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Irelia - God Queen of the Jungle

written by Nevermore VII

Irelia Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Writer's Note: I am sorry to say that I will be taking a break from LoL for awhile. I think everyone can agree that frustrations can run pretty high in this game (especially when you Solo Queue only). I know there were a lot of updates in the latest patch, but I won't be going into that. I'm sure I'll come back eventually, but know that as of patch V1.0.0.106, this guide is NOT UP TO DATE.

    Thank you for all of your comments and for reading and especially votes! Feel free to keep them coming, as I'll probably come back once a week or so to reply to some commentaries, thank you! Happy Holidays!

    Errr, *ahem*. Ignore the opening phrase if the commentary is lost on you. Welcome! This is my first guide on Leaguecraft and with it, I intend to focus on a different aspect of Irelia than what I see most people playing; Jungle Irelia. Lately I am sure a lot of us have seen some very, very bad Lanerelia's (as I like to call them) and probably an equal (or perhaps even a greater amount) of bad Jungle Irelia's. Hopefully if you are one of those people who have been unsuccessful trying out Jungle Irelia, these few quick tips will help you stop sucking so much and your team will learn to appreciate what an awesome contribution Irelia is to the team.

    Irelia is one of the very, very few champions who can solo Baron Nashor. Not at Level 18, no, not even at Level 16, but at Level 14. With 3 simple items and a potion. I've pulled this off multiple times at level 14 and with the perfect runes, you might even be able to do it as early as Level 12 or 13.

    With my limited experience since her release, I have never been forced into laning with Irelia (people never fight me for jungle) and as such, I won't cover that part of her in this guide. This guide will be focusing on Jungling and lightly touch on ganking side-lanes and other Junglers. Also, I will add a few observations in regards to her skills as well.

    There is a decent possibility that I will add my own item builds for a Lanerelia (after consistent wins and good KDA with a specific setup). ----- Added (:

    Disclaimer: Irelia CAN be built A LOT of different ways. They said this in the spotlight and mentioned a few builds that they thought 'were fun' to play on her. This isn't the only way to build Irelia obviously, but it is a very strong way to build Jungle Irelia. If you find another effective Jungle Path or Jungle Build for Irelia, be sure to let me know! I'll be happy to give you credit and post your findings/links/etc., here.

    Also, I'm not high-ELO and I think ranked games are garbage. This is meant to be a low-mid ELO guide to Jungle Irelia. I have played about 45+ games with her, however (obviously increasing since I don't update this every day) and have fought against other Irelia's and made notes about their effectiveness and weaknesses. I also jungle with her about 85% of the time, so I may not be the best player out there, but I know I'm a pretty solid Irelia player. That being said, read on if you'd like to learn how to play her "effectively". (:

  • Updates

    12-17 - No commentary or real changes with the new patch, I won't be going into that. Added "Black Cleaver" as an item for Lanerelia, added a small hypothetical build section (which I may never get around to) and updated the offensive mastery tree, also some tips on jungling vs Akali!

    12-10 - Fixed some typos. Also took out some sections I know I'm probably never going to get around to, sorry xD. Also added a few short tips on other champions I have encountered in the jungle.

    12-07 - Added SotD as part of a late game Jungle item (still working on improving the jungle map xD)...

    11-28 - Fixed some misinformation in the guide about certain items (SotD).

    11-27 - Added some tips to, "Enemy Junglers" section. Added some videos to the Jungling section so you can see my path and how to solo Baron.

    11-22 - Added, "Viability of Jungle Baron Build" and misc notes. Lost some of my data when Leaguecraft reset my guide to an earlier version... will have to go through and try to remember what was changed -_-. Fixed some sections and added "A Quick Look at Jungle Irelia".

    11-17 - Updated my Mastery Tree to include an Offensive version via Mastery Builders. Updated to include a Skill Builder. Updated with a few comments on AP/AD hybrid builds (basically DON'T DO IT!).

  • A Quick Look at Jungle Irelia

    I don't believe in "quickie builds" to be honest. However, I do believe in forgetfulness. So in case you forgot how you build your favorite Jungle Goddess, here is how!:

    Note: This is MY build for Jungle Irelia. Not the "standard", the one I prefer.

    Masteries: 1/19/10

    Runes: x2x7x9x9x3


    1) Madred's Razors OR Wriggle's Lantern.

    2) Berserker's Greaves OR Mercury's Treads.

    3) Sword of the Divine.

    4) [item=Madred's Bloodrazor] (ignore if you build the Lantern).

    5) [item=Stark's Fervor] OR Swap with #6.

    6) Phage OR Swap with # 5.

    For Early Baron:

    1) Wriggle's Lantern.

    2) Berserker's Greaves

    3) [item=Stark's Fervor]

    4) [item=Elixir of Agility] & Elixir of Fortitude

    Throw in a: Phage/ Frozen Mallet or a Sword of the Divine. Depending on gold allowance and if you want more HP/Chasing Ability or more overall damage/tower killing.

  • Abilities

    Ionian Fervor
    Self-explanatory passive. This is one of the reasons you can get away with not purchasing Merc Treads as a Jungler. More on this later.

    A nice little gold farming ability with decent damage that also allows you to close the distance between you and your target. However, it can be VERY mana intensive to use repeatedly without some sort of mana regen item or buff. So as a jungler, keep use of this to a minimum unless you have golem active.

    NOTE: You'd like to think that Bladesurge is a lot like Akali's Shadow Dance, but with a smaller range. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG... AND WRONG. This ability (whether it is working as intended or is a bug) WILL NOT go through terrain (some say it has, I've YET to see it happen) unlike Akali's Shadow Dance (which DOES go through terrain, which makes it an AMAZING ability). For example, if you are in the Baron area and you have a ward or somehow have line of sight to the jungle near you and you see an enemy outside of the arena, you CANNOT Bladesurge up to the enemy and start killing them. Same goes for dragon and same goes for attempting to Bladesurge through corner walls. In my opinion, this hurts Irelia a lot more than people might realize. But keep in mind you SHOULD NOT blow your Bladesurge cooldown if you're attempting to catch up to someone through terrain. Yes, it WILL apply your damage but you will stay in the spot that you Bladesurge'd from. Save your Bladesurge for when you know there won't be interference from terrain. Also be careful, because if you time it wrong and the enemy turns that corner at the perfect time, you'll still miss (the teleport, but you'll still do damage). Please lobby for a fix on this (:

    Hiten Style
    Ahhh, what essentially allows us to solo Baron. I won't bother singing too much more praise to this amazing ability, because it whispers, "Hello Irelia, I allow you to solo Baron at Level 14," all on it's own. And it says so in a very seductive and dangerous tone of voice I might add. Damn sexy, *cue debonair grin*.

