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Zaggath's Jungle Sivir

written by Zaggath

Sivir Build

Table of Contents

  • Prelude

    Please take a moment and consider my logic and argument presented before you make any hasty conclusions.

    Jungle Sivir is, in most people's opinion, an abomination. I am harassed at the character selection screen and queue dodged entirely too often. My goal in making this guide is to explain how Sivir can be a very powerful Jungle character and why it could be beneficial to jungle. I will attempt to give as much detail as possible and I hope you will leave comments if you have any questions or if you find any errors.

    In a game that is as dynamic and complex as this, there is never an absolute best way to build or play a champion. Always keep an open mind and be willing to learn~

  • About Me

    I am Zaggath and Sivir was my first love in League of Legends~ I played her almost exclusively while leveling from 10-30. I missed out on the experience of playing a wide variety of champions, but I couldn't help myself. I played her has a Mid carry/buff tank type and felt I had a large impact on the outcome of the game. After reaching level 30 I needed to explore and learn all of the champions and I left Sivir alone for a time.

    About two months ago (~15SEP), I started theory-crafting ways to play that I had not seen before. There is a certain strategic benefit from doing weird new things. Sivir has some interesting mechanics, different than any other character, and so began my Sivir experiment.

  • How to win League of Legends, the basics

    In the grand scheme of things, to win the game your team must be better than the opposing team. Simple eh?
    If you can take a moment and think abstractly...

    Team Composition + Team Work + Individual Decision Making + Strategy + Tactics = Chance to Win

    The team who executes those attributes better will win.

    Team Composition is pretty straight forward and must take into account the Strategy you intend on employing.
    For Example, will I run a balanced team or something special?
    a. Balance~ Main Tank, Damage Tank, AD Carry, AP Carry, Support.
    b. AOE Team Focus
    c. High Mobility Ganking Team Focus
    d. Pushing Team Focus

    Team Work is highly regarded as the paramount attribute. Voice communication software is a huge benefit. In a 5 man team there needs to be one leader, responsible for making the Tactical decisions. A democracy will work before the game starts, but a high degree of organization can only be obtained with a single leader. Suggestions are always welcome in low stress situations. When the shit hits the fan a (relatively) bad decision executed properly is often better than a good decision executed poorly.

    Individual Decision Making comes from knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your champion and making as few mistakes as possible. (Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, otherwise you would never have the opportunity to learn from them).
    Other good decisions:
    a. Allow an under-leveled summoner to clear a large push in another lane, instead of succumbing to greed.
    b. Know when to steal a kill in order to ensure they die, and when to allow a carry to take a kill from you.
    c. Know which characters on your team should have priority for Red and Blue buffs, and ensuring they get them.
    d. Maintain your humility in victory and defeat, and espically when dealing with new players and understanding the mistakes we all make.

    Strategy, in conjunction with Team Composition, this represents the over arching decisions about your game play.
    a. What kind of team will we run?
    b. How will the lanes be setup?
    c. Will I have a jungler
    d. When will we leave the lane phase and start team fights?
    e. Who is purchasing the majority of the wards?
    f. Who is the leader of the team?

    Tactics are the little decisions and team maneuvers employed throughout the game.
    Target Selection and Priority are the most essential tactical decisions.

    Here are some examples of tactical maneuvers:
    The Bush Ambush - Hiding in a bush... Employed for various reasons and sometimes for no reason at all.
    Famous Bush Ambushers -> Garen, AP Shaco. Joke's aside this is the most common and easily executed tactic.
    Hide in the bush near the opposing team's second middle turret or in the bush near baron/dragon. If they have it warded this will usually end in a good laugh and a little time out for your entire team.

    The Feint or Deception - Push a lane, and make sure most of your team shows up on the mini map. Then run your ass across the map to the opposite lane. The goal is to confuse and separate the enemy team to make picking them off easier. (Not all champions move across the map at the same rate of speed) Wards placed along the enemy's anticipated route across the map are necessary.

    These are only two generic examples, the complexities inherent in the game will allow for a nearly unlimited array of tactical maneuvers.

    Now that you know how I view the goals of the game...

    On to SIVIR~

  • Abilities

    Fleet of Foot
    Her passive is nice, but percentage based and therefore unreliable. Think of it as a nice surprise. You can micromanage your champion to run a small amount between auto attacks vs jungle creeps for a very small benefit.

    Boomerang Blade
    With addition of 75% AD scaling, this has combined the joy of AP Sivir with the effectiveness of AD Sivir. In the Sivir champion spotlight this was described as the best nuke at level 9.

