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Quagli's Definitive Twitch Guide

written by Quagli

Twitch Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Deadly Venom
    Does magic damage over time.
    Stacks counters for your other skills to a max of 6 on any single target.
    Its easy to keep track of counters because it puts a spinning yellowish thing around the target for each charge.

    Makes you invisible.
    Gives you a HUGE attack speed bonus.
    The speed boosts duration increases depending on how long you stay invisible.
    After doing some extensive testing, it seems that you get 2 seconds + 1 second of attack speed bonus for every second you stay invisible. So at 8 seconds of staying invisible, you have the full 10 second duration.
    Try counting seconds if you are freshly invisible and about to attack.

    Some guides are out of date and say you must attack from stealth to get the speed bonus from Ambush, not true. Casting a spell, or letting the timer run out will also yield you the bonus.

    Twitch cackles when he pops out of stealth, totally cool! But can give you away if it wears off and you are in a bush near the enemy. Keep track of the time you spend invisible, don't let it run out when you are near the enemy. If you see you have less than 20 seconds left, think about moving away, hiding in some brush and reapplying Ambush.

    Using ambush while attacking will cause you to stop auto-attacking when stealth kicks in. You will keep auto attacking during fade time.

    You should always stay stealthed whenever possible after level 6.

    Updated 11/1: Attack speed boost reduced to 70% at max from 100%.

    [spell=Debilitating Poison]
    SLOWS all enemy champions in the area. It even slows enemy champions with no poison counters.
    Slows enemies with poison counters 6% more per counter, for a max slow of 66%.
    Has a range of around 700.
    Does not slow creeps or neutral monsters.

    Deals Magic damage to targets with poison counters.
    Deals additional damage for each poison counter on the target.
    Has a range of around 900.
    Using this ability will remove all counters on enemies in the area.

    At max level, achieved at character level 9 at its earliest, you deal 510 dmg to someone with the full 6 counters. After basic resist, you are looking at around 350ish damage depending on the character, assuming they have no additional magic resist.

    Save this ability until enemy champions are fleeing, you are about to die, or someone is at that 350 life threshold for an insta-kill.

    [spell=Spray and Pray]
    Your shots become "Line Missiles".
    Gives you another attack speed boost, because 70% increase from Ambush clearly wasn't enough.
    "Line Missles" pierce through targets and gain a range of 900ish.
    Line up the competition to hit multiple champions! This is how you out-damage everyone else.

    Your shots being "Line Missiles" means that you will fire them at the position of the opponent you are targeting. If they are running toward or away from you, you will hit, but if the target is running past you or diagonally, they can dodge your shots. Pop [spell=Debilitating Poison] when they start to run in any direction but toward or away from you, this will ensure more hits.

    Updated: Spray and Pray's "Line Missles" do not hit inhibitors or the Nexus. You can target them but will not hit them for damage. You can still target them and hit enemies in front or behind them as usual.

    Updated 11/16: Spray and Pray's attack speed boost was reduced to 30/45/60%, from 40/60/80%.

    NOTE: I have noticed with the Gangster Twitch skin that my Tommygun's "Line Missle" bullets will miss targets near max range when the shot clearly has connected with them. I can't recreate the problem with the Crossbow's "Line Missle" bolts of the default Twitch skin. Don't let that stop you from looking awesome though!

  • Introduction

    This guide is for you! The man and/or extremely sexy woman who wants to dominate as Twitch! He may seem easy to play, but that illusion will quickly fade when you encounter a good team.

    I wrote this guide because I'm sick of hearing people say they are good as Twitch, only to watch them trade kills, run around solo, and leave their team high and dry by dying before big battles.

    I've carried many teams to victory by knowing when and how to play Twitch. Don't be fooled by imitators, you'll know a good Twitch when you see one. Read on and learn how!

    With the recent attack speed nerfs Twitch is harder to play. You will have a harder time living through battles, and you have less room for mistakes. Don't let this discourage you though! These changes just open up the options for more attack speed items and less damage or survivability ones. He's still the rat with the splat.

    If you find an error or feel this guide lacking something, let me know. I would love constructive feedback.
    Give me a +1 if you find this guide useful!