    Equilibrium Strike
    Keep in mind, it says, "If the target has a higher health % than Irelia, she stuns the target for the duration instead,". That's a lie from what I've noticed and it could be a bug. If you AND the target both have the equivalent amount of health (IE 100% hp), then it WILL proc the stun. This is what I have noticed in the all the Jungle-testing I've been doing against bots and mobs. It is hard to verify in actual games because let's face it... no one is going to let you waltz up to them and ES them.

    Update: ES WILL proc the stun against targets with equivalent health %, not just a higher %.

    Transcendent Blades
    A little difficult to use at first, but immensely helpful. Also keep in mind that sometimes if you're dying, but you haven't really farmed enough gold to make it worth the while to go back to the Nexus, pop this baby and shoot your swords in a straight line at incoming rows of minions. You'll be back to full HP in no time with this and your Lifesteal items. Also very helpful during Solo Baron run.

    Note: Your Ultimate is all sorts of FUBAR atm. Sometimes you'll leave behind pretty glowing golden orbs for everyone to stare at and wonder, 'what the hell is that?' and you'll blink out of existence and appear sometimes in the same spot, sometimes further away or sometimes closer to your target. This is just something to keep in mind and not get freaked about if it happens to you. It's a known issue. (Only happens maybe 10% of the time to me, maybe 15%).

  • Runes & Masteries


    My personal preference for Jungle Irelia runes are as follows:

    Greater Mark of Desolation x7
    Greater Mark of Alacrity x2
    Greater Seal of Evasion x9 OR Greater Seal of Fortitude x9
    OR Greater Seal of Defense x9 OR Greater Seal of Alacrity x9
    OR Flat Armor Seals work too if you want a stronger early Jungle game.
    Greater Glyph of Alacrity x9
    Greater Quintessence of Desolation x3

    What I Am Probably Hearing:

    "Whaaaaat?!/Why the hell would you choose these runes?!/Are you a total fr00b?!" Alright, alright... let me explain. Everyone knows the Dragon has 21 base armor and with these runes you will have a total of 21.61 Armor Penetration, which is exactly how much you need to do full damage to him.

    "You're a n00b, Hiten Style gives you health PER swing, NOT a % of your total damage!" Yes, that is a very good argument. But without some ArPen, you're not going to do any threatening damage to anyone without some ArPen AND there is no way in hell you're soloing Baron at Level 14'ish without a decent amount of ArPen either(who has 120 Armor by the way).

    With Wriggle's Lantern and [item=Stark's Fervor] you will be returning 34% of whatever damage penetrates back to you in health AND every swing you will gain 26 health. This is pretty much the ONLY reason you can solo Baron so easily.

    Yes, you need it; so shut up and take it. The runes... that is. *Ahem*. Now the Seals are where personal flair come in. You can pick whatever you want. I can definitely see why people would want Alacrity Seals; More AS = More Hiten Style = More Health, duh. But simultaneously, unless you grab a few survival items, Irelia can be pretty damn squishy and that is where the armor/health/dodge come in. Personally I play in the Defensive tree with [mastery_text=nimbleness], so I'm fond of my dodge runes. Because that is what usually will mean death or live against a fed melee carry and may just let you get away with your killing spree intact.

    For the love of all that is unholy, don't take dodge runes if you see the team is heavy AP and lacking in Auto-Attacks. If you decide you like Dodge runes as much as I do, you should always have TWO rune pages ready in the eventuality that they have too little Auto-attacks on their team or an abundance of it. Build your defenses according to your enemies strengths to counter-act them and you will be a long-lasting thorn in their side - A very deadly, poisonous and sexy thorn, I might add.

    But in the end, Seals are just whatever suits your personal taste or what you have available. Not everyone is going to spend 7380 IP on AS Glyph/Seal runes.


    Okay, okay, I get it. We all started from the bottom and sometimes you just want to have fun with a champion without having to invest upwards of 11,000 IP to make them amazing. I've had some moderate success with Greater Quintessence of Fortitude and Glyph of Shielding too. If you feel you really need it, you could always throw some of your scaling mana regen runes in there as well. But since you're jungling, you should ALWAYS have golem and shouldn't really need them much.

    If you don't have ANY of these runes you have two choices:
    1) Don't play Irelia until you get some more IP to invest in her.
    2) Play Irelia and be sub-par at it (which you could do). Although given all the different rune options you have, you should be able to make something work, especially since there is a "NO AS Runes" section in this guide too to help you out. (:


    Defensive Jungle Masteries

    This focuses on giving you a bit more HP/Armor/Magic Resist for Jungling. It still works quite effectively and I didn't notice it slowing me down very much either. Solo Baron approved. You can also take the 1/19/10 Build and get that 1 extra point to max out your [mastery_text=Utility Mastery].

    The important things are:

    Improved Smite (Plentiful Bounty) - (Offense) A must. No questions asked.

    [mastery=Defensive Mastery] - (Defense) Will help minimize damage you will be taking during Jungle/Baron (slightly) and also aggro'ing minions (happens often).

    [mastery=Veteran's Scars] - (Defense) You don't have any HP Quints, so the extra HP helps a lot no matter which way you spin it.

    [mastery=Ardor] - (Defense) +2% AS and AP. I'm not entirely sure I like this yet, but I know it works and I'll think of some other ideas later on after some more test jungle runs.

    Offensive Jungle Masteries

    Note: I'm starting to see now that my Offensive Mastery build isn't quite as effective as my other mastery build. Also, if you don't have dodge seals, I'm not entirely sure it is worthwhile to take nimbleness (up to you). However, I do have them and I definitely prefer them. But I also realize that the Offensive build needs more work and more tweaking, so when I've used this build I've had 'good' results, but never 'great' results. Just keep that in mind if you decide to try this out. Also, if you find an alternate Mastery build that is pretty different from my current favorite (1/19/10), then let me know how things went! I'll be more than happy to give you credit and try it out for myself! (:

    Your typical 21/0/9 Offensive/Utility Jungle Mastery Tree works pretty well too. Also managed to solo Baron at Level 14 with typical item build and even without the extra AS from Berserker's Greaves (taking [text_write=Mercury Treads] instead). I didn't notice a significant speed increase or decrease in Jungle performance or ganking potential (a slight decrease in survivability, obviously), but I'll have to do some more Jungle runs with this tree before the final verdict.

