Corki Build Guide

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RBC (Red Baron Corki) Advanced Guide

written by Cobray

Corki Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Greetings everyone, my name is Cobray and I play on the EU servers. In this guide I am going to analyze, as much as possible, the champion Corki in the 5v5 map, summoner's rift. The name of the guide is simply cause I find the Red Baron skin to be awesome. I'll explain everything from building to playing to it's max. This is obviously gonna be a long guide so I hope you have some time to invest if you are interested in playing the champion. Any feedback is apreciated. Let's move on to the guide.

  • A first look

    What is Corki?

    From a quick-first-look, Corki is a ranged hero, capable of dealing decent single as well as AOE damage, escape abilitie although he is squishy in terms or HP / armor / magic resist.

    What is NOT Corki?

    Corki is not a carry. He can deal decent damage but he is not a carry. If you doubt this statement ask yourself: What is more threatening, a high-end fed Corki or (ex) Master Yi, Twitch, Tristana, Miss Fortune, Kog'maw ..... etc. Corki can be a threat as well if his score is very well (aka fed) however, the above heroes will perform much better if they can achieve the same score (feedness).
    Corki is not a jungler. He is capable of doing it but I personaly don't see the reason wasting him on the jungle while having very decent abilities to lane or solo mid (NOT 1v2 lane). E.x: Udyr can lane too, but it's a waste since the hero poses absolutely no threat to the laning phase for the enemy hero(s) and can, most of the time, be zoned or even forced back to heal.

    Why pick Corki?

    Before the recent patch (v1.0.0.104), at least in my opinion Corki was not actually 'the best pick'. Other heroes could perform his role better. He was still a decent hero and obviously fun to play.
    After the patch, Corki became MUCH much stronger, and once again in my opinion, I believe he is top pick.

    Now, let's analyze the hero as much as possible shall we?

  • Abilities

    Hextech Shrapnel Shells
    A decent passive that converts 10% of your total Attack Damage (AD) into true extra damage on auto attacks.

    One reason to play AD as Corki.

    Phosphorus Bomb
    This ability worths a lot more than it seems. It's damage is not that high, but let's take a look at the uses:
    It is AOE.
    It causes 35% miss chance on all enemies affected.
    It reveals stealthed units.... let's analyze that better.

    Apart from the Twitch - Akali - Shaco - Evelyn reveal it is also used for 'ward scouting'.
    -Udyr says: 'I wanna do the dragon but it might be warded so I don't wanna risk it and obv since the game is still early I can't afford returning to base and purchasing a vision ward.'
    Corki can, if ofc is nearby (mid, bot lane, inside the jungle), to do a phosphorous check.
    -Your stealther wants to try and gank / engage / generally attack but you saw / or possibly know that there is a vision ward on the brush. Corki can check.
    -Corki can destroy Jack in the box or check for it in critical spots or at spots which he saw / knows Shaco placed it/them.

    Generally all these types of use, render this spell very powerful.

    Your escape ability OR your initiation ability (depending on the case) OR your chasing ability. This ability is NOT to be used for it's damage. You can't Valkyrie someone to death >.<
    Remember, like flash, this ability can go through walls / cliffs / ... etc.

    Gatling Gun
    Again an underestimated ability. On first look it's like: An ability that does 1/4 of Corki's damage /sec, to an area in front of him while reducing some armor.
    Let's have a better look.....

    Gatling gun, once activated, will keep firing while stunned, silenced, supressed, taunted.. generally it will keep shooting regardless of the CC that is affecting you.
    Gatling gun cannot be exhausted or blinded.
    Gatling gun improves the dmg output of every physical dmg hero in your team against targets that don't stack armor by a LOT. (example: a target of 200 armor, once losing 40, won't make much difference. a target of 55 armor, once losing 40, it becomes maaaaajor chopable)

    One more reason to play AD as Corki.

    Missile Barrage
    The core ability. After patch v1.0.0.104, this ability is really insane. It was decent though even pre-patch.
    Let's have a good look, cause it can be used in maaaaaaaany ways.

    -The first thing that comes in everyone's mind is, due to it's relatively low dmg but actually no cooldown, is to be used as harrasing. Indeed it is a great tool for harassing in the laning phasing that being solo mid, or in lane with someone. We will cover the 'who-to-harass-and-who-to-not' later in the guide.

    -As a farming tool. We will use it this way when a)the opponent(s) we are facing cannot be harrased, b)they are waaaay overdefensive (staying behind tower moving right/left, never last hit etc), c)there is none in the lane at the current time and we got plenty of missiles.

    -As a burst. Example: If you activate gatling gun, valkyrie onto the enemy and perform a missile barrage (big one) + phosphorous bomb, you are going to deal a high amount of dmg to the opponent.

    -As scouting. Missile barrage makes a characteristic noise if it his a target. You can check brushes with it, fog areas, or even attempt a 'blind shot' if a stealther just stealthed at low HP nearby and your phosphorous is on cd / out of range / not enough mana.

    -In teamfights. This spell has 1 sec cooldown. During teamfights, you HAVE to spamm it as fast as possible while keeping your gatling gun and obviously auto-attack in the right target, if ofc that is possible. The more missiles you fire in the teamfight (that obv hit a target) the better your damage in the teamfight is.

