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aBhorsen's guide to Twitch, Easy to Play, Hard to Master.

written by aBhorsen

Twitch Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Deadly Venom
    Useful early on but nothing to write home about.

    Stealth is Twitch, Twitch is Stealth. When people talk about Stealth, 9/10 times they are referring to Twitch.

    [spell=Debilitating Poison]
    A useful little slow which can keep them in range to kill off but also very useful for saving a team mate's ass.

    This is awesome, new Twitch players will take this for granted but it really is deadly. At lv1 Expunge, six stacks will deal 150 dmg, at Max level, 6 stacks will deal 510. This also operates at an obscene range. Ensure you have 3 stacks before considering firing it off.

    [spell=Spray and Pray]
    This is what has people screaming for a nerf, the range is now reasonable since the patch but the speed boost and pure damage is still amazing. This is what arguable makes Twitch the best Champ for a Pentakill.

  • Introduction

    Twitch is like Don Cherry, you either love him or hate him. What i will say from the off is, i don't believe Twitch is OP, if you do then you may not get on with this guide. Yes i agree he has some of the best Ganking potential in the game and that i believe stealth overall is possibly too expensive to combat. On the flip side though once you know Twitch you will understand his limits. He has very low HP, his mana pool is average but his abilities use a fair amount of mana. His attack speed is ok but it isn't anything special at base. All in all Twitch is easy to go and pub stomp with, but he is hard to play well and not be a feeder with in higher ELO matches. To be good with Twitch, you have to think more than most champs, as a positioning mistake will get you killed and your opponent just got a nice extra +300g.

    If you find any aspect of this guide useful, i'd appreciate a +1! Ty

  • Masteries + Runes


    Greater Mark of Malice x 9 = 8.37 Crit Chance
    Greater Seal of Evasion x 9 = 6.75 Dodge
    Greater Glyph of Malice x 9 = 2.52 Crit Chance
    Greater Quintessence of Malice x 2 = 3.72 Crit Chance
    Greater Quintessence of Evasion x 1 = 1.5 Dodge

    14.61 Crit Chance
    8.25 Dodge

    Hey aB, i read that i should take Crit Damage runes?

    Yes you can take Crit Damage if you want a late game advantage, i however feel that once Twitch has his items he is pretty damn strong. The difficult part about Twitch is about getting yourself fed. Once you start to play against smarter opponents they will be out to shut you down. By going Crit Chance you give yourself an early game advantage. If you can get yourself 2 Ganks < Lv 6 then you are going to be a force.

    Note: Heat n' Serve has done some in-depth analysis into Crit Chance vs Crit Damage and if my memory serves me correctly above 58% Crit Chance and then stacking Crit Damage runes becomes beneficial, so it's a judgment call. If you think you can achieve 2 Ganks < lv 6 without the Crit Chance, stack Crit Damage.

    Why oh why did you pick Dodge?

    This one is simple in my head, but feel free to disagree. Twitch has very low hp, he dies easy. Basically if Twitch gets hit a few times he's dead. They will no doubt have some form of buffs, A Yi or other Carry could 3-4 shot you if he can get to you. Dodge may save you from that one hit that prevents your Ambush from cloaking you.


    I go 21-1-8 on the offensive tree.

    This gives me 20% Crit Chance overall before the game has started. I used the 1 Defensive in Improved Heal as i take Heal...

  • Summoner Abilities

    Now Summoner abilities go down alot to personal preference however for Twitch i consider it to be down to a choice of 4.

    My prefered options.


    Exhaust is great for offence and defence:

    Use Ambush, pop Exhaust, If they start to flee pop [spell=Debilitating Poison], Pop [spell=Expunge]. That is your offensive combo.

    If they catch you off guard, Exhaust is useful to escape.


    Self explanatory

    Equally viable


    If they CC you, very useful.


    Again, use as a get out of jail free card.

  • Build Example

    Starting Items

    Boots of Speed Health Potion x 2 Mana Potion x 1
    Boots of Speed as it helps you to get a couple more stacks of your poison on to your enemy, in addition extra stacks = extra [spell=expunge].

    First Pill Back

    Recurve Bow The attack speed bonus will make your opponents worry, they will tell you Twitch is OP, but this + Ambush buff will allow you to get 4-6 stacks on and greatly help in your Ganking and Farming.


    If you are playing Solo Queue or are < Mid ELO then you probably can't rely on your team so on your first pill back if you have the 1700 needed then get yourself Boots of Mobility.

    If however you are Higher Elo or Arranged and can rely on your team to not leave lanes open then 90% of DPS champs should be carrying Mercury's Treads

    Note: Boots are a very personal choice, but do not get Berserker's Greaves. With your buffs and other items you will reach your cap without them.

    Main aims

    You are now aiming for Phantom Dancer and Infinity Edge.

    I do it in this order,

    B. F. Sword, Zeal, Phantom Dancer

    Until you get to 60% Crit Chance, numbers wise it is better to focus on Crit Chance than Crit Damage.

    Sometimes i find it useful to pick up a Vampiric Scepter if they are constantly harassing you. Always after the B.F Sword though.

