Kayle Build Guide

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Kayle - Aggressive Support

written by C3LM3R

Kayle Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    I originally grabbed kayle since she was a low-cost, seemingly easier to use Champion to get into the game. Little did I know that I would enjoy her so much and find myself defaulting back to her frequently. What I'm going to do here is show you how kayle is easily one of the most aggressive support characters. Notice I left out tank, and that's for a reason. *This* guide is not about a tank kayle, but using her abilities to net your team a win without being in The Suck.

    [edit: 29 June 2010]

    So they finally patched kayle. About damn time, and I must say I'm happy with the results. I've played almost 100 games with kayle alone and won about 2/3 of them. Please enjoy my take on this awesome champion.

  • Masteries + Runes



    I pretty much follow a very simple rule: survive early game. That being said, we pump kayle for survivability with her masteries so that she can stay in the lane and make that cash. Because cash = items, and kayle needs those.

    3x Greater Quintessence of Fortittude.
    9x Greater Seal of Vitality
    9x Greater Mark of Insight
    9x Greater Glyph of Celerity

    The keep it as simple as possible:
    The Quints give you about 100 extra hp as a buffer for early game.
    The Seals have the best hp gain of runes which eventually build up to another 100 hp. ie: helping you survive
    The Marks make all your spells hit harder.
    The Glyphs reduce your cd so that with a Nashor's Tooth you've peaked your cd and can spam Righteous Fury

  • Abilities

    Holy Fervor
    THANK GOD this got revamped.
    "30% of Kayle's attack damage is added to her ability power and 15% of Kayle's ability power is added to her attack damage"
    This is an all around good ability that lets Kayle be a versatile damage dealer. I love it.

    Reckoning got a bit of a nerf in terms of pure damage, however it now buffs kayle attack damage against a target she hits with it by 8/10/12/14/16%. It's how you should initiate every fight.

    Divine Blessing
    Divine blessing got buffed enough that it is now a fairly decent heal. And the new higher MoveSpeed (MS) bonus at the cost of its duration is fine by me. Great at catching fleeing Champs, or helping allies get away + health.

    Righteous Fury
    I love righteous fury now. It's damage buff is entirely inconsequential, but reducing the cooldown enough that with 40% CD reduction, she can FINALLY effectively have this bad boy on all the time. This actually lets her clear creep waves and defend towers.

    About damn time. :D

    *Note on Righteous Fury: This is also a good spell for taking down turrets even if it's 1-2 hits at a time. Early game, the moment you see turret targeting your creeps, pop the spell and start whacking away at it. The extra magic damage is significantly adding on to the damage Kayle does against a turrets armor. Be advised though, if a champ is next to a turret, the damage WILL splash onto them and the turret will target you. In that case, whack the tower and pull back, hit the creeps once or twice and then go back in for another whack in on the turret. This is another good way to harass Champs hugging the turret because when they see the turret about to attack you, they generally dive in for a hit. You have enough time to pull back, hit them once or twice and send them back to the turret before giving it another whack too.
    I should also mention, when you start doing this you DAMN well better be paying attention to Misses and your minimap because someone will be coming to try and kill you. After doing this for one or two creep waves is the best time to bluepill back to base and buy crap before teleporting back to lane (if you grab it like I do), since you'll pretty much want to avoid the incoming gank.

    THIS is why your team will love you. Offensively and defensively, this skill will save lives and turn losing situations into winning ones. Its also the reason why you need to be at every team fight.

  • Skilling Order

    I love the new Righteous Fury enough that I take it at level 1. Why? It's better for laning now than reckoning.
    I know, hear me out.

    I can last hit better with Righteous Fury without putting myself in danger. Generally I can get about 3 last hits per casting.
    If I go in to do a normal last hit, and an enemy champ decides he might want to even walk towards me, I can pop Righteous Fury and give him a quick flaming sword to the face. That generally turns them around.
    When creep push towers, with Righteous Fury I can actually get a few hits in on the tower and start bringing it down without having to walk into danger territory of right next to it.
    Righteous Fury lets kayle solo lane, AND DO IT WELL. All you have to do is hit the creep next to other champs and they'll taking a little damage while you whittle down the wave.

    Now, level 2 is where you have a decision to make.
    If the other champs are pushing hard, and can harass you with their own skills, take Divine Blessing so you can maintain a lane presence.
    If you're with a good lane partner, and have done a decent job last hitting and harassing, get Reckoning so that you can definitely put the hurt on them if they get too close/make a mistake.

    At levels 3/5/7/9 Finish up the Righteous Fury so you can kill MORE things faster, and make cash.

    At level 4 take the opposite skill you took at level 2, and you now have to look at your team + the other team and see what's needed. From here out Kayle is a team player:
    If your team already has enough damage, get the healing. It'll help keep you and your teammates alive, but help with chasing and getting you to lanes faster for teamfights.
    If your team needs more damage, finish up Reckoning and lay down some divine whuppins.

    And like it has to be said, get Intervention at 6/11/16

  • Unique Skills

    I'm gonna use this section as kind for a guide to Early Game With Kayle.

    Kayle is a good mid character, and the reason is that she counters most other mid enemies. I say this in the fashion that most teams have their high damage champs go mid so they can hit six and help gank champs. Kayle's ultimate is the ANTI-burst damage ability. Most mids get their FB on mid through some decent harassing, and then surprise burst damage. Kayle can heal away the first part, and straight negate the second. Not to mention, her heal gives +MS, meaning she gets to side lanes faster. And while mid, like I've said with Righteous Fury, she can still get in her last hits, and push creeps. Reckoning is also very useful for some burst damage in its own right. A quick Reckoning followed with one or two Righteous Fury's to the face will knock about 1/4 - 1/3 of most champs health off. You do that one or two times, and any champ laning against you will quickly retreat if they see you move forward into the creep wave and puts them close to Reckoning range.
    I typically use this as mind games with staying back a bit until I see a creeps health get down to last hit range. Then I move in a bit so that if my lane opponent wants that last-hit gold, he's putting himself at risk of flaming sword to the face.