    If you'd like, you can also swap out the point in Havoc for another point in [mastery_text=Utility Mastery], giving you a 20/0/10 build.

    Note #1: I've seen some people go down the Offensive Tree and grab [mastery_text=Archaic Knowledge]. I'm not sold on this to be honest. With jungling you're focusing on your AS and ArPen already. You don't need to strain your stats and gimp yourself trying to get some MPen too. Yes, 50% of your abilities gain a benefit from MPen, but not the ones we care about. Those are Transcendent Blades (deals Magic Damage, BUT scales off the HIGHER value between your AD (.6 per) and AP (.4 per)) and Equilibrium Strike (1 per 1).

    Note #2: I've decided on one thing: If you're already going down this tree AND plan to build the SotD AND Madred's, go ahead and take [mastery_text=Archaic Knowledge]. Both of those items deal magical damage based on your AS, so it seems like it could definitely help. For 1 point, I think you need all the help you can get and in combination with those two items, it sounds like a great idea to me. However, I wouldn't go out of my way for it if you're not already in the Offensive tree... and unless I try this out and have some spectacular results, I still prefer my good ol' 1/19/10 build (:

    Regardless, DO NOT EVER build hybrid with Irelia. Her ultimate says "OR", meaning the HIGHER value between your AD/AP, NOT combined. Don't gimp yourself doing this. You basically suffer from Katarina syndrome. Focus one or the other (only in our case, it is much more effective to focus AD; imho).

    Masteries Note: I've used these masteries before and they work very well. However, I prefer the 1/19/10 mastery build, it simply suits my playstyle and has given me the best results thus far.

  • Items & Tips

    Alright, here is where we get to the bread & butter of jungling.

    Standard Jungle Items

    Cloth Armor
    Health Potion x5

    If you have at least Greater Mark of Alacrity x2 and Greater Glyph of Alacrity x9, you can attempt to do the standard jungle item build. This will allow you to get Madred's Razors much earlier on. If you even went so far as to add the Greater Seal of Alacrity then I would recommend this build 100%.

    Alternate Jungle Items for Low/Medium AS Rune Books
    [item=Elixir of Agility] x1
    Health Potion x5

    An alternative solution I have had great success with is [item_text=Elixir of Agility] and Health Potion x5. If you don't have a lot of AS runes, the AS from the Elixir will be a tremendous help and will also make you more deadly than the enemy jungler, should you run into them (results may vary depending on enemy champion). You'll remain at about 15-35% health for your first Jungle run through (the longer you stay and the less AS runes you have, the less HP you will have due to extensive jungling), but you'll need an extra 300gp to buy your Madred's Razors. One option you have if you find you haven't farmed enough gold to purchase it, is to lane with top for a bit (which SHOULD be the 2v1 lane) and let them know you need to farm "X gp" before you can go back to Nexus. You should have at least 1 level in Bladesurge by then, so go ahead and start last hitting like crazy. DO NOT stay in the lane longer than what is absolutely necessary. Your solo lane player needs the XP, you just need the gold to buy Madred's Razors. So get in, get out and don't sponge their XP.

    IF you decide to lane for a little extra gold, for the love of all that is unholy, DO NOT die in your lane with all of those buffs and give them to the enemy. If you think you are too low on health to assist in the lane or try to get last hits for extra gold, do yourself a favor and just go back short-changed. It is better than giving the enemy free XP/Gold and double buffs.

    It is much better to have a slightly slower jungle time than to have a 2v1 lane with the enemy having double buffs, trust me.


    Items Necessary to Solo Baron

    By Level 14, you SHOULD already have these items and probably working on your fourth. If not, you're doing it wrong. Very, very wrong.

    1) Wriggle's Lantern - This should be your first item. You need the amazing lifesteal and the 20% chance to do burst monster damage. You will also be using this item to ward the river to warn you of incoming enemy champions while you solo Baron.

    2) Berserker's Greaves - This should be your second item. If you totally loathe the idea of getting these OR if they have a crazy CC team, obviously you should NOT get these and choose Mercury's Treads instead. And by the gods if you get this item and you are not jungling, you should be shot where you stand. Also, feel free to sell these and swap boots later in the game if it starts to drag on...

    Note: Irelia's passive helps off-set CC if you decide to go with Berserker's Greaves. In addition, if I see they have an Ashe who loves to Crystal Arrow my face in all the time (which is; ALWAYS), just buy a Quicksilver Sash. I know people hate it, but if you're good about activating it, it will guarantee a kill more often than you realize. A casters FIRST instinct is to CC you the second you Bladesurge towards them (smart move). But when Morgana/Lux/Ashe blows her Binding/Ult in your face and you cleanse it... well... they're pretty much dead. Those abilities LOSE you kills, so man up and pick up the damn sash! I know, I know... it looks a little too girly on a deadly ninja. But if Carrie White can cause bloody mayhem and slaughter and do so wearing a fashionable sash, well then by the gods so can you!

    3) [item=Stark's Fervor] - This should be your third item. The amazing armor reduction, lifesteal, attack speed and HP regen all help with the Baron. You MUST have this item as it is the only item with lifesteal AND attack speed (which makes you so damn effective at jungling and ganking). Also, this and your boots are the only items you'll be getting with any AS on them. Obviously focus on completing the Recurve Bow first, you'll definitely need the AS.

    Note: If you have a Sivir wanting to build Stark's, politely (or not, I don't care) tell her 'no'. You CANNOT solo Baron at Level 14 without this item. Tell her to go rush The Bloodthirster or something >_>...

    4) [item=Elixir of Agility] - You need this to help you Solo Baron. The increased AS from it is invaluable and the crit chance certainly doesn't hurt anything.

    5) Elixir of Fortitude - This is icing on the cake, but keep in mind this is DELICIOUS icing on the cake. I've attempted to solo Baron at Level 14 with only the one elixir ([item_text=Elixir of Agility]), but the results were iffy at best. Half the time it resulted in leaving me with only 5-10% hp (too susceptible to a gank) and/or death. You need them both. So if you don't have the extra 600gp to buy the two pots, don't bother. Wait and farm up. You need that extra HP and extra damage (extra damage also means more lifesteal!).

    6) Phage - If you've been getting a lot of ganks done and farming well, you might already have a Phage (which I like to upgrade to Frozen Mallet next). But this is personal preference and goes beyond what we're really here for: Jungling and Solo Baron.

