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Be a Hero with Singed, the Mad Chemist

written by Nhan-Fiction

Singed Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Note: All of this information pertains to the Summoner's Rift map for Patch v1.0.0.119.
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    Hello there,

    My Summoner name is Coug54, and I play on the U.S. servers.

    I chose to write a guide about Singed because I think he is a fun champ to play. Though he is not that powerful compared to other champs who fill the tank role, Singed can nevertheless be useful for his team. He has a lot of utility in his skills that let him do some pretty unique things in the game.

    I do not claim to be the best Singed play ever, nor will I declare this guide to be the most efficient means of playing this Champion. This guide simply reflects my own style of playing Singed, down to the last Item and Rune, for a modest Elo level. This is a CASUAL strategy and nothing more.

    With the technical stuff out of the way, let's take a look at everyone's favorite chemist.

    Happy reading.

  • Abilities

    Empowered Bulwark
    It is a simple passive that grants you bonus HP based on your current max Mana. Overall, this passive pads Singed with some extra survivability, but you should treat it is just a bonus and nothing more.

    Getting more Armor and Magic Resistance will prove more beneficial than raw HP, plus Singed naturally becomes self-sufficient with his Mana pool as the game continues. Combined with the fact that Singed's skill-set is relatively inexpensive in Mana costs, this makes focusing on Mana-heavy gear an inefficient strategy.

    Poison Trail
    This unique toggle ability lets Singed do some pretty interesting things. Simply turn this skill on to let the poison whittle away at enemies caught in the death cloud. Running around enemy Champions and Minions with Poison Trail can gradually build up to some significant damage, which can net you a bunch of Kills and last hits. In addition, as a Champion who can attack foes directly behind him, Singed can make enemies think twice about pursuing him in chases and ganks as he is releasing fumes toward their direction.

    This skill, however, does have a poor AP ratio to keep in mind. This means Poison Trail's effectiveness does decline as the game goes on, but this is not that big of a deal. This ability is simply awesome, but be sure to toggle the skill off when there are no enemies nearby.

    Mega Adhesive
    This glob of glue has many beneficial uses. By taking advantage of its generous range and AoE, you can shoot this glue out to slow enemies down for chases, ganks and even getaway attempts. The beauty of the skill is how an enemy can just touch the edge of the glue to get the slow. Making the enemy decelerate for even just a split second can make all of the difference in a variety of situations.

    Honestly, there is no real drawback for throwing this skill out in a bunch of situations, so be alert for good circumstances to "stick" it to your enemies.

    This is the ability that makes Singed fun and different from the rest. Fling grabs and tosses an enemy behind Singed at melee range. It deals initial magic damage as Singed starts the throw, and it can set up the unlucky target's demise rather quickly. It also has an added bonus of having an excellent AP ratio.

    Being able to alter a target enemy's position is extremely powerful by itself. For instance, a well-placed throw can literally save an ally's life in hectic situations.

    However, be warned that this skill can sometimes screw up situations if you are not careful with the direction Singed is facing as you get your mitts on someone. You can literally throw an enemy away to safety or toss the foe close enough to near-death allies, indirectly granting the perfect opportunity for the flung target to attack your vulnerable teammate(s). In addition, also be aware that this skill counts as a disable, so certain skills like Morgana's Black Shield or Olaf's Ragnarok can completely stop this ability in its tracks.

    Insanity Potion
    A simple press of the button pumps up Singed's stats across the board, except for things like Attack Damage. This is a straightforward ultimate, but it turns Singed into a Champion the opposition can fear when a madman is running toward them. The boosted stats keep Singed alive (extra crowd control reduction, anyone?), so having this ability activated in team fights is an absolute must.

    Outside of team fights, the two main situations to use this ultimate are: when you are about to make a move on someone to throw them during a gank or team fight and when you are attempting to run away from danger.

    If you are far away from where you need to be, using this skill to get there faster is a decent idea. This ability lets Singed does what he does best, so avoid using this ultimate randomly.

  • Skill Build

    This is the universal build I always follow, regardless of the opposition.

    * Start with Fling at Level 1. As your scariest skill against enemy Champions, having this ability right off the bat is key.
    * Get Poison Trail at Level 2 and Level 3. This will allow you to have some real lane presence.
    * Put a point into Mega Adhesive at Level 4. This will allow you to slow targets early.
    * Max out Poison Trail first.
    * Then put points into Mega Adhesive second. The slow is extremely handy.
    * Complete Fling last.
    * Level up Insanity Potion whenever possible.

