Scepter
    - When you think your magic resist is not enough, this is a good option.
    - Randuin's Omen
    - I'm not a huge user of this item, I always forget that I have it and never use its active. Maybe you do and could put some good use into it.
    - Aegis of the Legion
    - This game should be an early item. It has its major advantage in early game before 25 minutes. That's when it should be built, you can build it in between the first few core items.
    - Banshee's Veil
    - Good choice for those times when you think you need a little extra health and magic resist. Always nice to have a bubble on.
    - Zhonya's Hourglass
    - New item split from Zhonya in a recent patch not too long ago. It gives a high amount of ability power with a sprinkle of armor. A good offensive tank item, but cost is a bit high. Get it if you think your income is good. Otherwise, other items can be better, like Thornmail.
    - Frozen Heart
    - This item has nice effects but the item synergy is kinda difficult to hold in. It only gives mana with no health, it's a good item for Blitzcrank maybe but I don't really know about it on Irelia, it's up to you, I never tested this item yet. Now that I think about it, I don't think I ever bought this thing before.

  • - Skill Order

    The skill order is up to you, although Hiten Style has a good early game laning, Bladesurge and Equilibrium Strike will provide offensive resistance with the stun and damage.

    Usually, as Tankrelia, I grab these summoner skills on contrary to my Flash and Ghost always.
    I take these to support against the other team, I ignite the character that regens quite a bit, if there is no regenerator like Dr.Mundo or Mordekaiser then I ignite a champion that seems fairly annoying to drop them down faster.
    I use exhaust to counter either a heavy nuker with the exhaust remake or I blast it on a DPS, to keep them from dealing too much damage. For example, if a Fiddlesticks uses Crowstorm and pops into the middle of your group, exhaust and degrade the damage that your team takes quite a bit.
    - Because of bladesurge, you have an easy way to making your way to a ranged character and tossing down exhaust on them. Take this to your advantage and keep your team from dying.

  • - Item Order

    Item order will depend on the enemy team: If they are magic heavy, I suggest [item=Force of Nature] as the first item, otherwise get Sunfire Cape first. - Also, your starting item is up to you, you can get a regrowth pendant to build into [item=Force of Nature], but I think Doran's Shield provides better laning capability at the beginning.

    1. First item grab a starting set REFER TO Starting Sets SECTION!
    2. Buy a Boots of Speed

    Choose either branch to build into:
    --------------------------------------------------- Sunfire Cape
    3. If you have enough for a Giant's Belt when you back, take it first, if not grab the Chain Vest
    4. Get the other item that you didn't get yet. If you have enough, build the Sunfire Cape.

    ---------------------------------------------------- [item=Force of Nature]
    3. First item to buy should be Negatron Cloak.
    4. The [item=regrowth pendants] are negligible, but you can buy them if you wish, they provide good regeneration for laning.

    5. Choose your selection of boots, for a tank character I suggest either Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads

  • Madgod's Irelia

    PLEASE NOTE: This build is expensive to no end! Use at your own precaution!

    The Trinity Force is standard on any Irelia.

    The Hextech Gunblade turns your ultimate into almost a godlike nuke.
    - Confirmed by Phreak, spellvamp procs from any ability that deals damage.
    - Bladesurge is a double win with Hextech Gunblade
    - Both life steal and spell vamp is proc'd by bladesurge and it adds additional damage to all your skills.

    Once again, I repeat, this build is expensive as hell but if affordable, it turns Irelia into a complete powerhouse, even more powerful than before.

    After those initial items, you can go for defensive items like:
    Banshee's Veil
    Guardian Angel

  • Flavor of the Month IRELIA

    This build is HotShotGG's build after the recent thing with her being overpowered. If case you haven't seen it yet. Here it goes:
    Masteries are 0/9/21 taking Strength of Spirit in defensive tree.
    Summoner spells take

    For runes:
    Armor Penetration Reds
    Flat Armor Yellows
    Flat Magic Resist Blues

  • - Skilling priority!?

    Your skilling priority is R -> E -> Q -> W
    but have one point in Hiten Style early by level 4.

  • - Build

    By end game your build will look like this:

    1. You start out with Cloth Armor and 5x Health Potion
    2. Get a Boots of Speed
    3. Rush a [item=heart of gold]
    4. Next you should get your Mercury's Treads
    5. Build a Sheen
    6. Work up a Phage
    7. Create the Zeal
    8. Put together the Trinity Force
    9. Your next item should be a Spirit Visage
    10. NOW IT COMES TO A SITUATIONAL ITEM! - Lots of casters on dat team!? Wit's End, need more damage to out DPS another DPS champion!? The Bloodthirster
    11. If you still need survivability, grab Wriggle's Lantern.