    Pickaxe, Cloak of Agility, Infinity Edge

    Last Item
    In the words of Rage Against the Machine, "Know your Enemy"

    Your Recurve Bow is sitting there, lets do something with it.

    vs Casters Wit's End
    Wit's End isn't useful on alot of Champs but Twitch reaches 2.5 Att Speed cap with Ambush or Ulti so he soon removes that mana.

    vs Armor stacked Last Whisper
    Only use this if vs Armor stacked team as his Ulti does Pure Damage which ignores Armor.

    vs Phantom Dancers Sword of the Divine
    Self Explantory, they stack dodge or are they Jax? Sivir? Use this.

    vs Anything Else [item=Malady]
    Anything else, the lifesteal is your new best friend.

    For the 1/10 games thats goes this far.
    Phage, The Bloodthirster.

    Your attacks now can slow, Your Ulti now becomes your heal.

    Without the luxury items, Cost 9525

    With the Luxury items, Cost 12690

  • Skilling Order

    I find that the Stealth + Att Speed buff works best for getting the first blood. After the first Ambush though the priority for me is Expunge.

    I go like this:

  • Strategy

    To solo, or not to solo?

    Twitch can solo well and many will expect you to take solo and more often than not, offer it to you.

    Plus points

    By solo'ing mid you get to lv 6 first (At least you should, all going well).
    You get easier farming.

    Negative points

    The first gank is harder, you are also the focus of all hits.

    Personally i prefer to go Top/Bottom, I find i get the first gank more often and it allows for easier brush zonal control.

    If you do go mid, then as soon as you reach lv 6 you want to feign retreating and pilling back and then make your way to Top / Bottom lane which the enemy has pushed furthest, your aim is to get yourself into position and open up your [spell=Spary and Pray] straight out of Ambush, this should hopefully get yourself a gank.

    Once you have your Boots of Mobility you no longer want to be laning, by this time you should be in team fights, you have the speed to swap lanes with ease. Use this to find weakened enemies.

    In team fights, you do not initiate, you wait. Once the fight has commenced, you wait. Once 1 enemy has gone below 65% you pop out, some will flee (This is good), it improves your teams odds of winning. Try and hit a couple of opponents at least, Assists are just as good as kills!

    You should always be aiming to be positioned safely behind / to the side of your opponents, your aim is to cause panic by severing off their escape route, you will do this. However play smart you don't want to place yourself in immediate danger, so know your range.

    Once the game is underway you keep supporting your team, they will rely on you to carry. Once you have your B.F. Sword and a Lifesteal item you can grab all the neutral buffs other than Baron by yourself. The key one for you is the Elder Lizard. This gives your hits a slow. You are now dealing ultra fast attacks, which apply poison and which slow. Your job is to carry, so go gank!

  • Tips and Anecdotes

    1. Don't stay in lane too long. After you have reached Lv6, Twitch's strength comes from being a Ninja, you need to catch people off guard.

    2. Oracles - Get your own! Smart players will get Wards and Oracles. You always need to know when an opponent has an oracle, they become a priority target. Having your own Oracle will help with pesky opponents wards.

    3. Twitch is a thinking man's Champion, you are amazingly squishy, so always think am i leading myself into trouble? A dead Twitch can never be called OP :P

    4. Finish your hits, did the enemy escape with low health? Go a different route to where you would blue pill back yourself. Ambush them and get that finishing blow.

    Who does Twitch hate?

    Anyone with a Stun/Slow/Blind, but my personal arch enemy is Ashe, her slow is a pain in the behind. When they have an Ashe, i take Boots of Swiftness, the +3 Movement is more effective than the +2/5 from Boots of Mobility.

    5. Also as stated above, with your abilities, 1.4 is your attack speed cap. So anything after is only being utilised when doing normal attacks (which is rare). My build tops out at 1.59 i believe which gives you more than enough buffer. So please, for my sanity don't buy Beserker's Greaves.

  • FAQ

    Any questions i get raised, i'll add to this section for everyone to fathom.

    How you deal without any mana regen in your runes or item build? - Tholok, LoL Forums

    Quite simply, i don't find you need it. Yes under Lv 6 you will most likely become low on mana but that is why you take a Mana Potion or 2.

    Your primary focus < Lv 6 is Zonal control of your minions in addition to last hitting, you shouldn't be auto-attacking creeps you should just be last hitting and sending an auto attack the way of your opponent when they come too close. You only use your mana when theres a potential gank.

    You will find that there is not much need to use Ambush when your in the laning phase, other than when trying to catch them by surprise and/or you need the + Attack speed boost for hitting a tower, as you are just last hitting the Attack speed boost isn't utilised just yet.

    If you do want enhanced Cooldown + Mana Regen, then after your B.F. Sword you can take the Golem buff solo to help you anyways..

  • Outro

    If you have found any part of this guide has benefited you, then please give me the +1 we all crave ;)

    Hope you enjoyed my little walk-through to Twitch, some will say he is a n00b champion, but alot of people who scream for him to be nerfed have never played him. He is simple to do well with, but hard to do great with. I will constantly be updating this as he is my main and i'm always reading info... Feel free to read and offer constructive comments. Flaming however, helps nobody.

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