LeBlanc Build Guide

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LeBlanc, an Ironic Name for a Noxian

written by kattattack22

LeBlanc Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Welcome, this is my first guide. My best characters and favorite characters are Morgana and Ashe. LeBlanc is quickly becoming number three in that short list. I unlocked LeBlanc with IP about a day after she came out, and I've been playing her a lot in her first week of release. I came to Leaguecraft on 11/06/2010 and almost all the guides had negative reviews. I did see two that have a positive reviews. Even the guides with positive reviews the author's still pointed out there was still work to be done for their guides as they were holding off on playing her more before adding more ideas. I'm hoping to add a guide that presents a little more variety and thought on LeBlanc. The abilities section gives a lot of tips on how use them in the early or laning phase. If you are more interested in uses for team fighting skip down to that section. I may from time to time refer to LeBlanc as LB just FYI. If you are wondering about the guide title, LeBlanc is from Noxus (the dark, grimy, and evil city-state.) She is also a part of Noxus’s shadow government called the Black Rose, yet her name is “the white” in French. “The white” would not be my first choice of name for a champion given that background.

    If you are interested in a straight DPS build you can look at the Pure AP build for maximum AP, but I do not recommend it. All the AP in the world won't help your team if you die immediately in a team fight.

    Common Acronyms I use in this guide:

    LB = LeBlanc
    CC = Crowd Control (Stuns, Snares, Silences, Taunts, etc.)
    GTFO = Get The Frak Out (RUN!)
    CDR = Cooldown Reduction

  • Updates

    Update 04/04/2011

    I have made some minor updates. I added a little bit to side lane vs. solo to expand a little on why I prefer the side lane. I also fixed the icons for Rylai's Crystal Scepter. Still working on videos. I have a bunch of clips taking out just need to categorize them and thinking of adding voice overs.

    Update 03/01/2011

    Ethereal Chains ability power ratio increased to 0.5 from 0.4 for both damage components. A nice little buff. This doesn't change much for Leblanc. Early to mid game is still going to be where she dominates. I thought Leblanc was in a pretty good place, but if Riot wants to buff her I'm not going to complain.

    Update 01/04/2011

    Leblanc got a slight attack damage buff so should make farming a little easier, but I'm skeptical. Zhonya's Ring is no longer an item and I was going to change the item builds, but leaguecraft doesn't seem to have the new items implemented here yet. Basically, Zhonya's Hourglass for physical damage instead of Zhonya's ring and Rabadon's Deathcap for damage.

    Update 01/01/2011

    Core items changed. Glithen, a friend of mine, suggested a 2 Kage's Lucky Pick build to me and has become my usual core build. I also have redone item build section. Each build has a section to itself and a suggested build order.

    Update 2010

    I have put in some videos that will hopefully showcase how to use LeBlanc to kill in the lane, escape, and team fight. I know they are kinda short. I hope to add more to them as I get the hang of my video editor.

    Also the latest patch has undone some of the hotfix changes. They put her armor per level back up to pre-hot fix. Her ultimate cool down now scales down as it levels 40/35/30. Before the hotfix it was just 30 seconds and after just 40.

  • Summary


    +HP Magic Penetration MP5 per level MP5 per level


    10/0/20 or 9/0/21

    Summoner Spells


    Skill Order

    Starting Items

    [item_icon=Meki Pendant] x2

    Core Items

    [item_icon=Meki Pendant][item_icon=Kage's Lucky Pick][item_icon=Kage's Lucky Pick]

    vs Magic Damage

    vs Physical Damage


    Vs Mixed Damage

  • Abilities

    Mirror Image
    When LeBlanc is brought below 40% health, she instantly becomes stealthed for half a second. When the stealth fades, she creates a Mirror Image that deals no damage and lasts for up to 8 seconds. This can only occur once per minute.

    This passive is really hit or miss. Sometimes its useful as people will attack the image in their haste to get a kill, a misclick, or they really weren't paying attention. I will say that in one game I had a Warwick ultimate my mirror image.

    I have few useful tips on using this effectively.

    Most people have figured out that mirror image tends to stand still or delays for a second in copying LeBlanc's movements. I have learned to use this my advantage. When mirror image pops up I stand still and have my image move like I'm dodging or go attack a creep.