    -As poking. Poking means the 2 teams standing face-to-face, throwing projectiles at each other, waiting for a good initiation spot, a mistake, or someone to go low HP from 'poking'. Missile Barrage serves this purpose perfectly.

    This ability gains 20% of Corki's AD in damage, therefore....

    One more reason to play AD as Corki.

  • Corki's build-up

    In this section I am going to analyze: skilling order - masteries - runes - summoner spells - itemization. I will explain each category on it's own and make a complete resume on them after.

  • Skilling Order

    So, we mentioned a few things about Corki's abilities before, now let's see the order we choose the abilities.

    As you can see number one priority is, apart from ulti (Missile Barrage) ofc, Phosphorus Bomb. The reason Valkyrie is last is obvious, range doesn't incrase, speed doesn't incrase, only dmg incrases therefore it's a useless update. Now the question is: Why phosphorus bomb over gatling gun?
    To answer that, Gatling Gun gets more dmg the more gear Corki has. Also Gatling Gun deals sustained dps. Phosphorus Bomb deals direct damage (DD) and will not scale with Corki's gear (we are going attack damage, will explain later the reason why), therefore, if won't picked at start, it will deal pathetic dmg later.

  • Masteries

    Corki is a damage dealer. It's pretty obvious what his tree is gonna be.

    About Evasion and Nimbleness (defence talents). Most will wonder why not. Well, I would never, ever, buy ninja tabi on Corki and even if I used the dodge runes a total 8% dodge chance is not enough for me to waste 6% health/mana regen as well as 2 armor and 2 magic resist plus all my seals. Generally I don't like counting in luck (very low proc chance talents)

    The rest talents are pretty much self explanatory. Corki needs damage, simple as that.

  • Runes

    There are many rune choices available for Corki. The only must choice in my opinion are the marks (red ones).


    Greater Mark of Insight x9 : Corki's main damage, from early to mid game is MAGIC. Here is an example: You try (with a teamate or solo) to gank someone. Your attacks will be a Phosphorus Bomb, at least 2 Missile Barrage and an active Gatling Gun. Add 3 auto attacks to that. Let's split Magic from Physical now:
    We have 1 phosphorus bomb, 2 missile barrages VS 3 auto attacks and about 4 seconds of gatling gun. Even without the missile barrage being a big one (which should always be in attempts of gank) the damage gap is by far favored on the magic side.
    One other reason we use these marks is to keep Corki's Phosphorus Bomb and Missile Barrage threatening through almost all game. Without magic penetration, these abilities deal way less damage and boosting them through ability power is not rly an option since their scaling is pathetic.


    Greater Quintessence of Fortitude x3 : The options here vary. I personally go for health quints in order to have a better chance at early levels (1-7) since I will attempt to score a kill at either my lane or at mid (depending on the opponent). It also helps in attempts of inc ganks (jungler popping, Ashe arrow, Twisted fate ulti etc)
    No other Quintessences give you that much of advantage early game.
    However, if you choose to play defensively all early levels you could go for runes that have greated impact later in the game such as armor penetration or even more magic penetration.


    Greater Seal of Clarity x9 : Corki's abilities cost a lot of mana while himself having low mana pool. As you will see later in his item build, I will not get any mana or manaregen items. Therefore, in order to execute more Gatling gun-Valkyrie-Phosphorus bomb combos, or constant harrasment / farming with missile barrage we are gonna need some mana regen. The seals are enough to keep our mana running all game. Obviously we can't run spamming phosphorus on every cooldown, but we can keep the mana up for missile spamm and very often gank attemps / escapes.
    Another good choice would be Greater Seal of Resilience. They provide a solid boost on armor early levels which has a great impact since, at early game ALL heroes rely at some point at their auto attacks in order to deal damage. These seals block a significant amount of dmg early game and are not bad late game either since you are not going to buy any more armor items anyway.


    Greater Glyph of Warding x9 : Personally I haven't settled down yet in which glyphs are better. I go for these runes cause I haven't tested much the others. Greater Glyph of Insight are also a very good choice since Corki's abilities don't scale good with ability power (and I don't buy any AP items anyway), so my theory is, if a hero doesn't scale well with ability power but has good dmg abilities, go magic penetration instead.

    That's it for the runes.

  • Summoner spells

    Here I am going to discuss which summoner spells are good options for Corki, which are not, and which ones I prefer. Let's get em all one-by-one.

    Heal : I personally would only get this on a support hero with presence of the master and improved heal, so I can bring the cooldown much lower. Not much use for Corki.

    Clarity : Corki has some mana issues that can easily be fixed by using Greater Seal of Clarity.
    There is absolutely no need to waste a summoner spell for that. And once again, I would only pick this if I had master summoner and improved clarity.

    [spell=rally] : Rally is an underestimated spell. Ofc I would only pick it on a champion if I had improved rally (simply cause adding just attack damage can be completely useless for some champions while improved rally offers ability power as well). This spells has it's full usefulness at the hands of a pusher championg (e.x Sivir). Corki won't benefit from it.

    Clairvoyance : My opinion remains the same, if you are not playing full support tree with improved clairvoyance do not ever pick this spell. It's for support heroes (Taric, Soraka, Sona... etc)

    [spell=fortify] : It's a good summoner spells, allows the pushing of a lane with teamates without leaving your tower(s) exposed to their pushers, forcing them to either gather for a mini-early (or later) teamfight, or lose a tower. The extra damage on minions is a nice plus as well. Unfortunately, in order for Corki to fill it's role as a damage dealer - ganker - escaper (flee!) this spell is not needed.

