Lux Build Guide

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A Sophisticated Heat Beam Which We Call a

written by cheesepuff

Lux Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    This passive is pretty awesome, thought mid-to-late game, it won't really be of much use, as you'll hopefully have enough AP for the spell damage to overshadow this. Late game, you won't really get close enough to hit them, nor will you want to waste the time hitting them when you could, I don't know, be casting something else.

    Light Binding
    Oh, I love this spell. It locks 2 people in place, does a pretty bit of damage, and lets you hit them for the passive. This spell is great for harassing, trapping, ganking, killing, and letting pretty colors fly across your screen. Use this, then go in and hit them once, and then run our before they are freed. Don't get too stupid with running in, however. People have these things called mercury boots, and they could free themselves up to smack you pretty quickly.

    NOTE: This will only hit the first two people, creeps or champions, that it crosses. If they're hiding behind creeps, this won't really hit them.

    Prismatic Barrier
    Really, pretty much useless until late game, where you build up enough AP for this to block any actual damage. Don't even bother skilling this until the computer no longer lets you jam skill points in any other skill.

    During late game, however, use this with a passion, especially in team fights, because it can protect you entire team from a good few hundred damage. It can protect from nukes, traps, DOT's, and just regular damage when timed right. It doesn't last for long, however, so read the last sentence about the timing right part.

    Lucent Singularity
    This skill is pretty awesome. It slows, provides vision, and does a ton of damage once stacked with AP. It has a generous AOE, though it's usually tricky to hit an entire creep wave.

    NOTE: The slow is only in effect while the orb is actually there. Once you detonate it, both the slow and the vision that it provides is gone. The orb will last 5 seconds until it self detonates. Unless you want to hurt something walking in it real bad at that exact moment, you can leave the orb there, slowing people down and letting you see with it.

    ANOTHER NOTE: This provides vision. You can drop it in the brush in the river in order to get a 5 second view of that brush, to see if anyone is sneaking up on you. Someone called mid mia? Wait a few seconds, drop it in, and run like hell if it's going to get dangerous. You can use this to scout brush, though if you detonate it to hurt whoever is in said brush, then it will no longer provide vision.

    [spell=Finales Funkeln]
    I... I am just speechless. This is one of the my favorite ultimates. I mean, for one thing, it's a frickin laser.

    A few things about this ultimate: The cooldown. You can get this down to 24 seconds pretty easily with some CD reduction. That means that every 24 seconds, you will be able to fire a laser that can do almost 1000 damage (with AP) down a lane, farm some creeps, and chill for a while. Take a sip of water or soda or whatever. And then do it again. You'll be able to do this multiple times during longer team fights involving chases, so don't hesitate opening with this. This is also part of the reason that you will get so much AP. If you get a Mejais Soulstealer, you can get kills and assists pretty easily once you learn the complicated (that was sarcasm) art of aiming. The laser takes about a second to charge. After that, it will destroy everything in front of you. Whoohoo! You can use this to murk a whole team, take off a good chunk of health, and then follow behind the rest of your team while they go mop up (you can pick up assists this way). You can also save it until the end, and then pick off any stragglers (You'll get some kills this way, especially if you can blind-shot into the fog of war accurately)

  • Introduction

    Alright, this is my first guide, and I thought I'd make it about this character that's hiding a laser in god knows where.

    First of all, I'll start off by telling you that if you want to play a Rambo-esque character that can sprint into battle, wreck shit, and run away, you'll want to look at a character called Tryndamere. Lux is as fragile as a wet piece of paper. In team battles, you do not want to run in first. The other team will firmly assert their feet up your ass.

    Now that we've covered that, Lux is an AP destroyer. Once you build her AP up, she'll start blasting everything to kingdom come. Her skills scale with AP in a pretty normal way for a caster.

  • Game Phases

    Early Game

    Start off by buying either a Doran's Ring, or a Sapphire Crystal if you're comfortable with kiting without dying.

    Early game, you'll find that your spell cooldowns are annoyingly high. You won't get to cast a spell twice while chasing someone down the lane. Not to worry though, you can still get early kills pretty easily. I always lane with a partner when playing Lux. She can probably solo, but it's difficult to get a kill on your own because of your high cooldowns. Start off by weakening the enemy(s) by throwing Light Binding or Lucent Singularity at their faces, run in and hit them to use your passive, and then run back. You'll be able to take enemy champions down to half health relatively easily. Then, you can faceroll them with your spells if your laning partner is helping out. Watch out for stuns, however, because when running in to activate your passive, you're also putting yourself into danger.

