Sivir Build Guide

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AD Sivir 2.0

written by VeritasLuxMea

Sivir Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    I have always loved Sivir and since her recent buffs in the last patch i have been playing her frequently in ranked games. Unfortunately I havent found a single guide that I think explains how Sivir should be played to her full potential in the current meta.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Marks: x9

    Seals: x9

    Glyph: x9

    Quints: [Greater Quintessence of Fortitude] x3

    This is my personal rune preference. Since this build itemizes for mostly offensive stats and does not stack Doran's Blade like other carries, the health/level runes and flat health quints help give you the survivability you need to be effective.

    You will be using ALOT of mana in the laning phase so you are gonna want mana regen runes of some kind to give you staying power in the lane.

    You have alot more flexibility when it comes to Marks. will make your auto attacks and bouncing blades do more damage, but a large portion of your damage (especially in the early game) will come from Boomerang Blade so can also be a viable option.

  • Items

    Starting items: Doran's Ring or [item=Meki Pendant] or [item=Saphire Crystal]

    Honestly Doran's Ring is your best bet. It gives you more health, some mana regen which will help you harass with Boomerang Blade. It also gives you 10 AP which directly increases the damage on your Boomerang Blade, your main farming and harassing tool.

    Meki Pendant and Saphire Crystal are both viable options if you want to rush Manamune.

    1st Trip Back: Boots of Speed and Tear of the Goddess

    You are going to need a mana regen item of some kind in order to keep spamming Boomerang Blade and Bouncing Blades. Manamune fills this role AND gives you damage equivalent to a [item=BF Sword]. So you are going to pick up the Tear and start stacking it.

    2nd Trip Back: Sorcerer's Shoes and Manamune

    Yes spell pen boots! This is the biggest mistake I see Sivir players making right now. Boomerang Blade does magic damage and alot of it. Spell pen boots will make it LETHAL if you land both sides. Finish your Manamune as well. This is your core build, but you will likely have time to finish a a few more items due to your incredible farming ability.

    Rest of the Game:

    The Bloodthirster: You can stack this very quickly. It will add a bunch of damage to Boomerang Blade, give you a little survivability (life steal), and make your auto attacks and Bouncing Blades hit like a bus.

    Last Whisper: This items armor pen now effects abilities as well as auto attacks which means that your auto attacks are going to do more damage (which increases the damage on Bouncing Blades) AND your bounces are going to deal more damage. A very effective item.

    [item=Madred's Bloodrazor]: If the other team is very tanky look into grabbing a Bloodrazor.

    Survivability: Most games you are going to need to put a little emphasis on your ability to survive enemy burst.

    Warmog's Armor: Wait wut? Warmogs? On a carry? Are you off your rocker? No, im not. The efficiency of a Warmogs increases the faster that you can stack it. Sivir can stack a Warmogs to full in like 5 minutes.

    Banshee's Veil: 9/10 times this is your best bet on any carry. Keep in mind that an incoming spell with break both Banshees Veil AND spell shield so make sure you let the BV eat the 1st spell THEN pop spell shield. If you plan to buy a banshees veil you may want to consider Mercury's Treads over Sorc Shoes.

  • Skilling Order

    1: (Q)Boomerang Blade
    2: (E)Spell Shield
    3: (Q)Boomerang Blade
    4: (W)Ricochet

    Then prioritize R > Q > W > E

    Contrary to popular belief it is Boomerang Blade not Ricochet which is your primary farming tool. It is also your primary damage/harassment spell. Always max Boomerang Blade 1st.

    You want a point in spell shield at level 2. Almost every champion you could possibly lane against has some sort of easily predictable spell that you can use spell shield to block. Effectively it lets you turn their harassment into mana, and thus staying power for yourself.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Ghost: I always take Ghost because it can be used in conjunction with On The Hunt for tremendous movement speed either to chase or flee the scene.

    Flash: Right now flash is almost mandatory on carries, it's hands down the most useful summoner spell and is never a bad choice.

    Teleport: I find Teleport to be a very strong choice on Sivir. If your minions push to a tower in a side lane while both teams are grouped up elsewhere, you can teleport in and take the tower very quickly with your ultimate. Alternatively you can push one lane very hard and as soon as the other team sends reinforcements to kill you, teleport to another lane and push it hard to the tower. Teleport lets you push two lanes at once. IMO this is an effective strategy against AOE and Beffy Teamfight oriented teams who cant easily deal with your mobility.

  • Summary

    In my opinion, Sivir has the potential to shift the meta game from Beefy DPS and AoE teamfight oriented teams towards a more pushing oriented strategy.

  • Abilities

    Fleet of Foot
    Sometimes comes in handy when trying to out-run a gank or when fighting the enemy carry. Mostly you dont notice when this passive saves your ass, but it will.

    Boomerang Blade
    One of the most satisfying skill shots to land in the entire game. Does massive damage when you land both halves of the ability. Great harassment tool, great farming tool, great AoE ability in a teamfight. Your bread and your butter.

    This ability will do more damage than you realize when its bouncing to 5 people in a teamfight. If you get really farmed/fed you will often get kills on people you aren't even attacking. Remember to turn it off when attacking a turret with a champion nearby so you dont agro the turret, UNLESS your team dives the tower, then, keep attacking the tower with ricochet on and you will kill both the tower and the enemy player/s.

    Spell Shield
    Practice using this ability, its very twitchy and all about reflexes, but once you get the hang of it, it will become an invaluable tool.

    On The Hunt
    The important thing to note is that this ability buffs allied minions as well as champions which lets you take tower VERY quickly. Its a got a short cooldown so dont be afraid to use it if you think you need it to get away. Ideal uses include, but are not limited to; Use it while killing baron/lizard, to help your team catch up to fleeing opponents, to help your team escape chasing enemies, in a teamfight to buff your team, to kill a tower faster.

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