    Smite : None but junglers should get this spell. Not much more to analyze on it rly.

    Teleport : There are 3 types of use for this spell.
    -Pushing/Farming. e.x: Someone has to keep a 1v2 lane, gets harrased 24/7, this will allow him to keep his lane a lot better without costing him the towe. OR, push a lane as much as possible and teleport to an other lane, resulting in opponents having to def constantly and your cash flow rising significaly
    -Gank protection. e.x: Assume you are mid, an enemy jungler pops at bot/top lane in an attempt to gank your teamates. You can easily teleport there and save them or even score a kill at the other team. This can happen by being bot or top as well you just won't have the level advantage.
    -Gank attempts. This usually requires premade team in order to pull of but the potential is awesome. E.x: Your jungler wards their golem or lizard. You see their jungler (or generally one champ of the opposing team trying to get the buff, you can coordinate a gank with your jungler (or anyone else from your team that might have teleport) to teleport to the ward (both teleport if you are doing it with a teleporting teamate) and steal the buff, and prolly even kill the champion if he has no defensive spells (e.x: flash+ghost).
    Teleport whatsoever gets more and more crippled as the game moves on, since after let's say 30min mark (might be lower might be higher) only teamfights will happen, therefore rendering this spell near useless and only available for warding backdoors
    Corki can fill 2 of the 3 above types of use (he will obviously not 1v2), therefore teleport is not a bad choice for him.

    Ignite : This spell has 2 uses.
    -Early ganks, it's just an extra damage that will help get the kill.
    -Healing debuff in order to be sure to shut down the champion that your team focuses in a teamfight (e.x: Master Yi having a Soraka behind)
    Corki is a good ganker and the 2nd use of this spell can be filled by almost anyone therefore making this spell not a bad choice for him.

    Revive : Hmm...

    Cleanse : This spell, combined with Valkyrie can make you insanely hard to gank as well as giving you the opportunity to escape focus in teamfights and be able to perform better against a lot of champs.
    Let's see some examples.
    -You are being hit by Enchanted Crystal Arrow while the opposing hero(s) that's facing you moves towards you in order to kill you during the stun. No other summoner spell can save you but Cleanse.
    -You get hit by Dark Binding. If you cleanse this, not only you are free to move (Valkyrie!) but the incoming Soul Shackles will last 65% less.
    Generally in terms of gank protection Cleanse allows the MAXIMUM use of your Valkyrie.
    In terms of teamfights
    -Amumu uses Bandage Toss (not necessary on you) following by Curse of the Sad Mummy. All you have to do is Cleanse and Valkyrie away therefore positioning yourself far away from danger while allowing you to keep doing your damage.

    As you can see, Cleanse has great synergy with Cokri's arsenal of abilities therefore making this spell a very good choice for him.

    Flash : This is a very common summoner spell for almost every hero. You don't have to be full support or having improved flash to use it since you won't need to escape or gank on every cooldown.
    Flash can help you escape tons of ganks (the common flash through a wall technique). Also Flash + Valkyrie can move you miles away.
    I personally believe that this spell is a bit overkill for Corki since he can use Valkyrie. Let's see some examples:
    -In a teamfight if you get focused you can Flash - Valkyrie away safely (won't happen though if you are getting nuked in a stun or silence). Even though, assuming you manage to escape, you are now sooo far away from the battle that in order to return and do damage, your gonna waste time resulting in your damage output being low. The other team doesn't need to kill you to win the teamfight, if you are away for like 5 secs, mission accomplished.
    -In an attempt of a gank you are about to make. If, in order to kill an opposing champion you are forced to travel so far away (Flash + Valkyrie) then you shouldn't be chasing that champion in the first place. If you don't need to use both (just Valkyrie) then where is the use of the flash?
    -Now in the cases where you need to save yourself from inc ganks, it can save you (most of the time, assuming your are not affected by CC abilities like ashe's arrow) better than cleanse.
    In general, it's a good summoner spell, but I don't think it suits Corki that much.

    Exhaust : Corki has no slow. Exhaust is a big plus for him. Also, since Corki is using the offence tree he gets the benefit of having the improved exhaust if he picks it.
    As I mentioned before, Corki is a good ganker. As you engage someone (with Valkyrie or normal ambush from a brush) exhaust will help you keep him close for you (and your teamates) to attack him as well as keeping him close to as much Gatling gun hits as possible.
    It also helps win the 1v1 fighs that might occure for the lane control in mid as well as the 2v2 fights in the bot/top lane. At early levels, everyone and I mean EVERYONE relies a bit on their auto attacks in order to score a kill, therefore the blind part comes handy.
    Finally, I would always want one exhaust in my team for the teamfights as well. Just to force their carry to use exhaust, or even better if he doesn't have cleanse, to becoming a moving nothing.