    It is up to you when you turn that [item=Heart of Gold] into a Randuin's Omen.

  • Into the fray! (Thanks Caesary)

    I have never actually talked about what Irelia means to a team. I will do it now.

    Irelia is classified as an Assassin. However, she can be played multiple ways.
    - When building DPS and Attack Speed, she acts more of a physical carry that needs to wait for an initiation by a tank.
    - When building Ability Power, very likely your skills do high amounts of burst in one go, but then have to wait a while for them to come off cooldown. I suggest staying behind a tank or off-tank and wait for the powder keg to spark.
    - NOW! When you build Tankrelia~ YOU START THE FIGHT. With your team behind you, RUN HEADFIRST into their team.

    REMEMBER GUYS! - Into late game and into the fray, make sure you have at least one item for survivability. Whether it's a
    Banshee's Veil
    Guardian Angel

    Majority of the time, Irelia's main role in the team will be to stick directly onto the other team's DPS or Caster, causing them to panic and stray from the fight while bursting them down and making sure their damage is gone.

  • Watch out for these guys!

    This section will get incredibly long as I add in more champions. I will try my best to do them in alphabetical order! Use CTRL + F To find a champion! - Some champions might not be in here because they are either : NEVER USED! ~.~ Or I have never played against one of them yet as Irelia.

    Akali - The Fist Of Shadow
    Twin Disciplines - This flavorful passive gives Akali extra burst damage while giving her spell vamp survivability. I have nothing to say about this.
    - Just note that you will take extra damage based on the amount of ability power she has.
    - Also be aware of her capability to spell vamp.
    Mark of the Assassin - This is Akali's bread and butter skill I guess. The damage is quite minuscule at the beginning of the game and into late laning. HOWEVER! Do not let her spank you with her overly sized Kamas as they CAN HURT A LOT when you have that thing spinning above your head.
    Twilight Shroud - This skill makes Akali what she is. This skill allows her to dart in and out of vision with the help of stealth. This skill also makes her more resistant to damage. Be careful when engaging her in a situation with this down. This skill knocks out A LOT of energy when used.
    - Do not fight Akali on top of the giant circle. This skill makes her hard to target as she goes in and out of vision constantly.
    - To counter this, I recommend getting an [item=oracle's elixir] over a Vision Ward.
    Crescent Slash - This skill is just another damage skill. She can use this for farming, but if Akali gets a good economy going, this can hurt quite a bit.
    - Due to Akali's passive that gives her spell vamp, she can spell vamp quite a bit of life back if she hits enough targets.
    Shadow Dance - This skill makes Akali the a true chasing assassin. This skill makes your Bladesurge absolutely cry.
    Do not engage Akali UNLESS:
    - You know she cannot escape using this skill on nearby minions.
    - You took into account her ability to burst and you know you can kill her before she knocks you down.
    - You know Akali EITHER - Does not have Twilight Shroud, or you have a method to counter her inside of it!

    Alistar - The Minotaur
    [spell=Colossal Strength] - Additional damage versus turrets
    - The only thing you need to take care of for this is to watch any backdooring cows.
    Pulverize - The beauty of a ground slam.
    - Incredible stun and disable duration.
    Headbutt - Knocks you away, no stun, but there may be a delay until you can move again.
    - This skill can drive you ballistic if the Alistar deems that you are a threat to their team.
    Triumphant Roar - AoE heal
    - The heal is VERY minuscule unless Alistar flies for Ability Power.
    - This heal can drive you nuts as they can screw with your last hitting ability.
    Unbreakable Will - Crazy ultimate!!!
    - This can possibly keep you from killing Alistar for several seconds.
    - Alistar is a beautiful bait with this skill. Don't fall for it!
    - NOTE ~ Not sure whether it is a bug or intentional, Hiten Style's true damage is not reduced by Alistar's ultimate.

    After the remake, Alistar's damage was buffed incredibly, after the nerf, we shall see.

