Rammus Build Guide

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Rammus - AP

written by simcowking

Rammus Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Do NOT build AP if the opposing team has two or more DPS characters. If its only one DPS and Support + Mages + Tank, this build is viable and not detrimental to your team. In ranked, if you pick rammus first, the opposing team is less likely to pick DPS (if you pick prior to their team). This frees you up to build AP, however, building this in ranked is just asking for your teammates to not appreciate your choice if your team ends up losing. So this build in premades is more viable (and less likely to lead to excessive flaming.

  • Abilities

    Spiked Shell
    Good Passive for tanking. However, you won't be making use of it until a little later in the game, and not really going to notice it.

    AoE Nuke with build in speed up (great for chasing through the jungle, less great for through lanes, but still do-able. Slows on contact. ~5 Second cooldown with max cooldowns (slow last 2 seconds, taunt last 3) You can keep a champion close to you indefinitely. Spammable to go to any lanes (assuming you keep blue buff)

    Defensive Ball Curl
    Adds a huge amount of survivability to your ult. 150 Armor/Magic Resist is nothing to laugh at. Good for farming against huge minion waves. One level is all you need during laning (protect against huge nukes)

    Puncturing Taunt
    3 second disable. On a full tank build, you target their highest damage dealer DPS wise. With AP build, you'll target the biggest threat to your team despite the damage type. Since the damage reflected is almost negligible. Merc treads on an opponent should deter you from taunting them unless they are wrecking your team and you have high health still.

    .3 AP ratio x 8 ticks = 2.4 AP ratio. Decent ratio, main damage dealer in team fights (with ghost this makes this skill impossible to flee from. With only the base build, the damage totals 2160 per target that is in all 8 ticks. Insane farming skill (1 minute cool down base, 36 second cool down with proper setup)

  • Masteries


    Archaic Knowledge
    3 in both resistant and Hardiness
    4 in awareness, 2 in utility mastery.

  • Summoner Abilities

    I always bring ghost + teleport. Ghost makes your ult always hit all ticks on your target (barring flash). Teleport means you can teleport to any wards on the map you and your teammates lay to easily gank any lane where someone over extends. over 1k damage on your ult + about 300 in powerball (during mid game) is hard to escape. Teleport is perfect if your team is willing to ward. Otherwise you'll want flash. Its still OP.

  • Items

    Haunting Guise
    Boots of Swiftness
    Randuin's Omen
    Guardian Angel

    These is your ideal build at the end of the game with max farming potential. Haunting guise is amazing early game. 20 spell penetration is good early game with rammus. Combined with your masteries + Mpen runes, you can drop 35 MR to 5.5. (from 25% reduced to 5% reduced. So a huge increase!
    DFG is a good item on this rammus build for the reason that you're always in the middle of all the champions with your ult. You WILL be in range of any champion that needs this cast on them. Most casters have to resort to just casting it on the tank as they can't reach the squishier champs. Although it deals less total damage to lower health champions, 200 damage nuke minimum is good enough for opening. It makes a difference to them. The cooldown is another good reason for it.

    Zhonya's Ring's activation is the main reason we grab it. 2 seconds of standing around in the middle of a team fight with an EQ hitting everyone around you. Its pretty boss if they decide to stand right next to you when you're low. Assuming Ring is last, 2160 damage from all 8 ticks, 550 PB right after ring ends... Approximately 2700 damage from that combo. Your team should be able to easily finish off anyone who stuck around in that entire thing. (used in the middle of a team fight's start will limit your damage, but also minimize the damage you take so you can chase those low health champs easier without as much fear)

    Boots of swiftnes are ideal. However, since you'll probably want to avoid as much damage as possible, mercs can be bought if its a high magic damage team your facing with some debilitating CCs.

    Raduins and GA make you able to take a lot more hits. You no longer need to stack a lot of AP after the 3 items listed mainly due to they'll build some Magic resist and your damage will start to be lacking. However their damage was greatly hampered too by having to buy all the extra MR items. (greatly helps your tank's survivability and all your other teams)

  • Skilling Order

    Powerball level 1
    DBC level 2 (to avoid harass damage)
    Poweball level 3
    Taunt level 4
    Powerball level 5
    Tremors level 6/11/16

    Max Tremors
    Max Powerball

    Then depending on your lane get taunt or DBC going up next. Taunt is great if your being aggressive. DBC is good for defensive. Judge this based on your lanemate and their ability to gank/harass you.

  • Pros / Cons

    Huge AOE damage in a team fight
    Always in the middle of a team fight
    Easier than Right click to win champs. Press R, and stand still to win.
    Fastest champion on the map most games.

  • Working in the team

    Let the tank initiate (or any initiation skill really)
    Walk in and DFG your target/secondary target (power ball if possible to hit more than one champion) Activate ghost and use your ult and stand as close as you can to your target. Powerball him, and taunt the opponent who is attacking your carry. You take the death instead of your carry if possible. While PB is on cool down, you should always have DBC up. Deactivate as soon as PB is ready to be used. Spam that spell in team fights. The knock up can be devastating if it hits more than one champ. Use your ring on judgment based on if you want more health at the end of the fight and want to chase, or use it when your lower so you absorbed a lot more damage, and contribute more damage during the fight.

  • Farming

    Walk into a lane. Powerball the casters. It'll destroy them after its level 5 and you have DFG built. Use your ult on huge creep waves.

    If you are maintaining the blue buff, (prior to getting radiuns omen), you spam your ult on any creep wave you want. It'll be ready soon enough. Don't waste it though. If powerball would be more viable, use that. You can spam your ult to farm despite the size of the creep wave. However, once you get a radiun's omen, you don't really need to farm. Leave that to carries.

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