  • Updates

    11/2 - Twitch caught a 30% attack speed nerf on Ambush. So its a 70% increase instead of 100%. A setback, but not a gamebreaking one. I actually didn't even notice it and went 16/3 earlier. Updated build options accordingly.

    11/7 - Updated Spray and Pray - It does not damage inhibitors or the nexus. You can target them but will not hit them for damage, your missles will still damage enemies in front and behind building targets as normal.

    11/11 - Changed some of the layouts of skills and items to make them easier to read.

    11/16 - Spray and Pray's attack speed boost reduced to 30/45/60%, from 40/60/80%. A cumulative attack speed nerf of 50% overall with the update 2 weeks ago cumulatively. Updated guide accordingly. Core build remains unchanged but now 2 attack speed items are completely viable.
    Oracle's Elixir now has a particle effect, OH HAPPY DAY! This is a huge benefit for us, and will save you so much micromanaging.

  • When to play Twitch

    Twitch is a champion that requires specific circumstances in order to devastate the enemy team. A poor team layout can make life for Twitch super hard, and in some circumstances leave him with no choice but to never engage, or trade kills. So here is some advice.


    your team has another character with invisibility.
    Akali, Shaco, Teemo, or Evelynn. This forces the enemy into placing wards and using oracle's. Which makes life harder for you, and your teammates.

    WHEN your team has 2+ squishies.
    If you team cannot initiate combat well or stay alive for very long, you will not have the opportunity to engage and survive.

    WHEN your team has 2+ carries.
    You don't need more carry, you need support, CC or tanks.

    WHEN you are already raging or tired.
    Twitch requires you to be sharp and pay attention to everything that is going on. Being in a poor state of mind will make you overly aggressive and you will make mistakes. Play someone easier.


    your team has 2+ Tanks.
    If you have tanks then initiating team battles will be easy for your team, allowing you to position correctly and deal some damage.

    WHEN your team has 2+ disablers/Stunners.
    CC effects are the most reliable way to win battles. Enemies who don't run away are easy to kill.

    WHEN your team doesn't have a physical carry.
    Having a Twitch will force enemies into splitting their defense between armor and magic resist.

    WHEN you have a premade team who will work with you.
    With a group of friends to set you up, you will surely shine during most games.

    WHEN your team has Kayle, Morgana, or Shen.
    Kayle and Shen Ultis, and Morgana's Magic shield when applied to Twitch, often times will let you slay enemies unhindered. Ask em to plan on using it on you during team fights.

    WHEN its a week with free Twitch.
    Feeding on sub-par Twitches is easy as Twitch.

    Obviously there are potential contradictions within this advice, so you make the call. Is there a character that would benefit your party more? I end up playing tanks often during solo queue games because everyone is afraid to let someone else carry them. I play to win, but if you want to practice Twitch under difficult circumstances, more power to ya.

  • Runes and Masteries

    Runes and Masteries provide a substantial boost to your offense. We are going for a critical hit build, which I will explain later.

    Here are the runes you want to use.
    Greater Quintessence of Malice X 3. 5.58% critical chance.
    Greater Mark of Malice X9. 8.37% critical chance.
    Greater Seal of Malice X9. 3.78% critical chance.
    Greater Glyph of Celerity X9. 8.1% cooldown reduction.

    This gives you a 17.73% critical chance and 8.1% reduced cooldowns. There have been debates about which is better, critical chance or armor penetration. But since we are building for criticals, the 17.73% crit chance is going to be boosted in damage by 50% from Infinity Edge and another 10% from masteries. SO that 17.73% crit chance will become 28.36% more effective damage and help give you a reliable chance to critical in combination with other items. I've done testing and the crit runes feel so much nicer than armor pen, dodge, and the like.

    For masteries I do 27/0/3. I want maximum damage in everything I do, be it farming, ganking, or pushing lane.
    So long as you get the final skill on the Offensive tree and the crit bonuses, it doesn't really matter where the rest of your points go, so do what you want.

    Combined Runes and masteries you get 19.71% critical chance. You will love it.

