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Stalyn's Big Book of Gambling Chapt. 2; the MFing Miss Fortune Guide: Shoot n' Loot Redux (updated for Guide With the Longest Title Out There

written by Treck

Miss Fortune Build

Table of Contents

  • Quick Reference

    Because all great guides have them, and this Redux is no different.

    Summoner Abilities

    New Guide: 21/0/9
    Old Guide: 21/0/9


    Starter Items
    + *OR* *OR* [item_icon=Meki Pendant]+x2

    Core Items
    New guide:
    Old Guide:

    Non-Core Items you will Likely Be Getting
    New Guide: [item_icon=Madred's Bloodrazor]
    Old Guide:

    Defensive Items You Can Get

    Skilling Priority
    External Image
    Bullet Time > Double-Up > Impure Shots \ Make It Rain

    -Remember to buy Elixirs and Wards.
    -Strut is a nice and free Boots of Mobility, use this to your advantage.
    -Miss Fortune is one of the best Burst DPS out there, use this info to take better note of your role.
    -Bullet Time has an obscenely long range and in some cases can fire through trees, mountains and other environmental areas.
    -Make It Rain is a great support tool to slow down enemies.
    -Impure Shots gives your DPS some more burst the more you focus your target.

  • Abilities

    Miss Fortune gains an additional 25 movement speed after not taking any damage for 7 or more seconds, increasing each second up to 80 maximum bonus speed.

    This is insanely useful for all regions of the game. In early game, you can use it to get close to the opposing lane mates, and get back to your lane quickly after you bluepill. In mid game, you can use it to give yourself a speed advantage if you are ganking in the jungle. Late game, it can help you be more fluent in team fight for positioning and to escape enemies that are stronger than you, IF they are stronger than you.

    A free Boots of Mobility, all in all it is good for people who hate lugging themselves around the map all the time. This kind of covers the need for a Boots of Mobility, leaving you to get more defensive boots such as Mercury's Treads.

    Double Up
    Miss Fortune fires a shot at an enemy target, dealing 35/70/105/140/175 (+0.75 per damage) physical damage and 115% of that damage to another enemy target behind the first. Applies on-hit effects.

    Costs 70 / 75 / 80 / 85 / 90 mana
    Cooldown 9 / 8 / 7 / 6 / 5 seconds
    Base DMG 35 / 70 / 105 / 140 / 175


    This is your bread and butter, even better at last hitting than Gangplank's Parrrley since it hits two targets. If your enemy is hiding behind the creeps, use this on the creep farthest in back to hit them for lots of damage!

    Double Up is a great poking ability as it deals damage to 2 targets!

    What counts as 'behind the first' is a full 180 degrees around the left side to the back to the right side of the target, depending on where you are standing, maybe a tiny bit less on the sides. Always keep that in mind.

    Impure Shots
    (Passive) Miss Fortune deals 6/8/10/12/14 (+0.05 per AP) magic damage to her target with each attack, cumulatively stacking up to 4 times on the same target.

    (Active) Miss Fortune's attack speed is increased for 6 seconds and causes her attacks to lower healing received and health regeneration by the target by 50%.

    Damage: 6 / 8 / 10 / 12 / 14 (+0.05 per ability power)
    AS Bonus 30 / 35 / 40 / 45 / 50 %

    It doesn't have a big purpose other than reducing healing and increasing attack speed to bring down towers, so I am not going to say much on this. It gives you some more deeps I guess, not enough to be fully noticable until it has full stacks. Helps you last hit?

    It is very similar to Katarina's [spell_text=Killer Instincts] in that it deals more damage the more you focus a target and it can be activated to grant bonus abilities.

    It's more of a bonus not worth mentioning, kind of like Tristina's [spell_text=Explosive Shot].

    Make It Rain
    Miss Fortunes fires hundreds of bullets into the air which rain down at a location after 0.5 seconds, dealing 95/155/210/275/335 (+0.80 per ability power) magic damage over 2 seconds and slowing enemies hit for 1.5 seconds.

    Damage: 95 / 155 / 210 / 275 / 335
    Slow: 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 %

    This is actually a pretty handy ability, it can wipe out creep waves, yeah, but it slows as well. It is an exact replica of GP's ultimate, except it CANT miss (unless they move out of the circle ofc) and it deals less damage on average. The slow will come very handy early game with harassment, you can just use this to scare the enemy, then as the enemy champion(s) runs away you can shoot the farthest minion with Double Up for massive damage!

