Gangplank Build Guide

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Tankplank Tank of the Seven Planks (RIOT HATES this build, Under construction)

written by Jurassick

Gangplank Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Grog Soaked Blade
    A fantastic passive what in the world would we do without all this damage? If you have the mana you can keep this up with parley and auto-attacks using parley just to keep it going when you can't slash them. The slow can get pretty ridiculous and this actually beefs up his tanking abilities a whole lot, a passive slow on auto-attacks, its like ALWAYS having red buff and with red buff on its like... your god or something idk. But really to use this you should start to focus their carries hard early in the fight to negate their kiting abilities and make them easy targets, the removal of grievous wound is quite an impairment but it will only hinder fighting enemies like Warwick and Mundo a bit, because now you can kite them... How does he soak his pistol shots in alcohol anyway? It almost guarantees first blood.

    Great skill for most gangplanks, good for harass but there are better ways to harass with this build so generally stay away from it, max it last but get a point at level 3 or level 5. This can help if you miss out on creeps early and its good for last hitting champs too if you need. I probably call this gun or shoot later on. Now with a slow and a DoT!

    Remove Scurvy
    This is the best skill available, Warwick comin at ya from the bushes? omg! w... Oh wait I'm good, later wick! Couple a cleanse more powerful than the summoner spell with a heal more potent than the summoner spell and we have a winning combination. Max this second for around 400 hp heal and low CD cleanse. Lets you keep the enemy focused on you longer in teamfights and makes you more viable as an off-tank. I may refer to this as Chomp-Chomp or yummies later in the guide.

    [spell=Raise Morale]
    At level 5 this skill grants a huge attack power buff and you will be laughing at that damn pantheon with his base movement of 339 when yours is something like 345. This skill is fantastic in teamfights for 20 AD to your whole team, letting your team escape fights, Max this first and use it whenever its up. I might call this deny, speed or something else later. At high levels and even at level one, this skill can act as a 6 second team ghost, the movement speed increase is enough to enable ganks from junglers without cc or enough to let eve get in close while stealthed and autoattack for the kill, level one with this active I get about 73 attack damage, and about 370 movement speed.

    Cannon Barrage
    This is why Gangplank can go tankplank and still deal such massive damage. I have gotten a quadra kill with this skill alone, stopped countless getaways and killed invisers with this more than enough times to make me still laugh. Make sure to aim it right or the next teamfight you fight may be your last. Now easier to use than ever, this skill will caused aoe slow and deal more guarunteed damage, even though each shot does less, the chances of hitting are greatly increased.

  • Intro (I just found out it disappeared on me...)

    I've notice each patch slowly wearing away at the usefulness of this build. Every day I consider retiring it, but today, after seeing the amount of views/likes for this build I am inspired to renew this guide, perhaps an overhaul. The first piece was the removal of the deny mechanic, then they removed grievous wound, albeit for an altogether much better passive, but that's beside the point. Tankplank's heart continues to be ripped from his chest, I need a version of the above image with a foreveralone.jpg placed over the general's face because that's how Tankplank feels right now. The removal of Aegis of the Legion's minion effects was another heavy blow, then the continual nerfs to gangplank's various skills, and the final blow was the removal of Stark's Fervor. Zeke's Herald provides no build use, a long bow always came in handy for the pirate with a gun and a sword. A dagger? Really? No no no, we simply must rebuild. I will strive to create a new build, differing from the obvious and boring "Go top, grab gold/5s, farm with q, buy atmogs phantom infinity" builds of every gangplank. Fear not tank loving friends, I will find new lane dominance! (Coming soon)

  • Runes/Masteries

    I love the new masteries, he feels so much stronger. You have a few options but I use 5/24/1To make up for promote removal, I take butcherx1, and brute force x3, then demolitionist to destroy towers. I take resistance x3 hardiness x3 durability x4, veterans scars, indomitable x2, siege commander, initiator x3, honor guard x3, mercenary x3, juggernaut.  Then summoner's insight. These make you outrageously tanky and leave you with unbelievable stats for level one which scale very well into late game.