    Ghost : 2 simple uses for it, chasing and escaping.
    It terms of escape it's just a movement speed comparison. If you move faster than them while their abilities are not yet in range to hit you, you are safe. However, in order to execute it's full use it means you were in a pretty bad position to begin with (e.x: if you run 10 seconds in order to escape, you must have been in a reaaaaaly bad spot or all your towers must be destroyed else there is no explaining why to run so much)
    In terms of ganking it's similar to flash. You pop ghost, Valkyrie and land in the opponent really fast. That is a good use, however popping ghost in order to Just_catch_up is a bad use, since obviously every champion in the game can perform this use and some champions have just better movement speed than you (e.x: Kennen, Udyr)
    Ghost + Flash, or Ghost + Cleanse would be a very good defensive tact however in order to be safe most of the game.

    My personal preferences, as it is obvious from above, is Cleanse + Exhaust. I believe cleanse offers better defensive mechanism for Corki than flash or ghost and I would like an offensive option for summoner spell no2, and exhaust provides that since it simply completes Corki (no slow!).

  • Itemization

    Before I start talking about Corki's items, I need to answer a question that is probably running in your minds for quite some minutes now (assuming you read all the above).
    I kept mentioning that I play, since I believe is the best, Attack Damage (AD) Corki. I however mentioned that Corki's magic damage is higher than his physical during early and mid game. So your question should be something like this: 'This guy suggests attack damage yet he spends most of the game doing more magic damage. Is he on drugs?'

    Ok so let's explain.
    I explained above why Corki deals more magical damage early and mid game. Now let's assume that, since this is our highest for now source of damage, we wanna boost it, therefore buying ability power items. Indeed the magical portion of damage dealt by Corki will increase.
    However, if you check your stats at the end of the match, you will notice that your TOTAL damage done is lower than it was during the previous match in which you played attack damage (assuming your score and time spended in the game was about the same). so, in general, your magic damage will go up but your total damage will go down. There is a very simple explanation for this.

    Corki does not scale well with ability power. In order to reach a level of ability power for his abilities to increase by a decent amount, he has to gimp his attack damage so much, that the total damage output becomes lower.

    -The only exception where your total damage will be higher as ability power than attack damage is if you manage to end the game in 15 or less minutes, which is doubtful-
    This is the reason I prefer attack damage Corki from the ability power one.

    Now, on to the items.

    The core item build for Corki is the following: Doran's Blade - Sorcerer's Shoes - Phage - The Brutalizer. A total of 4187 told, very cheap.

    Now to explain each one.
    For starting items there could only be 3 options for AD Corki. Doran's Shield + Health Potion, Long Sword + Health Potion, Doran's Blade + Health Potion.
    In my opinion, starting with a Long Sword is way too offensive and once harrased good, there is no regen other than potion, which means back in base. Let along that your chances of scoring early kills are lower assuming the other opposing player(s) has a doran's item. You will reach your next core item sooner this way indeed but it's not like the doran's item is a waste of slot and needs to be replaced asap.
    Doran's Shield for starters is the, almost, opposite of the above. Too defensive. Harder to last hit, harder to score a kill.
    Now, my personal choice is obv Doran's Blade. You get 120 HP, 4% lifesteal which is just an extra regen in case you are being hit by random skillshots or generaly abilities and 6 damage, making last hit easier (believe it or not, none, I mean NONE can last hit every single creep wave, some extra help is always nice) and ofc giving you a better chance to score a kill.

    After you buy Doran's Blade proceed to go either mid or to a duo lane. (I will explain the playstyle later on).

    Afterwards (usually 1st recall) should be Boots of Speed and at least the a Ruby Crystal + Long Sword. These would cost a total of 1230 gold. If you are still laning against a harasser it would be valuable spending another 35g to buy a Health Potion.

    Proceed (usually 2nd recall) to buy Phage and Sorcerer's Shoes.
    Now, why to build Phage (boots are selfexplanatory). Corki, as I said above, doesn't have a slow. Phage offers Damage, HP, slow. Each of these attributes is used well by Corki. Attack damage = more dmg with auto attacks, better benefit from passive, more damage with Missile Barrage, Health is valuable at early game for almost every champion (not stacking on it, but just having some extra). The slow effect simply completes Corki in order to perform much better ganks as well as 1v1 / 2v2 fights since it's harder for the opponent(s) to escape. I personaly believe that for it's cost, it is one of the best items in game.
    About the Sorcerer's Shoes. Most will wonder why buy these boots when our whole build is attack damage based. Let's see the boots options then:
    - Boots of Swiftness : Speed of 3, better for chasing / kiting. Corki has Valkyrie and Phage he does not need these boots.
    - Boots of Mobility : Unless you play Shaco - Evelyn - Twitch, don't get these boots on any hero, selfexplanatory.
    - Mercury's Treads : These are probably the best boots in the game for their cost, however Corki, as well as most long range heroes won't need them since they (at least will try) not get caught in the CC during the teamfight. If you are affected by some sort of stun / silence / etc, just Cleanse it if it's crucial.
    - Ninja Tabi : No.
    - Berserker's Greaves : These are prolly the boots most ppl wonder 'why not'. Ok, since the speed factor is the same as Sorcerer's Shoes we won't discuss any escape / chase issues. It's simply 25% AS vs 20 magic penetration. In terms of ganks / 1v1 - 2v2 / teamfights Berserker's Greaves will offer you about 2 more extra auto attacks (assuming you don't stack AS items), make that 3 tops if the opposing team is very tanky and has a sona / soraka (and that's only in teamfights though, regural number is 2 auto attacks). On the other hand, Sorcerer's Shoes will incrase the damage of your Phosphorus Bomb and Missile Barrage by a lot agains targets that have low to average magic resist (40-70) and let's not forget that they are AOE abilities. Neither boots btw affect Gatling Gun. Also, like I mentioned above, in cases of ganks or duo (2v2) fights, most of your damage is going to be magic, so by getting this item your chances of scoring a succesful gank are improved by a lot.
    Here is an example: let's say you pop into a lane / jungle, (generally someplace where there are opponents with your teamates nearby). Assuming they try to flee, your best damaging way is to spamm Missile Barrage, therefore making Sorcerer's Shoes a better damaging options since Berserker's Greaves would only offer you an extra hit in that situation.