    Bullet Time
    Miss Fortune channels a barrage of bullets into a cone in front of her for 2 seconds, dealing 60/85/110 damage plus the higher value between (+0.45 per damage) OR (+0.2 per ability power) as magic damage per bullet.

    Cooldown: 120 / 110 / 100 seconds
    Base Damage: 60 / 85 / 110 a bullet


    This ability is amazing, one of the best Ultimates I have seen in this game yet. It has massive range, deals incredible damage, and it doesn't matter if you go AP or AD, since it takes from the higher stat. If you combine this with the slow of Make It Rain, you can guarantee a lot of damage will be done. This is a lot like Katarina's Death Lotus but you have to aim it, its saving grace is the range and short time to channel out all the damage though. (Kat's takes about 5 or 6 seconds while this takes only 2 seconds)

    This ability is awesomely effective at killing running enemies. It can also, if you are lazy, clear out creep waves.

    Clearing out creep waves with Bullet Time is a good way to leave the lane when you are going back to get items/heal, if you are sure you will not get a kill with this ability of course.

  • Introduction

    Hello, I am Stalyn. You may know me as the Shen Guy or that Corki Guy. I posted a Miss Fortune guide before but it got corrupt and I had to make a new guide. It's been about 5 patches since the old guide, and there is a lot to add. More or less. It is covered here, in this new Redux guide. Also, this guide is thus referred to the Redux guide. Please +rate to get it back to #1!

    Oh, one second.

    External Image

    Hello, ladies.

    External Image

    Look at your score, now at my score, now at yours, now back to mine.
    Sadly it isn't yours, but if you follow my Redux guide it could be.
    Look down, back up, where are you?
    You're reading Stalyn's Guide of Miss Fortune, looking at the items your champion could be using.
    What's in your hand, back at me. I have it, it's the strategy to playing Miss Fortune the right way. Look again, THE STRATEGY IS NOW IN THIS GUIDE!
    Anything is possible when your champion looks like Stalyn's and not some other guide.
    SWAN DIVE! Into the game of your life!
    I'm on a Baron.

    I am here today to show you my newer way to play Miss Fortune. I am merging the old guide and the new guide together, because I have learned through experience you can't fix what isn't broken. So I will allow people to play my old build if they haven't saved it somewhere.

    I will be talking about:

    -Old And New Masteries
    -Old and New Item Builds
    -Example Item Builds
    -Skilling Orders
    -Summoner Abilities
    -And more!

    And please, leave comments and criticism! If you want to leave Scores here, and you want me to, I will be glad to post them in the 'People's Scores' section of this guide. There you will find the grand total of Kills, Deaths, and Assists, along with the people and the average number of Kills, Deaths and Assists per game.

  • Masteries

    My mastery set-up is a 21-0-9 build, taking points in extra Attack Damage (Brute Force), Armor Penetration ([mastery_text=Sunder]), and reduced Cooldown (Sorcery), while grabbing the Ghost ([mastery_text=Haste]) and Ignite ([mastery_text=Burning Embers]) masteries.

    External Image

    My old guide took points in extra Critical Damage ([mastery_text=Lethality]) and less points in extra Attack Speed ([mastery_text=Alacrity]).

    External Image

  • Runes

    As the newer (and older) Miss Fortune, in your runic arsenal you will use
    External Image

    x3 so you can hit your enemies harder early in the game to establish yourself as a threat.
    x9 so you can hit your enemies harder early in the game to establish yourself as a threat.
    x9 so you can spam your Abilities a lot more before you have to go back.
    x9 so you can use your abilities more often

    However in the recent patch, Armor Pen runes got a slight nerf so instead of +29 Armor Pen from runes, you get +25...

    Don't look so smug. I know what you're thinking. But Armor Penetration was merely a setback! Did you honestly think I would trust the future to some blind, penetrating mongrel? Oh, no no no... it was an instrument, a stepping stone to a greater ownage! And now, it cannot interfere!

  • Skilling Order

    External Image

    My skilling order is based around what will give me the most profit, as every single skilling order is.
    For me that profit is Bullet Time > Double Up > Make It Rain / Impure Shots.
    My first skill is chosen on what ability I will use with the best results in early game teamfights.

    Here you have many ways to go,

    You can choose Double Up (which I do) so you can harass your enemy better and last hit creeps easier than your other skills. It will deal a lot more damage overall than your other 2 skills (not considering the damage dealt to all Creeps affected from Make it Rain). A combination of Double Up and an auto attack can be enough to make an enemy be wary of you and your tactics. [

    You can also choose Impure Shots for escalating DPS and increased Attack Speed (activated of course), but is generally less attractive to pick than your other abilities. Auto Attacking would be quite popular here.

