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How to counter every champion A-Z (incomplete)

written by AeonNierthan

Table of Contents

  • Longer introduction


    FIRST before you downvote or upvote: This guide is not yet finished, and i will get pictures and everything when i'm finish. Its a large project so it will take some time dough. I hope you can comment if this is a good idea to make, or just stupid since other will find it easier to kill your main champion. Based on what I receive in feedback, will determent the speed of finishing this guide and the quality of the guide. Feel free to come with counter suggestions and I will add them to the guide if its good.

    ALSO: I do not do this for money, and i do not do it for status. I do this because its fun, and i like to discuss tactics with other players. So when you find out that you want to comment, try to have a normal dialog and a friendly tone, and i will reply to you with the same. This meaning critics is welcome as long as you write it calm and constructive.
    Short introduction:

    Hi, im AeonNierthan and i'm from Norway. My English is not on top, and its alot to write so there will be spell errors in this guide. Feel free to add me to your friendlist if you want.

    Whats the point in this guide:
    Each champion has a weakness, and few people know how to explore those weakness. A lot of the gamers in the game just build one core build every "friggin" time they play and find out that one of the champion on the other team is to powerful for you or your team to stop, since you dont have paying attention to what they have bought or their playstyle.

    I'm making this game guide since every time one junior gamer finds out that he had been losing to a champion to many times or a champion on the other team has a outrageous high score they start crying overpowered. Making good balanced champions being unnecessary nerfed.

    Most people don't understand that some champion is great against other champion and will win 9 out of 10 times. They lose and start crying out load that they are a hacker or just way to OP. Its like the good saying i've read in a OP discussion.

    Dear Riot
    Rock is overpowered, pls nerf, papers fine
    Yours truly scissor.

    (From people still not getting it, its a hand game where rock beats scissor every time, but loses to paper. In my country we call it Stein, saks, papir or 1-2-3. There is always a way to counter a champion even if he is overfed.)

    This game guide will contain my own judgment based on my League of legends experience and information from different forum on how to counter specific champions.

    This guide contains
    1. Small introduction on each champion
    2. How to defend against them
    3. How to kill them
    4. Who to pick if you want them down more easily.

  • Finished champions

    Akali, Alistar*, Amumu, Anivia, Ashe, Blitzcrank, Janna, Lux.

    Note: That there is always room for improvement, so you can count them finished, but i will update them if i find new ways to do so.

  • Defence abilities

    Magic Resist: Spell block and will help you deal with AP champs. Its very rare you find a game with none AP champs on, so consider this as a great way to counter strong AP carries. Normal all champion start with 30 Magic resist, and most of the champion don't improve this each level.

    Armor: Damage resist and this will help you deal against AD champs. AD champs use mostly auto-attack when they hurt you.

    Health: Your base health and is great counter against AD and AP champs.

    Dodge: Makes they miss you when they attack. Note that the game has a maximum of 40% dodge possibility, so at the best they will miss 4 out of 10 attacks on you.

    More AP or AD: Power equal power. If you are stronger than another champion you deal higher damage and kill them before they can kill you.

    Speed/mobility: A lot of the best ability is skillshots. These can be dodged naturally if you always keep on moving. running away in a straight line might be faster, but easy to hit with skillshots so try making unexpected turns when running away.

    Items: Items is what can make a squishy Karthus from become a tank. Item is as mention above the best possibility to counter different champions.

  • Chammpion from A to Z

    Not yet finished. Will take time to finish dough. If you are struggling against Zilean your out of luck :P I will also make eveychampion in a new topic. But dont have time for that now.


    1.Akali is a burst champion who benefits from AP and AD. She has a nice getaway ability and she has a short cooldown on her ulti when she kills champion. She is a typical fragile champion who dont stand the heat if she is targeted.

    2.How to defend against her:
    Health is your best defensive item. She most likely don't buy the Madred Bloodrazor for countering champions with high health and her burst is both AP and AD so buying both might be to expensive and removes valuable item slots.

    3.How to kill her:
    Oracle Elexir is then your best item to finish her off. She most likely save her fogs of war ability for escape and when she does, you can still see her and finish her off. She is fragile so if you goes in hard, she most likely try to run and then die trying.

    4.Best champion against her:
    Melee champion with high health and crowd control abilities. Best guess: Dr.Mundo. Hit hard, survives long, can slow and has crowd controll effects. Other champion might be Amumu.


    1. Alistar is a semi tank. He can interrupt alot of teamfights and is hard to kill in early games tanks to his healing ability. He is often build as a tank, with some offensive items.