    Another trick is to criss-cross with your image as you click towards where it is and then alt+right-click over where the real you is. You can do a couple quick ones and then get in for a harass before it poofs.

    Mirror Image makes a great early warning system if you are like me and tend to get too focused on getting a kill. The image will pop up when I am chasing, team fighting, or doing a very aggressive harass, and I know then it is usually time to GTFO. There are exceptions to this, but it works great as a general rule of thumb. Mirror image popping up definitely means do not stick around for long. LeBlanc is very squishy and having a little reminder that "I'M ALMOST DEAD!" can mean the difference between a death or you getting away.

    [spell=Sigil of Silence]
    Sigil of Silence - LeBlanc projects an orb towards her target, dealing magic damage and marking the target for 3.5 seconds. If the target takes damage from one of LeBlanc's abilities, the sigil will trigger, dealing damage and silencing the target.
    LeBlanc projects an orb towards her target, dealing 80/125/170/215/260 (+0.6) magic damage and marking the target for 3.5 seconds.

    If the target takes damage from one of LeBlanc's abilities, the mark will trigger, dealing 20/40/60/80/100 (+) magic damage and silencing the target for 2 seconds.

    Cost 60/65/70/75/80 Mana
    Range 750

    LeBlanc's main nuke and harass skill. Does a decent chunk of damage and has about a 2-3 sec cooldown.

    Hit the squishiest character in your lane with it repeatedly to zone them out or maybe even get an early kill. The main use of it as soon as you hit level 2 is to get that extra damage and silence in combination with distortion. Target squishy hit q, hit w and hit same squishy with distortion AoE and hit w to go back. If they are low and your laning partner is quick or you set it up ahead of time then instead of using distortion to go back hit Ethereal Chains and try to lock them down or hit q again for the kill.

    Its also interesting to note that if you use q and target someone out of range and then distortion into range q will still happen once you are in range. This is very useful if you can't combo harass those pesky ranged champions in your lane.

    Distortion - LeBlanc rapidly moves to a target location, dealing magic damage to nearby units. In the following 3 seconds, she can activate Distortion again to return to her starting location.
    LeBlanc rapidly moves to a target location, dealing 90/130/170/210/250 (+0.6) magic damage to nearby units. In the following 3 seconds, she can activate Distortion again to return to her starting location.

    Cost 60/70/80/90/100 Mana
    Range 25000

    This skill makes LeBlanc such a huge harasser in the laning phase. It basically adds distortion's range to all her attacks and lets you blink back out of harm's way in a couple seconds.

    Obviously, it also lets you escape ganks and even more so when LB gets Mimic.

    I mentioned already the main harass q+w or q+w+e+q combo above so let's talk about some other fun uses. It should be noted that these other uses are generally things I will do when left with no other alternative to accomplish the task because of the 12 second cooldown on distortion. I generally dislike not having my escape plan open to me for that long.

    Checking bushes, that's right w in and out to check a bush. You'll get to see who's there and be out of harms way before the Garen in there can react or if he does run from the spinning doom. I generally do this when I'm alone in a lane and I don't see anyone else and I want some peace of mind to get a few creep kills.

    Farming - see farming section below.

    Going through walls with distortion. This here is really tricky probably because everyone is so used to flash where its hit button and click in the direction you want to go. This doesn't work well with LeBlanc. It takes a little positioning and care.

    Note how in the picture below the range circle goes just beyond wall the AoE target circle overlaps at the edge.

    External Image

    And now the result...

    External Image


    Now here the same area of Summoner's rift. In the picture below I have moved slighty so the range circle is right at the edge of the wall but not over the egde of it.

    External Image

    And the result....

    External Image


    To show this more clearly watch the video below as I get away from Xin by distorting through the wall to the jungle. Look for the range circle edge and how its over the wall.

    Why? because the range needs to be a little beyond the wall. With this in mind there are a lot of walls LeBlanc can distortion through. This includes the back wall of baron and dragon and base walls as shown below.

    External Image
    External Image
    External Image
    External Image
    External Image
    External Image

    I personally recommend just practicing this in a custom game to figure out where you can get through and where you need to be to do such things. Here are a couple more shots of what is possible. If you get that range circle just a little over the wall. Its going to be hard to do especially in game when Warwick is chasing you down with blood scent but practice will help.