    Another option is Make it Rain to deal damage in an AoE which can slow as well. Here you would be taking advantage of your Auto Attack rather than your abilities, as you will be getting more shots off when they are slowed.


  • Summoner Abilities

    Obvious Choices:

    Ghost is a very good ability on most any champion, and Miss Fortune is no different. Ghost synergizes with her Passive Strut to make her almost un-chase-able and un... un-run-away-able. Or something like that. Even if she is knocked out of her Strut she can still catch champions who don't have a move-speed increaser with ease.

    Ignite is a personal choice, which means it can be used on ANY champion and still work wonders. Of course, Miss Fortune being such a good Carry this will beef her up, especially when battling for FB early game and when trying to kill a champion as they run away.

    Debatable Choices:

    Flash is another personal choice, but for some champions like Amumu and Galio positioning determines a won team fight and an enemy push. With Miss Fortune, being in the wrong position doesn't completely screw you over, but it's not negligible either. Positioning is important, which is why I listed this as my first debatable choice.

    Well Blind isn't very much needed but it slows too; You have a slow as well, which makes this a debatable want for a Miss Fortune. It can synergize as well as Ghost can, if not better; if you're already fast and you slow the enemy, it'll be pretty hard for them to get away. Then again you have to get close to use it, and that makes this ability debatable.

    Cleanse may not be as good as it use to be, but it is still a useful summoner ability and is a hard counter to many champions, such as the positioning champions listed above. Another substitute for this is the Quicksilver Sash, an item that is probably one of the least-acquired items in this game because of items that are so much better; like Banshee's Veil.

    Clarity is usually for people who have problems with mana and don't want to get an item like Manamune because it will hold them back from getting real Physical carry items such as The Black Cleaver or The Bloodthirster.

    Teleport is an all-around useful ability; for getting back to your lane, preventing a push, ganking someone at Dragon, pushing a tower, you name it.

    Blah Choices:

    [spell_icon=Fortify] Fortify isn't popular on Carries at all, because it holds back their offensive skills by replacing an ability like Flash or Ignite with a more defensive Summoner Ability.

    Clairvoyance isn't popular on Carries as well, with Miss Fortune you can use your Make It Rain to check Brush, and you use Wards to keep things like Dragon checked anyways.

    Miss Fortune is not jungling or having problems farming. In fact, the last thing she needs is more farming ability. In this case it's only good use is stealing buffs; be it from the enemy or allies.

    [spell_icon=Rally] Rally just gives you attack damage and sometimes ability power at this point, there are more useful abilities for a Carry to acquire.

    I haven't used Heal since level 19 or so. 'Nuff said.

    This is probably the best Summoner Spell out there.

  • 'What determines Meta-Game?'

    When RobertMeta is in a game!
    I kid, I kid :P

    I created a thread on the Forums and asked the people of the Forums what determines the Meta-Game in League of Legends. It includes a poll and comments, so check it out here! The info in this thread can help you determine what courses of action you should take in the game to help steer yourself to victory.

    And be sure to vote on the poll yourself, and comment/bump, so we can get more accurate results!


  • Build Example

    [builder=Miss Fortune/e4f7dd83ff3ea292747de7bb5362087d]
    [builder=Miss Fortune/df98d252871ae09300f49c9083dcd708]

    These are my standard builds now. They both work wonders.

  • The New Item Build!

    My Item Build Formatting inspired by other great guides, such as Heat N Serve's Gangplank Guide.
    Probably not as much Strategy in here as much as Old Items, you can find alot of my original Strategy (which I still use) in the Old Item Build section. Go check it out!

    Start Up: *OR* , and
    *OR* to add with the sword.

    Yes, Doran's Shield > Doran's Blade. Nope.avi. I am offensive. This is the same beginning as the old item build because I still do this, it is very effective and helps me survive and be offensive at the same time.

    Okay now that I gave you your 'Mind Blown of the Day', let's move on to our first blue pill.

    First Back Inventory

    [item_icon=Meki Pendant]

    Same as the Old Build, Manamune is critical to the Stalyn build. It gives you some amazing damage at the cost of maybe not as much as you could get, but makes up for it with no more mana problems! :)
    Already you are a force to be reckoned with, your Slow combined with a Double Up and an auto attack is enough to send your enemies scurrying back in fear.

