Lux Build Guide

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Lux... Damage/Survivability

written by Last5years

Lux Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    When played correctly Lux is one little lady you don't want to mess with. She is an asset to any team and should never be underestimated. With her short cooldowns and great cc abilities enemies will cower at the sight of her. Lux is great for setting up attacks on enemy champions and can finish off those annoying people with low health who ran to hide behind the turret.

    Build at a Glance



    This is your ideal rotation for fights. Obviously, each situation is different. Once you are use to her abilities you can judge those special situations.

    Q > R > E > W

    If there is time always use your barrier to help mitigate some of the damage done to you and your teammates.

  • Abilities

    Yay! This is the key to mastering Lux. Use and ability... then auto attack for some extra damage! You will find it easy to use Lucent Singularity and the AA to wipe out minion waves. If you hit an enemy champion with an ability always follow up with an AA. This will allow you to do your most damage. Don't waste your time of you are getting owned though! Dying is never the answer!

    Light Binding
    Don't be afraid to snare a minion to get to a champion! You can hit up to two! But if you are gonna go for the second target hit remember they are only snared for half the time!

    Prismatic Barrier
    Bubbles for everybody! Position you self to hit all or most of your team mates. This is a nice little skill but it isn't as impressive as Morgana's or Janna's bubbles in my opinion. It doesn't absorb that much damage or block abilities. After level 4 I keep it where it is until I have to level it because I don't feel that it is going to make or break me. Don't get me wrong though... SPAM IT IN A TEAM FIGHT! Recent patch made this skill better scale with AP and have a little bit of a wider range! But it is still my least important skill.

    Lucent Singularity
    This is a great skill for harassing enemies early game and for farming minions along with your passive. I love using this to check bushes when enemies are missing. It allows you to view the area from a safe distance and usually scares enemies away! With this skill always remember to plan where they are going and don't throw it where they are when you are fighting enemies. It will slow them and allow you to keep up with them in a fight.

    [spell=Finales Funkeln]
    It's a laser! Need I say more? Ok this is the heart of Lux in my opinion! Its great damage, has an amazing range and is on a pretty short cool down. Great for using to get the one that got away! Just remember that it on a short delay and to try and predict where they are going and not shoot it where they are! I often save teammates and turrets by firing my laser and scaring off enemies. Also good for using mid and late game to really damage the enemy and make it so you can your teammates can finish them off!

  • Summoner Abilities

    Ghost - I love this ability. It is perfect for getting into position quickly to shoot your laser and finish off what your lousy teammates could not... running out of a bad situation (if your snare and slow are no enough for that Miss Fortune with 3 boots!) ... and getting across the map to save a teammate!

    Clarity - Clarity keeps me in my lane forever. Your teammates are going to love you for it too. Try baiting an enemy to think you are weak and manaless then pop this bad boy and own their silly butts! They will think twice about messing with you next time!

    While I do not use other abilities you are your own woman and pick according to your own needs. Listed in order of my preference for Lux.

    Ignite - For obvious reasons this would be my third choice.
    Teleport - Has its obvious benefits but won't save your butt if you have to run.
    Flash - Sigh. Go through a wall? Well Tryn, Kas, and Akali can too!
    Cleanse - Its an option but there are better ones out there.
    [spell=fortify] - Make somebody else take it if your team wants it.
    Heal - Ehh.. just not worth it.
    Exhaust - Kinda....sorta... maybe? Not really.
    [spell=rally] - Pretty much useless if you aren't a turret pusher.
    Clairvoyance - You have a free one of these already.
    Smite - I'm not sure your teammates are gonna like you.
    Revive - Sigh. Do I have to explain? Don't use this please.

  • Masteries + Runes

    There is some wiggle room when it comes to runes. Typically I like to stack some magic pen, cool down reduction, and ability power per level. With Lux you can also use some mana regen or flat health. If you feel you are squishy and are a bit of a risk taker then get some flat health quints. I feel like the mana regen is kind of a waste when you use clarity and get regen items from the start, but to each her own!

    Greater Mark of Insight x9

    Greater Seal of Force x9

    Greater Glyph of Focus x9

    Greater Quintessence of Insight x3

    Now onto masteries. I do I basic 9/0/21 build with her. Where you put your points in the utility side can depend on how you play and what you want. I put one into reduce time spent dead but you can easily exchange this for the improved ghost if you want to. You can also consider placing point into buff duration as apposed to some of the mana options. Like I said... its up to you but this is what I like the best.

    External Image

  • Items

    Ok to start I ALWAYS get Doran's Ring. You start off with an extra 120 health, 10 ability power, and 5 mp5. Make sure you grab a Health Potion as well.

    Boots of Speed and start building your Catalyst the Protector

    When you get the cash pick up Rod of Ages and Sorcerer's Shoes

    I always go for [item=Rylai's Scepter] next.

    These first two staffs with give you a lot of health and make it hard for your enemies to kill you!

    After that it is kind of your call on what to build. Depending on the game is usually how I build but I typically use [item=Zhonya's Ring] Will of the Ancients and/or Void Staff.

    Other options....

    If you are getting fed early game always go with Mejai's Soulstealer for obvious reasons.

    If you are a fan of Archangel's Staff have at it. A well rounded item for Lux just get it early.

    If you are going for more of a support route consider [item=soul shroud] for the nice aura.

    The only other item I would consider would be the Frozen Heart it has nice CDR and nice armor, but not really one of my favorite items for her.

  • Skilling Order

    Pretty self explanatory. Get your damaging items when you can. If you feel the need to be more of a support unit then max your barrier before binding. If you aren't at all interested in ganking get Lucent Singularity first and Light Binding second.

  • Tips

    Early Game: Use your E and AA to farm minions and harass enemy champions

    Mid Game: Annoy the crap out of them still and work with your teammates to get into positions for some great ganks. Pay attention to the map and use your laser to score some kills when you can!

    Late Game: Make sure you are staying back in all the team fights. Lux has a great range and should be used. Use your barrier on your team and keep enemies snared to its easier for everybody to blow them up! You can use your laser to get a good amount of damage in on them or you can save it for the end and kill the few that have survived so far!

    If you get the chance to lane with Garen.... TAKE IT! I feel that Lux's abilities were created to go along with Garen's! Snare... spin.... snare... spin. RAWR!

    Sion and Mundo are also a lot of fun to lane with! Basically anybody who has a lot of health!

    Try to avoid laning with somebody else super quishy in the beginning for obvious reasons.

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