    Final core item should be The Brutalizer : This item improves Corki's damage by 25 (which is an additional +2.5 true damage from passive and an extra 5 damage on each Missile Barrage), cooldown reduction by 10% (1 less second recharge time for Missile Barrage) as well as the other abilities and 15 armor penetration which is just extra auto attack damage. All that for 1337 (leet lol!) gold.

    This is Corki's core build. It's cheap and easy to obtain on every game. From here on, the obvious thing is to upgrade The Brutalizer to Youmuu's Ghostblade. To answer the incoming question 'why not get Avarice Blade first in order to gain gold faster?', simple because avarice provides just crit vs The Brutalizer which provides almost eveything and if Avarice Blade gives you an 'extra' chance to kill/gank someone, The Brutalizer gives the same chance x20, therefore 'returning' you the money that you would have earned with avarice.
    After that, it's up to your perspective of how-the-game-is-rolling.
    For example: If you notice that you are not focused at all, proceed to make an Infinity Edge. If you are getting focused (or at least CCed) proceed in making a Banshee's Veil. If the enemy team is a very 'beefy' (high health) one, proceed in making [item=madred's bloodrazor]. Guinsoo's Rageblade, The Bloodthirster are also nice options.
    I have seen people suggesting getting items such as Guardian Angel. I don't like this item unless it is the FINAL item. Here is why:
    If you are the only one in your team having it, the opposing team (assuming you don't play vs terribads) will simply focus another squishy on your team and kill him. If you try to initiate, well you are not a tank, you will prolly die in 2-3 seconds, before you team manages to pull something off by taking advantage of your Guardian Angel.
    If all, or 4/5 of your team has it, if it is not their final item, guess what, you will revive indeed since somoene will obviously get focused, but you have all gimped your damage SO much, that is 101% sure that you will lose the 'starting' teamfight, and after you res they can prolly finish you off 1 by 1.

  • Middle opponents

    Here, Im going to discuss what-to-do against the usual mid opponents by alphabetic order. Obviously I am not going to explain every single champion (e.x: Figure out yourself what to do if you face Garen at mid)

    Ok, let's start:

    Anivia: Before she hits lvl 6, her only 'combo' is to land a Flash Frost following by a Frostbite. As long as you can avoid Flash Frost you are safe. A good 'bait' opportunity is, when you are hitten by Flash Frost, to cleanse it, therefore no slow effect will be on you, and nuke her as she comes close to Frostbite you.
    After lvl 6, she can simply Glacial Storm on you and Frostbite you. Most of the time, unless you are very close to the tower, you cannot avoid this. Best option you have is to keep harrasing her from distance with Missile Barrage. Also, do NOT be agressive against her, her passive allows her to revive, so as long as you are not sure whether you are able (due to positioning / mana / time) to break the egg, do not try to kill her.

    Annie: Same, before she hits lvl 6, there is not much she can do to you. You can harass her until her Pyromania is ready, and, once she gets 5 stacks and tries to stun - burst you, simply cleanse the stun and either kill her or force her back. After lvl 6, she can perform the infamous combo of 'Flash---> Summon: Tibbers ---> Disintegrate ---> Incinerate. Add in an Ignite if she picked it. Only thing you need here, is fast reactions. Simply Cleanse the stun and valkyrie behind. Even though your HP should be about 50% by now, she has no other way of damaging you now while you can harass her safely from distance with Missile Barrage.
    However, if Annie wants to play defensively, she can simply Disintegrate last hit the creeps from distance, without putting herself in danger at all. If she does that, simply do the same cause you are not going to kill her.

    Ashe: Sitting behind your creeps (almost) ensures that you are not being hitten by Volley. Getting hit by it 2-3 times won't hurt much, just don't get constantly cause it will result in you bluepilling. At level 6, IF she tries to kill you with Enchanted Crystal Arrow simply cleanse it, and either force her to Flash / Ghost / w/e, or simply destroy her because she has no chance of killing you 1v1 once the arrow is cleansed.

    Ezreal: His only laning threat is Mystic Shot. A skillshot, as long as you can avoid most of them, you are of safe. He is not capable of killing you 1v1 (unless you are heavily harassed). You however, even though you can beat him in a 1v1, you can't kill him simply cause he has a lot of escape tools (Arcane Shift plus a lot of Ezreal players pick Flash). Keep farming in your lane and go agressive on him only if he does it first. His ulti is nothing to worry about, at least not when laning against him.