    Amumu - The Sad Mummy
    Cursed Touch - Not a very noticeable passive.
    - Taking headbutts by Amumu will cause reduction in magic resist. This can become noticeable as you take more and more magic damage in team fights if the Amumu decides he likes to headbutt a melee DPS.
    Bandage Toss - A stun and a pull. It stuns the thing it hits while it pulls Amumu to it.
    - This and Amumu's ultimate is a beautiful initiation for a team fight.
    - Try to stay clear of this, it can cause casualties.
    Despair - Not much to say, it's a Sunfire Cape that causes percentile damage plus a flat amount.
    - Either steer clear from Amumu or take him down quick. This skill doesn't take that much mana to maintain while it deals lots of damage.
    Tantrum - If the Amumu can dish out enough mana, then this skill can get very debilitating in a team fight if a team is focusing Amumu.
    - Stay awaying from attacking the tank, and go after someone else!
    Curse of the Sad Mummy - OH MY GOD.
    - This skill is what makes Amumu high tier. His ability to disable an entire team for a few seconds which is enough to let a team knock out one or more people.
    - Contrary to what Amumu says, Don't let him give you a hug.

    Anivia - The Cryophoenix
    Rebirth - This passive makes you want to kill Anivia. TWICE.
    Flash Frost - This skill is a skillshot that has a fairly slow travel speed. Warnings!
    - This spell can ~STUN~
    - This spell can hit you twice if the Anivia is skilled enough to be able to do so.
    - When this skill is casted by the Anivia, one way to escape is to either, Bladesurge to a nearby minion that is out of its explosion radius, or Bladesurge to theAnivia and give her a scare.
    Crystallize - This creates a gigantic wall out of nowhere and can either :
    - Stop you from escaping OR
    - Stop the Anivia from reaching you.
    Frostbite - This skill makes Anivia the one angry bird she is. When you are slowed by any of her skills, this skill does DOUBLE DAMAGE.
    - Several ways to keep yourself from getting hit by double damage is to know when she might use it.
    - A common method is for an Anivia is to use her ultimate just to slow you briefly and then chuck an icicle as you.
    - Simply, keep your distance until you know that Anivia has used her ultimate and then jump on her and crush.
    Glacial Storm - The piece of hailstorm that you never want to be in.
    - The incredible storm that she brings. NEVER STAND IN THIS TOO LONG.
    - It deals damage over time, and slows you. This also enables you to take DOUBLE DAMAGE from Frostbite.
    Do not engage Anivia UNLESS:
    - You know her rebirth (egg) is down by the indicator that is shown when you select her.
    - Her mana pool is too low to let her burst you down with her skills
    - OR you know that she has wasted enough with glacial storm that she will be unable to keep you from killing her.
    - ONE LAST NOTE! Do not over commit and attempt to tower dive her when her Rebirth is still up!

    Annie - The Dark Child
    - Early game with no items, Annie can be nuts as her damage output is insane without AP.
    Pyromania - An innate ability to stun.
    - Stay away when she has a swirly air around her.
    Disintegrate - Refunds mana? Oh damn!
    - Try to mess up the Annie's ability to last hit with this skill.
    - Doing so causes her to take out mana from her reservoir.
    - Might be hard to do, try to see if you can find out a psychological thing to mess around with her.
    Incinerate - AoE! Oh lord!
    - This becomes an AoE stun if charged with Pyromania.
    Molten Shield - Not a very noticeable skill
    - Does make her take less damage
    - Reflects damage
    Summon: Tibbers - This ultimate can become a game-changing skill in a team fight if used on a grouped up team with the stun available.
    - Don't group up in team fights!
    - Stay alert! Don't stand too close to the Tibbers, it deals damage like a sunfire cape!

    Not too sure how the new remake will affect her. Probably more consistent presence in lane in terms of mana usage and damage late game.

    Ashe - The Frost Archer
    - Ashe's DPS in late game can be crazy if she has an Infinity Edge and Last Whisper. Let's take a look at her skills.
    [spell=focus] - Critical Chance
    - Be cautious! Ashe's first attack is always a guaranteed critical!
    Frost Shot
    - Permanent slow!? Holy crap!
    Volley - pshew!
    - Dodge these as if your life depends on it!
    - Going backwards usually dodge these waves. Their missile speeds are fairly slow.
    - Gives her extra gold and minute cooldown scouting utensil.
    Enchanted Crystal Arrow - BAM
    - You never know when an Ashe might shoot her arrow.
    - Take care when you know her arrow is up! She might use it to initiate a gank.
    - Call MIA whenever Ashe runs into the fog of war
    - She might be taking aim to shoot one into a lane!

