Nunu Build Guide

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No BS Guide to an Epic Nunu

written by shadowspaz

Nunu Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Gives a free spell every 7 hits. You will use this a lot early game but late game it isn't as effective.

    Takes a bite out of target minion, dealing 500/600/700/800/900 true damage and restoring 125/180/235/290/345 (+all your ap) health.
    Don't forget you have this when you are in a fight you might lose, just eat a minion and fuck them up.

    Blood Boil
    Increases an allied unit's attack speed by 25/35/45/55/65% and movement speed by 11/12.5/13/14.5/15% for 15 seconds. Nunu also gains the effects of Bloodboil if casted on an allied unit.
    Pretty good, used for passive and support. Speed boost will get you that kill, save your ass, or do the same for a friend. Also helps push a tower.

    Ice Blast
    Nunu throws a ball of ice at an enemy unit, dealing 85/130/175/225/275 (+all your ap) magic damage and slowing their movement speed by 40/45/50/55/60% and attack speed by 25% for 4 seconds.
    This is your damage, a slow, and reduces enemy attackspeed. Level it first.

    Absolute Zero
    While channeling for 3 seconds, slows nearby enemy units' attack speed and movement speed. After channeling, enemies caught in the area are dealt 1125 (+2.5 x all your ap) magic damage.
    What makes Nunu Nunu. Huge amount of damge, slows movement speed, and attackspeed EPIC!!

  • Runes

    I personally like ability power runes for him, but cdr is nice. Also, magic pen (not for me but possible)
    I use the runes that give more per level. Want to know why?

    x9 Better than at level 6

    x9 Again better than at level 6

    x9 Once more better than at level 6

    x3 Better than at level 11

    Grand total bonus from Force runes at level 1 4.62 Potency 34.38

    Force runes at level 6 27.72 Potency 34.38

    Force runes at level 8 36.96 Potency 34.38 This is when it pays off

    Force runes at level 11 50.82 Potency 34.38 The Quentessences are now better

    Force runes at level 18 83.16 Potency 34.38 Thats a 51.84 difference

    Now you will be getting a Rabadon's Deathcap it gives 35% more ap, the more ap the better.

    Force runes bonus from Rabadon's is 29.106, Potency is 12.033.

    Force runes new total is 112.266, Potency is 46.413

    The new difference at lvl 18 will be 65.853

    Nunu has some great ap scaling making that extra ap all the more effective. Thats 65.853 more health on consume, 65.853 more dmg on Ice Blast, and 164.6325 more dmg on Absolute Zero. Not to mention Absolute Zero is an aoe. Lets say you get that grand moment where you hit all 5 of the other team. Thats 823.1625 more dmg with Force runes then Potency. Some people like to go for Potency because of the off chance they might get FB. I like the extra dmg late game tho...

    Well The main reason behind doing all this, is because runes and masteries are typically useless late game. However, with these runes they are still usefull all game long.

    I know a lot of people don't like the full out ap runes, so I will offer alternatives. Just wanted to put up what works for me. Also, mana regen runes are in no way necessary on Nunu, his passive makes using spells easy.

    , , , and

    This rune set up is the one I use when I want to be a little tankier early on. I find that the per lvl ones are again better at lvl 11, but are not worth the wait.

    If there are other runes you enjoy go for it. Just know these are the one I am successful with.

  • Masteries

    External Image

    21/0/9 That 15% magic pen comes in handy

  • Summoner spells

    I use and Flash allows for good positioning of your ult, and I just like Ghost.

    Acceptable Alternatives

    - Aggression is this spells middle name. Get you that kill early on.

    - Slows enemy, stacks with your slow. Lowers their dmg and resistances. This could be used to kill or run.

    - Get back to your lane quicker, thats its only use. Other than maybe ganking quick.

    - You are an off tank, try not to get heavy CC but if you have it use this.

    - Ok so jungle nunu is pretty good, this isn't a jungle guide tho.


    - You shouldn't be losing mana a lot.

    - You have but whatever...

    [spell_icon=Fortify] - Meh...

    - and yet again I say "Meh..."

    NO NO

    [spell_icon=Rally] - If anyone can give me a good reason behind this, I'll give you a nickel.

  • Build order

    I don't really rely on my heal, if you aren't making any head way and you need to heal early game get Consume before Blood Boil, but only change your level 2 and 3 spells keep the same build.

    If you are solo laning

  • Items and buy order

    I like to rush RoA, so I get . You could also get and some potions.
    First trip back If you got Ruby Crystal it will cost 850 gold. If you're lucky you could get .
    Next, rush that
    Upgrade your boots to or if you prefer other boots it is acceptable.
    Good ones are or

    Alot of people like to get part of each item to fill up their item slots, and just upgrade as they go. I just start buying parts of my next item till I can get it. Do what you like.

    Banshee's Veil is great for stoping that stun when ulting, and you now have a good mix of health mana armor and magic resist. However, I am usually smart on where and when to ult, if you read my ulting section you wont need Banshee's Veil.

    If you are not doing so great and you need a quick boost to Ap at any time an will do the job.