    Here is what I mean about keeping cool and using distortion to its fullest. Kayle and I had just killed Mundo and were going to get some easy farming in. Irelia shows up to gank us. I start running back and just as she gets in range for her Bladesurge I use distortion to get away from her. Kayle is behind and in trouble now. I throw chains back to slow Irelia and end up snaring her at our tower allowing both me and kayle to escape.

    (I will freely admit that the Irelia did not do a good job of aiming her ult or she was expecting jukes. Either way it was an awesome escape in my opinion.)

    Ethereal Chains
    Ethereal Chains - LeBlanc flings illusionary chains towards a target location. If it hits an enemy unit, it will deal initial magic damage and slow their movement speed by 25%. If the target remains shackled for 2 seconds, the target takes additional magic damage and is unable to move.
    LeBlanc flings illusionary chains towards a target location. If it hits an enemy unit, it will deal 45/70/95/120/145 (+0.4) initial magic damage and slow their movement speed by 25%. If the target remains shackled for 2 seconds, the target takes an additional 45/70/95/120/145 (+0.4) magic damage and is unable to move for 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2 second(s).

    Cost 70/70/70/70/70 Mana
    Range 950

    This skill is pretty much your way of telling the opponents, "You are not escaping." Use it right after q and w to keep them close for attacking. If possible hit them with this first then go in and combo them.

    Thorw it if you are getting chased for the slow and snare to get away.

    The real trick is with Mimic and I'll talk more about that in the Mimic section.

    Mimic - LeBlanc can cast a more potent version of the previous spell she cast.
    LeBlanc can cast the previous spell she cast. The mimicked spell deals 20/30/40% increased damage.

    Cost 100/50/ Mana
    Range 200
    Cooldown 40/35/30

    This ult is what makes LeBlanc lots of fun. Double snare and slow, double nuke, or double blink. All are great for the same reasons her individual skills are and the cooldown is low enough that you will have it every team fight.

    First I want to touch on my favorite skill to double up on, Ethereal Chains. In a gank or 1v1 situations this basically ensures they will not get away. For ganks I'll q+w then chain the combo target and ult the buddy to keep him off my back or let anyone else who is there clean up now that everything is on cd. In 1v1 situations once I throw e I wait 1-2 seconds and throw Mimic so that once the first snare's duration is over the other takes effect and finish him off with combo or ignite.

    Using Distortion plus Mimic makes for a great epic escape or chases fairly obvious.

    Mimicing Sigil is probably my least favorite. Yes its a great nuke, but has the least amount of ulitity in a team fight. I reserve mimicing Sigil as a finishing move or if some carry has in their head to target LeBlanc in a team fight and get the silence effect with another ability and hopefully render them useless or think twice about attacking LeBlanc.

  • LeBlanc Combo Videos

    I've talked a lot about the combos you can do with her skills. Now lets see them in action!


    I'll put one up eventually.

    Kill Combo

    Here is one where I was solo mid and killed the tristana opposing me. I don't like taking LeBlanc mid (see Solo vs Side Lane), but we had no other ranged champion. Watch as I Sigil into distortion for the silence. Then chains for slow and snare. I finish up with Ignite, a couple of attacks, and sigil. Poor Tristana.

    This is another game in the side lane. Gragas and I harassed twitch quite a bit and then we see him with our pink ward. Gragas throws a barrel. I use sigil and distortion to get in range for chains. I managed to kill twitch even when our ward goes down with the secondary damage on chains.

  • Runes

    Greater Quintessence of Fortitude x3

    LeBlanc is not immune to harassment and will probably take a few hits even with the ability to pop back to safety with distortion. More hp means more you can harass without getting killed.

    Greater Mark of Insight x9

    Magic penetration to help get through that pesky 30 magic resist that everyone has.

    Greater Seal of Clarity x9

    Mana regeneration so LB can keep using her spells because without them you are pretty much useless.

    Greater Glyph of Clarity x9 or Greater Glyph of Focus x4 Greater Glyph of Clarity x5 and or Greater Glyph of Shielding x9

    Any of these will work. Currently on my main account I use the mp5 glyphs because I like to spam abilities. On my second account (I can't call it a smurf anymore since it is level 29) I use the CDR glyphs for pretty much the same reason.

