Sona Build Guide

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Sona - more than support

written by enkson

Sona Build

Table of Contents

  • AYO..

    and ty 4 readin my guide... this is my 1st guide and im sorry 4 beein 2 lazy 2 use school english...
    i hope i can help u 2 get better with sona cause if shes played right ull win any random 5v5 if ur team isnt retarded..
    i play sona since the 2nd day she came out.. be4 her my most played hero was soraka so i would say i know a lot about support and thats why i fell in love with sona from the 1st moment...



    playin sona like this will make the game very very boring ... ull win nearly every game without doin much and the ppl will call you op 4 that..


    i wont explain you how 2 escape with your flash or where 2 stand in a teamfight with a ranged char .. THAT IS BASIC MOVEMENT .. if u r a LOL beginner you should watch vids like League of Legends: Zoning Tutorial
    that and a little practise should improve your basic skills enough 2 use that guide effective

  • Abilities

    Power Chord
    a very powerfull passive... stack it up and keep it 4 heros - good combo with your Q

    [spell=Hymm of Valor]
    thats your primary dmg skill.. with a nice dmg and ap boost 4 u and your team ( use this aura 4 pushin towers ) it attacks the 2 nearest enemys but heros first... u need a little practise but after 1 or 2 matches u should be able 2 handle it..

    Aria of Perseverance
    nice burst heal that heals the m8 in range who needs it the most and you + restance boost

    Song of Celerity
    nice 2 escape / jump in / hunt - save your m8s 2 with it...!

    thats what i call a powerfull ultimate .. dmg & stun - combine with a m8s stun will be deadly 4 any hero... never see 1 get out of that combo ;D - but thats no need... combined with a shaco who cames from the back will beat the shit out of the most heros 2..

  • Masteries + Runes + Summoner Spells


    i use that on any champ cause i h8 2 be squishy - works fine
    cause u r more than support ;)
    i use them cause i dont got 2 use so often @ early game
    cause CDR is important but that do we all know :P


  • Skilling Order

    tell your lane m8 that u dont chose heal @ lvl 1 or show him with the aura..

  • Items

    Start with +

    w8 until u got ~850g 2 get back and buy and another

    if more enemys r ranged i use if not i buy cause im faster where im needed

    now we want 2 work on our litle mana problem with

    [item_icon=Zhonya's Ring] is our next item... and in most of the games it will be the last

    but if its not.. would stack nice with your auras cause at this point u do enough dmg and burst heal... now u got 2 make your m8s more resistant against enemy atacks so they can do some dmg 2 -_-

    if the game isnt finish now your team is absolutly fail!!!
    in that case you can buy and end that game SOLO :D

    u can buy some CDR items 2 but i dont need them .. so i would say you wount need them 2 but CDR is allways a good choice

  • Lanes / Mid



    lanin with another m8 is the most effective way 2 play with sona .. @ the beginnin i play her very very agressive cause u can do a lot of dmg with your autohits but your m8 should play agressive 2 ... fokus and firstblood doesnt work in every game but nearly cause the enemys will underrate u .. but remember allways keep your distance

    if ur in a fight with the enemy keep both auras active and keep your E allways so u can escape if needed -> if it looks like u and your m8 would die and your ult has got cooldown press a last heal 2 your m8 and E away.. save him with W and E spams if he follows you.. if not let him die cause U R STACKIN MEJAIS and thats worthless when u die... they will learn 2 follow your rules if they want effective support :>



    when u decide 2 play mid u wont get many problems if ur skilled cause u got all u need.. heal, manaregg with , a lot of dmg with your passive (!!) and Q PLUS @ lvl 6 u got stun... so stackin your passive 2 times then ult + q + autoshot will make that teemo wont look sweet anymore ;D... learn 2 time that combo right will make u able 2 kill any typical mid hero ...

  • Working in the team

    your job in teamfights is simple... use Q and W anytime its rdy 4 the auras, help your team m8s with your E 2 escape from ganks or get in position and time your R well 4 free kills with your grp.. fokus them down.. dont be scared 2 set a target and u will see... IP's will income :)

    ill try 2 rec some games and add some practise videos 2
    if u got some questions u can add me ingame .. my summoner name is "allmighty enkson" you may got raped :P


    i wish u good luck and much fun with sona


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