Evelynn Build Guide

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*New* Hybrid Evelynn.

written by Neglli

Evelynn Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction/Why this guide?

    Welcome to this Eve guide. I'm started playing this Lady with a pure AP build http://leaguecraft.com/strategies/guide/2892-evelynn-cry-me-a-river.xhtml, but it doesn't fit my style of playing and so I began to overthink the hole build. I hope you won't rate it negative, because something is missing I will update this guide and improve it time by time. Furthermore I have to excuse my poor english, but I think it's understandable. ;-)
    If you haven't enough time or if you hate reading, just look in the Quick References their you will find everything you need.

    But what seperates this guides from the others:
    Obviously we have a Hybrid build, but what is better or more worse then in other guides.
    The AD you get will help you laning and bringing down tanks with your team mates. Furthermore your survivability is increased without loosing damage, because you won't need tank items. This effect belongs to spell vamp and life steal. With your crits, early laning and gold farming is increased without using mana. So you can use it for the important thinks. But their are some negative aspects.
    Your burst damage is lower compared with a pure AP built, so it could take a little bit longer to take down some kind of enemy, but this shouldn't been a problem. So enjoy the guide.

    10.11.2010 gameplay section was improved and a bunch of small things, I hope I have the time to include some pictures throughout the day.

  • Why Evelynn? + Pros/Cons

    Evelynn is a real assassin. Tower Dives, killing "run aways" and also killing squishies in a bunch of people and getting your ass out of there are your main skills. So if you like killing guys and create panic on guys with low HP and if you get over bad laning abilities in early game than you will maybe love her.

    -nice damage
    -can kill every low HP "run away"
    -good Map control

    -no zone abilities
    -no ranged abilities
    -worse in early game laning
    -isn't the best champion for team fights, but still usefull (Also when some people have a different opinion, but I will explain this later on)

  • Abilities

    [spell=Determined Killer]
    Could be nicer, but it will help you sometimes to survive.
    A important point is that this passive is not working with neutral minions.

    Hate Spike
    Nice damage, and you are still attacking when spamming this, so you can create a nice dmg over time. But you have to be careful at the beginning otherwise your mana is always low. With your Trinity Force the spamming time begins.

    If you use Hate Spike while stealthed you can stun two guys instead of one.

    Shadow Walk
    Stealth, stun this makes you a assassin. You should have an eye on the time otherwise you will get visible while standing near an enemy.

    A hint for Recall: Activate Shadow Walk and use Recall before you get invisible. So you will still recalling while you are stealthed.

    Nice burst and will help you getting the low health kills. Watch your Cooldown and use this as often if you can in team fights.

    [spell=Malice and Spite]
    Just nice, move and attack speed and healing by killing. You will love it to tower dive with low HP and getting out there with a kill and a nice healing. Don't save it for the "right" moment. If you get a kill it gets refreshed so you can use it again.

  • Skilling Order

    This might be looking a little bit confusing, but the idea is to make your kills easier (ravage and stealth) and to give you a nice spam ability providing your continuous damage which will help laning and getting down tanks. But you can change thinks up. If you have the feeling that it's enough to be 20 secs in stealth go and skill revenge and hate spike. So it's often influenced by game progress and style.

  • Summoner Abilities

    My favorites:
    Exhaust This is one of my favorites, it helps to keep you alive and improves chasing.
    Flash I like this one, because it supports your tower dives and give you the opportunity to do unexpectable things.

    Another style of playing?
    Ignite Nice bonus dmg, change it with exhaust if you like it more.
    Cleanse A nice defense spell, but - yeah - it's a defense spell, so it works just in one direction, but if you like it - take it.

    Not recommend:
    Heal Kills will heal you, when you have no chance then flee. But if you feel you need this then take it but I think the other spells fit better.
    Smite Maybe but this guide isn't about jungling.
    Clarity Your Mana will befine.
    Teleport You are fast as lightning -> no
    Ghost See above
    [spell=Rally] Run, don't stand
    Clairvoyance You have stealth to check the bushes
    [spell=Fortify] Leave it to some one else
    Revive come on neither cool nor usefull

  • Masteries + Runes

    The one point remaining can be used for [mastery_icon=Cripple] , [mastery_icon=Burning Embers] , [mastery_icon=Awareness]

    9x Greater Mark of Malice
    9x Greater Seal of Clarity
    9x Greater Glyph of Force
    2x Greater Quintessence of Fortitude
    1x Greater Quintessence of Malice

    At the moment I overthink the Glyph of Force, but for now it's fine.

  • Items

    Now the interesting point:
    Start: Brawler's Gloves + 1x Health Potion + 1x Mana Potion
    1. Zeal This will give you good crit, attack speed and the movementspeed you need.
    2. Boots of Mobility These shiny shoes will give you map control and the chance to gank everything
    3. Sheen or Phage If you feel comfortable with your health take Sheen first
    4. Trinity Force 5070 gold, thats cheap for this bunch of stats which fit to you perfectly
    5. Hextech Revolver or Haunting Guise Take Haunting Guise if you think that you are to squishy otherwise pass by.
    6. Hextech Gunblade Hextech will improve your damage and your survivability in Team fights.

    I have to say that I will try different items instead of Haunting Guise, maybe Spirit Visage or Kindlegem. So i will update this.

    If you skipped Haunting Guise you have finished your Core build with 8695g thats cheap and important, but I will explain this later on.