    Second Back Inventory
    (Standard Game Point)
    (Very Good Game Point)
    (Bad Game Point)

    Here is where we start to see our newer and improved build come together, along with your ol' faithful Manamune. We will be building Mercury's Treads 97% of the time, because it is probably the best defensive boots out there. The only time you should be getting Ninja Tabi is when at least 4 of the enemies are physical based, and I mean really physical based, like Tryndamere and Gangplank. If the game is going very good and you've already gotten some kills, get Manamune ASAP and then you can build your Mercury's Treads. Manamune is much more important than Mercury's Treads in the beginning, at least if you are doing good. If you have more aggressive enemies, I suggest building your Mercury's Treads first.

    Early-Mid Game (15-20 Minutes)

    You should have your first 2 Core Items at this point, which are Mercury's Treads and Manamune. If you are doing excellent, then you should have a B. F. Sword at the moment to add to those collection of items. If you are facing some heavy magic users, you can't go wrong with Hexdrinker either. I'm personally in love with this item at the moment. Utilize your ultimate to the best of its potential, you can deal insane damage and rack up kills. Remember that in some cases it can go through terrain that is un-walkable through!

    Mid Game (20-35 Minutes)

    During the Mid Game, you should obtain your last Core Item - The Bloodthirster - which will escalate your damage and give you lifesteal that will help you keep alive. You should establish your Carry status around this point, as with the amount of damage you have thus far you should be dealing the most damage in the Team Fights (unless doing badly/competing with other carries on your team) Red Buff is extremely helpful in killing enemy champions. Use Bullet Time at the best possible time in teamfights; you don't want to be hitting just one or two champions. This may mean lurking around brush near the Team Fight Focal Point (Location of the Team Fight). You have a few realms of possibility for the next item. A standard game should be ending in the Mid-Game region of the match. Try to get Baron some time between now and late game.

    Mid-Late Game (35-45 Minutes)



    We have sold our Doran's Blade as it is nigh useless at this point. If you are doing the standard build you are going for Frozen Mallet next, or already have it. It's very effective against melee enemies, like Renekton. However, if you are having no problems decimating the competition I suggest getting another Bloodthirster as it will skyrocket your damage even further. Start worrying about the Enemy's armor levels getting over Nine Thousand, because that can't possibly be right. If the Armor Levels go over at least 120, start building a Last Whisper. However if you are having still no troubles, then yell 'LOL THE ENEMY IS STUPID' and grab another Bloodthirster or go for that Frozen Mallet we just got. Remember to buy Elixirs and Wards!

    Late Game (45-60 Minutes)



    You were at your high point and are now skyrocketing the opposite way of that you would like; end the game ASAP. It's kind of like Gangplank; You want to end the game some time around Mid-Game, because that is where you are best. The mana obtained from a Banshee's Veil will supply you with more Damage, because Manamune takes Mana and turns it into Damage. Isn't that great; a Defensive Item is actually Offensive, haha. Although it's only 8 damage; nothing to toot our horn about, right? Still, it's nice that you are being rewarded for getting Defensive items; it should be instinct to get Defensive Items that also give you stats to help kill the opposition, like Rod of Ages and Abyssal Scepter. The time to get Baron is almost over. If you haven't already, kill it NOW or ward it at least to make sure the enemy doesn't get it. It is good if a team mate also has Clarity. If you are looking to demolish the squishiest of the groups, grab another The Bloodthirster. If you are looking to be a tank-destroyer, get a [item_text=Madred's Bloodrazor]. Remember to buy Elixirs and Wards!

    Why Won't This Game End Omg (60+ Minutes)
    [item_icon=Madred's Bloodrazor]


    You should be 'Miss Fortune; Skank By Day, Crimson Killer By Night' at this point. If you aren't, your team is either doing badly or you are being carried by another team mate/your team. I've ruled out a Guardian Angel because if you die, you ARE going to get Corpse Camped anyways. And how is your team supposed to get to you when their carry is dead? They won't be able to push the enemies away from your corpse. Remember to buy Elixirs and Wards! Elixirs may mean the difference between Life, Death and Penta-Kill at this point, and Wards may mean the difference between Win or Loss, Push or Being Pushed, Penta-kill or Enemy Penta-kill. No wards = Ambush Teamfight. When your team isn't prepared for a teamfight, and when one happens when they aren't prepared, everyone gets scared, yells 'ITS A TARP!' and runs amuck. This may mean a devastating defeat. Anyways, it's win or be defeated at this point. Do what you must.