  • Item Build

    There are many valid item builds for Twitch. It is my belief that how you play Twitch is far more important than how your equip him, so focus on how to engage properly. However since you want to know how I roll, here is my core build. I used to have 2 build options but I've found after many matches that my standard build is always more effective than my anti-tank build, even against tanks.

    Our goal is to get an Infinity Edge aka IE. IE makes your critical hits do 50% more damage, thus a 50% critical chance would yield you 75% more effective damage. No single offensive item is more awesome. From there you have many options depending on who you are fighting and how fights are going.

    Here is your build order.

    1. Doran's Shield and Health Potion get these to start. The extra health will come in handy.
    2. Pickaxe next. The 25 damage boost will take your measly 70ish damage up around 100. Its like a 35% boost in damage.
    3. Vampiric Scepter get this if you can jungle a bit or are having minor issues being harassed.
    4. Boots of Speed next. Build boots first if you are laning against someone with skillshots.
    5. Cloak of Agility, B. F. Sword get them in any order as your funds allow.
    6. Infinity Edge. Once you make this you are a beast. You will deal some devastating crits for around 400.
    7. Executioner's Calling turn that scepter into one of these babies. Don't forget to use its active ability on lifeleachers and healers like Warwick, Mundo, or any carry who has lifeleech. It will shut them down especially in 1 on 1 fights.
    8. Boots of Mobility complete these now so you can get to battles. Berserker's Greaves can be used for heavy jungling, and Ninja Tabi can be used against another hard carry that might be targeting you, but 9/10 games you will want the highest movement speed for getting to battles before they are over.

    Now you have:
    Doran's Shield Infinity Edge Executioner's Calling and Boots of Mobility or your favorite boots.

    That is my core build. It leaves you with a nice 54.71% crit chance, heavy damage, great mobility, and enough life steal to stay afloat.

    ALTERNATELY if you are pro as Twitch, you can forgo the Doran's Shield for a Long Sword and upgrade it to a Sword of the Occult as your first item. Only do this if you have a premade team and you are good at not dying.

    You have many options for your next 2-3 items which we will explore.
    You must decide what you need based on how combat is going.
    If you are successful during team fights then continue along the path of more damage.
    If you are getting killed before you can deal substantial damage, look into more survivability.

    I recommend getting some increased attack speed, 40% will do, and then get back to more damage. With a recent nerf to Ambush's attack speed (70% from 100%) and a nerf to Spray and Pray by 20% at max level, 90% more increased attack speed will make you hit the cap of 2.5 attacks per second with Ambush + Spray and Pray. The option of having 2 attack speed items is now more justifiable. I'd still stick with a damage item over a second attack speed increase.

    Attack speed choices:

    Recurve Bow
    I recommend getting one of these first as they are cost effective and can be upgraded to fit any situation. Lets see what it can turn into.

    IS A BAD CHOICE, but I see many Twitches using it. As of Oct. 19th patch it no longer gives life steal instead it gives ability power, lowers magic resist, and deals a flat 20 magic damage. Even when it did life steal it was a bad choice. You can get more use out of our next item:

    Last Whisper
    IS MY RECOMMENDATION. It is an effective and cheap item for bustin through tanks, and will naturally increase the lifesteal from your executioners calling through lowered enemy armor. An average character with no armor items on will have around 70 armor, this will lower it by 28. Against tanks it will cut through 60+ armor.

    [item=Stark's Fervor]
    Is amazing! However DO NOT buy one unless you have another teammate with one. The -20 armor debuff will let enemies know when you are and are not around. This will ruin your fear effect, which is bad for business. But if you have a teammate with one it will mask whether or not you are around AND significantly help your other AD friends. Stark's Fervor stacks with itself twice on people who have it. Once for the bonus you give yourself, and once for the bonus a teammate gives. That 40% attack speed and 40% life steal is nothing to scoff at.

    Sword of the Divine
    You build one of these if you are up against Jax or anyone with 2 of the following Ninja Tabi or Phantom Dancer that might be hard for you to take down. The active ability lets you blow through dodge AND penetrate armor - NICE!