    My Runes are all tier 3 obviously:
    Quints- 3 flat health quints
    Reds- Armor Penetration reds, at level one they will Not expect you to hit that hard with over 800 health.
    Yellows- After using scaling yellows for months, I switched to flat armor runes, they give quite a bit of armor and with a Doran's Shield I have 51 armor
    Blues- Flat magic Resist Blues, these really help, at level one you spawn with over 30% magic resist, which helps you get and not give first blood if you need it and helps you lane if you need to solo

  • Items

    Doran's Shield Starting item always, this helps you lane almost indefinitely with your yummies and prevents first blood, also helps you get it
    Mercury's Treads This helps when your chomp-chomp is on CD and it gets some nice magic resist, you dont need swiftness since your already a speed demon, go ahead outrun pantheon, it'll be funny.
    Aegis of the Legion [EDIT] { This item no longer affects creeps, it has lost about 25% of its effectiveness. It is still a good item but I find myself favoring stark's before this. }
    [item=Stark's Fervor] Adds crazy attack speed you, and your whole team, just like aegis this item is about the strength in numbers, after i get this its generally a win for the team
    Guardian Angel Um... when your about to die, teleport out if u need to, or if u feel really cool just stay in and let them target you more while you and your team destroy them
    At this point the game ends 90% of the time, however in ranked games I usually get a few items further, at this point however you must analyze your optionsdur, are they highly AP oriented?
    Trinity Force I recently tried this item out and got it right after guardian angel, I ended up 17/3/30 and carried my team so hard that I was actually going 1v3 against mundo zilean and annie, killing zilean and annie and just pushing towers while mundo poked me. Trinity force is unbelievably valuable if you get too fed for your own good and can help you carry some of the worst solo queue teams available.
    Wit's End This will make you more valuable in teamfights as well as help you hit turrets faster and survive longer with the almost 50 MR it provides.
    Frozen Mallet High health and ridiculous cc, also, an early phage wouldn't hurt anyone... except whoever you lane against.

  • Summoner Abilities

    [Spell_icon=Fortify] [EDIT] {Fortify no longer exists?????? WHAT THE F****}

    I use this when I push lanes all the time, I also tend to save it early game for getting ganked, junglers are scared of a promoted minion and will either get killed by it and you because you're so tanky or get scared off completely and feel the need to kill it. It also is a great coordinating skill, when your team sees a promoted minion, they usually push with you.

    This is a fantastic lane control skill to couple with fortify, this skill, your ult and fortify prove to make the most successful lane control of any character in the game, also this spell can be used to teleport to the minion a tower is targeting to prevent 3.5 seconds worth of tower hits and start the aegis effect to single push a tower with your raise morale. It also lets you be in 3 places at once,  ult to stop your team from being demolished, kill dragon, and then tele bot to pronged push two lanes at once while your team hits another lane if they feel like they can do it without you.

  • Summary

    To start grab a dorans shield, I have about 51 armor, 49 magic resist, 68 attack damage, 339 movement speed, 822 health a stacking slow and a stacking dot. This is in my opinion the best first blood character in the game, anyone you fight face to face will die to you. Teleport for lane control, promote to push, ult to kill in teamfights or multiman ganks, or if you need to escape from a multiman gank. Steal barron with it if your really cool, use ult outside of your lane early on. Endgame concentrate on towers, just like early game, whenever you push towers, fire your e, Stay in fights as long as possible, you are an aura whore with huge damage. Slash people in team fights if you think they might carry the team to victory, shoot ranged carries, cut melees real fast and make sure NO ONE gets away, a new mechanic for gangplank, but removal of grievous wounds.

  • Allies and Enemies

    Your best friends in lane are those who are fantastic harassers, people like akali who can burst down someone like morde so he wont even think of coming into your creep line will help deprive them of so much xp theyll be easy pickings for your teammates.