    Fiddlesticks: His harassing power is pretty weak, Dark Wind hardly does any dmg unless you are standing next to a siege creep and no other creeps are near you. His farming potential is also weak. However, if he is half brained, there is absolutely no way he will lose the fight if you engage him. All he has to do is Drain. You have no interupt / stun / silence. He will outheal your damage, easily. Now, after you hit lvl 6, there is simply a 'tact' you can do that may result in a kill. Harass him with Missile Barrage until he is forced to use Drain on a creep. Once he does that, just Valkyrie on him and spamm all your dmg now that he cannot drain you.

    Heimerdinger: This guys geneally pushes, he will not attempt to kill you. Before you hit lvl 6, you don't have pretty much any tools to prevent him from pushing. Just farm safely. After level 6, you have some decent harassing power, however it is really dangerous trying to engage him since an upgrade on his turrets can most likely deal a lot of damage on you as well as slowing you. My advice would be play safe and farm as much as possible. If Corki was able to push Heimer, there would be no reason for him to exist in the game.

    Karthus: This champion is really easy. Play very defensively before you hit lvl 6 (avoid bombs and valkyrie the wall if he tries to kill). After lvl 6, his harassing power is a joke compared to yours and he will most likely be forced to bluepill or get zoned 24/7 and even get killed. There is no way he can beat you if he engages as well.

    Kassadin: Despite his abilities, Kassadin is melee, it is hard for him to get constant last hits vs a ranged champion. His only ability early is Null Sphere. He has to choose, whether to harass you or last hit minions. If he chooses to spamm in on you on every opportunity, he will stay behind on last hits, however he ensures that he won't die to you cause your HP will be too low for you to engage. If he uses it to last hit, he will just keep himself in solid gold, he will not be a threat to you at all.
    Also, only try to harass him after lvl 6, cause as long as he has some tiny bit of mana pool, he can just Riftwalk to safety.

    Katarina: Katarina is really hard. 95% of all Katarinas will start with a Doran's Shield making her immune to any harass you posess pre lvl 6. Her harassing power however is extremely better compared to yours. Bouncing Blade will hit you about 50% of the time, unless you obviously zone yourself. She also has the power to kill you if you try to engage. After lvl 6, even though you have the power to harass her and even engage her at some point, you will most likely have been harassed so your HP won't be enough to fight her and win over. Just play defensively as much as possible and don't hesitate to bluepill if your HP get extremely low.

    Kennen: Most kennens will start with a Doran's Shield providing him any health regen he needs in order to avoid any harassment you do pre lvl 6. His skillshot Thundering Shuriken is what deals the most damage. However, once you reach 3 Mark of the Storm he will most likely perform a small burst on you. You can most of the time avoid his Thundering Shuriken by moving right/left and standing behind your creeps. After lvl 6, you can harass him effectively, however it is unlikely that you can kill him if you/he engage(s) since he has a lot of escape tools (Lightning Rush plus most kennen players pick Flash). Also if your Cleanse is on cd, (prolly cause you used it earlier pre-6) do not try to engage him at all since you are most likely to go down to 30% HP before even reacting. My advice, play defensively, harass at 6. Play agressive only if he does first and you got Cleanse ready.

    Kog'maw: The only thing Kog'maw can do is abuse his range with Bio-Arcane Barrage. Other than that, his harassing power is weaker than yours, (his ulti is a joke compared to yours in terms of harassment). If he doesn't have Cleanse as a summoner spell, there is absolutely no way (even if you have 40% HP less than him) to kill you 1v1. Kog'maw players tend to pick Flash and Ghost as summoner spells, so don't be overagressive in trying to kill him. Zoning him a bit and maintaining higher farm than him is enough.

    Lux: Lux is a weak mid champion in my opinion. I am only mentioning her since a lot of players tend to go mid. Her auto attacks are weaker than yours, she has pathetic harassing power, (getting hit by the 2nd part of Light Binding is like 3 auto attacks life steal from Doran's Blade, she can't farm as good as you and once you hit lvl 6, you might even force her to bluepill or get zoned. Generally, a very easy matchup.

    Malzahar: Before lvl 6, he poses absolutely no threat. His Call of the Void and Null Zone and be avoided and Malefic Visions can a) be avoided if casted on a creep (just move away from it when it's about to die, b) cannot be avoided if he is running towards you but, if he does that, simply attack him as well. The damage you will deal to him is much greater than what he will deal to you. However, once Malzahar hits lvl 6 it gets a bit tricky. His Nether Grasp cannot be cleansed so if he gets you in a full combo of Null Zone - Malefic Visions - Call of the Void - Nether Grasp you are going to die 100%. Now, how to avoid that. Malzahar needs to cast his combo with his ulti last since it's channeling. So, if you see him being lvl 6 and for example a Null Zone opening below you, simply Valkyrie away. Generally though, since these reflexes aren't always guaranteed or not able to be performed by everyone, once he is lvl 6, stay away from him and harass / farm with Missile Barrage.

    Miss Fortune: Her harassing power is greater than yours. Double Up is had to avoid sometimes (assuming you don't wanna get zoned) and deals quite some damage. Even though you are able to kill her 1v1 no Miss Fortune is going to sit and fight you, they will simply harass from range and engage / try to zone you when you are low. After lvl 6, assuming your HP are still good (65%+) you can stay and harass her with Missile Barrage. If she is / gets low HP you can attempt to engage her since, as I mentioned, she cannot beat you 1v1. Don't forget however to check her summoner spells since most Miss Fortune players pick Flash and Ghost and can escape.