    Wit's End
    Is a rare build, but can ruin certain characters like Rammus, Amumu, and Blitzcrank who generally have low mana pools but a necessity on mana for being useful. Most casters however will just drop in 5-6 shots so Wit's End is only useful against tougher characters who use mana. Useless against any character who doesn't have mana which is why I've only build one a few times.

    Phantom Dancer
    Is a solid choice. It gives you the attack speed you want, plus MORE crit and some handy move speed and dodge. I normally don't build one of these in favor of a cheaper attack speed item and another damage item. BUILD ONE OF THESE AFTER you have another big damage item if you don't need more survivability, or as your final item if a game is dragging out long.

    [item=Madred's Bloodrazor]
    Is a great tank buster. It will give you an additional 40 magic damage per 1000 health an opponent may have, plus more damage, armor, attack speed. It is one way around someone who is stacking armor against you, but only if they don't also have a big magic resist item on. I stopped building this because its super expensive and doesn't flow with the critical build we already have going for us.

    Now you have some attack speed. Lets get onto making the most of our big crits by substantiating our damage.

    Damage Choices:

    Sword of the Occult
    Is a cheap way to build damage. It is only effective if you can survive team fights and is not recommended for anyone who isn't really comfortable as Twitch. If you die every team fight, even if you get 2-3 kills per fight, it will not make this item worthwhile.

    The Black Cleaver
    Will help out your team if you have other physical damage party members, but is beast on its own for your purposes.

    The Bloodthirster
    Adds MORE lifesteal in addition to nice damage, and if you don't die for a while it can become pretty substantial, capping at 100 damage and 25% lifesteal. Get this to counteract Thornmail or if you need a little edge against an enemy AD carry.

    Once you have a big damage item to fill out your criticals, you should think about more survivability.

    Survivability items seem so foreign to how twitch plays, but you can't avoid taking damage if the enemy is hunting you. Often times one of their carries will hold back and wait for you to show your face, and slam you when you do. It is times like these that being able to take a hit is necessary.

    Warmog's Armor
    Will put you up into the 3000 health range and make you a pain to take down. Build this if you are gettin stopped by regular attack damage and spells that aren't crowd controlling you.

    Frozen Mallet
    Is a solid choice if you just need more health but don't want to sacrifice offensive utility.

    Banshee's Veil
    Is great in combination with Cleanse against a team with heavy stuns or devastating ultimates.

    Quicksilver Sash
    Has a longer cooldown than Banshee's veil, but its cheaper and you can use it when you want to. Great choice if you didn't pick cleanse and you are getting blinded or stunned.


    Sight Ward
    Is more of a mandatory buy for me. Getting them for almost any situation is a good idea. There is a chapter on these that will show you when and where to place them.

    Vision Ward
    Is great to place instead of sight ward if the enemy team has a stealther. During tower defenses place them just out front of your towers sight distance, and on offenses place them just outside the sight distance of the enemy tower on your side. This will often times get your team a kill on an enemy stealther who thinks he is sneaky.

    [item=Oracle's Elixir]
    Is good for finding enemy wards or stealth enemies. Try to get your tank or a party member who isn't dying to pick one up as well.

    Elixir of Fortitude
    Is good to grab before a big battle if you are strapped for cash. You will get noticeable amounts of survivability and damage.

    [item=Elixir of Agility]
    Is also good to grab before a big battle, especially in conjunction with a Fort elixir. The boost is short, but long enough for you to win 1-2 fights, and the difference between winning can sometimes be so marginal. Only grab this if you are already fairly decked out in items.

  • Skilling Order

    This is how I order my skills with Twitch.

    I focus on Ambush because it has so much functionality, especially with my play-style of keeping the enemy believing I'm where I want them to think I am. Many others focus hard on getting that [spell=Expunge] up. I feel this gimps your farming ability compared to a faster attack speed once you have a Pickaxe. You need money and early, and Twitch can farm heavily after level 5 when not in lane waiting to attack. Long Ambush times also allow you to sit in lane longer to make the enemy think you've left. I prefer to travel invisible at all times. We get our [spell=expunge] up next with 1 point into [spell=debilitating poison]. We finish our longer duration slow last, because most enemies will not live longer than 3 seconds after you've popped [spell=Debilitating Poison].