  • Masteries

    For masteries I generally go 10/0/20 as shown below.

    External Image

    Why this setup? Here are important highlights.

    The nine points in offense not counting Burning Embers is for a little AP boost, cooldown reduction and magic penetration. These will make your spells hit harder and pretty standard for any caster.

    [mastery=Burning Embers] I take for that extra AP early game when you don't have many items. LeBlanc can really dominant early with her harass combo and every little bit counts as she is going to drop off mid to late game.

    In utility the it may seem odd to get Greed. Before you go 1 gold per 10 seconds, lame! You have to take into account how bad LeBlanc is at farming. She has one AoE attack that even with lots of AP will not clear a creep wave. Then there is her very weak auto attack. I will go more in-depth about farming later, but let's just say for now LeBlanc can use all the help she can get.

    Perseverance, Meditation, and Intelligence masteries so we can use our abilities more.

    [mastery=Awareness] so LB can get combo sooner and start harassing to her full potential

    [mastery=Quickness] While LeBlanc may not be a slow champion she is squishy and anything I can do to increase my chances of getting away from a gank are great in my guide.

    [mastery=Spatial Accuracy] I put a point in because I use Teleport. If you don't then [mastery=Haste] if you use Ghost or a point in [mastery=Good Hands] if you don't are fine too.

    If you like having your Summoner Spells more often there is always 9/0/21

    External Image

    Use whichever fits your play style.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Good Spells to Use

    Ignite gives LB extra damage, reduces healing, +10 AP with mastery point, and counters certain champion abilities like Tryndamere's ultimate if used properly, 'nuff said.

    The early game is so important to Leblanc and getting back to lane quickly after a recall or death makes a huge difference in my opinion. Late game helps you meet up with your team for a push or get to huge creep wave that is threatening a tower.

    Pop this after a distortion and say good to any pursuit. If any of them pop ghost then just stay ahead until Mimic or Distortion is off cooldown.

    Nice if the enemy team has lots of cc. Probably would use this over ghost in ranked (draft), but ghost would be much better in a normal (blind pick).

    Knowing who is or isn't in your bushes, finding Warwick at dragon begging to be ganked, revealing two champions coming up the river to gank you. This spell is phenomenal. Does LeBlanc need it? Probably not, but its hard to go wrong picking it.

    Spells to Never Get

    Extremely long cooldown and useless if you don't die which I prefer not to do in this game.


    Great for backdoor, but LB doesn't push.

    LeBlanc already has a built in Flash on a much shorter cooldown that can be copied with Mimic if need be. It is redundant. If you need an escape spell take ghost. There has also been a lot of buzz about removing Flash from the game in the LoL forums so it might be a bad idea to get used to not having it.

  • Skilling Order

    Sigil at first level to get that harass going early and help an aggressive teammate like Sion get that first blood.

    Distortion at second level for an escape option and to proc Sigil's silence or help get into range for sigil

    Chains at level 3 for another sigil proc and more general harass

    After that generally its > [spell_icon=Sigil of Silence] > >

    Why Distortion maxed out last? Additional levels of distortion do not do much for LB since it only increases the base damage by 10 and 1 level of it will keep the mana cost low so we can almost always have the mana to use it for escapes.

  • Items

    Here are the items that I start just about every game with.


    [item_icon=Meki Pendant] and x2

    Meki Pendent for mana regeneration and health potions to get HP back if you take damage while harassing.

    [item_icon=Kage's Pick] is the next item I buy for the AP to do more damage and 5 gold per 10 seconds to make up LB's farming trouble.

    next followed by another [item_icon=Kage's Pick]. This lets LB keep up in gold earned without having to focus on last hitting every minion possible. Never more than 2 [item_icon=Kage's Pick] because it will takes awhile to for them to pay for themselves and getting more of these later does not provide a significant gold bonus.


    Mercury Treads if they have any snares, stuns, slows etc. This is very important as you can be stunned while you up in your distortion and if it lasts long enough you'll lose your window to distortion back.

    If they don't have any snares, stuns, slows etc. then Sorcerer's Shoes for the extra Magic Penetration.


