Rammus Build Guide

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Rammus: I turned left!

written by Rudder

Rammus Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    In my sixteen year existence on this planet i have yet to see something more terrifying than a 5 foot , spiked , talking armadillo curled up in a ball and heading towards you at a bagillion miles per hour with the ground trembling beneath its its armour plated feet.

    have you?

  • Masteries + Runes

    I normally go 0/22/0 with masteries as i have yet to leave the league of mortal men.

    runes you can do what you want. you will still own.

  • Summoner Abilities

    I normally use Clarity with Flash

    clarity cus our little guy is a bit mana hungry and it doesnt hurt to help out a friendly caster.

    flash cus powerball + flash = pwnage

    Other spells worth mentioning:

    Ghost this works well with pb. one creep collision can fail a chase.

    Healsome people swear by it. but to me its just a way to prevent an early death.

    Cleanse great escape tool. since you should be the first one in and last out ramus usually gets the brunt of the debuffs.

    Exhaust fail proof chasing mechanism. pb,slow,exhaust,taunt, no chance.

  • Abilities

    Spiked Shell
    25% of your armour is added as attack power.

    decent passive which makes you hit harder while concentrating on the items you need. so stack that armour

    a 200+ nuke that increases your movements speed to about 700.

    Initiate,chase,escape,flank,slow you name it and this power does it while putting a huge smile on your face.


    you cant use it while still in your defense ball curl so switch it off, make sure you arent surronded by creeps or enemies and ram that little shit that had the nerve to run away from you.

    while in the grass pop this and wait a few seconds until your movement speed is at its highest(this is because the ms second by second) then jump out and ram their asses so hard that their boyfriends won't be abe to get any for weeks.

    you need about two inches of space around you when going around creeps. it just pisses me off when you are stopped dead in your tracks by a stupid ranged creep. and you're left standing their watchin your victim run off to the safety of his tower.

    for some stupid reason you will hit creeps that are behind you if you start power ball to close to one. doesnt make sense i know. so to pevent wsting your mana and looking like a fail rammus get about three inches between you and the closest enemy before rollin'.

    Defensive Ball Curl
    grants you an extra 50-150 armour and magic resistence and returns 26-50 magic dmg.

    after power balling in pop this baby and laugh at the noob yi eating his own health and barely scrathing your spiked shell and if your in the mood to just sit their and let them attack you this power stacks well with Thornmail.

    also thanks to your passive you will gains a noticable increase in attack damage. sweet

    great for tower diving. take the damage and secure the battleground foryou and your teammates(its what you do best)

    Puncturing Taunt
    3 seconds...armor reduction...nuff said.

    Zoolander has 'magnum' and you have this(unless you havent caught my title yet): the longest taunt in the game. and it makes even the most battle hardened veterans turn on their heels to face the onslaught of you and your teammates.

    this is what gets you the most assists. so use it wisely.

    the best time to use it is in the lategank pase this is the time when the other team realises their defeat and the smart ones start to flee. Use this on the carry or someone sqishy. ASSIST!

    the range on puncturing taunt is small and it feels as if its a lot smaller when chasing so if you can first close the distance with flash or your powerball.

    200 dps for eight seconds to surrounding units and structures when maxed.60 second cooldown.

    your bread and butter when it comes to pushing towers. never be afraid to use it.

    the relatively short cooldown means its an awesome tool for creep tanking or mid game jungling. if you are having mana trouble and no one else needs it grab the golem buff. but make sure its not busy. the best place for rammus to be is right there with your teammates pushing and killin.

  • Skilling order

    You'll want to star off with a point in pb. then your taunt and dbc evenly.

    level by level

    1. pb
    2. taunt
    3. dbc
    4. taunt
    5. dbc
    6. tremors
    7. taunt
    8. taunt
    9. dbc
    10. taunt (maxed)
    11. tremors
    12. dbc
    13. dbc (maxed)
    14. pb
    15. pb
    16. tremors (maxed)
    17. pb
    18. pb (maxed)

    you would assume by the way im going on about power ball that id max it first , but you only need one point in it for early and mid game.
    Your taunt is priority number one. if its maxed early thats a 3 second taunt on a level 10 champion. tasty

  • Items

    most of you have probably just skipped on to the items. looking for a quick build. good luck with that.


    Doran's Shield + Health Potion


    Ninja Tabi + Randuin's Omen + Sunfire Cape

    Randuins is the ultimate tank item. the slow effects are devastating. active and not.

    sunfire grants decent hp and armour while adding to your impressive dps ( for a tank anyway)


    Guardian Angel + another Sunfire Cape or Thornmail

    Start building randuins first with [item_text=heart of gold] on your first trip back.

    boots next then finish randuins ( the essential tank item. pricy but worth it). then sunfire. then optionals.

    remember: only get gaurdian angel armour if your teams owning (which it should be) , but i understand shit happens with leavers, lag and such. you dont want to waste money on an item that just prevents your innevitable death for about thirty seconds.

  • Summary

    Thanks for reading. bear in mind this is my first guide on Leaguecraft and it is a work in progress.

    Please vote and comment, positive and negative.

    and thanks to the people that found my title funny ( both of you)



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