    The best end game pushing ability currently in League of Legends and the reason Sivir should always do considerably more damage than any other champion currently in the game.

    Spell Shield
    The proper timing of this spell will differentiate the mediocre Sivir players from the amazing ones.
    Ideally you need to anticipate the enemy's actions, and activate this ability after they have committed to their action.
    Examples: Slow projectiles are easy, Sion Stun, Kassadin's Void Sphere, and Karthus's Ult come to mind as the easiest to block. Activate the shield while they are in the air/activating.
    Vladimir's transfusion is more difficult, but not impossible. Leave yourself a bit forward and wait for him to run towards you, intuition and a pattern of his actions should be enough to determine if he will attempt to transfuse. Bad Vladimir's are easy as they cast the spell from far off and run directly towards you, you can tell by a yellow glow around their character. Experience and knowledge of all the Champion spells will help improve your timing of Spell Shield.

    On The Hunt
    This ability has alot of uses, from assisting allies in running away to pushing a tower quickly. It is a fairly straight forward ability.
    One thing to consider when choosing items is the maximum attack speed is 2.5. Do you allow a percentage of your ultimate ability's attack speed to go to waste by getting a lot of attack speed from items? It is highly situational, but most of the time my answer is yes.

  • The reason to Jungle with Sivir

    To win you must destroy the enemy nexus. Endless waves of minions and a series of towers stand between your nexus and the enemy nexus. Kill a tower and the enemy must fall back to a more defensible position. Killing the enemy champions is simply a means to an end, it is easier to push a turret when the enemy is absent. My goal is to slaughter minions and destroy turrets; Sivir is highly skilled at both.

    Sivir can push a lane and keep the enemy at bay with her boomerang blade. The amount of damage Sivir can do early game is almost always underestimated. As early as level 2 (after killing blue) with the proper communication, assisting your team mates to kill the enemy in their lane is fairly simple. The added benefit of Sivir is you can take a good potion of their turret's health away. By level 6 this almost always means taking down a turret.

  • The most important Sivir mechanic

    Ricochet bounces will not apply on hit effects, they can not be dodged and according to Rawpower405's testing, reduced by armor.

    Critical Strike is considered an on hit effect, and will not be applied to bounces.
    The armor reduction of the initial hit will not affect the amount of damage that is applied by ricochet.

    Rawpower405 has already compiled a lot of Sivir mechanics into his guide, I would highly recommend reading it as well. (remember, there's more than one correct way to play most champions)

  • The Build - Masteries

    External Image

    Sivir's role is to do damage, therefore 21 points in offensive tree are important. The dodge ability [mastery_icon=nimbleness] in the defensive tree has nice synergy with Sivir, but I am unable to spare the points for it. I believe Awareness [mastery_icon=awareness] and Utility Mastery [mastery_icon=Utility Mastery] are more important.

  • The Build - Summoner Spells

    We all have our bias on Summoner Abilities, here are my choices.
    Smite Teleport

    Smite is necessary for killing the blue golem first. It also will help throughout the game for melting jungle creeps as you walk by them. The extra 5g from the Mastery is nice too.

    Teleport is all too often associated with a new player's crutch. This is not the case. Like Dr. Mundo, Sivir goes where she pleases, and pushes where she pleases. Teleport will allow you to push a tower before the enemy has time to react. As long as you are aware of the general positions of the enemy and do not linger once the tower is down, you should be able to escape without a scratch.

    Weighing the benefits of each of the other summoner spells in order to determine which will have the greatest impact on the game, these are my choices.

  • The Build - Runes

    My runes are very simple.
    Health Quints
    Attack Speed everything else

    The first objection most people raise if the lack of Armor Penetration. Sunder [mastery_icon=Sunder] provides enough armor penetration initially.

    A compiled Excel listing of the Base Armor and Magic Resistances of all champions is here:
    **Please note, credit for the numbers goes to Acedia. I simply formatted it.

    Neutral Minion Armor Values:
    Ancient Golem Armor – 24
    Lizard Elder Armor - 24
    Golem Armor – 12
    Wraith Armor – 35
    Lesser Wraith Armor – 30
    Giant Wolf Armor – 6
    Young Lizard Armor – 6
    Wolf Armor – 6

    It is also important to highlight the distinction between Armor Penetration and Armor Reduction.
    Heat n Serve has put a lot of effort into the math behind the game, I highly recommend reading it.
    His guide is located here:

    A word on armor/resist reduction and armor/resist penetration
    Armor reduction and armor penetration are applied in this order:
    1. Percent reduction (Bushwhack / Pounce)
    2. Flat reduction (The Black Cleaver, Puncturing Taunt, etc)
    3. Flat penetration (The Brutalizer, Sunder Mastery, Runes of Desolation)
    4. Percent penetration (Last Whisper)
    (note: not sure of the order of 1 and 2 since the patch notes only mention a change to the order in which penetration is applied, not reduction).

