Ashe Build Guide

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Ashe - The Utility DPS

written by FatedAtaraxia

Ashe Build

Table of Contents

  • Pros and Cons of Ashe and why you should choose Ashe.

    The Pros
    - Ashe has strong Crowd Controls. She can effectively perma-slow a target and AoE slow an enemy team. She also has a Stun.
    - Ashe has an Initiation skill. No other carries have an initiate like Ashe's.
    - Ashe can scout areas with Hawkshot. This brings greater map control for your team.
    - Ashe can kite very well, due to her Frost Shot and Volley.
    - Ashe gains a lot of assists.

    The Cons
    - Ashe has the lowest movement speed of all champions in the game, resulting in very limited mobility.
    - She is heavily reliant on Flash for an escape method.
    - Ashe is very squishy and will often die if she is caught a bad position.
    - Ashe can often run out of mana.
    - Ashe has no steroid ability like Tristana's Rapid Fire.
    - Ashe is more team reliant than other carries to support her.

    Why should you choose Ashe?
    While she lacks in their damage output, she makes it up with strong crowd controls and utility. She supports her team with AoE slows, while dealing strong output damage as well. She can reveal Fog of War and add an additional initiate for her team. She is also not to be underestimated when she gets farmed as she can carry hard as well. In my opinion, Ashe is one of the most versatile DPS in the game as she benefits the team with more than just damage.

  • Abilities

    This passive will enable you to last hit minions efficiently and will aid you when you're kiting. It'll also guarantee you a critical hit before a team fight. Overall, the critical chance bonus will help at random times.

    Frost Shot
    Frost Shot allows Ashe the ability to kite efficiently against most champions. In conjunction with Volley, Ashe will be able to slow enemy champions almost forever. It is always recommended for you to use this to prevent enemy champions from getting away from you and your allies or to help you and your allies get away from them.

    Frost Shot does stack with Frozen Mallet and The Blessing of the Lizard Elder.

    This skill should be your second priority after Volley.

    Note: Don't waste mana using Frost Shot on towers, minions, and monsters./bold]

    Volley is Ashe's main skill. As Volley applies the current level of Frost Shot, it gives Ashe the ability to slow and damage an entire team down from a distance. Volley has a relatively short cooldown at maxed level (4 seconds), which grants Ashe to ability to almost permanently slow an entire team or target down in conjunction with Frost Shot.

    Volley also has defensive properties as it allows Ashe to kite more efficiently against most champions. It can also be used to clear lanes relatively quick.

    Volley is Physical Damage and therefore benefits from Armor Penetration effects and is weakened by Armor.

    This skill should be your first priority.

    Hawkshot is Ashe's third skill. While it is not a priority skill, it is still extremely useful. Its passive benefits Ashe's farming, but it'll be the last skill you'll level up.

    The main advantage of this skill lies within its active. It'll illuminate the path to a designated area, where it'll shatter and you'll gain vision of that area for few seconds like Clairvoyance.

    This skill gives Ashe more map awareness which will help her and her allies detect potential ganks. Also, because it can reveal brush area, it is useful for examining the enemy jungle and your own jungle. It'll allow you to examine Baron and Dragon from a safe distance as well.

    During team fights, especially in the jungle, you would want to use Hawkshot to prevent enemies from juking in the brushes.

    Only 1 level of Hawkshot would be necessary for your early levels. This skill will be your third and last to level up.

    [bold]Please note that enemy champions can see and hear the animation of Hawkshot, and it'll alert them.

    Enchanted Crystal Arrow
    Enchanted Crystal Arrow is one of the best initiation skills within the game. It has global range, allowing it to hit almost everywhere from the map. Enchanted Crystal Arrow has a relatively short cooldown compared to most ultimates, allowing Ashe to use it without impunity.

    It can be used several ways.
    1. Acting as a nuke and a disable. ECA can be used to finish off stragglers. You can send it to other lanes to help them kill the enemy.

    2. An initiate. By disabling one enemy on their team, it'll allow your tanks to initiate easier and overall help you win the team fight.

    3. An escape method. The split second stun and AoE slow can be what you need to run away from a fatal gank.

    4. Stealing buffs, including Dragon, and even Baron. While ECA cannot hit minions and monsters directly, it can hit champions and deal splash damage equivalent to half the base damage. If timed correctly, it can be used to steal all of these and gain a great advantage to your team. It has great synergy with Hawkshot.