    Blitzcrank - The Great Steam Golem
    - Level one fight? Don't count on it.
    Mana Barrier - Uses mana as health
    - Very likely this passive will go off when fighting a crank. Depending on how much MP blitz has, it can give him an extra full bar of health.
    Rocket Grab
    - Do not get grabbed near their tower, this can kill you.
    - Blitzcrank's are known to force a fight or pick off a person with this hook. Don't be the target that gets hooked!
    - This can be a hassle when he moves faster than you do and attacks faster. Once again, try not to be too reckless against a Blitzcrank.
    Power Fist
    - Knock up and increased damage. Can be crazy, simply don't get grabbed and try to stay away from range.
    Static Field
    - This ultimate has an incredibly short cooldown and a ditzy passive. Stay away from Blitzcrank so you don't get hit by the arched lightning bolts. The silence can completely knock you off so once again, be careful when committing to a Blitzcrank.

    Brand - The Burning Vengeance
    - The only harm I can see from this is like an Ignite. The 2% can be like the last tick of ignite. Keep this in mind when getting close to Brand.
    - Skillshot with a very slow missile speed.
    - You should be able to easily dodge it.
    Pillar of Flame
    - With boots, very easy to avoid as it has a long delay like Dark Matter
    - Cannot be dodged, but has a fairly low amount of burst.
    - If the Brand launches this, running from nearby friendlies can cause the fire to stop bouncing.
    In accordance to Brand's high amount of burst damage that he can dish out, he is very squishy in relation. With enough magic resist, you can easily duel him in a 1v1 fight.

    Caitlyn - The Sheriff of Piltover
    Piltover Peacemaker
    - Very easy to dodge skill shot with a long windup time.
    - But can hurt very much if your first target to get hit.
    - If you deem is unavoidable, stand behind as many creeps as possible to reduce the damage.
    Yordle Snap Trap
    - These traps can make it hard to gank her if you walk into a brush and pop it.
    - Try to maneuver around brushes when roaming into her lane.
    90 Caliber Net
    - Most will use this as a small backwards blink.
    - Save bladesurge for when she uses this to recover the distance lost.
    Ace in the Hole
    - Low damage single target nuke early game.
    - Becomes very high damage when it hits level 3 with a lot of bonus attack damage.
    - Running out of vision before she casts this can prevent snipe.
    - Or be sure that someone can block it for you if you're very low.

    Cassiopeia - The Serpent’s Embrace
    [spell=deadly cadence]
    Noxious Blast
    Twin Fang
    Petrifying Gaze

    Cho'Gath - The Terror of The Void
    Feral Scream
    Vorpal Spikes

    Corki - The Daring Bombardier
    Hextech Shrapnel Shells
    Phosphorus Bomb
    Gatling Gun
    Missile Barrage

    Dr.Mundo - The Madman of Zaun
    Adrenaline Rush
    Infected Cleaver
    Burning Agony

    Evelynn - The Widowmaker
    [spell=determined killer]
    Hate Spike
    Shadow Walk
    [spell=malice and spite]

    Ezreal - The Prodigal Explorer
    Rising Spell Force
    Mystic Shot
    Essence Flux
    Arcane Shift
    Trueshot Barrage

    Fiddlesticks - The Harbinger of Doom
    Dark Wind

    Will update after Fiddle's rework.

    Galio - The Sentinel's Sorrow
    Runic Skin
    Resolute Smite
    Righteous Gust
    Idol of Durand

    I wish Galio was more viable.

    Gangplank - The Saltwater Scourge
    Grog Soaked Blade
    Remove Scurvy
    [spell=raise morale]
    Cannon Barrage

    Gangplank remake heard, will do this section after!

    Garen - The Might of Demacia
    Perseverance - Regeneration like a [item=force of nature]
    - if his regeneration starts to get out of hand, give him a poke.
    Decisive Strike
    - Be careful when engaging Garen in his natural environment! This silence can result in taking full damage from Judgment
    - This reduces the damage he takes from you, but! It does not reduce the true damage component of Hiten Style! Smash away!
    - Only warning is to be careful when running into the brush that he MAY be in!
    Demacian Justice
    - This execution is magic damage, the threshold that your HP bar has to be in to get killed is probably in the 30% range. Take care when engaging Garen at low health!