  • Summoner Abilities

    There are many great Summoner Abilities to choose from. I feel there are a few that shine above the rest however.

    Is mandatory for playing as Twitch in my opinion. It is both an excellent offensive and defensive tool.
    - Use it to get closer to a running target to get another shot or 2 off.
    - Use it to jump over trees to avoid a gank.
    - Use it to position yourself for an attack.
    - Use it to narrowly avoid a terrible death like Nunu's ulti.
    - Use it to put a space between you and a melee opponent when its a close battle and end them before they finish you.
    - Use it to get a head start when retreating.
    - Remember that using Flash will break stealth. HOWEVER you can use Ambush and then flash away before the 1.5 second fade time is up and it will allow you to go stealth shortly after.

    Now you have 1 more summoner spell to choose.

    Good options I have found success using:

    Is a popular choice. Almost mandatory against good teams.
    - It will remove most stuns and roots.
    - You cannot cleanse Warwicks ulti, Malzahar's Ulti, or any ability that knocks you around or up into the air.
    - It will reduce crowd control effects on you after use.
    - Works well in conjunction with teleport. Cleanse then teleport then ambush while running away.
    - Using this skill breaks stealth.

    Will give you the upper hand in many situations.
    - It opens up the window of viability for you to 1v1 many champions.
    - It is an additional slow you can use for chasing.
    - It can give you the opening you need to Ambush away from an opponent.
    - It shuts down enemy hard carries like Twitch, Yi, and Ashe.
    - Using this skill breaks stealth.

    Is a great multipurpose skill. I use this often as my second summoner ability.
    - It protects towers for 6 seconds giving your team time to get there and defend.
    - It increases tower damage and gives them splash. Useful to stomp bold enemies who dare towerdive and expect to live with low life.
    - It gives you 9 bonus damage against minions when not on cooldown. This is the major selling point for me on this skill. Makes last hitting and jungling so much easier early game which equals more money when you need it.
    - It can give you an upper hand during a tower defense where your tower is low and the enemy expects to finish it off. Wait until your tower is super low then hit fortify and watch your tower continue to hold your terrain 1 last time while you own face!

    Is pretty handy.
    - Use it to teleport back to your lane early game with haste after you go back to buy or heal.
    - Use it to jump into an allies lane and help fight.
    - Use it to backdoor enemy towers when your creeps get near but the enemy is elsewhere.
    - Use it to defend a tower that is about to get mashed by creeps.
    - Teleport breaks stealth. If you are going to teleport to your allies in combat, ambush first, let it charge up a bit, then teleport in with your attack speed bonus on.

    Is awesome. I prefer compulsive use of wards but it can do things you can't do with wards.
    - Use it to check the brush for enemies where you don't have a ward placed.
    - Use it to check Baron.
    - Use it to illuminate an area you plan on traveling through.
    - Use it to keep an enemy from brush diving and breaking line of sight while under attack, letting you or your teammates finish em off.
    - Does not detect stealth enemies.

    Provides a useful damage boost for your team in an area.
    - Good for attacking towers and Baron.
    - Can absorb 2-4 hits from a tower which is useful for finishing a tower off.
    - Towers see wards and rally flags as creeps and will prioritize them over you and your teammates as such.

    Is fun early game but lacks luster after mid-game.
    - Use it to trick and finish cocky opponents early-game. They will think you are almost dead and then BAM, you gain another few hundred life and finish em off.
    - Use it during team fights to minorly heal your busted up team. Since you won't be attacking until combat has started, many of your allies will have moderate to heavy battle damage already.
    - Using this skill breaks stealth.

    Bad options:

    Will get you moving. I have found it only useful for getting to a battle. Using it to run rarely works any better than popping ambush alone. Ghost does not break stealth.

    Is good for early game ganks but thats it. You deal so much damage after you get just a few items it will make you regret choosing ignite.

    Smite attracts the wolves and ruins your illusion of fear. Having this skill will inspire opponents to hunt you down in your own jungle. I even stopped using it on Amumu and Warwick because I found it safer to just tough it out the first few levels for more security. You don't want your opponents to think you are in jungle, you want them worried you are sitting right there in lane, waiting for them to make a mistake.