    Resist reduction and resist penetration are applied in this order:
    1. Percent reduction (Bushwhack / Pounce)
    2. Flat reduction (Cursed Touch, Abyssal Scepter, etc)
    3. Flat penetration (Sorcerer's Shoes, Archaic Knowledge Mastery, Runes of Insight)
    4. Percent penetration (Void Staff)
    (note: not sure of the order of 1 and 2 since the patch notes only mention a change to the order in which penetration is applied, not reduction).

    The application: Red runes are armor penetration which could be rendered obsolete by enough reduction. A possibility, not a certainty.
    End Heat n Serve Quote

    Yellow and Blue Attack Speed Runes

    Since (Attack Speed * Attack damage) will give you the most damage output, and Sivir loves damage, I had two choices.

    Lets talk "Overkill"
    An extreme example:

    Scenario 1:
    An enemy has 500 health and you deal 150 damage with an attack speed of 1(per second). Your Damage Per Second(DPS) is 150.

    X represents the number of attacks.
    When is 150 * X > 500?
    150 + 150 = 300 + 150 = 450 + 150 = 600
    When X = 4
    4 * 1 (attack per second) = 4 Seconds until your target dies.

    Scenario 2:
    Same enemy with 500 health. This time you deal 75 damage, but you have an attack speed of 2 Your DPS is still 150.
    When is 75 * X > 500?
    75 + 75 = 150 + 75 = 225 + 75 = 300 + 75 = 375 + 75 = 450 + 75 = 525.
    When X = 7
    7 * .5 (two attacks per second) = 3.5 seconds until your target dies.

    In Scenario 2 there is less "overkill" which is a more efficient use of your DPS. Half a second is not much, but in the world of maximum efficiency it counts. Avoiding the use of absolutes, I often prefer Attack Speed.

  • The Build - Skill Order

    There is no set order to take Sivir's spells, only a few guidelines.

    1. Boomerang Blade must be taken first and it should generally be maxed out first.
    It is critical to your ability to jungle and for killing enemy summoners.
    2. Ricochet This should come second, but without neglecting Spell Shield. Ricochet is essential for farming, and Spell Shield is essential for gaining mana and reducing harassment.
    3. As always, skill up your On The Hunt when ever possible.

  • The Build - Items

    Thanks to a comment and idea by Elocater, I have taken his suggestion and changed my starting item from [item= Doran's Blade] and 1 Health Potion to...

    Start with
    Elixir of Fortitude and 5x Health Potion.

    Since Sivir can farm so damn well, I have no problem spending 35/40g for potions. I frequently purchase them.

    Your first item should be Wriggle's Lantern. Buy the Madred's Razors when you have 1000g, then buy Boots of Speed.
    Next comes your first big decision. Do you complete your Wriggle's Lantern first, or complete Boots of Swiftness?
    Do you want to kill faster or will mobility help you move around more?
    (Wriggle's will cost about 525 and boots cost 650. Small decision as Sivir farms very well. You may not even have to make it at all... return with 1175g)

    A note on Wriggle's Lantern
    The 500 damage proc is very important for killing the dragon and keeping your red and blue buffs refreshed.
    The +23 damage is promoting your (Attack Speed * Attack Damage) equation.
    The lifesteal is your sustainment throughout the game.
    The ward is absolutely amazing, just think of how much you are saving by not spending 90g for every ward.
    The armor is a bonus, nice for jungle creep damage reduction and to negate the armor penetration runes their AD carry almost certainly purchased and equipped.

    At this point in the game I ALWAYS have my Wriggle's Lantern set to item slot 4. Health Potion is in item slot 2 and Mana Potion is in item slot 3. Repetition leads to quicker reaction time.
    Boots of Swiftness is item 5.

    At this point in the game it is time for you to start letting go of YOUR team's Blue Golem Buff. Most of the time your AP carry will be thirsting for it. Please do not be confused, Sivir is very good at melting Creeps and Minions, their Blue Golem Buff should always belong to you.

    Begin building Tear of the Goddess with the intention of turning it into Manamune as soon as possible.
    This item is a free ticket to "never care about mana" land.
    Manamune goes to slot 6.

    My next item is the under-appreciated Sword of the Divine. This is good for Sivir for a number of reasons.
    1. We slacked on the armor penetration and it will prevent dodge as a bonus effect.
    2. 55% attack speed~
    3. The 100 damage every 4 attack passive will activate on towers.