    Gragas - The Rabble Rouser
    Happy Hour
    Barrel Roll
    Drunken Rage
    Body Slam
    Explosive Cask

    I need to find someone that plays Gragas, to be continued!

    Heimerdinger - The Revered Inventor
    Techmaturgical Repair Bots
    H-28G Evolution Turret
    Hextech Micro-Rockets
    [spell=CH-1 Concussion Grenade]

    Need to find more Heimerdingers.

    My Irelia - The Will of The Blades
    Ionian Fervor
    Hiten Style
    Equilibrium Strike
    Transcendent Blades

    Put together all you know from playing Irelia and show that other Irelia who's boss!

    Janna - The Storm's Fury
    Howling Gale
    Eye Of The Storm

    Jarvan - The Exemplar of Demacia
    Martial Cadence
    Dragon Strike
    Golden Aegis
    Demacian Standard

    Jax - The Grandmaster at Arms
    [spell=equipment mastery]
    Leap Strike
    Counter Strike
    Relentless Assault

    Karma - The Enlightened One
    Inner Flame
    [spell=heavenly wave]
    [spell=spirit bond]
    [spell=soul shield]

    Karthus - The Deathsinger
    Death Defied
    Lay Waste
    Wall of Pain

    Kassadin - The Void Walker
    Void Stone
    Null Sphere
    Nether Blade
    Force Pulse
    [spell=rift walk]

    Katarina - The Sinister Blade
    Bouncing Blade
    [spell=killer instincts]
    Death Lotus

    Kayle - The Judicator
    Holy Fervor
    Divine Blessing
    Righteous Fury

    Kennen - The Heart of The Tempest
    Mark of the Storm
    Thundering Shuriken
    Electrical Surge
    Lightning Rush
    Slicing Maelstrom

    Kog'Maw - The Mouth of The Abyss
    Icathian Surprise
    Caustic Spittle
    Bio-Arcane Barrage
    Void Ooze
    Living Artillery

    LeBlanc - The Deceiver
    Mirror Image
    [spell=sigil of silence]
    Ethereal Chains

    Lee Sin - The Blind Monk
    [Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike]
    [Safeguard / Iron Will]
    [Tempest / Cripple]
    [Dragon's Rage]

    Leona - The Radiant Dawn
    As of release, she has no damage.
    Mercury's Treads + Ionian Fervor Renders her crowd control dead useless with a little magic resist.

    Lux - The Lady of Luminosity
    - Very self explanatory!
    Light Binding
    - Lux's version of Dark Binding
    - The only difference is the hurt that you take with her passive.
    Prismatic Barrier
    - Shield! Very annoying!
    - It comes up twice, keep this in mind. You might miss kills and over commit!
    Lucent Singularity
    - Likely, the Lux will attempt to harass as much as often with this skill.
    - Reveals areas in brushes and gives vision. Watch out when ganking her!
    - In all other notes, run away!!!!
    [spell=Finales Funkeln]
    - When she first gets it at level 6, she won't use it very often but be very weary when you start getting low. Laser beams hurt.
    - In late game, when cooldown reduction starts to hit in, this ultimate's cooldown hits 24 seconds. VERY SPAMMABLE.

    Malphite - The Shard of The Monolith
    Granite Shield
    - Solid passive, basically adds extra health to Malphite.
    Seismic Shard
    - Steals movement speed
    - Malphite can become unchasable depending on the situation.
    - Keep in mind before over committing.
    Brutal Strikes
    - Passive adds splash to physical attacks
    - Active increases his damage and armor.
    - Care for the armor increase.
    Ground Slam
    - Slows your attack speed.
    - Very noticeable, take this into mind before fighting him.
    Unstoppable Force
    - Ridiculous initiation
    - Contrary to thoughts, this does do massive damage early game.
    - Malphite can run through a wall and escape. Keep this in mind. No he will not leave a hole with his outline.

    Malzahar - The Prophet of the Void
    Summon Voidling
    - Take care while you have malefic visions on you. Malefic visions cause the voidling to become attracted to you.
    Call of the Void
    - Charging into this causes silence.
    - Try to avoid this is possible, extra damage is not good.
    Null Zone
    - DO NOT STAND ON TOP OF THIS. That is all.
    Malefic Visions
    - The only warning I have is to stay away from a minion that is afflicted by this.
    Nether Grasp
    - Suppression. The one thing Irelia does not counter.