    Mordekaiser: Mordekaiser matchups are very very simple. He cannot force you out of lane. If he is coming close to you in order to Siphon of Destruction, simply move away from your creeps, allow him to hit you with it, (the damage is pretty low) and attack him since he will get very low shield from Iron Man since he only hitted 1 target, you. However, if he plays right, which means fulfill the role of the champion he is playing (FARMER) he will Siphon of Destruction - Mace of Spades the creeps (4-5 at a time, 3 with mace) making him immune to any harassing power you posess. Also if you get close in order to hit him you will get hit by his spells most likely and result in harassing yourself. Once you hit lvl 6, your harassing power improves greatly due to Missile Barrage however, it is still not enough to force him out of lane or even zone him. Even if you manage to get him at like 70% do NOT attempt to kill him, you will most likely die since he has ulti as well. It is most wisely to use Missile Barrage to farm. Generally, there is no way to force him out of lane or kill him, but he can't do that as well. Simply keep farming unless you can coordinate a gank. (with your jungler for example)

    Morgana: Her Dark Binding is the only real threat to you pre-6 and can be easily avoided. Her Tormented Soil won't do more than 1 tick to you. However you can't harass her even pre-6 since because of her Soul Siphon. If you attempt to get close to attack her you will most likely end in a Dark Binding - Tormented Soil and lose a lot of HP. After lvl 6, you can try to harass her with Missile Barrage. However if she has Clarity as well as a Doran's Ring she will keep abusing Soul Siphon forever so it would be best to use your ulti to farm. She cannot beat you 1v1 thanks to Cleanse, since it will remove Dark Binding and make her Soul Shackles to last half. Don't try to engage-kill her though as she will most likely have either Flash or Ghost plus Black Shield. Only be agressive when she is.

    Nidalee: Nidalee is a hard champion to face mid. She can afford get close to auto attack you even though your hits deal more damage than hers simply cause she can go back and heal after. She also has a long range harass Javelin Toss / Takedown. Can be easily avoided though. Nothing changes after lvl 6, your Missile Barrage can easily be outhealed (assuming she is starting with either a Sapphire Crystal or Doran's Ring). Simply stick to farming.

    Ryze: His Spell Flux can, sometimes, hit you but unless it overbounches it does no real damage to you. His Overload requires him to come close to you in order to cast and if he does that simply attack him as well (auto attacks + Phosphorus Bomb). He will receive more damage than you will. Simply Cleanse his Rune Prison if he casts it on you and keep attacking him. After lvl 6, harass him with Missile Barrage and, assuming your Cleanse is ready, don't be afraid to try and zone him since he cannot beat you 1v1. He will rarely get killed though since most players pick Flash - Ghost.

    Sivir: Her Boomerang Blade can be avoided. Her Ricochet however, is not dodgeable unless it costs you several last hits. After lvl 6, even though you get Missile Barrage, she can simply Spell Shield your big ones and remain in the lane as long as she wants. Even though you can beat her 1v1, she can escape any time she wants thanks to On The Hunt so don't try to kill her, keep farming.

    Swain: His Nevermove is easily avoidable. Decrepify and Torment require him to come generally close to you so you can return greater damage to him than what he deals to you which has no way to recover before lvl 6. After lvl 6, he can outheal your Missile Barrage harassment with his Ravenous Flock. However, in order for him to heal himself he has to overpush (he deals heavy damage to creeps) making himself open to a possible gank with your jungler. He cannot kill you whatsoever but do not attempt to kill him unless there are no creeps around and he is below 80%.

    Teemo: Teemo is an easy matchup. You can beat him 1v1 pre-6 simply because you can Cleanse his Blinding Dart and keep attacking him. When you reach lvl 6 you can easily harass him with Missile Barrage and even try to get a kill on him. In addition you can destroy his Noxious Trap with your Phosphorus Bomb + auto attack. You also farm better than him.

    Tristana: Before lvl 6, she is stronger than you in all aspects. You should not be agressive on her at all before lvl 6. After lvl 6, you can harass her with Missile Barrage however there is absolutely no way to kill her since her escape tools are extreme without taking summoner spells into account Rocket Jump, Buster Shot). However, you can beat her 1v1 but ONLY if she stays to fight you. Do not try to engage her as you will simply be wasting your mana. Best thing to do is harass her and farm with Missile Barrage. You get an advantage after lvl 6.

    Twisted Fate: His harassing ability is Wild Cards which is easily avoidable. If he tries to gold card you, simply Cleanse it and unload damage on him. You can also harass him at lvl 6 with Missile Barrage. He cannot beat you 1v1 under any circumstances. However, any good Twisted Fate player will not care about harassing / killing you rather than going lvl 6 and gank. Your job is to simply harass him so he will think twice before using Destiny to gank your teamates simply cause his HP will be low.

    Twitch: Twitch cannot harass you at all without harassing himself more. Your auto attacks hurt more than his, you got higher burst, and harassing power (he doesn't have any at all) at lvl 6. If he attempts to kill you from long range with [spell_text=spray and pray] at lvl 6, simply Valkyrie on him followed by a Phosphorus Bomb for the damage plus 35% miss and the active Gatling Gun and destroy him. (I assume he will Cleanse your Exhaust) If he doesn't attempt to kill you, simply harass with.