    Note: FYI, this item is NOT necessary to solo Baron. If you have it already, awesome. If not, no worries.

    Note #2: If you're getting the red buff pretty often, then in combination with Equilibrium Strike you should have enough stuns/snares to keep close to your target. If you're looking for more damage, I'd definitely suggest Sword of the Divine. Amazing item for the cost and I go over it in more detail in a different part of this guide. In short; PERFECT item for Irelia.

    To be honest, I've yet to play a game which goes beyond this build because we're either A) Winning and destroy Nexus; B) Getting dominated so Solo Baron is out of the question; C) Enemy team surrenders. When I have more late game experience with Irelia, I'll be sure to update with more item variants for late game post-Jungle.

    If you have these base items (items #1-5), you are ready to solo Baron! Go ahead and scroll down to my "Jungle & Solo Baron" section if you're ready to take him on.



    Viability of Jungle Baron Build:

    I've noticed something that really hurts this build: Ignite & Exhaust. With this build you're hoping that your lifesteal and your amazing attack speed can keep you alive when you initiate or that after you initiate and do some damage, you're able to fall back out when you notice you're being focused and that you can jump back into the battle quickly once you regenerate some health via Transcendent Blades or another means. Ignite will eat a decent chunk of your health AND most importantly, it will render your lifestealing nigh useless for the duration (5 seconds). Additionally, Exhaust will virtually shut you down. You have a few options to counter this:

    1) Take Cleanse! Oh wait, jk. Instead build Quicksilver Sash, since they nerfed Cleanse pretty badly. If you find yourself facing off against a team that relies heavily on opening CC to give them the advantage, I completely suggest you take this item. I know some people aren't fond of it, but I don't care, we've discussed this before. Also, when that incredibly annoying Mordekaiser shoots off his Ignite+Children of the Grave combo (which they ALWAYS do), one click of a button and you will have saved yourself from a LOT of DoT damage. You're a LOT stronger when your lifesteal isn't gimped and you've forced Mordekaiser to waste a 180 second CD AND his ultimate (90 second CD). Not too shabby in my opinion, especially because your Quicksilver Sash only has a 105 second CD. Obviously this would fix the Exhaust problem as well.

    2) If you notice they have 3-5 Champions that have taken Ignite, even if you take your beautiful Quicksilver Sash, you're not going to be able to cleanse all of those damn Ignite's. So another option is to alter your build so that you don't have to depend on lifesteal so much. I wouldn't recommend dropping [item_text=Stark's Fervor] (since the aura is helpful for your entire team, not just you), but I would recommend either upgrading your Madred's Razors into a [item_text=Madred's Bloodrazor] or simply keeping your Madred's Razors until you feel that you're done jungling/seriously farming and exchanging it for a different item. Also, if someone else offered to build [item_text=Stark's Fervor] on your team, if you decide you really don't want to be building it this game, that is fine, let them build it. Just be sure you hang around the person who builds it, because you obviously want that awesome aura! And makes sure SOMEONE is building it, the item is just too perfect on Irelia to miss out on.

    Note: Every time I go against a team with heavy HP stackers, I always try to build my Madred's Razors into [item_text=Madred's Bloodrazor] (as mentioned above). If you notice that they have 2 very high HP champions that you know you'll need to focus down eventually (IE stupid Mordekaiser), then you'll want to build this item, as it still gives amazing AS. It just won't let you solo Baron at Level 14 (probably). But sometimes that isn't a priority. I also have been playing around with Sword of the Divine and LOVE it. With the new increased attack speed and reduced cost, this baby is a beautiful weapon on Irelia. And let me tell you, I have torn apart other Irelia's or other high AS champions while having more times than I can count and often it has resulted in an early game triple or quadra-kill. Don't forget to activate it! You never know who is stacking Dodge on the enemy team and the extra 30 ArPen is nothing to scoff at. Personally, I'm 100% sold on this item.

    I haven't figured out how to put in those nifty item table builds yet, but I'll get to that. In the mean time, your items will be:

    1) Madred's Razors OR Wriggle's Lantern.

    2) Berserker's Greaves OR Mercury's Treads.

    3) Sword of the Divine.

    4) [item=Madred's Bloodrazor] (ignore if you build the Lantern).

    5) [item=Stark's Fervor] OR Swap with #6.

    6) Phage OR Swap with # 5.

    #5 and #6 are a matter of what you want in order of preference. If you really, really need the snares, I recommend build Phage and then move back to finishing Stark's. Phage should work fine enough, because you need that extra 1935gp (from finishing it into Frozen Hammer) to build your Stark's early. Another thing you could do is keep waiting on the Bloodrazor and build Stark's, then go back and finish it. By the time you finish Stark's (or even the Emblem of Valor), you should be able to solo Baron by Level 16 or so if the opportunity arises.

  • Skilling Order

    I'll make this really easy for you. Importance to Jungling & Why:

    1st Transcendent Blades - Learn to aim these. Practice with them a lot. If you're not good at aiming, don't shoot them off like a damn gatling gun. Go ahead and take the .25 seconds to line up a shot and actually HIT your target with them. You only get 4 shots with this ultimate and it also grants lifesteal with whatever damage you do. So make sure you hit! Also get good at 'retreating' but still firing this on the go. And NEVER open a battle with these (unless the target you are aiming for is slightly out of reach and almost dead). Trust me, you WILL want that extra HP once things get hairy in battle...

    2nd Hiten Style - Bread & Butter. Always level this as a Jungler, no matter what.

    3rd Equilibrium Strike - Secondary priority. Yes, the stun and snare is very important, but not as important as keeping your true damage strikes and life-regeneration maxed out (in my opinion). If you really want, once you hit skill level 4 with Hiten Style, you can start leveling up ES again if it fits your play style.

    4th Bladesurge - 1 point at Level 4, that is really all you need. Otherwise you're just decreasing it's cooldown and giving it a minor damage increase. Choosing to level this over ES is just silly, because ES equates to a longer snare or a longer stun. This shouldn't be a very hard decision to be honest... but if you feel that you REALLY need that tiny bit of CDR (beyond what is given to you by the Blue Buff), then go ahead and level it again somewhere around Level 12'ish. ONCE more. Going over level two with this ability is just silly...

    In the end my preference of skill order looks something like.... THIS:

  • Summoner Abilities

    Your first Summoner Spell:

    Smite You're Jungle Irelia, you need Smite. If you try to jungle without Smite, well... you should be shot. You'll fall so far behind everyone you'd be better off just laning. So this spell is a MUST.