    2. How to defend against him:
    Depends on what he goes for. Normaly he cant kill you alone since he dont have to much offensive power. See what way he is builded before you chose Magic resist or Armor. (Void staff or Last whisper may be good items to pick) The Banshee Veil is often a good ability to counter his major interuptive ability. Try to avoid targeting him untill the he is the last one standing and he is gone for it.

    EDIT: The new patch open for a more offensive build. I have seen alot of players who use him s a hybrid (tank and ap) stacking alot of AP and dealing huge damage with his abilities. Take care if you meet him in the fields of justice.

    3. How to kill him:
    Alistar often goes with health and armor or magic resist depending on your team. He often goes for Sunfire cape since he will be walking alot in the middle of the fight disrupting and tanking, (and most important, his farming ability is not that great still after the ground kicking buff. So keep distance and try to spread out your team, so he cant affect you all.

    4. Best champion to counter him:
    Kog'Maw. He is in my opinion and discussion on forums the best tank killer in the game. He has distance and presentage each health damage.


    1. Amumu is a tank. Often a jungle tank who keeps gankning often and interuping every teamfights with his stun and aura damage.
    His ulti is gamechanging so beware getting trapped in his 2,5 sec long aoe stunning.

    2. How to defend against him.
    Well the merc threads is often a must defending against him, and the Banshee Veil is very important too. He has good aura damage so keeping distance might be your best call. Always running in turns is often a great success when your fleeing from him. He kills you fast if he can stun you with his Q. Try to always stay behind your minions to avoid him.

    3. how to kill him:
    Amumu likes to stack aura damage items like sunfire cape since thats most of his abilities does, so keeping his on distance could tear him down. Just keep him at low health all the time, and you can easliy finish him off when the fire starts.

    4. Best champion to counter him:
    Ashe or Caitlyn with bloodrazor. Some ranged champion who always has the ability to run from him and deal high damage. Just beware if he buy thornmail to avoid you to harass him.

    Anivia: (She is my main btw.)

    1. Anivia deals surprising high damage but only with her combo. She can be builded as a tank or a aura supporter, but most likely will go high burst AP damage.

    2. how to defend against her:
    Ruin her combo is your best call. The Benshee Veil is a must for defending against anivia. It destroy her combo and she has to use her ulti to get her to deal the same damage imput, this meaning she need to get close, to set it up so she is then a fragile . Note that when her nuke (E) is sent she has a 4-5 sec cooldown on it, so if you can finish her off in 3-4 sec when she has used her combo on you you will win. If not, she gets a good laught. (Also never tower dive her, unless the tower has 1 hp left.) Tip to stealthed champion: dont attack her before she has used her skillshot Q. she can easily turn the tide in the gank.

    3. How to kill her:
    Silence will ruin everything. It ruin her combo, it ruin her ulti it ruin her everything. For items i suggest some high burst damage items so you can activates. This makes it easy to kill her when she has spended her combo. Beware of her wall dough.

    4. Best champion to counter her:
    Kassadin. Its the best mage killer in the game, and with his great mobility and great burst damage with silence he can easily tear down a overfed Anivia in no time. Le blanc sould also have no problems fighting Aniva.

    1. The "shorter ranged" anviva, but with higher and a more stable damage dealer.
    Think of her as a shotgun. High damage close but have a hard time if she is outflanked and her stun is off.

    2. How to defend against her:
    Avoid her stun. 2 ways, wait until she has used it on something else, or buy a banshee veil. She always goes AP so Magic resist is also a good call if you need to go melee on her.

    3. How to kill her:
    Same as the defending. Buy higher attack damage and finish her of when her stun is off.

    4. Best champion to kill her:
    Pantheon. Deals high damage, survives a few hits from her, and has a great stun if she tries to run. Beware of timber dough.


    1. Ranged AD champ. Very common in the fields of justice and have a game changing global ulti.

    2. How to defend against her.
    Stay behind your tank when playing against her, since her ulti will stun the first she hits, and has a nice wide area damage ability. As long as you stay behind your tank she cant hurt you, at least if she dont want to commit suicide when getting to close. Thornmail is a good item for the tank. Banshee Veil is a good item for you.

    3. How to kill her:
    When her ulti is off, she is a easy target. Burst in and kill her before she can run away. Careful against her slow, meaning you need something to target her. She is very simple to play against so i leave it there.

    4. Best champion against her.
    Akali or Caitlyn. Akali for burst damage when her ulti is off, and caitlyn for having longer hit range than her.