    5. Disrupting channels. ECA can stun, hence it is useful to disrupt channels like Fiddlestick's Crowstom.

    1. To make great use of this skill, make sure you stand as far back as needed to gain more stun time. You can often lure the enemy into thinking you're backing off and you hit them when they least expect it, allowing you to set up a gank with your allies.

    2. Fire in the general direction the enemy is moving, rather than where the enemy is currently. This applies to all skill shots in general. Predicting where the enemy will move will help you land ECA.

    3. When it hits a target, a loud crackling sound can be heard.

  • Skill Order

    This is primarily the main way you'll level up your skills.

    Max Hawkshot before Frost Shot. Not recommended. There is more utility in Frost Shot than Hawkshot.

  • Masteries

    In my opinion I favor the 9/0/21 build overall for Ashe. Utility offers much more than Offensive. It gives Ashe [mastery=Haste] mastery and [mastery=Blink of an Eye] mastery along with the [mastery=Presence of the Master] mastery. Also, it gives her Mana Regen, Increased Neutral Monster Buffs durations, and Movement Speed. Along with Runes, Ashe will have no problem with using Volley and Frost Shot with the Meditation mastery, while the [mastery=Quickness] mastery will help Ashe with her low movement speed. [mastery=Utility Mastery] helps with maintaining the Lizard Buff or the Golem Buff, both which are very beneficial to Ashe.

  • Runes

    Greater Mark of Desolation x 9

    Greater Seal of Clarity x 9
    Greater Seal of Resilience x 9

    Greater Glyph of Focus x 9
    Greater Glyph of Clarity x 9
    Greater Glyph of Shielding x 9

    Greater Quintessence of Desolation x 9
    Greater Quintessence of Fortitude x 9
    Greater Quintessence of Swiftness x 9

    For Marks, I find Armor Penetration to be useful for DPS in general. It also benefits her Volley damage. I don't recommend Critical Chance as Armor Penetration and Flat Damage has more consistent damage overall.

    For Seals, I either run Flat Armor or Mana Regen. Flat Armor will help you deal with harassment and make you sightly less squishy. However, since Ashe does use a lot of mana using Frost Shot and Volley, Mana Regen runes shine in keeping your Mana. This depends on preference whether you want more mana for laning or more defense to deal with attacks.

    For Glyphs, Flat Cooldown Reduction couple with the standard 9/0/21 Masteries will net you around 6-14% CDR, which would help lower several seconds on ECA, and it'll allow you spam Volley consistently. Mana Regen Glyphs will help sustain if you used Armor Seals. If you don't find yourself out of mana, then Flat CDR is more preferable or Magic Resist per Level will help you survive magical damage.

    For Quintessences, you can opt to go for more damage, survivability, or utility. Ashe is overall a squishy champion, as all ranged DPS are, and the HP Quintessences will help somewhat with that. I included Move Speed Quintessences because Ashe is also one of the slowest champions in the game. Move Speed quintessences will allow you to kite better throughout the entire game. It'll also allow you to dodge skillshots much easier in the laning phase. Coupled with the mastery, you'll have around 15-23 more movespeed without boots.

  • Items

    Level 1 items:
    Doran's Blade
    Doran's Shield
    Regrowth Pendant + Health Potion
    Boots of Speed + Health Potion
    Cloth Armor + Health Potion

    Blade will allow you to be more aggressive and help with last hitting, while Shield will allow you to stay in the lane longer if you're facing or expecting massive harassment. Regrowth Pendant can transition into a Philosopher's to provide more HP/MP regen, which allows you to stay in lane longer. If you're expected to face against a champion such as Urgot, Boots may help you have an easier time dodging those skill shots. Cloth Armor can also do well against physical damage and provide you with 5 HP potions to regenerate with. However, note that going Regrowth, Boots, or cloth first will result in lower HP and you won't be able to survive burst ganks as easily with a Doran's.

    Do not get these items for your first:
    Long Sword
    Vampiric Scepter
    Brawler's Gloves

    I have seen many Ashes who start out with these items. These items does not increase your lane staying power at all. Most of these Ashes have ended up being harassed so much and without a reliable way to regain health, they end up being zoned out and recalling back to base more then often. They also end up being killed most of the time.