    Second choices:

    Ghost This is my personal preference as it allows you to keep up with other people who love to use Ghost as an escape mechanic AND it allows you to travel around the Jungle early game. Keep in mind you should NEVER blow this when traveling through the jungle if there is an enemy jungler in the game as well, you may just need it to save your life and/or chase the low hp jungler and get FB (if it hasn't been gotten already). Don't EVER blow this to improve your Jungle time by 10 seconds or whatever minuscule amount it will be. You never know who will just wander off into the jungle thinking they can get a free kill on you because your Ghost is on CD. So save it for when you really need it or for ganking.

    Flash I've been considering this Summoner Spell, but I don't feel it is as useful as Ghost with a Jungler. The one thing that has been tempting though is sometimes when the enemy stumbles on to you while you are solo'ing Baron, you can Flash over the wall and escape. Although, if the enemy gets the jump on you while you ARE solo'ing Baron, shame on you. You should have had more map awareness.

    Exhaust Very tempting. If they have a Tryndamere, Yi or even a heavy auto-attack team, you should definitely take this even at the expense of Ghost.

    Ignite Nice spell. But not as a compliment to Smite of course. So no, don't take it. I've found Ghost to be a much more efficient choice.

    [spell=Fortify] Let me rephrase since apparently someone thinks that the extra 9 damage helps with jungling. When have you EVER seen a jungler take this spell and do even semi-descent in-game? Never. So you probably shouldn't take this either. When you're jungling with Irelia you need a spell that will help you catch up to enemies or evade them. This. Is. Not. One. Of. Those. Spells!

    Everything else is garbage, so don't bother. It won't help you with Jungling.

  • "Lanerelia" & Items

    This will be the area where I post my effective builds playing as "Lanerelia" (which I don't often do). So far I've come up with a few items that do wonders for me when I'm not jungling:

    A+ Items

    Sword of the Divine: I LOVE this item. It used to be really bad, but I think with the "upgrade" they gave it, it turns out to be a remarkable item on Irelia. And since now it is much more affordable, I think I take this in almost 90% of my games and do very, very well with it. The ArPen activation does not deal damage to the turret, but your every fourth attack does deal the extra 100 magic damage. Very helpful for destroying those turrets since Irelia attacks so bloody fast (:

    [item=Stark's Fervor]: Jungling or not, I think this item is AMAZING. Hiten Style regeneration on top of lifesteal and increased ArPen & AS? Yes, yes please on a silver platter.

    Phage: Phage is great item, because more often than not, when you dash into an enemy with Bladesurge, they'll spam Ghost+Flash just to get away from you. And if they don't... well, 5 seconds later they SHOULD be dead. Regardless, Phage will help you make sure that they don't get away (or that there is less of a chance that they will). If you really, really need the HP, go ahead and upgrade it to Frozen Mallet, but more often than not, I swing so fast that Phage is always proc'd on them anyway.

    Manamune: I LOVE Manamune. It gives great mana regen and increases your mana pool by a significant amount, not to mention it gives a pretty solid amount of AD too. Just make sure you buy the Tear of the Goddess component as early on as possible, so you can start building up your charges.

    [item=Madred's Bloodrazor]: I really enjoy having this item as it tears apart even tanks (honestly though, you shouldn't be focusing them unless they're one of the last people standing). However, I honestly don't tend to build it if I'm not already jungling. If I can't effectively utilize a component of an item that costs 1000g (Madred's Razors), then I just can't bring myself to buy it... but there are those who will insist on building it, so go ahead, it is still a great item, jungle or not. It's just expensive and probably not efficient to build if you're not already jungling.

    Items I'm not 100% Sold On

    Hexdrinker: It's a great item and I would love to invest the money into it, I just have my money allocated in other areas. However, if you see that 4-5 champions are dealing magic-based damage, I would say go ahead and pick this bad boy up, it can definitely be the difference between life or death or a kill and... well, no kill. It is also one of the VERY few items that give you survivability AND damage, so that makes it pretty awesome in my book.

    Hextech Gunblade: I've tried this item a few times... it's SO expensive, but also seems really great too. I like the snare+damage active on it and if I decide to build it, I don't bother building Phage/Frozen Mallet. Also, popping your Ult with this item will give INSANE HP return. You'll go from near death to full health if shot into a group of champions/minions/both. Great item, but overall I'm still undecided. If you really want to build this, start with the Bilgewater Cutlass component first.

    "You should also say that Hextech Gunblade gives you insane hp regen with Hiten Strike, since true damage is counted as magic damage (noticed that with Olaf's true damage + spell vamp skill before) which makes it a very suitable choice (imo)". -MUHn4d0 (Thanks for that awesome tip! Perhaps I'll start building this more often in my games now, it seems more and more like the heavy investment into this item might actually be paying off!)

    Note about Hextech Gunblade: I've finally decided that this item is just not enough, "bang for your buck" so to speak. Yes, it gives incredible HP return but I prefer to drop my opponents hard and fast. Yes, regenerating insane amounts of HP is kinda fun, but realistically it is just too expensive and the snare component is such a pitiful range... in the end I've decided I'm not really fond of this item and I always seem better off buying other weapons first. Something with more AS or damage or survivability. And let's be honest... AP? Bleeech.

    [item=Innervating Locket]: (ITEM HAS BEEN REMOVED, keeping this in case they re-implement it) An interesting item. It definitely makes you a LOT more beefy. If you're going to build this, don't bother building Manamune imho. It is also helpful to the team. I've only played with it once and although I enjoyed using it, I often wished I had more damage or more AS when it mattered most. However, if your team is looking pretty squishy, this is a pretty good investment.

    The Bloodthirster: I've seen a few Irelia's pick this up. I don't like it... mostly because Irelia is super squishy and if she is focused, she'll die. Fast. Some people may like this, but it is just too expensive and Irelia is just too fragile (for me).

    Sword of the Occult: Read above comment :P.

    Youmuu's Ghostblade: Decent item, amazing active. Once again though, I don't care for it. Build it if you want, because it'll make you a tower destroyer. But I find with my Sword of the Divine, I already am one. Not a bad item choice, just not one I prefer, so it is up to you.

    [item=Black Cleaver]: An awesome item and I usually like to build it on my other AD champions. However, with SotD and Madred's, we already have a pretty awesome (and somewhat) expensive balance of AD damage and AS+Magic Damage (AS plays a BIG factor in this). Which is one reason I never seem to get this very expensive, but simultaneously very awesome item. However, if you want to swap this out for another item, then go right ahead. Just keep in mind, if the enemies are stacking heavy armor, you might be better off dealing some magical AS damage instead... (hitting their weakne

    Items I Completely Hate

    (Insert all AP Items).