    Change your [item_icon=Meki Pendent] into one of the above. If the enemy team has lots of Magic damage the chalice is great for the extra magic resist. Most of the time is better as you can build it into later for a nice AP boost.

    vs Magic Damage

    lowers enemy magic resist, increases your magic resist, and your AP. This item basically says screw you enemy casters, your attacks don't hurt me as much and makes mine hit harder.

    extra hp, magic resist, and blocks 1 cc effect. If you getting cc'd to hell and can't even use distortion to get away then you will really want this.

    You can turn your [item_icon=Meki Pendent] into a instead of a is a pretty good ideas as well for magic resist and better mana regeneration

    vs Physical Damage

    AP + Armor sounds good and few seconds of invulnerability, fantastic.

    hp and ability power.

    perfect counter to hard and fasting champs like Master Yi, Udyr, Jax, and Udyr.

    More for the ranged dps like Tristana, Ashe, etc. and it gives cooldown reduction to get Mimic more often. I do not recommend building this and Thornmail. Build one or the other both is just overkill since you are not the tank.

    Still has lots of armor and if getting focused in team fights means you can let them kill you and pop back up to help the team once they target someone else.

    vs Mixed Damage

    pick and chose from either list as you see fit. I personally recommend Banshee's Veil first as it gives a good boost to hp and blocks cc.

    vs Tanky or Magic Resist Stackers

    The active on this will take about a 1/3 of any tank's hp and make them think twice about getting into the fray. build this if you have extremely healthy tanks like Dr. Mundo or Mordekaiser.

    see above. Best vs magic resist stackers like Galio.

    more health and magic penetration to bypass some magic resist and fairly cheap if not doing so well.

  • Core Build Order

    1) [item_icon=Meki Pendant]x2
    4) -> [item_icon=Kage's Lucky Pick]
    5) -> or
    6) [item_icon=Kage's Lucky Pick] number 2
    7) [item_icon=Meki Pendant] ->

    At the beginning of the mid-game LB is very squishy with this build until you get some HP or other defense item after finishing the core build.

  • Item Build Order vs Magic Damage

    This build order generally is the best, but some rearrangement of the order definitely can be beneficial. If the enemy team is CC heavy build first rather than .

    1-4) Core Build
    5) ->
    6) Core Build
    7) [item_icon=Meki Pendant] ->
    After completing the you will probably need to sell one of the [item_icon=Kage's Lucky Pick]


    [item_icon=Rylai's Scepter]

  • Item Build Order vs Physical Damage

    1-7) Core Build
    9) -> or
    11) -> [item_icon=Rylai's Scepter]
    After completing [item_icon=Rylai's Scepter] you will probably need to sell one of the [item_icon=Kage's Lucky Pick]
    13) ->
    15) -> or
    18) ->

    If you need more defense I would suggest building then or vice versa before [item_icon=Rylai's Scepter].


  • Item Build Order vs Mixed Damage

    For this build order you will want to pay attention to the death reports for the type of damage dealt or choose the defensive item based on who you are laning against

    1-7) Core Build
    9) ->
    10) or
    11) -> or ->
    12) or whichever you did not build earlier
    14) -> [item_icon=Rylai's Scepter]
    15) ->


  • Item Build Order vs Tanky

    1-7) Core Build
    8) [item_icon=Kage's Lucky Pick]
    9) [item_icon=Kage's Lucky Pick] -> Deathfire Grasp
    11) ->
    13) -> [item_icon=Rylai's Scepter]
    15) ->
    17) ->
    18) ->


    Deathfire Grasp

  • Item Build Order vs Magic Resist

    1-4) Core Build
    5) ->
    6-7) Core Build
    9) ->
    12) ->
    14) ->
    16) ->
    17) ->


  • Pure AP Item Build Order

    1-4) Core Build
    5) ->
    6-7) Core Build
    9) ->
    16) ->
    17) ->
    17) ->
    17) ->


  • Farming

    LeBlanc's auto attack is pretty terrible. You are going to want to try and get those last hits whenever possible. The creep will have to be pretty low.

    Farming with Distortion is not my favorite use, but sometimes necessary because its her only AoE attack. I reserve this for a few select occasions. 1) I am alone in trying to kill the creep at a tower and there are lots to kill. LB's auto attack damage is pretty low and anything to try and that money before the tower does is good in my opinion. I will even Mimic distortion to get that gold. 2) Someone was kind enough to hit a bunch of creeps with Taric's Shatter, Ashe's volley, etc. and left a bunch of creep near death. This is not an endorsement to steal creep kills btw. I usually play with at least one friend and they generally do not mind me doing this as they well know I struggle to get about 30 creep kills before the laning phase is over with LB.