    Is ok for giving teammates mana, but Twitch doesn't have mana problems after level 6.

    Has a 9 minute cooldown. Chances are you will get maybe 2 uses out of it, and you shouldn't be dying often! I have seen it used a few times by characters like Yi for latebreaking pushes after a gruesome combat where most of both teams died. Maybe you like it, it doesn't suit me as well as other abilities.

  • Rules of Engagement

    The difference between being the feeder that lost the game for his team, and being the carry who gets friend requests from enemies after the match is following the rules. This is the most important part of this guide. These rules when followed will increase your survivability and optimize your performance. I came up with these rules for myself to keep me on the right track despite my bloodlust and rage during tough games. Before reading on to the good stuff lets understand what Twitch is.

    Twitch is a glass cannon in every sense of the word. He is one of the frailest characters in the game at under 1800 health at lvl 18. He has no great escape mechanisms aside from Flash and will be unable to escape and die almost instantly under any sort of fire. He is also the highest priority target due to his insane offensive capabilities and people will use all sorts of tricks, wards and tactics to hunt him down. He can lay waste to an entire enemy team under the right circumstances. That being said, your team needs you to be alive for team battles!

    Here is a list of the rules without descriptions for quick reference or those with no attention span.

    Rule #2 - DO NOT SUICIDE.
    Rule #6 - LINE EM UP.
    Rule #7 - PLACE WARDS.
    Rule #8 - MAKE THEM FEAR YOU.

    Here are the rules in detail so you can fully understand and appreciate each one.

    You are not a scout, you are not a tank, you are not a holiday parade, you are your teams damage. Too often I see people use stealth as a crutch. As soon as they encounter enemies who use wards and oracles, they start to feed hard. Practice playing like you don't have stealth. When it comes time to team fights, stay behind your tank until you are ready to position yourself. Many people will consider you a scout. You are not, but placing wards can serve the purpose. They are a cheap alternative to putting yourself in danger and risking an untimely death.

    Suicides include:
    - ATTACKING THE ENEMY TEAM SOLO. You are not a 1 man team. Pretending to do so will give you time to go to the restroom while you wait to respawn.
    - TRADING A KILL FOR A KILL. Sure that champion behind the enemy team is at a sliver of life. You'd get gold for killing him, but you would die too giving the enemy team gold. You lose precious experience whilst dead and leave your team without their damage.
    - TRYING TO SAVE SOMEONE WHO IS ALREADY DEAD. Yeah you want to do something but chances are it will just get you killed also. Even if you only see 1 opponent behind your teammate, many more enemies may be in hot pursuit.
    - TOWER DIVING. Early game you can get 3 shotted by towers. Even at high levels you will still be squishy. Let your teammates pull tower agro before stepping foot into range, and keep track of tower agro so that they don't switch to you.
    - CHASING. If you didn't finish someone off and you are running across the map to try and get them, you may run into another opponent who is full health and ready to mash your face. Unless it is the last enemy alive, don't waste your time chasing someone you can't catch.

    Keep track of where your opponents are, where known enemy wards have been placed, and who is using Oracles. The new particle effect for Oracle's Elixir makes it super easy to see who is using them, no more clicking every single enemy before combat to see who might have one. Ask your teammates to let you know if they see anyone using an Oracles. This awareness will allow you to adjust your tactics accordingly. If an enemy is using an oracles, make sure you steer clear of them so you don't get spotted. Everyone on the enemy team can see you when you come within viewing range of an enemy using an oracles or a vision ward. 32+ champions have a skill that can kill or disable you. Watch to see which enemies have used what skills, this will allow you to determine how threatening they may be.

    Plan to either stand and fight, or escape at some point and position yourself accordingly.
    - Engaging the enemy from behind will prevent them from escaping but also prevent you from escaping.
    - Engaging near a treeline will offer you a place to Flash over and escape.
    - Engaging from behind your team offers you the most protection but will allow enemies to run from you.
    - Engaging from a flanking (side) position will offer you flexibility to chase or retreat and will be the most common place you attack from.