    First Trip Back to Base:
    Boots of Speed
    Health Potion
    B. F. Sword

    If you do not have enough gold for a B. F. Sword, then:

    Boots of Speed
    Health Potion


    Boots of Speed
    Health Potion
    Doran's Blade

    Your main items will be:

    Boots of Swiftness or Mercury's Treads or Ionian Boots of Lucidity or Berserker's Greaves
    Infinity Edge

    The rest of your items depends on:

    If you need survivability and find yourself CC'd a lot.
    Banshee's Veil
    Quicksilver Sash
    Atma's Impaler
    Wit's End

    If the enemy team has a lot of Health and Armor.
    Last Whisper
    [item=Madred's Bloodrazor]

    If the enemy team is relatively squishy or low Armor.
    [item=Stark's Fervor]
    Youmuu's Ghostblade
    The Black Cleaver

    For the rest of your items:
    The Bloodthirster
    Phantom Dancer
    Guardian Angel

    Do not get these items at all
    Frozen Mallet
    Trinity Force

    Very Situational Items
    Sword of the Divine
    Executioner's Calling
    Sword of the Occult

    Sword of the Divine's passive isn't useful generally. The only reason I would get it is for the anti-dodge. [item=Stark's Fervor] and Youmuu's Ghostblade give better stats for Armor Penetration.

    Manamune may help you with mana problems, but I find it redundant with Mana Regen runes. Also, it delays the B. F. Sword you need for Infinity Edge. If you have problems with mana, I would recommend Chalice of Harmony over Manamune.

    Executioner's Calling is also situational. It can be useful against Heal teams, but Ignite generally works better.

    Sword of the Occult can be powerful or very weak due to it's nature as a Snowball Item. I don't recommend it on Ashe, but she can rack up the assists and kills for it. If you feel confident enough, then you can get it after Boots of Speed, but I feel rushing the Infinity Edge will be much safe.


    Use these when you need a boost:
    Elixir of Fortitude
    [item=Elixir of Agility]

    and try to always get at least 1 of these per recall

    Sight Ward

  • Summoner Abilities

    Your main spells will be:
    - Ghost and Flash will help with Ashe's low mobility. Flash is absolutely necessary for Ashe. It allows you to escape any enemy gap closer. Without Flash, you're extremely vulnerable in a team fight. Flash is the one skill you always must have.

    - Cleanse If you're expecting heavy CC, particularly in a ranked match, Cleanse is your best friend.

    Some spells that can be used
    - Exhaust Can be handy if you need to shut down enemy DPS. B
    - Ignite Can be handy against Heal Teams and may grant you kills.
    - Teleport Helps you move around the map and can be used with your ECA as a combo.

    Spells that shouldn't be used at all
    - Revive For obvious reasons. Yes, you will die, but the fact is, Revive has too high of a Cooldown for it to be even good for you.
    - Heal Only useful for low levels. It will not help you later in the game.
    - Smite You are not a jungler. You should not need this skill at all to farm.
    -[spell=Fortify] Someone else should get this. There are far more useful skills.
    - Clarity Same as Heal. Only useful for low levels. It will not help you later in the game.
    -[spell=Rally] Not useful until you spec far into Offensive Tree. Overall, too situational and not practical.
    - Clairvoyance Someone else should take this spell. You already have Hawkshot.

  • Early Game

    Ashe should take the solo mid lane. As a carry, she'll benefit from the solo lane's farm and experience gain. However, Ashe can do well bot lane with a babysitter support. First, before attacking any minions, Ashe's [spell=Focus] passive would've increased her Critical Chance to 100%. Make sure to use this damage the opposing laner. This, along with a Volley will take their health down quite a bit.

    Always last hit minions. You'll need to get that B. F. Sword pretty quick.

    If you're solo mid, and the enemy laner is pushing hard, use Volley to effectively last hit minions to reduce the minion lines. You'll get harassed a lot without a strong line of minions. If the enemy laner is not pushing hard, don't use Volley to last hit minions; it'll push the lane too hard and leave you more vulnerable to a gank, especially if they have an enemy jungler. Instead, use Volley to zone out the enemy laner. Make sure you conserve enough mana so you'll be able to shoot at least two Volleys if you needed to escape. Always move around, you can react to skill shots faster. Do not let yourself get damaged unnecessarily. Kiting is Ashe's strongest power. Use it to your advantage. When you see an enemy laner attempt to last hit, retaliate with Frost Shot and Volley and run back. Use hit and run techniques to wear the enemy laner down. Remember to place wards in the two river brushes for enemy roamers and junglers.