    1. Last Whisper or Void Staff if you face a tank with Magic resist and Armor take Void Staff
    2. Nashor's Tooth or [item=Malady] I will try this in the next days but they are looking fine.
    3. Guinsoo's Rageblade I tried building this before Hextech Gunblade, but the active of Hextech, the spell vamp and the life steal is even better to start, but this can give you the extra kick you need.
    4.[item=Zhonya's Ring] This can safe you when being focused and gives you nice amount of AP

    Some other thoughts:
    I think more AD items like Phantom Dancer can't improve your ganking, so ignore them. If you have the feeling that there are any items which fit, write a comment.

  • Gamplay

    Regular stuff:
    Laning in the early game is one of the hardest parts playing Eve. The most champions have zoning/ranged abilities. She hasn't.
    So it's important to get a good laning partner, like Nasus who can push and defend at the beginning. I will make a list of good laning partners in the next weeks.
    So now how to play in the most games.

    The first Gank:
    Your stealth will help you scout the bushes, but beware. Many opponent's will buy a ward at the beginning so wait for your team mate. If you have a Mundo or a Sivir let them throw something into.
    If you should gank or not is another chapter, it belongs to your teammate and your opponent. But normally it makes sense, with Exhaust and Flash you are well prepared. Wait until some is running into or near the bushes and stun him.
    After the gank get back and heal yourself now the hard time begin.
    The most time you should be stealthed otherwise you will lose alot of health, because of the enemys ranged abilities. Stun and use Ravage as often if you can, that means every time their is a distance between your two opponents. Play it more agressive if you have the feeling that you can force them back.
    Coordination is very important, your team mate should make as much damage as he can when you stun the enemy.
    Above level 12 laning shouldn't be a problem anymore, but you will still have problems to defend towers when you are alone against two opponent's.

    the crucial eye:
    Map awareness, this is what you need and you have to train. It's important to see where the low health guys are and you must learn to quickly analyse situations. Will some one run away? In which direction he will run? Is it possible to kill him? If you can handle these situation then you are on a good way.

    normal Ganking:
    When you can afford your boots you should be between level 6 and 8. With your ulti your now be able to tower dive, your boots and zeal will give you now map control and the ability to gank everywhere. Your enemys should have the feeling that there is always a threat. Stand near the enemy, so that you can cut off his escape route. Now your team mate should come closer. If your target wants to get away stun him, together with your team mate you should get the kill.

    Tower diving:
    Normally it looks like this. You see or expect an low health enemy near the tower porting back. This is your chance. Go in stealth and run towards him. Your problem is that the tower has stealth detection. So you can be seen by the tower and the guy you are going to kill. So you must be fast, flash in. If it is on cooldown use your ult get the kill and bring your ass out of there. And have in mind that your ult will heal you so it isn't a problem to run away from a tower with low health.

    Other stuff:
    The Runaway trick:
    You and your mate are walking through the jungle and there it is one little enemy is creeping around and you want to kill him. But we all know this situation. He is on low HP when his other team mates arrive. Normally they will focus you, so get your ass out of there and get stealthed. Go back if there is a chance of winning this fight. Stun use Ravage, maybe your ult is up, use it get away if you get focused again. This will give your teammates more time to attack or to run away, while they are chasing you.

    Safe asses:
    A fail of your team mate? He runs away followed by a Tryndramere or something else? Stun him and get away. Maybe you have to use Exhaust or your ult, but you safed the life of your team mate.

    Backdooring towers could be a problem. But with your AD and your ult you can do this. It belongs to the level and your equip how many health the tower can have so that you can destroy him. A tower which wasn't damaged before can't be done in one try in the most games. (Buffs will help you solving this problem)

    Maybe it sounds a little bit stupid, but if you have to decide wether you or your team mate is gonna die, the sacrafice your self and rescue him. But what is the sense behind this? N

  • Teamfights

    Some people say Eve is useless in team fights, but thats not true. Wether you can help or not belongs to the type of team fight.

    I will seperate them into two groups:
    At first we have the real team fights, where one team will initiate the hole thing and there is a big fight. Our task is to check the situation:
    If you think the fight is on full going the get into and kill some squishies, it's importent to watch your health. If you get attacked flee get stealthed and stun if you think you can win the team fight.
    When you are a little bit to late or there is to much AOE (Area of effect) Dmg around, so that you get killed instantly, kill the ones who try to run away.

    The other team fight isn't one.
    I talk about the situation when 10 people are standing in the mid lane and one after another casts a spell and then walks back into the group. Both sides are loosing health and maybe some champs will die. This is a difficult situation. You can't get into, because you get focused and killed. In team fights you have to wait until someone has initiate it. So when they say:"Hey help you fucking noob!" Ignore it, it's a learning process how far you can go and what you are able to do. So your task is to kill the ones who runaway, but often they will recall between their team mates so their isn't a chance. So this is a situation were you can feel worthless. But you can fix this. You and your team must change their team fight style to type one.

    Will be improved.

  • Quick Reference

    Summoner Spells:

    9x Greater Mark of Malice
    9x Greater Seal of Clarity
    9x Greater Glyph of Force
    2x Greater Quintessence of Fortitude
    1x Greater Quintessence of Malice


    Brawler's Gloves + 1x Health Potion + 1x Mana Potion
    Boots of Mobility
    Sheen or Phage
    Trinity Force
    Hextech Revolver or Haunting Guise
    Hextech Gunblade
    Last Whisper or Void Staff
    Nashor's Tooth or [item=Malady]
    Guinsoo's Rageblade
    [item=Zhonya's Ring]

    Skilling order:

  • Summary

    This guide isn't finished yet, i will write a lot more in the next days, but my wish is that you help to improve it. Maybe try out some items or anything else. If you have some ideas or tips, if you rate this guide positive or negative please write a comment. I will improve this guide as fast as I can. With pictures and more stuff for beginners. Furthermore the Gameplay section will be improved a lot.
    So I hope you enjoy this guide.


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