    1. An offensive tank, with a nice easy 1-2-3 combo.

    2. How to defend against him:
    Always stay behind you minions and always beware of his grab ability. Keep him at distance at all time, and you can harass him fast and easily. Its great to get magic resist against him, and a Banshee veil will do miracles against him. In teamfights try to

    3. How to kill him:
    blitzcrank is hard to kill, since he have nice amor and speed bonus to get away. Be sure you have a gank ready with stun when you want to take him off. I mostly suggest that you try to avoid targeting him as with all other tanks untill the end of the fight. to get his shield down there is a theory that you can buy the Wit's End togetter with attack speed item, play then a ranged champion to remove his Mana so he cant use his last running shield.

    4. Best champion against him:
    Amumu. Since he is a tank, he dont fear Blitzcrank combo, and he still deals damage to him thanks to his aura damage. Amumu can stop him when he tries to run away, or he can force him spend his long cooldown combo on you so he cant use it in on your whole team.
















    1. There is basically 3 ways to play her, so be vary of how she is build during the game. AP, AD and aura. I personally suggest Aura or AD. Her Ulti is a gamechanger, but is tricky to learn right. Janna is possibly the best champ to counter AOE Teams.

    2. How to defend against her.
    Her whirlwind is annoying, but is easily evaded. It does not deal much damage, but its disruption can make you an easy target. So dont see her damage ability as a danger, unless she goes AD. If she does, be very careful of her damage potential, but just keeping her at long range and dogde her whirlwind will make her mana empty and a easy target. Her shield is annoying but take a note when she uses it, before you engage her.

    3. How to kill her:
    Take a note when she have used her shield and she will panick if you attack her. Her whirlwind will take time to build up, so thats not the problem, she cant use her damage spell since she need the passive speed bost to get away from you, leaving only her ulti to left. Her ulti will just push you aside, and you will ahve time to engage her before she is finished. Hit her hard, and special if she goes aura. Get her down fast since it will be harder to kill the other when she stays alive.

    There is suggested Armor penetration adn magic penetration to negate her defensive aura items. This might be worht it if you are playing against a very cowardly Janna, and some squishy but hard damage dealers asides her. Not that all Janna besides the rare AP Janna has a problem with farming, so you need to not let her get kills or assist, and negate her last minion hit, and she will be total useless and a easy target.

    4. Champion against her:
    Depends on her playstyle, but AOE champion is not suggested. Hard damage dealers with stun is recommended. Jax is a support killer with his stun and his high damage, Akali can negate her speed advantage with her ulti bash. If she goes pure AD it might be good wit hsome ranged champions like Caitlyn for harassing, but dont count on her ulti to finish her of. She always have that blasted shield.

    Thx to Zero Absoluto for tips around her.










    Le Blanc

    Lee Sin

    1. A AP burst/skillshot champion. very squishy without her shield, but deal high damage if she can land her combo, be careful against her ultimate.

    2. How to defend against her.
    In early levels avoid getting hit by her passive, it can surprise you how harmful can it be, even better to avoid her skillshots so she cant passive-hit you, so movement speed it's an early solution, mercury treads and even banshee's veil would be perfect for late game, because she is a champ with lots of crowd control. She will always stay at long range, so take not of what spell she is casting.

    3. How to kill her
    Her snare is the main priority. Get her to waste it, or use banshee or Clense to negate the effect. You can trick her to use the snare by walking behind minions right before she cast it or walking zigzag. Be also vary of her mana, since she is normaly spamming all her spells early and have little or no mana left when it comes to the end. Try to get close to her, and kill her before her snare comes back again. She is very fragile without her shield and snare so be sure to get a few hits for the kill.

    4. Champion against her:
    High damage champion who is strong enough to take a few hits from her in the beginning and deals down tons of damage when you get close to her. Melee champion with stun take her down fast. Pantheon, Xin Zhao and Jax is a good choice and of course the mage killer Kassadin might be good champion. There is also suggested Rammus as he will tank her damage easily and can hold her dealing much damage over time to finish her off.

    Thx to Zero Absoluto for this one.




    Master Yi

    Ms Fortune



























    Twisted Fate







    Xin Zhao


  • Summary

    Thanks for reading this guide, and I hope you learned something new. (even if its a bit short now) If your a newbie, I hope you use this as your advantage. For experience players I hope you forget everything when you're playing against me:D Most of you know already how to counter all the champs, but i have 600-700 games played and i still find it rare to see a Trundle, Janna, Corki etc etc... . I often forget how to counter them, meaning they got a nice advantage.

    Thx guys, and make sure to ask me if something is hard to understand.

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