    When you can, go back and buy either a Mejai's Soulstealer or a Tear of the Goddess. And then buy the other one. (Though I don't recommend buying a Mejai's until you're comfortable enough to get kills and not die.) Pick up some Boots of Speed if you have the money to spare, or if you're one of those who desperately needs boots. Because Lux is completely ranged, and you'll have teleport as a summoner spell, boots aren't as important as they are for other characters. The only time you'll really need the speed at this point is for chasing (you have your laser, so screw chasing) and for escaping ganks (if they really have you ganked, there's nothing you can do. Remember, you're as squishy as jello)

    Mid Game

    Ahh, mid game, where the boys turn to men. Or at least, young men. Or something like that.

    Lux is either decent or amazing mid-game, depending on the flow of the game. By now, her spells will be so strong that pushing lanes will be easy (though bashing on towers won't be. She's pretty weak AD-wise). Now you can either keep farming, especially if the game is going slowly, or you can start ganking and moving around. By now, hopefully you've gotten enough mana through your Tear of the Goddess that you won't be going back every thirty seconds. Lux does burn through mana like a fat kid burns through cakes, however, so you'll still need frequent trips back, unless you picked Clarity as a summoner spell (I did).

    Now, get a Fiendish Codex for the small AP bonus and the CD reduction. You won't feel the reduction that much yet, as your ultimate still needs 60 or 80 seconds to recharge (before the CD reduction), depending on what level it is, and you probably don't have the mana yet to be firing your regular spells in an indiscriminate manner. (NOTE: If you have trouble with the whole living thing, then you can also buy a Glacial Shroud to later upgrade into a Frozen Heart instead of a Nashor's (It's actually called Frozen Brain now, but I think you could have figured that out on your own). Also, if you keep dying, then you can consider selling the Mejai's Soulstealer, but I wouldn't. Instead of selling it, try to hang back and gather assists or runaway kills, because without Mejai's, then you won't really have the power to justify an AP build with CD reduction. Then get a Blasting Wand for your Archangel's Staff. By the time you get this, you'll have a large enough pool of mana to both get a nice AP bonus and to fire off your spells like your back in the Wild, Wild, West.

    NOTE: If you are pushed into mid game earlier than usual because someone pushed and destroyed a tower early on, you may consider a [item=Soul Shroud] instead of a Fiendish Codex and Nashor's Tooth, for the aura, cd redux, and the hp that stops you from dying. It's questionable whether or not you'll be able to get the aura to your entire team, since you're so far away, but it'll help whoever is next to you quite a bit.

    If there are any team fights, try to hit as many as you can. Lux can get kills easily because of her high damage output, but she can also get assists easily because she can hit multiple people without much trouble. For now, you should save your ultimate for any runners, because you'll only have once chance to use it per team fight. If you get enough kills, then start working towards a Nashor's Tooth. I know, the game and some other people recommend Frozen Heart/Brain. You can get that if you're having trouble with the whole "living" thing. If you're playing well, keeping away from the danger, but just close enough to wreak havok, you won't need it as much. Besides, Nashor's Tooth gives AP.

    One last thing. Buy some boots now. You'll be moving around, so you'll need the extra help. I prefer Sorcerer's Shoes for the magic penetration. Mercury's Treads are useful, but honestly, if you're caught in any CC at all, no matter how short, you'll probably be jumped like flies on poop. You can also get Boots of Swiftness or Boots of Mobility, if you're a pro at running in and lasering people they don't expect it, but usually, there are better choices.

    Late Game

    By now you should have a decent amount of AP. Buy a [item=Zhonya's Ring], and make that a wonderful amount of AP. Also, do yourself a favor, and DON'T FORGET THAT YOU HAVE THIS. By now, if you're murking everybody, they're going to start to focus on you, if they haven't already. Just pop the ring, and hope that help is nearby. If it isn't, at least you got to turn into a gold statue for a few seconds. Not many people get that chance.

    You can also demolish team fights. Hopefully, by now, you'll have finished Nashor's Tooth. If not, please do so immediately. Without it, your ultimate's cooldown is 40 seconds. It should be doing around 900 damage (less, of course, factoring magic resistance). Doing more than that is great. With Nashor's tooth, your cooldown is 30 seconds. Pick up the golem buff, max out your Mejai's, or buy a Deathfire Grasp or something (I usually don't buy one because I'm not close enough to use them, but I'm just listing an item that gives CD reduction).