  • The Old Item Build

    My Item Build Formatting inspired by other great guides, such as Heat N Serve's Gangplank Guide.

    Start Up: *OR* , and
    *OR* to add with the sword.

    I can hear you yelling at your screen, 'STALYN! DORAN'S SHIELD HAS BEEN PROVEN TO BE BETTER THAN DORAN'S BLADE!'

    Yes, it is better at surviving than Doran's Blade, no it is not better if you want to be OFFENSIVE. This is the whole idea with MF. If you get all up in the enemy's face, they will think (some of the time) 'Whoa, this person knows how to play this person well enough to not have to worry about defensiveness!' Also I'm generally with most champions offensive. Denying people of levels is basically giving yourself some free defense anyways! In this build I use Doran's Blade but understand if you don't like Doran's items.

    First Back Inventory

    [item_icon=Meki Pendant]

    Here you start to see the building of your Manamune which will help you not only with offensive in early-mid game but with your Mana problems throughout the game.
    Already you are a force to be reckoned with, your Slow combined with a Double Up and maybe an auto attack is enough to strike fear in your enemies.

    Second Back Inventory

    (Standard Game Point)
    (Very Good Game Point)
    (Bad Game Point)

    Rushing Manamune is critical to your build, you really want to start building up your Mana. For Boots I use Boots of Swiftness but if you have trouble with the enemies you can take Mercury's Treads or Ninja Tabi depending on their team comp. 97% of the time, Mercury's Treads are better. You can also try getting Sorcerer's Shoes and see how it plays out for you, because you can deal just that much more damage with your ult. Even if you go back without enough money to build a Manamune, you still want to get the Tear of the Goddess so you can start building up that Mana. If you have done a great job farming, then you can even build your MS3 Boots. However if the enemy has forced you to go back without more than a few creep waves worth of kills, then you can buy Tear of the Goddess and start farming up your Mana at this point.

    Early-Mid Game(15-20 minutes)

    At this point you should have a few Champion kills on your belt and you should have ganked the side lanes already. Start pushing some towers with your team and get some Sight Wards planted, Mid-Game is going to be coming soon, if not already started. Utilize your Ultimate to its best ability, it can deal some really insane damage and rack you up some more kills. If you've been having a terrible time you should have your Second Back items by now.

    Mid Game (20-35 minutes)


    You should be at Carry status around here, or at least DPS-Threat. You've got your core build now and it's time to start preparing for bad situations and good situations alike. Grab the Red Buff whenever you can, until you get a Frozen Mallet you aren't going to be very good at slowing in Chase situations. You will be kissing the computer screen because of the kills you get thanks to this. Worst case scenario, you are feeding and you need to start staying back. Well, good news is the next item we are going for is going to beef you up outrageously.

    Mid-Late Game (35-45 minutes)


    We are much better at surviving than we were 15 minutes ago. 430 Health is nothing to laugh at. You can notice that I sold the Doran's Blade as it was merely money waiting to be made. Its stats were expendable at that point. If you are doing very good then you should have went with Phage, if you are looking for some more survivability up your sleeve then you should have went with Giant's Belt. You should start worrying about the Enemy's armor levels at this point though, and should seriously consider a Last Whisper after you build your Frozen Mallet. The Attack Speed couldn't hurt, because at this late in the game alls you have to your name is under 1.0 AS (not counting the active buff from Impure Shots). It also adds some damage, not enough to care about though. Get Baron Nashor's Buff (Exalted with Baron Nashor) with your team when you can, if you get Baron at least you can be sure the Enemy isn't going to get it. Just so you know, Exalted With Baron Nashor gives you
    -40 Ability Power (AP)
    -40 Damage (DMG)
    -3% increase in Health Regeneration (HP/5)
    -1% increase in Mana Regeneration (MP5)

    Late Game (45-60 minutes)


    You are sloping downwards at this point, aim to end the game as soon as possible. If your enemies are bickering, take advantage of this. A little fighting goes a long way. Don't get involved yourself though, you only want to make them fight amongst eachother. Divide and conquer, I always say. Preparing for the worst doesn't hurt, and since you have Manamune if you get a defensive item like Banshee's Veil or Frozen Heart you will get some damage out of the mana, turning defense into offense! Anyways, if you went with Build #2 then you have concluded that getting more damage is more efficient than getting 40% armor penetration (this armor penetration is only worth it if they have more than 100 armor by the way) and you want to completely decimate the squishiest of the group. With the B. F. Sword you are going to build a Bloodthirster. At full stacks you have 100 extra damage, and the life steal can help you survive in team fights if only by a little. Remember to get those creep buffs, and at this point every little bit helps, so this means get Elixirs; Specifically the Elixir of Fortitude.