    If you're solo top against 2 champions, use Volley to last hit if you are being zoned out. If they are pushing hard, then you'll be able to last hit at the tower effectively. Remember that to let melee minions take 2 tower hits, and you'll be able to last hit it. You need to hit the caster minion once, and let it get hit by a tower hit, then you can kill it. As for the Siege minion, let the tower hit it several times until it is low enough to last hit. It is a bit harder to harass two enemies and your chances of zoning them will depend on how strong they can stay in the lane for.

    If you're in a 2 v 2 lane, then try to last hit the range creeps, leaving the melee creeps for your lane partner (assuming that your laning partner is melee). Otherwise, split last hits with your laning partner. This is the reason why I don't recommend Ashe in a 2 v 2 lane because Ashe needs the farm, but she cannot afford to strip her partner of gold as well. However, it is a different story if she is with a strong supporter like Taric or Soraka as she can take all the farm. Use Volley and Frost Shot to zone out the enemy laners and to harass them when they last hit. Make sure to conserve your mana.

    When you get your first point of Hawkshot, use it to scout the side brushes for potential ganks. Also, you can use it to scout your jungle or the enemy jungle.

    When you get your Enchanted Crystal Arrow, try to make tactical use of it. If you are solo mid and the enemy laner is very aggressive, you should save it for an escape method or counter-gank. If the enemy laner is very passive and defensive, then you should coordinate with your team and tell them you'll be sending your ultimate towards their lane from mid lane. If you are solo top against 1 champion, same rules applies but it'll be harder for you to send arrows to other lanes due to the directional path. If you're 2 v 2, it is probably best to save it for a gank with your lane partner.

  • Middle Game

    You should have your B. F. Sword by now. Hopefully, you were able to get some kills with your Volley harassment and ECA. You should be working towards your Infinity Edge. Last hitting should be extremely easier now with your B. F. Sword. You should attempt to gank other lanes after the enemy laner is recalling. If no lane seems gankable, then just continue farming as much as possible.

    Mid Game is often where team fights happen and some towers are destroyed, which causes several mias. As a result, warding becomes more important. Use Hawkshot to navigate areas such as your jungle buffs and Dragon. It is highly improbably that they'll Baron this early in the game, but it can be done if they have certain champions. If they seem to be gone, use Hawkshot to scout Baron.

    In team fights, stick within the back of your team. You are extremely vulnerable to focus fire and crowd controls like other carries. Use your ultimate to single out a target out of position. This will help your team initiate. Shoot Volley and take potshots in the back until you can fully commit when you are certain they won't be able to focus on you, and they are distracted. NEVER enter head first into a battle where you'll be affected by AoE damage and etc. Volley and Frost Shot will help you catch stragglers at the end of team fights. If you find yourself being focused, try to run to your teammates so they can help intercept the chaser.

  • Late Game

    You should have your core set of items now along with a few luxury items or surviablity items. The roles and methods in team fights has not changed. Your team should move together. Use your ultimate wisely, position yourself wisely, and use Hawkshot to scout areas. Buy a few wards to help your team mates and placing them at crucial spots such as enemy jungle buffs, Baron, or Dragon will be helpful. Use Elixirs as much as possible.

  • Champions that Ashe needs to be wary of:


    Ashe has low mobility without her Summoner Spells and items. Assassins will usually have a distance closer which makes her slow less effective and are able to deal immense amount of damage to her. She needs her Flash to escape ganks from these.

    Some Examples:
    - Akali
    - Evelynn
    - Irelia
    - Kassadin
    - Katarina
    - Leblanc
    - Nocturne
    - Shaco
    - Twitch
    - Twisted Fate
    - Xin Zhao

    Burst Damage

    Ashe wouldn't be able to handle intense amounts of burst damage or focus fire without itemizing for those.

    - Annie
    - Anivia
    - Corki
    - Ezreal
    - Fiddlesticks
    - Malphite
    - Malzahar
    - Miss Fortune
    - Olaf
    - Pantheon
    - Swain
    - Veigar
    - Vladimir

    Initiators and Hard CC

    They'll always be searching for Ashe to focus on and disable first.

    - Amumu
    - Galio
    - Garen
    - Jarvan IV
    - Rammus
    - Singed
    - Sion

  • Summary

    While Ashe lacks in damage output compared to conventional carries, she still is able to pull off substantial damage while aiding her team with slows, map awareness, and a stun.

    If you have any questions or criticisms, please feel free to comment. Hopefully, my guide will help you improve your Ashe gameplay.

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