Rammus Build Guide

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Main Tank that mainly tanks

written by HAWTSHAWTBG

Rammus Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Spiked Shell
    more armor=more auto attack damage. passive really only matters if a lot of enemies are AD. even then, dont expect to roll people with your awesome armor deeps.

    This is how you always initiate. it can hit multiple people putting a baby slow on them. also good for escaping, getting to lanes faster, etc. PROTIP: taunt an enemy dps into your wall of friendly dps, powerball into them near the end of the taunt, free 5v4.

    Defensive Ball Curl
    After initiating a team fight with powerball, some herp derps will probably blow some CC and damaging spells/abilities on you, putting them on cool down and letting your dps get some more licks in before they start getting some FF. blow this ability after initiating. great for gettng away when powerball is on CD.

    Puncturing Taunt
    Your bread and butter. you literally choose who dies with this ability. maxed out you have 3 seconds of letting your team roll the unlucky chap who got within taunt range. PROTIP: in team fights, never taunt the tank. I mean really. it's common sense.

    the great thing about rammus, is that over time, he does so much damage he is hard to ignore. the more FF you get the better. tremors is great for early kills, taking out turrets, and added dps in team fights.

  • Items

    Starting out, I like to pick up a Regrowth Pendant. It negates alot of early harassment and builds into a warmogs. This item is no longer shitty after a recent patch granting almost 1000 health from the start. If im laning with a soraka, i don't pick up anything and rush a sunfire if the team is AD heavy. If the team is AP heavy I rush warmogs and then a force of nature. warmogs and FoN make for what i like to call effective health. same with sunfires, banshee's veils, etc. items that give health AND resistance make you the best tank you can be.
    well anyways, here are my builds depending on enemy team comp

    AD heavy (3 hard carries or more)

    sunfire-boots-warmogs-thornmail (if auto attack heavy. either way 100 armor for 2000 gold? NUTTT) or a randumens if you prefer. Force of nature for the Ap user(s). magic resist is just good because most champions in some way cause magic damage. scales with warmogs very nicely too :] throw in another warmogs or that thornmail you didnt want earlier and you can tank like a beast. most games don't last this long :p

    AP Heavy

    warmogs-boots-FoN-banshees-spirit visage-warmogs HOLY SHIT YOU JUST WON. I used to have a hard time tanking AP teams with rammus until a friend helped me out with this build. the effective health and the regen keeps you tanking longer and you take such so little damage on top of the health, killing you will be a pain in the ass.


    Oh hey high ELO. it seems you've learned what a team comp is. well here's what I go with. sunfire-boots-warmogs-FoN-banshees-thormail (or randomens :p) the downfall of this build is that rammus becomes much less effective until around level 16. this comp forces you to be a late game tank. sunfire helps with pushing and farming but dont expect to roll teams as well until late game. if your team isnt shit and can hold out until then the game should go smoothly. if the game is taking forever and you have this build (and some extra money) sell sunfire for a warmogs or randomans.

  • Skilling Order


  • Notes

    yea I know this guide isnt super descriptive or has pretty pictures and the spelling is probably a bit off, but this is my first guide that focuses mainly on effective health. I've gone 500+ games with rammus and I've come to find that these builds for these situations help out the most. this guide isnt necessarily for new players since (aside from like 2 PROTIPS) I dont give super detailed advice on how to play him super effectively. Just practice, try out the builds, and soon, with a good team comp on your side, you'll be rolling team fights with no trouble at all. :D

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