  • Runes

    I use an obscure Rune setup for Singed. The Runes focus on providing Singed with some utility to work with.

    External Image

    The Runes I Use
    Greater Quintessence of Fortitude x3 for a safety net of HP.
    Greater Mark of Insight x9 to increase Singed's damage output for his spells.
    Greater Seal of Clarity x8 to have more Mana regen to spam.
    Greater Seal of Evasion x1 for good luck.
    Greater Glyph of Focus x9 to have your Fling off cooldown a bit faster, allowing your game-changing throw to be ready again when you really need it.
    Other Runes I Like for Singed

    Greater Mark of Desolation is OK on Singed. Combined with his ultimate, Singed does all right physical damage.
    Greater Seal of Evasion is useful as a complete yellow set.
    Greater Seal of Resilience pads Singed with a good amount of Armor.
    Greater Seal of Vitality works well with Singed's role as a tank.
    Greater Glyph of Warding provides an additional safety net for Singed, especially when he is initiating into a barrage of spells.
    Greater Quintessence of Swiftness for extra movement speed.

  • Masteries

    * For the following strategies, be sure to move around points, if possible, for an improved version of Summoner Spells you like to use.
    Masteries Set A
    This is a well-balanced setup that splits defense and utility.
    External Image

    * Get three points of Resistance for the extra Magic Resistance.
    * Grab three points of Hardiness for extra Armor.
    * Toss a point into Strength of Spirit for the extra HP regen.
    * Put in four points to [mastery=evasion] for the Dodge.
    * Add a point of [mastery=nimbleness] to make use of the Dodge.
    * Get two points into [mastery=harden skin] as filler.
    * Put in three points for [mastery=veteran's scars] for the extra HP.
    * Throw in three points for [mastery=good hands] for the decreased respawn times.
    * Put a point into Perseverance for the extra regen.
    * Put in a point to [mastery=haste] for the better Ghost.
    * Max out [mastery=awareness] because the extra Experience gain is very significant.
    * Add a point into Greed as a filler.
    * Put in two points toward Meditation to increase Singed's Mana regen.
    * Grab three points of [mastery=quickness] to enhance Singed's speed.
    Masteries Set B
    This is an alternative setup that emphasizes a bit of offense with lots of utility.
    External Image

    * Put in a point of [mastery=deadliness] for a random chance to land a critical hit.
    * Get three points of [mastery=archmage's savvy] to boost Singed's Ability Power.
    * Max out Sorcery to decrease Singed's cooldowns.
    * Get a point into [mastery=archaic knowledge] to increase Singed's damage output with spells.
    * Throw in three points for [mastery=good hands] for the decreased respawn times.
    * Put a point into Perseverance for the extra regen.
    * Put in a point to [mastery=haste] for the better Ghost.
    * Max out [mastery=awareness] because the extra Experience gain is very significant.
    * Add a point into Greed as a filler.
    * Max out Meditation to increase Singed's Mana regen.
    * Get two points into [mastery=utility mastery] as filler.
    * Grab three points of [mastery=quickness] to enhance Singed's speed.
    * Max out Intelligence to lower Singed's cooldowns even further.
    * Get a point into [mastery=presence of the master] to lower Singed's cooldowns.

  • Summoner Spells

    Summoner Spells are personal preferences, so feel free to switch them around if you want to.

    My Two Spells of Choice
    Ghost is my all-purpose Summoner Spell of choice for all kinds of situations.

    Ignite is my second Spell option because it lets me be more aggressive.
    The Other Spells
    Clairvoyance is out of place for Singed.

    Clarity is all right on Singed, but his skill-set is not that Mana intensive to warrant taking it.

    Cleanse is a good substitute Spell.

    Exhaust is a solid Spell to choose.

    Flash is a good choice, but I never use this Spell much on Singed.

    [spell=fortify] is OK, but it is a bad choice for Singed. He needs the help of other Spells to be useful.

    Heal is a starter Spell. There are better choices. Do not get it.

    [spell=rally] is a mediocre Spell, and its long cooldown makes it hard to utilize. Do not touch this Spell.

    Revive is a joke Spell. Enough said.

    Smite is an unheard-of Spell on Singed. Do not get it.

    Teleport is all right if you like controlling the map.