    Maokai - The Twisted Treant
    I can never find an able Maokai. This will be left empty until further notice.
    Sap Magic
    Arcane Smash
    Twisted Advance
    Sapling Toss
    Vengeful Maelstrom

    Master Yi - The Wuju Bladesman
    Double Strike
    - This solid passive gives Master Yi burst early game and late game with attack speed.
    Alpha Strike
    - Can be very annoying during laning or against an AP Master Yi.
    - This spell easily pushes the lane. Take advantage of it, but make sure the lane doesn't get too close to your tower.
    - His health is going higher!?
    - Equilibrium Strike NAO!
    Wuju Style
    - Passively gives damage to Master Yi
    - Keep this into account when engaging him as he becomes a very painful character when the passive bonus doubles.
    - CRAZY! Attack speed and movement speed boost while he cannot be slowed.
    - Equilibrium Strike NAO!

    Miss Fortune - The Bounty Hunter
    Barely find any Miss Fortune's anymore. If I play against any, I will update this.
    Double Up
    Impure Shots
    Make It Rain
    Bullet Time

    Mordekaiser - The Master of Metal
    Iron Man
    - An extra bar of health if he builds tankish.
    - If he builds Ability Power, its a line of defense that goes up and down.
    Mace of Spades
    [spell=creeping death]
    - It's like a sunfire... but with metal.
    Siphon of Destruction
    - LOOOOL. Make sure you have health regeneration.
    Children of the Grave
    - Magic Resist is all I ask of you.

    Morgana - The Fallen Angel
    Soul Siphon
    - This is a pretty solid passive that lets Morgana knock off harass over time if she prioritizes her Tormented Soil
    Dark Binding
    - A snare that has a moderate missile speed. Can be predicted based on the Morgana's movement patterns! Keep a good look out!
    Tormented Soil
    - This spell makes it pretty difficult to keep Morgana from farming.
    - In all hopefulness, it should push the lane towards you if the Morgana spams it.
    Black Shield
    - The bane of many!
    - Spell immunity will be very annoying at many instances, if Morgana has very good reactions, your Equilibrium Strike will be blocked
    - This shield can also save her quite frequently from ganks.
    Soul Shackles
    - Soul Shackles is game changing in a team fight!
    -Morgana is very fragile, jump her whenever possible!

    Nasus - The Curator of the Sands
    Soul Eater
    - Base life steal given to Nasus. Solid passive.
    Siphoning Strike
    - Bonus damage to his physical attack
    - A Nasus can feed early game, but if he farms his siphon and the round draws into late game, he can come back and knock everyone in the face.
    - Ridiculous slow that stacks over time.
    - Always count in this when fighting a Nasus unless he is OUT OF MANA.
    - ALWAYS. ALWAYS. ALWAYS. Get Mercury's Treads.
    Spirit Fire
    - Damage is very minuscule, but WATCH OUT FOR THE ARMOR REDUCTION.
    Fury of the Sands
    - Nasus becomes even tankier and gains damage according to the amount of damage this AoE does.
    - Account for this as it will become a major factor determining the winner of a fight.

    Nidalee - The Bestial Huntress
    Javelin Toss / Takedown
    Bushwhack / Pounce
    Primal Surge / Swipe
    Aspect Of The Cougar

    Nocturne - The Eternal Nightmare
    - Nocturne's ability to lane rivals that of Irelia herself. Be careful when engaging!
    Umbra Blades
    - Increased damage and heal can tilt the battle in his favor, be careful when engaging him when his hands are glowing.
    - It gives him bonus movement speed and increased damage. It will turn the battle into his favor EVEN when you try to run.
    Shroud of Darkness
    - Spell shield can block Equilibrium strike which makes it very deadly.
    - Try to be sure that it won't block to get maximum effect. Has a very high cooldown.
    - Never engage when he pops a spell with this shield. His bonus attack speed doubles and can cause casualties if you try to fight him with it.
    Unspeakable Horror
    - Ridiculous amount of crowd control. It's like a malefic visions with a built in disable.
    - While Ionian Fervor reduces crowd control effectiveness, the slight moment of fear can turn the tides of battle.

    Nunu - The Yeti Rider
    Blood Boil
    Ice Blast
    Absolute Zero

    You requirez moar nunuz.

    Olaf - The Berserker
    Berserker Rage
    Vicious Strikes
    Reckless Swing

    We need moar Olafs in solo queue!