    Why Wont This Game End (60+ minutes)


    If the game hasn't ended by now, you are either carrying the team or are destined to lose. Rarely the game will be hanging by a thread, and it is anyone's game. Either way, the survivability from Banshee's Veil is very valuable and it supplies you with extra Mana for your Manamune, which means more damage. I've ruled out Guardian Angel at this point, since if you die with Guardian Angel all's that you're gonna get back is a measly 750 health and 375 mana, you most likely aren't going to live with this much health since they will, as always, surround your reviving corpse to make sure you can't get away.
    Wards and Elixirs are crucial at this point, with Elixirs you can have 400+ damage, maybe even without Elixirs. Wards allow you to not walk into a Trap-Teamfight, and to gank the enemy team if they are at Baron. Only timing, luck and stats can tell who will win at this point. Good luck, and know that even if you lose, you fought well.

  • Some Math

    2% of 500 = 10
    Manamune gives you 20 attack damage off the bat
    Once you have 1500 Mana you have the equivalent damage of a B. F. Sword.

    It takes 250 Spells cast to fully charge this, not counting any attacks made that add mana.
    It takes 1000 Attacks to fully charge this, not counting any spells made or mana not made due to fast attack.

    Creeps and Bluepilling
    Assuming every Creep Kill gives you 25 gold,
    You will need approximately 54 Creep Kills until you can go back to get your Boots of Speed and Tear of the Goddess on your first back, not counting Gold accumulated through Time of course.
    Assuming the same, you will need 37 additional creep kills until you can go back to build Manamune. If you are going back to get both Manamune and your Boots of Swiftness, you will need 63 additional creep kills instead of 37.

  • Pros / Cons

    -Great Runner and Chaser (Strut + Ghost)
    -Great Last Hitter (Double Up and Make It Rain)
    -Great Killer (All Abilities)
    -Great Ganker (Make It Rain Slow)
    -Good at Dodging Skillshots (Strut)
    -Great Range (Double Up and Bullet Time)
    -Great at Finishing Off People (Double Up, Bullet Time)
    -Great at Carrying (All Abilities)
    -Great at Minimizing Enemy Healers (Impure Shots)
    -Great at Burst Damage (Bullet Time, Double Up)
    -Great at Applying Item Effects (Double Up)
    -A Mighty Pirate.. Hunter!

    -Bad at Running Once Hit (Strut) (We have Ghost in case our life is threatened)
    -Susceptible to Slows (Strut) (We have Ghost in case our life is threatened)
    -No Escape Ability (We have Ghost in case our life is threatened)
    -Low Damage Output without DMG Items
    -When Shut Down Deals Little Damage
    -May be better people to fulfill her role

  • Summary

    See Quick Reference.

  • Creep Jungling

    Miss Fortune doesn't jungle.

    When you ARE in the jungle, you should always initiate the creeps with Make it Rain. From then on in hit the first creep(s) with Double Up so it hits the other creep with the 120% damage. This especially goes for the Lizard and the Golem.

    The only time you should break the rule of 'Initiation with Make It Rain' is when you are low on mana and when there are creeps in front of the Golem or the Lizard in which case you can do extra damage to the Lizard or Golem with Double Up.

  • Unique Skills

    Increased Move Speed Passive, only other is Janna's Tailwind.

    Hits multiple enemies with one shot.

    Deals increased damage the more she focuses her target, only other similar to this is Katarina's [spell_text=Killer Instincts].

    AoE Slow, small version of Gangplank's Cannon Barrage.

    Large AoE Damage Cone, ability is similar to Katarina's Death Lotus.

  • Working in the team

    Miss Fortune is a Ranged Carry who is good at dealing damage to multiple foes through Double Up, Make It Rain, and Bullet Time. Bullet Time should only be used when you are in no danger of being stunned or focused, as then you will be of no use for the rest of the team fight. Double Up was MADE to target the squishies in the back, but this doesn't mean target the tanks with it. This means come from behind and target the squishy so it hits the other squishy as well! Bwahaha!

  • Farming

    Farming as Miss Fortune is much easier than you would think. Your Make it Rain deals lots of damage at rank 5, 335 to be exact. And this is in AoE mind you. Make It Rain combined with your auto attack and Double Up should decimate a wave. If you are facing a wave of epic proportions, you can even use your Bullet Time on it if you like. It makes for much fun, yes yes.