  • Item Build

    My Ideal Build
    [item_icon=force of nature]

    This is an example build I shoot for whenever I play Singed, with some possible deviations here and there depending on who the enemy Champions are. This Item build gives Singed a bit of everything he needs to do what he needs to do for his team - tank.
    Build Order
    1. Start with Boots of Speed, two bottles of Health Potion and one Mana Potion. Boots of Speed will allow you to move around slightly faster than your opponents in the lane, who probably will not have boots.

    2. Get a Sapphire Crystal next, which will supplement most of your early-game Mana needs. As an added bonus, it will also give you some bonus HP to work with.

    3. Turn your Sapphire Crystal into a Catalyst the Protector next. The per-level bonus will give you a helpful boost early in the game.

    4. Make Rod of Ages when you can afford the Blasting Wand and the recipe. This is considered a core Item for every Singed build.

    5. Depending on your opponents:
    * Get Ninja Tabi if there are many physical damage-based Champions.
    * Build Mercury's Treads if there is an abundance of crowd control and spell damage to worry about.
    * Make Boots of Swiftness if the opposing team does not lean toward any particular side of the damage spectrum.
    * You can also make Sorcerer's Shoes if you want to increase your damage output with spells.
    * There are also Ionian Boots of Lucidity if you want decreased cooldowns.

    6. At this point, you should aim for two Items: Sunfire Cape and Banshee's Veil. Both of these Items will be extremely effective in padding Singed with essential stats that make him a tough champ to take down. Depending on the urgency of whether you need more Armor or Magic Resistance, build the Item you will need right away and then get the other Item.
    *Get Chain Vest next before Giant's Belt. Make Sunfire Cape to give Singed a better tank presence.
    * Buy Negatron Cloak first to get the Magic Resistance boost. Eventually make Banshee's Veil to round out your defenses with the awesome spell shield.

    7. Many different choices present themselves in this phase of the game:
    * Build Warmog's Armor if you want to be really beefy.
    * Build a [item=force of nature] if there is still a lot of spell damage to defend against.
    * Consider another Rod of Ages if you think the game is going to drag on for a long time.

    8. Top the build off with a Guardian Angel, which is always a good, final Item to get.

    * Sometimes, bad games happen. Consider buying Doran's Ring or Doran's Shield if you are not farming too well. Gradually sell the items off and buy the good items when you get back on your feet, financially.
    * Of course, be sure to buy additional consumables , pitch in for wards and purchase the special potions [item_icon=elixir of agility][item_icon=oracle's elixir] whenever you see fit.
    Other Noteworthy Items
    These are Items I consider making based on how well I am farming and what the other team is comprised of. Any of these listed Items can be quite helpful under the right circumstances.

    Abyssal Scepter is a decent option for Singed. It gives him some Ability Power to work with and some extra Magic Resistance.

    Aegis of the Legion is an essential Item for every lineup, though I have found moderate success when using this item with Singed. He usually has to initiate a team fight, so this drastically reduces his survivability rate. As a result, Singed is probably going to die before his team can benefit from the shield's aura long enough for it to be substantial.

    Frozen Heart is decent on Singed, but this is a situational Item. Pick this Item up if you are facing many physical attackers.

    Hexdrinker would be decent if made early against a spell-heavy team.

    Leviathan is questionable on Singed. As a tank, Singed can potentially pad himself with a lot of HP, but this is assuming he is able to build up enough Kills and Assists. However, considering that Singed must usually initiate and die, this snowball Item does not seem that practical.

    Quicksilver Sash is a good choice if you are dealing with lots of crowd control.

    Randuin's Omen is pretty effective on Singed.

    [item=rylai's scepter] is actually pretty powerful on Singed, especially when you combo it with Mega Adhesive.

    Shurelya's Reverie is OK on Singed, though there are better Items to choose.

    [item=soul shroud] is a great Item on Singed.

    Spirit Visage is a strong Item on Singed.

    Thornmail is situational, but it can be the right Item if you are facing heavy hitters on the opposing team.

    Zhonya's Hourglass would be, at least in theory, quite solid on Singed.

    * Singed can be played as an AP-focused champ, but I am not a big fan of this. You can consider getting items that grant Ability Power if you want to power up Singed's spells, but I prefer keeping Singed as a dedicated tank.