    Trinity Force: I don't really know where to begin with this item... I don't want crit chance, AT ALL. Crit doesn't scale with my abilities, which have such an AMAZING cooldown that they provide a massive source of damage. I definitely DO NOT want AP, take it away (we all know how I feel about AP :P)! Everything else is great, but for FOUR-THOUSAND GOLD?!?! No. No. No. I saw ONE Irelia rush this (with Berserker's Greaves) and in a 1-to-1 fight, I killed her in five quick swings. All I had was Sword of the Divine, Zerks Greaves, and Madred's Razors with my Green Elixir (about 600g less in items than she had). After that, I was 100% sold that Trinity Force is a lame item for Irelia and just too damn expensive. Btw, I had less gold invested in items because I was sitting on 1200gp of farming xD. HAAAATE this item...

    Note: Apparently some bigwigs in the LoL community have been building this on her and raping with it. I'm not sure how/why, as every Irelia I've fought against gets totally dominated by my build (which is more viable for early/mid game and gets stronger as the game goes on). However, if you really think you're the next HotShotGG or whatever, then go ahead and build this item. If it works for you, then have it. It just doesn't work for me, or more playstyle. In fact, it doesn't "work" for most of the Irelia's I slaughter that try to rush this item, either. But whatever, more free kills for me (:

    Wit's End: Someone was asking about this and I honestly haven't bothered trying this item out in a game. I'm too busy building other items xD. In theory though, since a LOT of people play mana-less champions, this item isn't nearly as effective as one would like. You see at least 1-2 champions per game that don't use mana (at least, I do), so in the end: No. Pick up a Sword of the Divine or a Hexdrinker instead. Although this item does have some nice MR on it... it just isn't worth it. SotD is CHEAPER and has 20% MORE AS on it. So get something else!

    Phantom Dancer: There are a lot of other items I prefer... but once again, "must be GOD item since bigwigs build it 8D!". If you want to build this item, go for it. It is just not for me.

    Those are all the viable items that come to mind or the ones I have seen other Irelia's use.

  • Creep Jungling & Solo Baron

    External Image

    A - Golems
    B - Wraiths
    C - Wolves
    D - Blue (Golem)
    E - Golems (Enemy's Jungle)
    F - Wraiths (Enemy's Wraiths)
    G - Red (Lizard/Enemy's Lizard)
    H1 - Red (Lizard)
    H2 - Dragon
    I - Blue (Golem/Enemy's Golem)
    J - Wolves (Enemy's Wolves)

    Note: Obviously this is if you start bottom, if you start top, that's fine. Just remember your pathway is: Golem -> Wraiths -> Wolves -> Blue -> Back to Golem -> Wraiths -> Red (if you're playing it safe and staying on your side). I'll be updating this map sometime in the near future...

    This is my typical Jungle Path with Irelia. I like to play it safe by my Golems (since you are near impossible to gank there). From start to go, this is what it looks like.

    A - If you bought a [item=Elixir of Agility], drink it only AFTER the golems spawn, this should be pretty obvious. Throw out Smite against the first golem of your choice and activate Hiten Style. Drink pots as needed throughout the Jungle. Shouldn't need me to tell you when (:

    B - Level up Equilibrium Strike, run to Wraiths. Cast ES on blue wraith, activate HS (ES will stun the blue wraith if you choose it as your opening move).

    C - Wolves, kill them. Move on.

    D - Focus down the small fries and then hack away at the big daddy. Once you're done, this is where things might change. If you're facing an enemy jungler, you can attempt to gank them in their jungle (depending on who they are and how confident you are with Irelia). If you took the Elixir, you'll stand a slightly better chance at winning. If you're *not* confident, then you'll have to think of something else (probably go for H1 or return to A after you shop or even go straight to A again, it should be up by now or very soon). I always push into the enemy jungle and see if I can't Smite Steal their Red while they are getting it or gank the enemy jungler while they are taking red (if they haven't already).

    If there is no enemy jungler, proceed to...

    E - Enemy Golems. Kill them, move on. Don't bother leaving any behind. They're worth too much XP and gold to leave.

    F - Enemy Wraiths. People LOVE to farm these little guys (especially mid players). If the enemy doesn't have a jungler, leave 1 small fry ghost behind to stall off the spawn. They'll be out a few gold pieces and XP.

    G - Steal Red from enemy team/Jungler or possible gank opportunity here. This is pretty up in the air. After, pill back, buy your Wriggle's Lantern/Madred's Razors.

    Preparing for Dragon: If you have both of your buffs, you're good to go. But realistically, as long as you have Madred's Razors you should be able to do this even at level 4, provided no one comes to gank you. In addition, if you feel the need you can wait on killing the Dragon and from Nexus, go A -> B -> H1 (if needed, or if your Red is still up) -> H2 (Dragon)/"I" (Golem, if you really need to replenish your blue buff).


    H1 - If you managed to steal Enemy Red Lizard, don't bother with this, save it for later. If it was gone, then you're going to need to take this now before you jump the Dragon.

    H2 - The Dragon. WATCH THE DAMN MAP. If you move towards the dragon and you see enemies walking up towards you, ABANDON IT. Otherwise go ahead and take it. As long as you have at least Madred's Razors, you'll take him down without breaking a sweat. If your golem buff is starting to wear out because you dilly dallied too much, then take "I" before moving to Dragon.

    I - Enemy Golem. Take this before Dragon if you need it. If not, mop up dragon and replenish your blue buff.

    J - Stop with "I" or if you really want to, kill 2 wolves here and leave behind a small fry.

    Note: If at ANY time you notice top (2v1) lane being pushed incredibly hard or abandoned (due to some moron giving FB or pilling back too early for being too damn aggressive), take over. You can still farm last hits really well with Bladesurge and the 2v1 XP is the equivalent (or better) than Jungle XP. Afterwards, return to jungling.

    If you got near-ganked or ganked at "H2" (Dragon), you might want to consider buying a Vision Ward, destroying their ward and coming back for Dragon a few minutes later. It is YOUR JOB as a Jungler, to provide global XP/Gold whenever dragon is up. It is also your job to pay attention to jerks who love to ward your jungle and gank you later when you try to steal their buff. So learn to watch your minimap, A LOT. Use that god-given peripheral vision of yours.