    During Late Game, if your AP has been growing well (IE you haven't been dieing and losing your stacks), you should still be strong enough to blast a few people to hell. You're amazingly cheap 24 second cooldown laser will help you with this. By now, you can just start to randomly fire it. Mow down creep waves with it (especially good when pushing), snipe off people for the hell of it, that kind of fun stuff. You can fire it at people just to piss them off. Who cares? You have the mana, and it'll be up again quicker than you can finish a Pop Tart. This is when Lux gets even more freakin awesome than before. Spam that baby.

    Oh, and by the way, if you really, really, really have to get a last item because you have 5000 gold and the game actually lasted this long, buy a Lich Bane. The AP is good, plus with the added passive, if you hit someone with a normal attack after hitting them with a spell, you can do some serious damage. I've only had one or two games where it got this far, however.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Masteries: 9/0/21. There's no point in defense, you'll get owned if you end up resorting to defense anyways. Just bind them and run.

    Runes: You can get CD reduction if you want it early game (in late game, you'll hopefully have maxed out that 40% CD reduction anyways). Magic Penetration is useful. MP is kind of pointless, because 1) Clarity and 2) Tear of the Goddess

  • Items

    Mejai's Soulstealer + Tear of the Goddess in whatever order you want

    Fiendish Codex And then

    Archangel's Staff or Nashor's Tooth (you'll end up getting both anyways)

    [item=Zhonya's Ring]

    Lich Bane, if you really want.

    And get whatever boots that you feel fit the situation the best. And get them whenever you want to, though mid-late game is probably best.

  • Skilling Order

    Light Binding first, as a level one spell, for that possibly early kill before the minions even come.

    After that, skill them in this order

    [spell=Finales Funkeln] > either Light Binding or Lucent Singularity > Prismatic Barrier

    As for Light Binding and Lucent Singularity, you decide which one you like better. I prefer Light Binding, because it's easier for me to hit with (I play Kennen too, so you can imagine why) but either one will work. It should be mentioned that Light binding does more damage. Lucent singularity can hit an entire wave though, so it's really up to you.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Clarity This is quite a useful spell for Lux. She is a mana whore. She will eat your mana until later levels when you have both your normal, inherent mana, and the mana added from Tear of the Goddess. Even then, if you're been spamming your spells nonstop, then you can still run out (Yes, it is possible to suck a 3000 mana pool dry, especially when your cooldowns get lowers) It's useful in a pinch.

    Teleport Teleport is an all out useful spell for anyone that doesn't already have a teleport ultimate (Lux would fall under that category). It's a bit of a long CD, but it can get you to where you need. Even if you're late, you can still zap them from across the river, from tower to tower, with your laser.

    Clairvoyance This is a decent spell if you can't blind-shot worth a damn. I've had plenty of practice with Ezrael, so it's easier for me. The good thing is that there is such a short time between the red light appearing and the laser itself that it's harder for them to run, even if they see that eye. I don't use this personally, because it just feels so much more awesome if you shoot them when you can't see them.

    Flash This spell is good if the other team is targeting you. It gets you out of their range, but close enough so that you're still effective. Otherwise, it's good for escapes, though you'll never really use this to chase because you have that laser.

    Ghost Same as Flash, but this lasts longer. If you're taking an escape spell, choose one of these two. This is better for chasing, though if you can't kill them with your laser, then you really shouldn't be chasing with someone this squishy. You can also swap this out with teleport, because then you'll have a faster way to get somewhere with a low cd, along with an escape. I prefer teleport, however, just because you'll get in position almost immediately to throw your shield or to stun. Or to laser. Hehe, the laser deserved it's own sentence.

  • Summary

    She's awesome. She has a big laser. You can use it every 24 seconds in the end. It wrecks shit.

    Summary complete.

  • Pros / Cons


    -She can do a ton of damage
    -She had a frickin laser. It has a very long range. You can use this to snipe
    -She has a stun and a slow
    -She can shield herself and teammates
    -She can grant vision in an area
    -She's Garen's sister. Imagine what would happen if you killed her. Garen would be paying a visit to your house. I don't think you'd want that


    -She's squishy
    -She has no escape, though you can save yourself with your bind pretty often
    -She starts off with high cooldowns
    -People laugh at you if you miss your laser
    -Without AP, your laser is actually pretty weak
    -She's a mana whore

  • Unique Skills

    Laser *pew pew*

  • Farming

    Early in the game, it's harder to her to kill minions because her attack animation is slow and she is pretty weak. You also won't have much mana to spare on the creeps. Later on, however, she can flatten crowds with Lucent Singularity. And when her ultimate's CD is 24 seconds, she can destroy every wave in a lane without even seeing it on the map.

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