    Veigar: His Baleful Strike is a pathetic harassing ability since he will get in your range to do so resulting him in getting more damage than he deals. If he tries to Event Horizon simply Cleanse it and unload your damage on him. If he is good though he will Baleful Strike for last hits in order to incrase his AP. After lvl 6, you farm way better than him as well being able to harass him with Missile Barrage. If he tries to engage you do as above and kill him. If he doesn't have Flash and your Cleanse you can attempt to engage him with Valkyrie and kill him. Easy matchup.

    Vladimir. Despite what most ppl think, Vladimir is very weak before lvl 5. His Transfusion hits and heals for pathetic amounts as well as having long cooldown at that lvl making him very easy to harass. He has no way of beating you 1v1 at that lvl as well. After lvl 5 he can remain in his lane safely since he is not ez to be harassed. At lvl 7 he can start harassing you very effectively and at lvl 9 he will either zone you or force you out of lane 100%, regardless of your champion. You can be very agressive at him until lvl 6 and even attempt to kil him if you think you can bypass his Sanguine Pool + Flash. After lvl 7, stick to farming with Missile Barrage and nothing more. At lvl 9, stay in your lane as long as your HP is >55%, otherwise he can easily tower dive you.

    Zilean: Only harassing tool is Time Bomb. A common mistake a loooot of ppl do. When he uses Time Bomb on you, do not back off. The damage is already dealt to you, it's just a matter of seconds. Reply back with your damage (Phosphorus Bomb - auto attacks). You earn nothing by moving back. At lvl 6, you can easily harass him with Missile Barrage and even kill him if he gets too agressive. Don't try to engage for a kill though as he can Chrono Shift back. An easy matchup whatsoever.

    ** I have not mentioned LeBlanc simply cause I haven't faced her enough times in order to have some experience against her. I will update the guide as soon as I get some matches against her **

  • Teamfights

    Teamfights are, like it or not, the most important part of the game. Your team might have a lead on towers, a lead on kills, a lead on gold (dragon) and still lose the game due to 1-2 lost teamfights. I personally don't like the game being based on teamfights so much as it should be on coordinated ganks, like D0TA. Can't do anything about it though.
    Anyway, how to play in teamfights:
    Your role is simply to do damage. In order to do so, is to a) have a good positioning where you can hit multiple enemies / their carry (or the target that is most of a threat to your team) b) stay alive.
    Both of these factors have to be fulfilled in a teamfight. What does that mean? Let's see.
    You have to realize that EVERYONE is a possible target. Example: Countless times in games you will hear the phrase, 'Focus X cause he is the carry', 'Focus X cause he is fed', 'Focus X cause he heals them all'. Although this phrase is correct, usually what the team understands is that (almost) none else is important except for X. Let's assume X is a Miss Fortune. Your, as well as the other dps champions of your team, job is to, deal heavy damage to her, as long as she is in a viable range. If in order to kill her your team requires several seconds to manage to close the gap, ignoring the rest 4 opposing heroes you will, most likely, lose the teamfight, cause even if you manage to kill her, your team will have been dealt so much damage in the process (or even dead ppl) that the death of Miss Fortune won't affect the incoming teamfight outcome.
    The best way to play in a teamfight is to deal damage to everyone that is close to your party. For example: If a Cho'gath is the only hero moving towards your team your team should not avoid him, or move towards the 1000+ yard range opposing heroes as you will take pointless damage and might even never reach the opposing hero that you wanna burst down. Simply deal damage to Cho'gath, without wasting important cooldowns on him (Don't let your Annie blow Summon: Tibbers on him or your Ashe Enchanted Crystal Arrow him). Deal constant damage on him and IF he gets very low, he will either run back to his team or get blown by your team's burst. It doesn't matter if he deals some damage to some of your teamates since it's going to be way lower than what their carry would deal if left free or if he was running for like 7 secs while the rest of his team was doing damage on yours.
    This is one of the reasons AOE heroes perform waaaay better / easier in non-organized premades, simply cause they require no single-target-focus (e.x: Karthus)

    So, assuming you understand the rest of the above, your specific role as Corki is to stay behind enough, just as much as your auto attack range, and deal constant damage with Gatling Gun - Missile Barrage. You can attempt to move near the champion you wanna burst down in order to deal damage on him, while you keep your damage active as much as possible to the rest, since you can afford a small focus on you (Cleanse into Valkyrie.
    Example: The enemy team has a Twitch that waits until some cds are blown in order to pop out of stealth and [spell_text=spray and pray] your team. When he pops you can easily Valkyrie on him, followed by a Exhaust - Phosphorus Bomb (I am saying both cause I assume he has Cleanse) - Missile Barrage - an active Gatling Gun - as well as some auto attacks. You can Cleanse any incoming CC on you and finish off the rat. It doesn't matter if after that you die cause simply you have a) dealt quite some damage in the team while their Twitch did nothing cause he was waiting in stealth, b) because you simply killed him before he did any significant damage and c) cause you forced the other team waste CC (aka cds) on you. The result of this teamfight should be a win for your team.

    This was an example, I can write tons more but I believe you get the picture. Anyway, this summs up how every teamfight should be played, at least from your perspective.

  • Credits

    I hope this guide will be helpful to whoever reads it and give a full analyzed description of the champion Corki.
    Feel free to comment about anything you like / dislike. Don't forget to rate!!!!

    Special thanks to:

    Milk n cookies

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