    Since people really seemed to want one, here is a video showing my jungle path (SAFE). Meaning you won't be going into the enemy jungle because you're unsure if you can effectively gank the enemy jungler (Usually a Warwick or a Shaco). I also did this because most people watching this video will probably be new to Irelia and want to stick to their own Jungle. That's fine, practice with her a bit before you get aggressive. Also, it isn't very often that both teams won't have at least 1 jungler. It happens, definitely, but more often than not you'll be facing off against someone. However, it is MUCH more effective to utilize both sides of the jungle if you are the only person jungling on either team.

    Note: I did this in practice simply because I'm showing my jungle path.

    Z - The Baron. If you're Level 14'ish, have items #1-5 AND Golem buff (you need the CDR and mana regen), you're ready to go. If you can grab Lizard buff definitely get it. It'll make things go smoother, but isn't a necessity. If you're playing against experienced players (or in a pre-made), assume they have it warded. Sometimes they won't since they think no one can take Baron this early, but you can prove them wrong. However, if they are a premade or you noticed one moron ruining your fun (possibly from a near-gank at dragon earlier in the game), bring a Vision Ward.

    Place your Wriggle's Lantern ward at "W1" and watch for enemy inc. Place your Vision Ward in the general area in front of Baron (where people normally ward him). Now 3 things can happen: 1) No ward, you're good to go. 2) Warded. Kill the ward and run away, come back for him in a few minutes. 3) Warded, kill the ward, wait to see if enemies move from their lanes. If not, go ahead and solo Baron.

    There are a few things you HAVE to do before you can solo Baron. It isn't as easy as just walking up and killing him. Yes, you can do it, that's great. You need to be able to do it and NOT get ganked and NOT give the enemy team the chance to kill Baron when you've done 80% of the work. If you fail in this and the enemy team mops up the Baron, MOST OF THE TIME it will result in a push that will destroy 2-3 towers or more and a devastating blow to your team that you will be hard pressed to recover from. So, I've decided to give you a check list, here it is (but first, a short video).

    A video of Solo Baron at Level 14. Note, I have an extra 1100gp sitting on me to show that as long as you're farming efficiently, focusing on getting ALL last hits on minions (with Irelia, there is NO REASON for you to not last hit EVERY minion via Bladesurge and Transcendent Blades) you should have enough gold to buy your base solo baron build by Level 14 or 15 the latest.

    The Solo Baron Checklist

    (If your team recently managed to get a triple/quadra/pentakill, then this would be the BEST time to go Baron. If your lanes are too far pushed back to push for a turret, go ahead and start killing him. As long as you're high enough level and have your elixirs, you should have enough time. And if even ONE person helps, it should cut down the time it takes to kill him in half).

    1. Are you level 14'ish, have your main items, buffs, elixirs and ready to show Baron wtf is the big woman in the house and make the enemy team scream WTF?!?!?! when your entire team suddenly gets a giant blue, swirling buff around them and rapes the enemy team? Yes, yes, and hell yes.

    2. Is there an enemy Jungler with Smite? No. Proceed. Yes. That dumb somaofabitch might just be waiting to Smite your baron and steal the buff for his own team! So you need to make sure he isn't around to steal your glory/gank you and "LOLOLOL I SO COOL!" you to death, because he will. No, no. He is bottom lane trying to failgank my team. Okay, proceed.

    3. Is EVERYONE accounted for? The last thing you need is some random douche jumping you, killing you and finish soloing the Baron. Yeah, pretty much. Okay, proceed.

    4. Did you tell your team you are going to solo baron and that they need to 'fake push' to cause a distraction so the enemy team doesn't know wtf is going on before it is too late? Yeah, of course! ... well, no... I was going to surprise them with my amazing feat and grin as they showered me with praise and songs of glory! 8D An admirable notion, but one that is not acceptable in this case. Okay, okay... I told them and they are creating a distraction-_-... Excellent. They'll still be impressed once you're finished anyways, proceed (:

    5. Did you place your Vision Ward in the general vicinity of the Baron to check for enemy wards? Yes/No, but I'm the gambling type and I didn't have an extra 150gp because I'm a cheap bastard. Okay/Proceed at your own risk...

    6. How is the baron solo going? Looks clear! Enemy team has no idea what is going on and probably assume I am skulking in the jungle waiting to gank them once they engage! Kek, kek, kek. Good. DO NOT blow your ultimate at the beginning of the battle. Your ultimate will return 20% of damage dealt x4 to you, which will help you negate some of the increasing damage the Baron does as the battle persists. Only use it when you're actually damaged and can benefit from the lifesteal. Got it!

    7. Is the Baron dead?! HELL YES! Level 14 Solo Baron!!! That was AMAZING! OMFG AWESOME 8D 8D xD!!! My team is going to totally rape them now! ^_^!!! Great! Now go push and show no mercy to the infidels :P.

    In the odd eventuality that you answered "No".... ...WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?! I gave you an equation that is COMPLETELY FOOLPROOF! Ugh... you OBVIOUSLY were using some sort of weird rune/mastery setups, because there is no way you should have failed this!

    In case you really did fail, question where you went wrong. Was Smite up? Are you SURE you drank your pots? How are your masteries/runes built? If you're struggling, try again at level 15 or 16 and you might have better luck. Sometimes one level really does make all the difference.

    Make sure you're trying this first in a practice game though... spare yourself the humiliation and long death-time beforehand.

  • Jungle Build Effectiveness (WIP)

    This section was deleted thanks to the guide reset... I'll be working on getting this section fixed sometime soon...

    Jungle Irelia with NO AS Runes:

    Yes, this is possible and for all of those people who don't want to spend their IP on AS Runes, this should be perfect for you.

    Mastery: 1/19/10

    Runes: Greater Mark of Desolation x9, Greater Seal of Evasion x9, Greater Glyph of Shielding x9 OR Greater Glyph of Clarity, Greater Quintessence of Desolation x3.

    Note: I like Dodge runes, but not everyone has those either. If you don't, you need some kind of Seal that I mentioned before. Whether that be flat armor, scaling armor, etc., etc.. I'm not entirely sure how effective something beyond Dodge runes would be, but I think it would show somewhat similar results. I've been told flat armor seals work very well (as with any jungler) so those are an obvious, solid choice.

    Use the, "Alternate Jungle Items for Low/Medium AS Rune Books".