    Sigil with its short cooldown can help you get a few creep kills if you are starving for gold or need to get that last bit before a buy.

  • Side Lane vs Solo

    LeBlanc is best in the side lane. There are two champions you can possibly harass and kill. You have a partner that can cover the lane if you see another lane is low and you want to go gank. On the other side of that if your partner decides to go gank its solo experience for you. Side lane also gives you a partner that can help clear creep and protect your tower.

    Does this mean Leblanc cannot solo? No it does not. She is just not ideal for it. She can't clear creep quickly if pushed and she can't farm up lots of gold from being solo in mid like most other solo lane choices. If LeBlanc does end up mid the best thing you can do is get a kill or two on the enemy champion. You don't need to be super aggressive about it. All LeBlanc has to do is wait for the enemy to over extend and go combo them or even just snare them in turret range. LeBlanc has the nuking power early to kill most solo mid characters, but that is about it. You will get a couple kills and struggle to clear creep to protect that mid tower. Once the side lanes start hitting level six it is best to encourage teammates to gank mid or help push mid tower.

    TL;DR LeBlanc does well mid in killing other mids, but other champions not only can get kills but will farm and push better than LB ever will and have more opportunities to gank because they can push the creep to the enemy tower and have time to leave mid for a gank. In the side lane you have 2 targets for harassment, better chances of getting a champion with low hp you can kill easily, and the possibility of double kills. You will have partner that will help you especially if they have CC and if nothing else they will cover the lane while you gank mid.

  • Allies and Enemies

    This section will change and grow as I play LeBlanc more. In general, a good lane partner will have a cc and a good way to clear creep. Bad lane match ups in my experience so far have been double tanks especially if one of the tanks has a self heal or if there is a tanky champion doing a side lane solo.

    Allies: Good Lane Partners

    Taric is a great laning partner for LeBlanc. He has an AoE skill that can help clear creep. He has a heal to help you recover some HP if you took a few hits while harassing. He also has a stun to help get kills.

    Amumu has a stun to help get kills. He has Tantrum for clearing creep. At level 6 he'll have AoE suppression will mean at least one kill if used properly. Can hold the lane 2v1 easily if you have to leave for buy, heal, gank, or whatever.

    Morgana has a snare to help get kills, tainted soil to clear creep, and black shield to save you from cc.

    Irelia has great harass, damage, and a slow/stun. burst+burst=lane domination

    Nunu has a great harass with ice ball and a mega slow. The enemy should not be able to get away once you two go in for the kill.

    Enemies: Bad Lane Matchups

    Nunu has lots of health, a healing ability, and a slow that will reduce your movement to crawl. You can harass him but he'll just get his health back with consume and force you back with his ice ball.

    Mordekaiser has lots of health and a rechargeable shield which makes him immune to most of our harass. Then there is his amazing pushing power which will dominate since LB can't clear creep well. There is some hope if you can get a lot of hits in before he hits level three. If he is doing a solo side lane then you will probably need to switch because all your harass will do is drain his shield and he'll recharge it with one siphon strike.

    Morgana can snare you, has a lot of health for a caster, and inherent spell vamp. Harassing Morgana is nearly pointless with the spell vamp and very dangerous if she can land dark binding in the middle of distortion.

  • Working in the team

    You have two great disables at your disposal so use them!

    Silence hit their caster with sigil and proc it with either distortion or chains and make them useless.

    If the team has Katerina, Fiddlesticks, or another channeling ultimate hit them with the silence to interrupt. In Fiddlesticks's case make sure to do this as he channels it up and not when the crows are flying.

    Use the chains to slow and snare anyone gunning for the squishies or any runners in a team fight. Using chains on carries to keep them in range of your team's dps is also not amiss.

    Otherwise in general nuke a squishy carry and make it 4v5 :).

    Here is an example of a good teamfight with LeBlanc. Watch as I snare Xin at our tower then hit him with silence so he can't do anything. After that I work on the other squishies getting in close with distortion and for mop up I snare Alistar so team can kill him and we get almost their entire team.

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