    Sword of the Divine should be set in item slot 1.

    Most games will end here, and your inventory should look like this:

    If you are insanely fed or it is just a long game, read on.

    In no particular order~

    The Black Cleaver This item is awesome if people are stacking armor. 75 damage is nothing to blow off either.
    Frozen Mallet is a nice chunk of health and everyone loves to slow down runners. Remember, only the first target will be slowed.
    [Item=stark's fervor] A longtime favorite of Sivir's across the world.
    [item=madred's bloodrazor] My previous Sivir build included this item as second. While Getting this immediately following the completion of Wriggle's Lantern and purchasing a Giant's Belt will allow you to Kill Baron with ease, I think my current build has a greater impact on the game. Still, picking this up late game can be a true game changer.
    The Bloodthirster An awesome item. If I have no immediate need for the Black Cleaver, this is an excellent choice.
    Sword of the Occult I can not find a good way to fit this item in early game. If you are having a great game, a snowball item like this is a cheap damage increase.

    I am sure there are more viable items for Sivir, but the ones listed are what I find myself purchasing most often. I would love to hear more itemization ideas in the comments~

  • How to Jungle as Sivir

    As with most champions, the Blue Golem buff is essential for jungling. Here's my typical route->
    Start with blue, position to where you are in the grass at the maximum range of your boomerang blade. Toss it and get as many "free" auto-attack in as possible before the golem reaches you. Once you take your first hit from the golem, drink your Health Potion. Use your smite and boomerang blade as much as possible. Once the golem is dead kill the little creeps. You should get level 2 and pick up Ricochet. Proceed to the Wolf camp and initiate the fight with the wolves in a similar manner to the golem. (Stand at max range of your boomerang so you get as many free auto-attacks in as possible.
    Move down to clear the 2 golem camp and then kill the wraiths. It is important to use your smite on the large wraith before casting your boomerang blade, they melt. Return to the base and heal up.

    Now you have a choice.
    1. Go to the lane which already has two summoners in it and gank. This is the least expected and you can get (or assist a team mate in getting) first blood. Push the tower.
    2. You can help gank and push mid.
    3. You can go to the solo side lane and help out. Push creeps or attempt to gank. It is best to leave this lane alone if at all possible. The solo side is fine fighting along side their tower.
    4. You can continue to jungle. Kill the enemy Blue golem and then move to your red lizard and then continue on to clear out your side of the jungle.

    The most important thing to do as a jungler is to remain unpredictable and maintain your awareness of all the lanes. One of your towers should never fall due to tunnel vision on jungling. Communicate often with your team mates and teleport will let you jump across the map and ambush the other team. Watch MIA calls and check/steal their red and blue buffs often. Offer to assist the AP carry in killing the blue buff, it is more beneficial in their hands. (And then run and immediately steal the opposing team's, or at least ward theirs.)
    If you are assisting someone else take the blue buff, Mash the 'S' key over and over and your champion will eventually stop attacking and just stand there. Since Sivir melts creeps, you will still accidentally take the buff occasionally -just apologize and move on.

    As a general rule: unless you are running to save the day or running from a would be gank, never pass jungle creeps and leave them alive. Melt them.

  • The Sivir Playstyle

    As with most champions in League, you should never stop moving. Sivir's passive will help avoid a little unwanted damage, but the real value is in avoiding skill shots from the opposing team.

    First and foremost, Sivir is an AOE character. Play and build her with this in mind. She reminds me of Nasus a lot. Aside from Siphoning Strike, Nasus's damage is almost unnoticed during a team fight with his Spirit Fire and Fury of the Sands.
    Make no mistake, Nasus does a lot of damage. It is just not all at once -slow and steady wins the race. You can induce a bad targeting decision from the enemy team when they do not know what is killing them during team fights.
    (Hyfe has created the most amazing Nasus guide:

    I think of my role as Sivir is to do damage like Nasus does, slow and Ricochet bounding death. She needs to do a lot of damage to as many targets as possible while her On The Hunt increases the team's mobility.

    Sivir also has to harass, and harass often. The range and absurd damage on Boomerang Blade should be sufficient for slicing enemy squishies in half. Learn to predict their movement and catch them off guard. Her boomerang had a longer range than towers do and the apex of its movement is slightly outside of the displayed range. (This is common across all champion abilities in League of Legends)

  • Conclusion

    Well, there you have it. A gigantic wall of text designed to be more robust than Anivia's Crystallize. I hope I explained everything in a logical manner, if not please let me know in the comments and I will attempt to correct the error.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my guide.

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