  • Terms To Know

    Nub/Noob : Someone who sucks at a game even if they've been playing for a large amount of time.

    Newb : Someone who is new to a game and does not know a large amount of info that other players do.

    Miss Fortune : The main focus of this guide, a Ranged Carry adept at dealing damage to multiple foes.

    The Redux Guide : The thing this guide is hence referred to.

    Redux : As from Wikipedia, Redux is a post-positive adjective meaning "brought back, restored" (from the Latin reducere - bring back) used in literature and film titles.

    Meta Game : The entire game, i.e. 'The Metagame of LoL is dependant on..' means 'The entirety of the matches of League of Legends is dependant on..'

    LoL : Abbreviation for League of Legends. When uncapitalised like this, it looks like 'lol', an abbreviation for Laugh Out Loud.

    Stalyn : The Maker of this Guide, also known as Treck. Has made 2 other guides, and is too lazy to update them as often as he, and his viewers, would like.

    MLG : Abbreviation for Major League Gaming, can be used as a noun to call somebody Pro or what someone is if they are getting paid to play.

    Lizard : A 'Epic Monster' that gives you a buff which slows and deals damage over time to any foe you hit with your Auto Attack.

    Golem : A 'Epic Monster' that gives you a buff which increases your Mana Regeneration by a percent of your maximum mana supply, and decreases cooldowns by an immense amount.

    CDR : Abbreviation for Cooldown Reduction, obtaining CDR means your abilities will not take as long to recharge as they would normally, allowing you to use them more frequently.

    Core Build : The main items of a build, obtained almost every single game, usually first and before any other non-core items are obtained.

    Summoner Ability : An ability that you can use every game on every champion. You can only choose 2 Summoner Abilities to use each game, out of a total of 13 you are able to choose from. They do not disappear from the game if you use them, but they do have a cooldown. The most useless, unanimously voted by the community, is Revive, which has a 510 second cooldown (8 minutes 30 seconds) and revives your character immediately, saving you anywhere between 12 to 80 seconds or so in the graveyard.

    Runes : A flexible system of improvement to champions that can allow you to increase stats, anywhere from Damage to Movement Speed, from Cooldown Reduction to Mana Regen. There are 4 types of Runes: Marks, Seals, Glyphs, and Quintessences. Marks are based on Offensive (Such as Penetration), Seals on Defensive (Such as Health), Glyphs on Utility (Such as Cooldown Reduction), and Quintessences cover every aspect. You may hold 9 of any rune in a runepage, except for Quintessences which you may hold 3 of.

    MP5 / HP/5 : Mana Per 5 and Health Per 5, which means the total amount of Mana or Health you get every 5 seconds. 20 MP5 means you get 4 mana a second.

    Skill : aka Ability, a Skill is one of four spells a Champion may use. An Ultimate is usually the most powerful and game-changing one, such as Amumu's Curse of the Sad Mummy. The Ultimate also usually has the longest Cooldown. The other 3 abilities have vastly shorter cooldowns and may be used more often. Stances have the shortest cooldowns.

    Mastery : A flexible system of improvement to champions, similar to Runes, that can allow you to increase stats, anywhere from Critical Strike Damage to Damage Mitigation, from Summoner Ability improvement to Increasing Gold Gain. Masteries do not cost anything, unlike Runes which cost IP to buy. You may freely change them whenever you want, except in-game where they are set for the match.

    IP : A free currency obtained every time you play a game. You get around 60-70 IP for a match lost and 100-120 IP for a match won. This can be used to buy Champions, Runes, and Rune Pages. This cannot be used to buy Skins or Boosts.

    RP : A currency that costs In-Real-Life money. This can be used to buy Champions, Skins, Boosts and Rune Pages. You cannot buy Runes with this due to Riot not wanting to 'sell power'. The Dollar-to-RP exchange seems to be 1 Dollar = 130 RP. You can only buy RP in bundles of 5$, 10$, 20$, 35$, and 50$. There is bonus RP added to the amount of RP you buy, escalating with the more RP you buy. There is no bonus RP if you buy 5$ worth of RP.

    Win of the Day Bonus : A bonus of IP gained (exactly 150 extra IP) every first time you win a day. You cannot get this bonus from a losing game. This increases your gain from about 100-120 IP to 250-270 IP.
    Bundle : A collaboration of sorts that gives you a set of things for a reduced price if you buy the whole package.

