Sivir Build Guide

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Walking Buff Machine - Sivir

written by Truffinator

Sivir Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    This guide is the way I build and play sivir.

    EDIT: Since patch that changed BB, i highly suggest not trying this guide untill they fix sivir

    I get the odd kill but mainly its the 15+ assists per game and very low amount of deaths while still maintaining 4-5 buffs on your team during team fights. Early baron kills and easy tower pushing usually gets the job done.

    I expect you to know the basics about sivir's skills if you do not understand something check another guide that explains the skills at a basic level.

    After searching for guides i came across a guide which core build is similar to mine. With the recent spellshield buffs a few of the items in his core seem outdated and although he likes his auras he aint no buff machine.

    I posted this early befor I could finish some parts. In progress is a Spell shield tips and tricks that ii will edit in later.

  • Abilities

    Fleet of Foot
    Passive that allows you to run away from the dps carries, bout it. Usefull but not great.

    Boomerang Blade
    Two Main Uses:

    1. Farm / Harass: Wipes out minion waves later into the game and if you can single out a champ early deals crazy amounts of damage while being one of the longest ranges in the game.

    2. Burst damage needed for early game kills; either finishing off someone running away or Initial burst damage that surprises people and gets them killed.

    Problems: Skill shot so chance of missing
    Champs can hide in creep waves to receive less damage from your attack.
    Large mana cost only use if you have a good amount of mana left. By that I mean enough to . spell shield and throw a bunch of auto attacks with ricochet on.

    Farm and Harass: Remember when i said enemy champs can hide in creep waves to stop BB from doing too much damage, well after putting some points in this they will be forced to move into the open where you can pound them with BB.

    Usage: Attack creeps in front of the other players and try to get it to bounce to them. The main objective is to basically piss of the other team till they back up and have problems last hitting your minions.

    Problems: Pushes creep waves very fast. This is bad because pushing too fast too early when the other team has a jungler often gets you killed.

    Cost mana per shot and abusing it can sometimes leave you too oom to spell shield. Which is very dangerous.

    Spell Shield
    In my opinion the funnest skill at your disposal.

    Ability to restore your mana every 20 seconds or so while wasting your opponents.

    If you can pick a lane where the opponent has a easily predicted skill-shot (sivirs BB, cho's knockup) or even better a slow moving targeted spell ( tarics stun, malphites slow). This allows you to have less mana problems and counter a lot of other champions.

    On The Hunt
    3 uses:

    Tower Pushing: Buffs minions and teammates with attack speed so you can drop a tower faster then the other team can react.

    Chasing / Fleeing: Gives your whole team (if they are near you) enough movement speed to effectively chase people down. As a Last Resort! you can use this skill how you would use ghost in those situations where you just need to get the hell out of there. This is a superior chase skill because it keeps your team together while most speed buffs leave you over extended chasing by yourself.

    Team Fights: Popping this in a team fight when your team is highly dps not only adds another buff to your already superpowered team but almost guarantees a win. Movement speed helps to anti-kite/position you where you want to be faster. Attack speed increases your damage by a percentage, not bad at all.

    Name of the skill says it all.

  • Items

    At level one grab a Doran's Blade

    The best carry starting item imo. Unlike ashe or trist where i would usually grab a couple of these sivir just needs the one. Keeps you in lane with the lifesteal, alive with the health and harassing with the damage.

    Just last hit and harass, if your lane partner is capable or you are midding and have enough burst from BB go for kills im an aggressive player and usually am involved in first blood one way or another.

    From there you have a few options on how the game is going.

    If you are getting kills or feeling very safe and secure I would rush [item=Stark's Fervor].
    Its your core item as it lowers armor and increases attack speed for last hitting while giving large amounts of lifesteal so you always remain full health in lane.

    Downside is costs a large amount leaving you bootless for probably longer than you would like and the attack speed just makes your ricochets drain mana much faster.

    Playing it safer at least grab the [item=Emblem of Valour] for the regen and lifesteal to stay in lane and to get the first aura buff so your team can get a taste of the superpowers to come.