    Notes: After doing the "safe" jungle route (A-D, A, H1, B, C) you're left with about 800gp. That's 200gp short for the much needed Madred's Razors. After killing the wolves the second time (C), go to the top lane and help out for a little bit. REMEMBER, you just need the gp, not the XP. So in and out. Try to use Smite against a Siege Minion when it is wounded, since that'll give you the killing blow and the extra +5gp from Smite. Once you have roughly 1000gp, pill back and build your Madred's. Afterwards, I went A -> B -> H2 (Dragon). At this point, I was level 6 and downed the Dragon around 7:50min into the game. This is a little slower than we'd like, but considering the circumstances (down 300gp for the elixir to make up for no AS and using no AS runes), I think this is acceptable. Only problem I really see is that if the enemy has a decent jungler, they're not going to wait until level 6 to take the Dragon (unless they are too busy ganking). If you have a competent group, you should probably ask bottom lane to buy a ward for the dragon.

    More results pending...

  • Enemy Junglers - The Tough, the Deadly and the Downright Pathetic (Work in Progress)

    This section will be coming soon. I'll be playing against friends and foes alike to discover just how well Irelia can stand up to an enemy jungler in different situations. Obviously someone like a full HP Warwick running out of the bushes at you in your jungle can be pretty damn scary. So you're at 75% hp, do you run or take him on? That is the sort of stuff you'll be reading about in this section. And well... if you happen to stumble upon a Jungle Rammus with half HP, just laugh. Because you're about to get free XP+Gold. (:

    Warwick - He will eat you alive and often in your own Jungle. By far the most annoying and frustrating person to jungle against (and you will see him often). Make sure you don't let him take Dragon, as he'll be ready for it at about Level 3 or 4. If you're going against Warwick in the jungle, make sure you tell your team that you might need assistance if he comes to gank you (which WILL happen unless their Warwick sucks or is very timid). You'll need to save up for some wards (if you can) and place them near key points that lead into your jungle (easy to do if you upgrade to Wriggle's Lantern. Also be sure to not let yourself get too low on HP (which can happen easily if you stay too long in the jungle without going back) as this leaves you open to a VERY easy and inescapable gank opportunity, as Warwick has amazing pursuit abilities.

    Amumu - Very early on in the jungle, Amumu isn't very dangerous at all. If you're confident in your abilities and have Lizard (or plan on taking his) you should be able to keep him snared long enough to kill him. He really shouldn't be a problem for you until Level 6, but you also need to keep yourself at least 75% hp before you engage (unless he is weakened), because Despair can drain your hp quite a bit. Good thing we have a built in lifesteal to counter-act it, eh?

    Shaco - Shaco's tend to be aggressive (mostly; depends on confidence of other player) and can easily get away from a gank, so don't bother wandering into their jungle to gank them (imo), just stay on your side and do your best to level quickly and gank side lanes as needed. Also you need to make sure that you're taking the Dragon when you can, because he can do it as early as you can. More on this later...

    Rammus - Usually Rammus isn't a threat at all and as long as you maneuver yourself INTO his powerball, you should be able to gank him in his own jungle. If not, at least you've forced him to retreat and waste his time, making you further ahead in levels. Just be careful. If you see players leaving their lanes, it means they are probably coming to hunt you down (;

    Xin Zhao - Never encountered in jungle yet.

    Udyr - Never encountered in jungle yet.

    Olaf - Never encountered in jungle yet.

    Gragas - Never encountered in jungle yet.

    Master Yi - Never encountered in jungle yet.

    Jax - Never encountered in jungle yet.

    Nunu - Never encountered in jungle yet.

    Shen - Shen is a good jungler. He usually can stay at high/maximum live while slicing through the minions. Walls everywere, he can easily escape with shadow dash. Most likely you won't be able to gank him. However, he is very slow in the jungle. Since he's a tank, Madred's is something he wont get. So timing a smite to steal is easy, as long as he doesn't smite the creeps down himself. Counter-jungling will slow him down, and there isn't much he can do about it. Remember he is a Ninja, so he will never, NEVER be out of mana. And he is a great counter-ganker with his ultimate. Keep that in mind when ganking.

    My jungle Shen way: golem, straight though everything to golems, gank/enemy blue. Repeat.
    My lowest dragon level was 7, Shen's dps output is very low and it takes him forever.
    (Which means that if you see someone leaving bottom lane, that means they are probably going to go help Shen kill Dragon, so make sure you stop them).

    Thanks to 11monkeys for this!!

    Akali - Thank you to ryokuichigara for this! Akali, at her core, is very item-dependent. This leads to her being a pathetic counter-jungler during the early stages of the game. Furthermore, unless her boots are higher stage or she's reached Level 6, she has virtually no ability to chase. Also, since it's useless while in the jungle, many Akali junglers rarely have their Twilight Shroud (and if they do they have sacrificed performance for it).

    However, be very wary of wards in your jungle. While Akali players aren't the type to roam your jungle looking for you during their early game, they can deal sizable burst damage with a relatively low cooldown as early as Level 3. A Low HP jungler under the view of a ward can mean devastation. As long as you're high on HP, counter-jungling is perfectly viable until she reaches Level 6.

    More coming...

  • New+Silly Builds, Thoughts & Outcomes

    One day... I would like to try out an AP/AS Irelia that focuses on lots of MPen so that SotD and Madred's do MASSIVE damage. I'm not sure how great this build would be, but I am thinking about giving it a try. Just not anytime soon, maybe after my hiatus (;

    For others who want to maybe try it out:

    MPen Marks, HP/lvl Seals or Dodge Seals or AS Seals, AS Glyphs, AS Quints or HP Quints. (Or maybe even some CDR somewhere in there? Hmm...)

    Items: Focus on SotD, Sorc Shoes maybe, Madred's... other items that deal magic damage based off of AS and have MPen.

    Still in the very rough, rough works with this build... it only came into my head this very second xD.

    More coming!...

  • Conclusion & Commentary

    I hope you enjoyed my first guide! I'll be expanding it as time goes on and I gain more and more experience with Irelia. Please feel free to offer comments/suggestions on what you feel needs improving or even other Jungle Paths you prefer with Irelia. If you enjoyed my jungle Irelia guide and liked soloing Baron at Level 14, please upvote and comment!

    Thank you for your time (:

    Disclaimer: All research, runes, masteries, items, etc., listed in this guide were based off my own research and not taken from ANYONE's guide. I made this guide because I could find no other Jungle Irelia guides out there and people kept saying how terrible Irelia is at jungling, when she isn't. Not by a long shot. Please do not take my information or cite my research without letting me know first. Thank you.

    -Nevermore VII

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