  • Laning Situations

    Singed has a well-rounded laning phase, but not a great one. The best part about Singed is that he can adapt to all kinds of circumstances. He can control his lane by keeping enemy Champions at bay. Just getting near opponents can make them uneasy. Conversely, Singed can easily change gears and go into defense mode. He is particularly effective at protecting his Turret.

    Singed can technically solo a lane, but this is generally a waste. As a dedicated tank/initiator, the extra Experience and Gold would be more beneficial for someone else. So with this in mind, Singed works the best in a dual lane, preferably with a partner who can create synergy.

    For these next examples, let's assume Xin Zhao is Singed's lane partner.
    External Image

    Simply put, Singed has an above-average lane presence because of one skill: his Fling. Despite its melee range, this skill keeps opponents on their toes. The throw itself does good damage, and assuming you have a powerful lane partner with you, the thrown target will probably take quite a beating.

    * Take advantage of your early Boots of Speed for a better chance to Fling an enemy Champion. Most opponents will not get boots early, meaning Singed will probably have a speed advantage in his lane. Use this extra speed to shift in and out of zones.
    * Stay aggressive, if possible, because you are shooting for lane dominance.
    * Being on the offensive does not mean you should be a glutton for punishment. If the opposing Champions are able to poke you without any retaliation, then you should probably ease up a bit. Patience is key when you are trying to wait for that opportune time to rush in for a crazy throw.
    * Like every dual lane, control the brush.
    * Be aware of where your lane partner is. Avoid making a move when your lane partner is not in position to take advantage of a thrown opponent.
    * Using Ghost is a smart idea to get more speed so you can reach someone to Fling.
    * Immediately turn on Poison Trail when you are about to use Fling on someone.
    * A well-placed Mega Adhesive before or after the use of Fling can give you the edge to finish someone off for the Kill or Assist.
    * Turn on Insanity Potion for a boost as you are making your move. The enhanced stats can make you tough enough to survive riskier tactics, such as doing a tower dive.
    * You can use Ignite for some insurance to finish off an enemy Champion who has low HP.
    * If you must back off and are being chased by an enemy Champion, turn on Poison Trail to chip away at their HP, possibly setting up a chance to pull a reversal on them.
    External Image

    Singed needs only two things to farm well: his Poison Trail used in conjunction with his auto-attack.

    * Use Poison Trail to weaken Minions so you can farm.
    * Always keep an eye on how much Mana you have left as you toggle Poison Trail on. Leaving Poison Trail on too long can accidently burn a lot of precious Mana.
    * Never use Fling on Minions. Save this ability for enemy Champions you can get close to.
    * Because Mega Adhesive does no damage, there is no point to using this on Minions to farm.
    * When trying to farm Minion waves, you should only turn on Insanity Potion when you are on the low side of HP/Mana. Activating this ultimate when you are near or at full HP/Mana is wasting the ability.
    External Image

    When your lane is getting pushed toward your Turret, simply act as a buffer against the approaching enemy Minions. Be sure to space yourself far enough so that your Turret can provide cover fire, which will discourage enemy Champions from trying to harass you. By doing this, your Turret will be protected from harm while you play defense. You also have the opportunity to punish anyone who tries to attack you while in this situation.

    * Turn on Poison Trail to expedite killing the Minions close to you.
    * Always be ready to Fling any enemy Champion who overextends. The ideal strategy is to toss the enemy Champion toward the Turret, and hopefully they will get blasted for lots of damage.
    * Shoot out a glob of Mega Adhesive if you can toss an enemy Champion into the Turret's range. Conversely, release some glue on an enemy Champion when you see an ideal moment to attack.
    * Try to tough it out by reserving Insanity Potion for an offensive maneuver. However, sometimes you will need to activate this ability to give yourself some breathing room when you are low on HP/Mana.

  • Other Situations

    External Image

    Singed is a great ganker. He is a bit more hands on than other Champions, which makes Singed's ganking game quite enjoyable.

    * Always have Poison Trail turned on while you are trying to gank someone, but be sure to turn the ability off when you are done ganking.
    * The main goal when ganking as Singed involves using Fling on your intended target.
    * Keep in mind which direction you are facing when using Fling. You do not want to toss the enemy Champion to a spot that can screw up the gank completely.
    * Sometimes, not using Fling right away can be a smart move. For instance, let your Poison Trail do a little bit of damage if you can run past your target. As your target then gets close to you, toss them back. Simple tactics like this can prove quite effective.
    * Use Mega Adhesive to slow your intended target down. Remember that your target just has to touch the glue at any part, including the edges, to lose speed.
    * If you need to shoot out a strategic glob of Mega Adhesive, look for obvious locations like brush and possible chokepoints where your intended target would mostly like move toward.
    * Turn on Insanity Potion when you are ganking.
    * Use Ghost to get a speed boost, and use Ignite for insurance as a finisher.
    External Image

    Singed is an average Turret destroyer at best. He does not really hit Turrets very hard. Because of this, do not rely on Singed to push down the Turret with relative ease. Instead, try to focus on taking out the Minion waves.