    If you are dieing from burst magic/stuns grab Mercury's Treads and play more passively just last hitting and long range harassing if possible.

    Last but certainly least if you somehow cannot use spell shield properly or are facing 2 ranged dps that decide not to use skills on you your gonna have mana problems. Reluctantly buying a Chalice of Harmony can help with this. Even a Mana Manipulator if your team is calling out for it.

    Boots are game dependent but my advice is to never grab beserks as they will just drain your mana early.

    boot guidelines:

    other team has casters/CC or galio: Mercury's Treads
    other team has dps and alot of it and it hurts: Ninja Tabi its cheap i like it.
    The rest are all preference or playstyle or even situational.

    After starks/boots laning phase should be over(lvl8-10) ganks are inevitable you need protection.

    Build Aegis of the Legion: Great item great buff your team will love you and it should keep you alive.

    Your tower should go down from level 6-11 depending on how well your doing just ask for a teammate to come gank then finish with a ult + 3 man/minion wave tower push it shouldn't take long.

    At this time call out to your team where you are going and what towers you plan on knocking down, any smart dps will stick to you for the starks and ageis buff and know that towers melt wherever you go.

    If you have really good damage output you can grab baron around lvl 12. Accomplishing this will almost always guarantee you the win.

    Doran's Blade [item=Stark's Fervor] Mercury's Treads Aegis of the Legion
    is what you should have by mid game. This is your Core build. Sell Doran's whenever needed even befor this point is fine.

    After that it becomes more team dependant or game dependant.
    What to Think About:
    1. Will of the Ancients : if you have some good ability power ratios on your team
    This is my fave i almost always get it
    2. [item=Soul Shroud] : Mainly for the cooldown buff for your team also good if you need the health
    or your team needs the mana which is highly doubtful but if its needed its worth it.
    3. Damage: if your fighting a fed tank (cho, mundo, garen, mord) [item=Madred's Bloodrazor]
    Damage: Cleaver/Bloodthirster/InfinityEdge time for you to get some kills.

    Cleaver also helps your team by lowering the armor of opponents but sadly its single targeted debuff as your ricochets dont apply it.

  • Skilling Order

    is what I usually do.

    Reasoning for Spell Shield before ricochet after 2 points its less likely you will always be hitting more than 3 enemies grouped up. If it just so happens you cant use spell shield enough or you are always hitting mass amounts of enemies feel free to follow

    sometimes grabbing spell shield at level 2 for the mana or the anti harass is a good idea.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Escapes: flash ghost is what I roll with everytime keeps you alive which keeps your teammates wrecking everything that moves

    Other Viable Spells:
    teleport: good for farming/pushing lanes
    more aggresive, can disable carries, lowers armor magic resist if you have the point in it in masteries, buffing your teams damage even more.

    Personal Preference I suppose.

  • Build Example

    Is your preferred build, game should be over around this time.
    Because i run with crit runes which I don't recommend, (currently working on that) if i had unlimited money i would probably end up with
    Like i said i don't get many kills but i don't lose many games either.

  • Summary


    Starks = Attack Speed 20%, LifeSteal 20%, helath regen 30per5

    Aegis = Armor 12, Magic Resist 15, Damage 8

    Will of Ancients = 30 ap, 15 SpellVamp

    Ult(with 3 points): 90% MovementSpeed, 65% Attack Speed)(half for allies)

    *Optional 15% cooldown reduction and some mana regen

    Pros: Balanced stat increasing so everyone on your team is getting buffed, some champs have uses for every stat
    No mana cost for crazy aeo buffs while harassing the crap out of the other team.
    Enough survivability that makes it hard for you to be killed
    Enough damage that the other team will get annoyed and target you anyways
    Spell shield = win

    Cons: No mana items on a highly mana dependent champ, but you learn to cope its not really that bad.
    Low damage output 1 v 1, but still enough to get the job done.

    Last but not least people expect sivir to be terrible and lets face it they usually are. If you can dont let them know your about to rape their face until 10 minutes after raping it. They might not even realize your the reason they cant seem to do anything all game long.

    Its my first guide so please comment on anything you think ii should of done differently, and sorry for spelling errors...

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