    Orianna - The Lady of Clockwork
    Clockwork Windup
    Command: Attack
    Command: Dissonance
    Command: Protect
    Command: Shockwave

    Pantheon - The Artisan of War
    Aegis Protection
    Spear Shot
    Aegis of Zeonia
    Heartseeker Strike
    Grand Skyfall

    Will update Pantheon after I play against him!

    Poppy - The Iron Ambassador
    Valiant Fighter
    Devastating Blow
    Paragon of Demacia
    Heroic Charge
    Diplomatic Immunity

    Rammus - The Armordillo
    Spiked Shell
    - Bonkers passive that gives crazyness to tanky DPS.
    - This skill being nerfed to oblivion is only known for his small knockback now.
    Defensive Ball Curl
    - Armor and Magic Resist? Who cares!
    - Hiten Style
    - Just keep an eye out for its Thornmail effect.
    Puncturing Taunt
    - CURAZY!
    - Rammus ganks OP!
    - Hopefully shouldn't affect Irelia TOO much with Ionian Fervor and Mercury's Treads
    - Rammus makes the ground shake when he does it!
    - Get a Negatron Cloak if it really hurts.

    Renekton - The Butcher of the Sands
    Cull the Meek
    Ruthless Predator
    Slice and Dice

    Ryze - The Rogue Mage
    Arcane Mastery
    Rune Prison
    Spell Flux
    Desperate Power

    Shaco - The Demon Jester
    Jack In The Box
    Two-Shiv Poison

    Shen - Eye of Twilight
    Ki Strike
    Vorpal Blade
    Shadow Dash
    Stand United

    Singed - Mad Chemist
    Empowered Bulwark
    Poison Trail
    Mega Adhesive
    Insanity Potion

    Sion - The Undead Champion
    [spell=feel no pain]
    [spell=cryptic gaze]
    [spell=death's caress]

    Sivir - The Battle Mistress
    Fleet of Foot
    Boomerang Blade
    Spell Shield
    On The Hunt

    Sona - Maven of the Strings
    Power Chord
    [spell=Hymm of Valor]
    Aria of Perseverance
    Song of Celerity

    Soraka - The Starchild
    Astral Blessing

    Swain - The Master Tactician
    Carrion Renewal
    Ravenous Flock

    Taric - The Gem Knight
    - You will barely notice this, don't worry about it.
    - Unbelievable heal. Treat it like a Soraka heal.
    - The armor reduction can be ridiculous and so can the armor buff aura.
    - Take this into account during early game!
    - Who cares? You got mercury treads and Ionian Fervor.
    - There are some complaints where if your computer's specs are not up to date, this ultimate may drastically drop your frames per second.

    Teemo - The Swift Scout
    Blinding Dart
    Move Quick
    Toxic Shot
    Noxious Trap

    Tristana - The Megling Gunner
    Draw a Bead
    Rapid Fire
    Rocket Jump
    [spell=explosive shot]
    Buster Shot

    Trundle - The Cursed Troll
    [spell=rabid bite]
    [spell=pillar of filth]

    Tryndamere - The Barbarian King
    Battle Fury
    Mocking Shout
    Spinning Slash
    Undying Rage

    Twisted Fate - The Card Master
    Loaded Dice
    Wild Cards
    Pick A Card
    Stacked Deck

    Twitch - The Plague Rat
    Twitch is a squishy character undeniable.
    Deadly Venom
    - Think of it as a Executioner's Calling without the regeneration debuff.
    - Stealth mechanics :(.
    [spell=debilitating poison]
    - Slow, stacks depending on how many venoms you got.
    - Kill button. Be weary of this.
    [spell=spray and pray]
    - Sadly this ultimate is a shadow of its former self. Only additional damage. Maybe a long sword.

    Udyr - The Animal Spirit
    Monkey's Agility
    Tiger Stance
    Turtle Stance
    Bear Stance
    Phoenix Stance

    Urgot - The Headsman's Pride
    An Urgot will try to predict your movement or just grenade you when you run up to last hit. Dodge with the funniest pathing!
    Zaun-Touched Bolt Augmenter
    Acid Hunter
    Terror Capacitor
    Noxian Corrosive Charge
    Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser

    Vayne - The Night Hunter
    Night Hunter
    - This passive lets her move quicker when running towards you, most likely she will always be able to get a hit off while chasing. Try to stay out of her 550 attack range.
    - This mechanism is by far the most ridiculous skill I've ever seen.
    - Try to get the hang of the Vayne's playing style. When you see her commit repeatedly, try to stay away from her.
    Silver Bolts
    - Poppy charge from far back? Oh my lord.
    Final Hour
    - Lets her stealth in tumble for 1.5 seconds or until she attacks.
    - This skill gives her so much more DPS. Be careful when engaging, and take this into consideration for when she is running away. Shaco like escape sucks.