    Attack after a team fight has ensued, but before your team is obliterated. Wait for most big ultis to get blown which gives you an opportunity to engage with minimal retaliation. This is the hardest rule to follow and will take a lot of trial and error. Knowing when to engage requires complete knowledge of all the opponents you are facing. I suggest reading about and playing as characters you don't know to fully understand their strengths and weaknesses.

    RULE #6 - LINE EM UP.
    Your shots have piercing and can hit multiple enemies. Try to shoot in a manner that hits as many enemies as possible while still hitting priority targets. If you have to choose between hitting 2 tanks or 1 carry, hit the carry.

    Wards are your best friend. They allow your team to make decisions in confidence. They prevent the enemy from getting the drop on you. They allow you to catch enemies off guard. Ask your teammates to place wards too. If you are warding the map your teammates will feel more inclined to do so as well. Perfect placement of wards during different situations will yield better results. We will discuss wards more in the Where To Place Wards section.

    Twitch is one of the few champions who can strike fear into the hearts of opponents even when hes not there. Its important to understand how to make this happen.
    - You must not feed or fall behind in levels. Enemies just won't fear you if you are a pushover.
    - You must also stay out of sight as often as possible. If the enemy doesn't know where you are they are inclined to play more conservatively. As soon as you are seen in a different area, the enemy can attack knowing you aren't there to stop them.
    - If you need to heal or buy, try pressing the attack on the enemy creeps then run in an offensive direction while going invisible. Once Invisible, run to a place where they cannot see you and recall(preferably not the bushes directly to either side of the lane). This will give the illusion that you are looking for an opening to strike. Chances are your lanemate will be safe to defend until you return because the enemy will think you are there.
    - JUNGLE! If your team doesn't have a full-time jungler you should take the opportunity to do so around level 4-7 when you have your pickaxe and vampiric scepter made. Jungle buffs are also nice. If you have a visual on all your enemies, you could sneak into their jungle and try to steal their buffs as well. Pop into lane every so often for a gank or just to give the feeling that you are lurking there.
    -Be unpredictable! Don't always attack from the same side. Your opponents will get savvy to what you are doing and catch you off guard.
    - Don't trash talk, and don't talk in /all if you can't keep your mouth shut. It will just lower morale on your team and make you look like a weak player. Also it is bad for the community as a whole. We all play for the challenge and to have fun, so keep it fun.
    - Follow the other 7 rules. They will allow you to become feared.

  • Where to place Wards

    Wards when placed almost anywhere will give your team a slight advantage. When placed properly they can shutdown an enemies element of surprise. Here are places where you should put wards during different situations. The circled tower implies this is where you are attacking/defending and the dots drawn around the areas are where to place your wards. It is assumed that you should always place your wards in the brush if brush is near the placement area. Mirror placements if you are on top.

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    Against enemies who go invisible, ward placement should be the same as the previous, with one exception. Place a ward outside of the enemies tower sight range when attacking in the middle of the lane. And during Tower defense, place a ward in the center of the lane just outside of your towers sight range. This can give your team an opportunity to end their stealther who is potentially being used as a scout.

  • The Combo

    Here is your standard method for attacking opponents during team fights. [Q] [R] [W] [E]

    [Q] Ambush and stay off the radar. Plan where you want to strike from and wait for combat to begin. You can engage from a longer distance than your attack range, and shoot over trees with your ulti, offering you more safety if needed. Position accordingly. Once in Position
    [R] [spell=Spray and Pray] then attack your main target and watch the damage fly. Prioritize enemy casters and carries first.
    [W] [spell=Debilitating Poison] when the enemy starts to run.
    [E] [spell=Expunge] when enemies are about to leave your range.

    If all went well, you should have gotten a couple kills and your team will be saying gj.

  • Early - Mid Game

    The three phases of the game play out very differently from one another as Twitch.
    FIRST look at enemy summoner abilities. Keep note of who has exhaust and heal. These abilities will catch you off guard.
    So your team has selected characters, you've bought your items. Now to pick a lane and a partner.
    AVOID being mid if possible. Most characters who are good at middle lane will dominate you and push your tower hard. You will be forced to hug tower and make many trips back to base to heal, leaving you underleveled for a mid. If the enemy team has a Twitch mid, you especially want to be in a different lane, so you can catch him off guard for easy kills.