    Heres a list of people i would recommend laning with and a brief description of why:
    Sona- great harass and added damage to your tower power as well as perma laning, she is however squishy so defend her when you can, she can also lock a team down while they get cannon barraged
    Sivir- the pushing queen and the pushing King in one lane? all that attack damage you give to minions from aegis is multiplied by her attack speed ult and bestowed upon you as well, shes also a fantastic harass
    Blitzcrank- a good blitz will keep enemies terrified of coming near you, and if you keep their creeps near your towers blitz is a go to guy to keep them further from you than they would like to be
    Ezreal- the attack speed buff from his w is fantastic to couple with your attack damage increase
    Warwick- not for laning, but late and mid game as well as after he ganks your lane youll be able to knock at least one tower down assuming your not pushed to your inhibitor, his attack speed buff coupled with your ad buff is again a tower melter
    Taric- has a stun, keeps you in lane forever and has an armor aura, making you even tankier, again his ult will help you melt towers

    Anyone else who can lock an entire team down like sona, (eg amumu and galio)as well as standard aoe team members will be a great comboers with your cannon barrage.

    Your Enemies will be few, people like amumu and kog maw will be the standard tank killers and will probably give you a few problems when they get their max % based damage skills.

    Some fun enemies include:
    Other Gangplanks- You will beat any other gangplank 1v1 unless their team is behind them because your tougher, especially early game
    Any Melee carry- Early game or late, a melee carry will engage you, get you to 85%, realize he has 50%, start to run, but at this point you will have max stacks of slow on him and he will be too encumbered to get away
    Whoever stands in your ult for too long
    People who dont take you seriously and try to 1v1 you (especially after you get starks for life steal), theyll fight you and get confused at your damage and how little you take, then try to run away, but your just way too fast for them.

  • Pros / Cons

    rape enemies
    help teamates
    get mad assists
    get mad kills
    dont die
    best lane control available
    huge damage
    great earlygame
    great midgame
    great lategame
    confuse the enemy
    power your team beyond their wildest pushing dreams
    incredible pushing power
    easy solo dragon or any buffs
    no gold problems
    stacking slow on auto attacks and q
    stacking dot on auto attacks and q
    global high damage slowing ult

    get laughed at if u cant pull it off the first time
    uhm... thats it i thinkGet nerfed by riot every other patch.(remove grievous wound, smaller ult, nerf aegis, REMOVE FORTIFY WTF (like seriously what the fuck man), nerf his passive, nerf his e, nerf his q, nerf his passive 2 more times, his e 2  more times, nerf gold gain on q, will it ever end???)

  • Working in the team

    This is what your meant to do, save people with e, save people with ult, initiate teamfights if you need to, but usually let your tank go in first then ult and slash around, you are an aura whore, you must be in fights until you are about to die or longer,people will target you because usually GP is squishy as hell, but you take minimal damage while your team wrecks the enemy.

  • Farming

    Edit after request for farming section:
    To farm successfully as gangplank without overusing your q, which usually you must avoid to keep your eat up for heals to manage mana correctly, you should stay away from minions until you see them drop to low health while you lane. slash champions who come up to you or your minions, and commit to this until you take too much damage for your own comfort and repeatedly attack enemy minions to get them to enemy towers, last hitting should be a total breeze especially if you choose armor pen runes (which I do) because of the massive attack damage bonus you will have from your e, this also more than makes up for the damage lost to not having high level gun for the first few levels since you wont really be critting anyway with it. Now if you have trouble laning and are getting wicked harassed, say your up against garren and fiddlesticks or other heavy harassers, stay away from minions,wait for enemy minions to get pushed up to your tower and when you see a minions drop to last hit range just run in and slash it, this should be a big window with a high level e because you will be slashing for huge damage early game, it will also be easy to get in and our with a high level e to run in and our with almost 10% move speed increase and closer to 40 if your shooting minions constantly, this is also one reason i rush mercuries treads, it gives very high durability early get with decent magic resist and a beautiful pasive, you should have well over 400 move speed and easily escape a fiddle fear garren spin combo before taking more than 3 ticks of spin and get a few last hits in the process.

  • Additional

    If you have any questions or would like to request a new section please leave a comment on the guide. Thanks for reading! This is my favorite character to play, he is infinitely fun and unstoppable in combat.

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