    Veigar - The Tiny Master of Evil
    - Very unnoticeable passive unless Veigar has high amounts of mana.
    Baleful Strike
    Dark Matter
    Event Horizon
    Primordial Burst

    Vladimir - The Crimson Reaper
    Crimson Pact
    - If you build a Madred's Blood Razor, this passive will increase the damage you do.
    - 4 Second cooldown nuke. Heals Vladimir.
    - In Draft Mode, prepare to bring an ignite with you along with an escaping utility for Summoner Spells.
    Sanguine Pool
    - Quite the amazing spell. Has a huge cost on Vladimir. 20% of his own health in exchange for dodging whatever you would have done to him.
    - Has a long cooldown. Force him to use this and then jump onto him and crush.
    Tides of Blood
    - More aoe!
    - Not really much I can say about this.
    - The little circle causes you to take increased percentile damage. Make sure not to group up around for it. Or your gonna be in a world of hurt.

    Warwick - The Blood Hunter
    Eternal Thirst
    Hungering Strike
    Hunters Call
    Blood Scent
    Infinite Duress

    Xin Zhao - The Seneschal of Demacia
    [spell=tireless warrior]
    Three Talon Strike
    Battle Cry
    Audacious Charge
    Crescent Sweep

    Zilean - The Chronokeeper
    Heightened Learning
    Time Bomb
    Time Warp
    Chrono Shift

  • Change Log

    11/21/10 - AP and Tank Irelia to be tested.

    12/1/10 - Trundle has been released! Once I lane against a few and other champions, I will update the side lane section. Maybe one will go mid one day :)

    12/5/10 - AP Irelia found not as viable when side laning than laning mid or solo.

    12/14/10 - Patch released.

    1/4/11 - Patch released.
    Her Bladesurge and Equilibrium Strike range has been increased - Very nice
    Damage on Transcendent Blades increased by 10 each level - Decent
    Zhonya's Ring has been split into Zhonya's Hourglass and Rabadon's Deathcap

    1/18/11 - Patch released.
    I am not sure what happened in this patch that affects Irelia. Probably none, but I'm always hoping for a buff.

    2/1/11 - Patch released.
    No changes occurred to Irelia. However, Rabadon's Deathcap price increased again. Should not be much of a problem if one farms a lot of Irelia, but will be noticeable to those who do not keep the gold income flowing. Mana regeneration has been nerfed slightly, might be noticeable or might not. Don't know yet.

    2/16/11 - Patch released.
    Maokai has been released! Tune into him on the champions section!
    Bug on Irelia's transcendent blades cooldown fixed! Good job Riot for catching this!
    Ryze has been remade! We shall see how well he is!

    3/1/11 - Patch released.
    Jarvan IV has joined the institute of war! We will decide of his worth soon!
    HotShot's declaration of Irelia OP has no effect! We see no change in Irelia!

    3/15/11 - Patch released.
    Several changes to Irelia has happened!
    Base health reduced from 575 to 515
    Base movement speed reduced from 330 to 320
    Equilibrium strike's damage at all ranks decreased by 20
    Ability power ratio reduced from 1 to 0.5

    Nocturne has entered the League of Legends!

    4/1/11 - - Patches released!
    No problem guys, Lee Sin has been nerfed to the point where he can no longer one shot Jesse Perrings!.

    4/12/11 - - Patch released!
    Brand has entered the league of legends.
    Will try to finish the entire Watch out! list during this spring break. Tune in!

    4/26/11 - - Patch released.
    Rumble has entered the league of legends.
    Holy crap, half of the champions in league of legends are barely played.

    5/10/11 - - Patch released.
    Vayne, the incredibly OP night hunter has entered the league of legends.

    I missed a patch somewhere, must've been the Alistar and Gangplank remakes

    5/24/11 -
    Worst patch ever.

    Missed a bunch of patches, Gangplank OP!

    7/8/11 - Patch
    Damage nerf on Transcendent Blades and Mana cost buff on Bladesurge!

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