    * After your allied Minions have drawn fire from the enemy Turret, move past the Turret and cut off the incoming enemy Minion waves. Make sure you are close enough so you can still hit the Turret. The idea is to get the enemy Minions to stop and attack you as you create separation for your allied Minions, allowing them to hack away at the Turret.
    * Have Singed's back facing away from the Turret with Poison Trail activated. This will slowly kill the melee enemy Minions.
    * You can move up to kill the ranged enemy Minions, and then you should resume hitting the Turret.
    * Be ready to retreat as the enemy Turret is about to shoot down your last allied Minions.
    * You might have to Fling some enemy Champions away from you if they somehow sneak up to you.
    * Be ready to use Mega Adhesive when you need to escape.
    * You can turn on Insanity Potion when you need to make a run for it.
    * Be sure to have your Ghost on standby. Have your eyes peeled for incoming enemy Champions who want to stop you from taking their Turret.
    External Image

    Singed does moderately well in team fights, but he is no juggernaut. As a tank, Singed can do an adequate job of soaking up damage, but other tanks can do it better. Singed's main asset to a team fight is being an initiator. If you are playing Singed correctly, expect to take the brunt of the incoming damage as your team clashes with the opposing side.

    * As an initiator, be ready to make the first move for your team.
    * Turn on Poison Trail as your team is about to clash with your opponents.
    * Throw out Mega Adhesive before, during and after the smoke clears.
    * Pick out key targets to Fling and try to make your way toward them. If you are having trouble reaching your intended target, it is sometimes reasonable to settle for someone you can get your hands on instead. Enemy Champions who overextend can be easy pickings for your teammates to take out easily.
    * Constantly try to use Fling over and over again. Prioritize which enemy Champion needs to be taken out first. Switch gears once one target goes down and immediately look for your next victim.
    * Be on the lookout for situations where you need to Fling enemy Champions away from your allies.
    * Always turn on Insanity Potion before you run into team fights.
    * Use Ghost for a speed boost, and then use Ignite on an enemy Champion who is about to die, just in case.
    * If the situation calls for it, be ready to bail when your team has to retreat. There is no point in dying an unnecessary death if your team is not there to follow up on your initiation.
    * Above all else, be a hero when you need to be. If you have to die in the process so your team can win the team fight, then it is well worth it. Being the martyr can pay huge dividends in the long run.

  • Conclusion

    Though Singed may not be considered a high-grade Champion, I believe he still has some merit as a tank/initiator. Other Champions are certainly more powerful, and in a game dominated by tier status, this means Singed is less likely to be considered for higher-level games. Nevertheless, this fact did not deter me from writing this guide. I chose to write about Singed because he has a straightforward strategy that is interesting and exciting to use.

    Again, in case you missed it at the start, I do not claim to be the best Singed play ever, nor will I declare this guide to be the most efficient means of playing this Champion.

    I took the Singed strategies I normally use during a game and laid it all out in print. I tried to present the information as best as I could, and I hope the writing quality reflects the amount of time I spent putting this together.

    I hoped you enjoyed this guide. Thank you for reading.

    Go Cougs!
    External Image

  • Changelog

    * Removed the second Sunfire Cape from the Item Build section due to the recent patch change.

    * Cut [item=Innervating Locket] from the strategy because it was removed from the game.
    * Changed the Item Build section by a lot.

    * Added a few more Notes.
    * Added another Masteries setup.
    * Tweaked the Masteries a bit.
    * Listed another Masteries strategy.

    * Added Hexdrinker to the Item Build section.

    * Added an alternative skill build.
    * Added Ionian Boots of Lucidity to the Item Builds section.
    * Added Zhonya's Hourglass to the Item Builds section.

    * Readjusted the Masteries.
    * Added an alternative Rune for the the Runes section.

    * Changed the Skill Build.

    * Changed a lot of things.

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