    GO with a sidelane and a partner. If your team has a jungler and you have 2 solo lanes, be in the lane that gets 2 people.

    Your first priority as Twitch is to not die. Don't be ballsy and run up with your lane partner into the brush on the enemies side hoping for an early gank. With your Doran's Shield you only have 476 health. Many early gamers will have as much as 900 to start. Just focus on not dying.

    Once you have your Pickaxe and Vampiric Scepter try to get some jungle time if your team doesn't have a jungler.
    You'll learn when and if its the right time to jungle from experience. Don't leave your lane partner against a duo that will push him and lose your tower. It is only beneficial for your team if your lane partner can handle defending his tower alone, yielding more overall experience for your team.

    At level 6 you can now gank. If you are in lane try to not make it obvious that you are leaving to go gank. Often times you will be popin in and out for ganks and back to lane or jungling until around level 11-13 after a few towers have been taken down, and teams start fighting together.

  • Late Game

    Late game is when teams merge together for big pushes. This is where you really shine. Follow the Rules of Engagement. Create that illusion of fear. Your team will be trying to push towers or defending towers depending on how well things have been going.

    If your team is planning on pushing a tower get those wards out as soon as possible to keep your team safe when they get there. Try to keep creep waves pushed back toward the enemies side in all lanes. Most teams will not be able to push a tower without a creep wave mid game.

    If there is a large creep wave in one of your teams lanes getting near a tower, run over and defend it. Once you stomp that wave, get out of there and back to your team. If you push anymore than 1 additional wave, you risk enemies being able to get to you.

    Once you have your standard item build complete you should be a valuable asset to your team. Remember to adjust your tactics according to how the enemy is playing.

    After any successful team fight, get your team to push a tower! PUSH PUSH PUSH! Pushing towers is how games are won. If you don't see an opportunity to push a tower because a few enemies are still alive, move creep waves closer to the enemy base, hit the jungle or hit Baron with 1-2 others, regroup and get back to winning another team fight!

    If your team is fighting at an enemy tower, focus down the tower unless there is a squishy opponent available. Late game towers drop in 5 seconds with a decent group.

  • How to Beat Twitch

    Its one thing to play as Twitch, its another thing to face him. Twitch is counterable if you make an effort to do so. If you do not, chances are he will become fed.

    Exhaust should give you enough time to kill him. Having at least 2 in any party will ensure you a high probability of shutting him down even if he has Cleanse.

    Vision Ward place these in his lane, or in areas where you think he might be. These I find most effective as Twitch doesn't normally come close to enemies with Oracles on.

    [item=Oracle's Elixir] especially on your tank is important. The more you have in your team, the higher probability you will have of finding him.

    Thornmail drops Twitch like he is hot. Only if he has a great amount of lifesteal will he be able to survive against his own damage. If everyone on your team has a thornmail, say goodbye to Twitch. His Ulti is now his death sentence.

    Ambush him! Have a carry or disabler hang back and save a disable or big ultimate for him. When he makes himself visible, shut him down.

    Hit Him when his Ambush is on cooldown or he isn't invisible. He is a sitting duck without that precious attack speed bonus or escape route. You can often times find him in an empty lane stopping creeps, or in the jungle grabbing buffs.

    If you are laning alone or Twitch is MIA, HUG TOWER! There is no shame in hugging tower. It is a defensive tactic that is very sucessful.

    When you are playing as Twitch against an enemy team with Twitch, you have a new priority - keeping their twitch dead and unfed. [item=Oracle's Elixir] is a must for you. Lurk in places where you would be if you were the enemy Twitch. When you find him, wait for a good opportunity to strike him, like when he is alone, or when his teammates are already engaged in combat. If it is too dangerous to strike just stay near him and maybe one of your teammates will drop in on him. You cannot win a 1 on 1 fight against an enemy Twitch who is more fed than you unless he is a total scrub. So do what you can to keep your team organized.

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