  • Combos

    - - -

    You could activate Blood Boil first, but its more for case to case basis

    - - -

    Also if you are doing an ult from bush don't hint off you are there with Ice blast just pop ult

    - -
    Also, if built right not many will live through your combo and you won't have to chase that much, so if you are using this on a squishy don't worry too much about Blood Boil

  • Laning

    Nunu is kinda a horrible champ when it comes to farming. His only real farming abilities are and .

    Just last hit as much as you can, and use consume a lot. Farming is just hard to do with Nunu...

    While laning you want to auto attack as much as possible, and as soon as you see that free spell, use it to harass. If you are taking dmg, then eat something. Nunu needs his assists and kills to get fed, having no spammable aoes makes Nunu a sad Farmer.

  • Ulting 101

    Bushes are your friend, they can't see your ult if they aren't in the bush. I like to let them see me walk into a bush with low health and pop my ult. Most people don't notice they are slowed, or are just too stupid to realize its my ult. They make it in the bush, boom 1k damage, Ice Blast for clean up. If not dead yet hit w and chase.

    Good ulting places

    Bushes are your friend
    They can't see your ult if they aren't in the bush. I like to let them see me walk into a bush with low health and pop my ult. Most people don't notice they are slowed, or are just too stupid to realize its my ult. They make it in the bush, boom 1k damage, Ice Blast for clean up. If not dead yet hit w and chase.

    Behind thin walls and obstacles
    Blue buff spawn is a nice place to do it. Get as close to the wall as you can, usually you are doing this when a teammate is being chased. You might have to use it early to do the most dmg you can, but if your teammate is smart he'll keep them in the aoe for as long as possible. You can right click next to yourself forcing you to move and ending ult early. Causes ult to do less dmg, but dmg when you want it.

    Next to your turrent to keep those pesky champs away from it.

    If you are ballsy enough right in the middle of a fucking lane during a team fight.
    This could back fire in a few ways. They could target you and kill you before you get it off; you could be stuned, taunted, grabed, silenced, knocked up, back, left, right, or straight forward out of it; or they could run away and you just wasted an ult. If you are going to do this wait till their ult fucker is dead, just used it, or not there. For it isn't often when a team doesn't have one of those abilities.

    Make sure you give them a no win situation by getting a little behind them. They would have to spread out to run away from you, run towards the rest of your team or take there chances runing through your ult.

    Also, this ult can save teammates who are running from a gank just hit w on your buddy and ult the chasers.

  • Ulting for the more Advanced

    A lot of people including myself, will see somebody with low health, but have their ice ball on cd. So what do they do, pop ult. When they get the to the edge of the aoe just force nunu to start moving and he will take part of the dmg from your ult.

    Some casters think they can use a Hourglass to take damage in time for their team to show up. I like to walk right up to their motionless asses and pop my ult so the second they are vunerable, they take 1k dmg.

    Zilean likes to use his ult to save himself or a teammate, so when they fall down stand next to them and ult so that when they get up they are dead for real, same with GA.

    Another favorate ult to counter tf stand next to it and ult. I have never had it happen to me, but I have been told that Tf will just have his gold card rdy and fuck up your ult the second he is there. After a little in game research, I found that his ult has 3 sec before he gets there, and he can have his gold card ready before he ults. Be wary of TF, you can get him if he doesn't attack you the second he comes out of his ult, and you were able to react to him coming the second you saw it, or he doesn't have the card ready.

    Shen's is a little tricky, you have to be able to hit the person he is ulting. Not to mention that person will be sheilded, and he is a tank so he will be able to take your ult a little better. However, his ult doesn't protect them completly and he likes to ult low health teammates, odds are you will out damage the shield and kill the person. Plus, Shen will be hurt. Problems with this are, he could taunt you out of it if you don't time it right, and you could also pop it too early and not hit Shen with the ult, which isn't too bad cause the enemy might die before Shen can appear.

    I also like it when somebody uses teleport, but make sure you check who has teleport on their team. You don't want to stand there and suddenly ww appears and ults you while you are next to his tower. Then again, ww should jungle and teleport is to stay in lane...hmmm -_-

  • Pros and cons

    You have high damage
    You can take a reasonable amount of dmg
    You can support your team
    You are Nunu, meaning the enemy will have CC up the ass
    You ride a Yeti, I mean how cool is that

    Your ult is kinda easy to counter if you aren't carefull
    You might be able to take dmg but you are not a full on tank
    Nunu is pretty slow... Jk Blood Boil will fix that in a matter of *click*

  • Patches/Nerfs/Buffs/changes of the sorts

    In light of recent changes and the fact I made this guide a while ago, I will be working quite a bit to alter it. For example: No more Z ring. But any good guide is updated anyway. As of yet Nunu himself has not been changed. Reworked Rune section, flat ap runes were improved and I added in alternatives. Recently learned how to change font color, and will be making the guide look better.

    Most recent Patch did change affect Nunu, are you ready
    Improved Spell particle for Nunu's Absolute Zero
    Gonna have to completly change this guide because of that one.

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