    Note about Righteous Fury: Unless you plan on pushing (which I do not recommend you do until at least lvl 6), only use this spell for last hitting and NOT AUTO-ATTACKING. It can clear creep waves pretty damn fast due to its splash damage and early game you want the creeps closer to your tower instead of thiers for safety reasons. The exception to this is you're about to B to fountain for shopping. In that case, you push lane hard back to thier tower, making it detrimental for them to B at the time you do.

  • Items

    Starting items:
    Health Potion x2
    [item=meki pendant]

    The reason meki is because the mana regen will help you with spitting out those Righteous Fury, not to mention you're building to a Philosopher's Stone as your first item which is going to be useful all the way up to the point you finally sell it LATE LATE game to open up a slot for better items.
    Notes on the Health Potion- Kayle has a health regen at lvl 1 of 1.4hp/sec. She *is* kind of a tank. You can easily hover around half health and as long as you stay back and harass with Righteous Fury, be back in fine health in no time while getting in some last hits. Pop a Health Potion if you get to 1/3 health or less no matter what. If you're harassing every 8 seconds like you should, then someone should be coming to gank you to help take pressure off your lane. Make sure you have the health to survive it.

    Early game/lvl 1-6:
    Philosopher's Stone
    Boots of Speed
    *Certain Situations!
    * Chalice of Harmony

    Philosopher's Stone is a good first item for Kayle because the latent Hp regen lets you lay off Divine Blessing yourself as much which will also decently save you the mana for your more offensive spells. The additional gold won't hurt either. Also, when you finally grab your Fiendish Codex (which you should get first when building Nashor's Tooth), the mana regen from both items is all you'll need to last you through late game when you should have enough mana to not really need to worry about depleting it too much.

    *Explanation for certain situations:
    If you are solo laning, OR the other team is pushing your tower hard, and you are having a hard time maintaining your lane presence and having to tower hug, you NEED to blue pill back to the fountain and grab a Chalice of Harmony. There have been more than a few games where I have held 2 people off a tower because I could squeeze out enough mana every creep wave for a Righteous Fury + Divine Blessing which nullifies the wave + harass. Also, it'll stay relevant most of the game.

    Mid game/Lvl 7-11:
    Guinsoo's Rageblade
    Fiendish Codex
    Sorcerer's Shoes

    With Kayle's new passive, and my preference for Righteous Fury, Guinsoo's Rageblade just makes sense for her. It's also relatively cheap making it a good first item for the amount of damage you can pull out of it.
    I've started always taking Sorcerer's Shoes since I base my build off Righteous Fury and with those two, towers/champs can come down pretty quick.
    The reason why I don't get Mercury's Treads with kayle is I don't think she needs them. With Righteous Fury she's hanging back in the fight so it's not like she can exactly be targeted first by many spells, and I take Cleanse for a reason.

    Late game/lvl 12+:
    Nashor's Tooth
    Lich Bane
    * Banshee's Veil

    You want to get Nashor's Tooth next to give you AtkSpd, AP, and the nice 25% cd reduction. Though she's generally only rocking 3 items up to this point, Kayle is a HUGE force to be reckoned with in team fights.
    Once those core three are out of the way, I start working towards a Lich Bane because I've tested and found it works well on her. Between her skills, you're utilizing its ability about as much as you can since every fight you should have at least 1 skill ready every 3 seconds.
    *if you feel you need the survivability, get it. I *rarely* do.

  • Working in the team

    If you notice, this is called *aggressive* support kayle. That means play aggressive. Righteous Fury to harass, last hit, and clear creep waves. Intervention where it's needed.

    A couple of tips on actually working in the team with kayle.
    -She takes time to learn to use properly. That sounds dumb since she seems straight forward, but learning when and on whom to use her skills is important. Intervention on the wrong teammate, or at the wrong time can lose a team battle. Yes, you may saved 1 person, but lost 3 others because someone else who would've been better alive isn't. In the military it's called Combat Triage, and you need to learn to decide who lives and dies with the resources you got.
    -Always be attacking the clusterfuck during team fights with Righteous Fury so as many people feel the pain as possible
    -Don't use Intervention if a Divine Blessing would suffice. Conversely, don't be shy with Interventions either.
    -You can hold off using Intervention for a few seconds into a team fight. Take the time to assess who needs it and how the fight is going. Use it properly, but not sparingly.
    -You have support abilities! Stay in the fight! When you have max cd on your abilities, that's a heal every six seconds, and a slow every 5. Don't bail on your teammates because you have key abilities that can literally save their asses. Keep your ass in the fight and be aggressive.

  • Summoner Abilities


    Cleanse- This is gonna keep you free from those stuns/slows which would stop you from helping your team.
    Teleport- Now that kayle can effectively stop pushes, teleport is invaluable on her. Get to where you're needed, or TP to massive creep waves so you can wipe them out and make some cash.

  • Pros / Cons

    Can turn battles.
    The enemy ALWAYS has to take you into consideration during a team fight.
    Saves teammates.
    Get people to lanes faster.
    etc etc.

    low mana regen early game... And that's about it.

  • Summary

    Kayle is my favorite hero and the fact that she was buffed to be a pretty damn useful pick made me love her even more. Thank you Riot for heeding your fans' advice and reworking her.

  • Special Thanks

    I originally read I_am_the_walrus's kayle guide (AP Kayle, the saver of asses) here for my first inspiration on how to play her, and used it as a stepping stone for my own guide and play style with her. Shout out to him.

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