    Blue Pill : To use the ability 'Recall' which returns you back to your base. A reference to The Matrix, where there are 2 pills; A Blue Pill and a Red Pill. If you take the Blue Pill you return home. If you use Recall, it returns you 'home', to the Fountain, thus the term 'Blue Pill'

    Jungle : To not spend time Laning, to give a Solo Lane to a team mate while you kill Creeps in the areas between lanes called the 'Jungle'. Junglers usually have some sort of life-stealing ability or can maintain themselves good in the Jungle. A prime example of this is Warwick, who does not have a good time Laning because of his Melee range.

    Laning : To stay in one of the 3 Lanes (2 Side Lanes, 1 Middle Lane) to kill Enemy Minions and fight 1 or 2 enemy Champions. The opposite of Jungling.

  • People's Scores

    I will post the scores of anyone who posts their scores in the comments if they wish to be placed here. What will be included is their name, time (optional) and their K/D/A ratio.
    Updated 1/31/11 (Finally got not-lazy enough to post EVERYONE'S scores in there haha)

    NAME ---------------- TIME ------ SCORE

    TROGDORGAR --- 17:20 ---- 15/0/4
    TROGDORGAR --- 27:56 ---- 11/0/0
    TROGDORGAR --- 28:34 ---- 14/1/0
    TROGDORGAR --- 24:44 ---- 11/2/8
    TROGDORGAR --- 34:29 ---- 22/4/10
    PERSONA -------- xx:xx ----- 12/1/7
    PERSONA -------- xx:xx ----- 10/7/11
    PERSONA -------- xx:xx ----- 12/0/5
    PERSONA -------- 28:38 ----- 15/0/2
    SUBVENIO ------- xx:xx ----- 39/6/15
    KONVRON -------- xx:xx ----- 11/3/11
    FUGGERNOUGHT --- xx:xx ----- 28/8/21
    BATTLEFERRETT -- xx:xx ----- 19/7/8
    MERRYEM-SAMA --- xx:xx ----- 13/3/5
    MERRYEM-SAMA --- xx:xx ----- 11/3/5
    MERRYEM-SAMA --- xx:xx ----- 7/3/8
    MERRYEM-SAMA --- xx:xx ----- 5/4/11
    MERRYEM-SAMA --- xx:xx ----- 11/1/4
    MERRYEM-SAMA --- xx:xx ----- 6/2/4
    MERRYEM-SAMA --- xx:xx ----- 3/0/11
    MCFHURER ------- xx:xx ----- 11/0/4
    MARCINKO6 ------ 38:xx ----- 13/3/11
    JOSKUS --------- xx:xx ----- 14/3/15
    SOLIDFAKE ------ xx:xx ----- 9/1/5
    BLACKSTORM ----- xx:xx ----- 26/2/6
    SLUNGELPUPPY --- xx:xx ----- 2/10/2 :P
    SWIFT ---------- xx:xx ----- 65/0/x
    ICEWAKER ------- xx:xx ----- 20/8/10 (Pentakill, congratulations)
    SKULLDICER ----- xx:xx ----- 1/0/5
    SKULLDICER ----- xx:xx ----- 5/3/8
    SKULLDICER ----- xx:xx ----- 16/4/9
    SKULLDICER ----- xx:xx ----- 3/6/11
    SKULLDICER ----- xx:xx ----- 6/9/12
    SKULLDICER ----- xx:xx ----- 4/2/7
    SKULLDICER ----- xx:xx ----- 15/6/11
    SKULLDICER ----- xx:xx ----- 0/0/0 (leave)
    SKULLDICER ----- xx:xx ----- 8/0/9
    SKULLDICER ----- xx:xx ----- 4/2/10
    NIKKEPWNS ------ xx:xx ----- 15/0/16
    ELEMENTAWESOME - xx:xx ----- 14/3/2
    ROBIN DE TOLENS- xx:xx ----- 17/5/4
    SILENCEDSTORMZ - xx:xx ----- 13/0/7
    SLAKTARN ------- xx:xx ----- 25/2/13

  • The End / Any Creditting Is Here

    It's the end! That wasn't so bad, was it?

    Thanks to DeadlyOne aka ZJXMaddog for giving me the idea of a Old Spice Guy introduction, which is epic imo.

    Thanks to SirRFI for the idea of Frozen Heart as one of the defensive items!

    Thanks to all of you guys who up-rated and posted your scores for the world to see! :)

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