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The jungle and you

written by Brokenshard

Table of Contents

  • Changelog

    4/23/2011 - Guide created

    4/23/2011 - Fixed typos, general cleanup

    4/23/2011 - Added spawn and respawn times

    4/25/2011 - Added a "Choose your jungler" and "Tanks in the jungle section"

    4/25/2011 - More general cleanup and typo fixing

    4/27/2011 - Added a "Jungle Pathing" Section

    4/30/2011 - Added a "Basic Counterjungling" Section and more general cleanup and typo fixing

    5/03/2011 - Added more specific information on jungle creeps (thanks Aaron Lake.)

    5/03/2011 - Moved Xin Zhao to tier 3 in tier list, changes make him a better jungler

  • Welcome to the Jungle

    Hi, my name is Brokenshard (IGN Brokenshard on EU) and I am here today to talk about the jungle. No, not the Guns N Roses song (even though it kicks ass), I'm talking about the hidden area behind lanes in League of Legends. In this guide you will see some basic tips of how to jungle, as well as the benefits of jungling. Before we go on, I have to say that jungling takes practice, you can almost never go into the jungle on the first time. In order to succeed, you must plan out your routes, backup routes, ganking routes, sustained routes and backup backup routes. It sounds a bit scary, but no worries, we'll get into detail.

    Acronyms and Terms:
    Red - Lizard Buff
    Blue - Golem Buff
    Drake - Neutral Dragon
    Nashor - Baron Nashor
    Ganking - To engage an enemy in a lane via sneak attack in order to score kills
    Covering - To temporarily "hold" a lane while the original owner recalls for health, mana, or items

  • Why jungle?

    So Brokenshard, if you said jungling wasn't easy, why do it in the first place?

    This is a question that might be asked, and if you ask this, you're probably retarded (no, jokes.)

    The jungle holds many MANY merits. In order to describe it, here are the pros of jungling

    You get an additional solo lane
    Able to utilize the experience in the jungle, none goes to waste
    Constantly MIA, makes enemies play passively or risk being ganked
    Map awareness as you roam alot
    The jungle has superior experience gains up until about level 6, You can see yourself having more levels than the solo lane.

    Needs practice
    Susceptible to ganks in the jungle eg. may set you back
    Might set your solo against 2, having a strong solo fixes this
    No real cons other than those above

    That being said you should always have a jungler, there isn't really any reason to NOT have one.

  • What makes a champion a good jungler?

    While it is true that virtually any champion can jungle with the right runes and masteries, but there are some champions that are stronger than others in the jungle. In order to illustrate this, I will refer you to a jungle tier list written by stonewall008, an excellent jungler. You can find this on Elementz's blog http://reignofelementz.com/jungle-tier-list

    Tier 1 - Nunu, Trundle, Udyr
    Tier 2 – Warwick, Nocturne, Cho Gath, Olaf, Shaco, Lee Sin, Master Yi, Amumu
    Tier 3 - Shen, Rammus, xin Zhao, Irelia, Jarvan, Gragas, Tryndamere, Fiddlesticks, Malphite
    Tier 4 – Maokai, Akali, Dr Mundo, Sion, Renekton, Mordekaiser,
    Tier 5 - Alistar, Karthus, Taric, Evelynn, Karma, Jax, Nasus, Ezreal, Pantheon
    Noteworthy Mention
    Heimerdinger – very weird and effective at the same time

    That being said, let me explain the tiers a little better.

    Tier 1 is the godlike tier, fast jungling, good ganking, great control, these champions hold it all.

    Tier 2 is the demi-godlike tier. Although not as good as tier 1, these champions either slightly lack in other areas or have a marginally slower complete time. Regardless, these champions are still at the very top and should NOT be underestimated at any costs

    Tier 3 and Tier 2 junglers are the same in some aspects, as in they might be able to compete with the tier 2 junglers. However, they might not be as well rounded as the tier 2 junglers.

    Tier 4 junglers are for the champions who aren't as strong in the jungle or must alter their actual builds to be able to compete. Very prone to counter jungling

    Tier 5 are for the junglers that can jungle, but have to impact their main build drastically. Not suited for the jungle, but still can.

    Generally all the tier 1, 2 and even 3 junglers have a way of self sustaining themselves, or dish out a large amount of damage or can mitigate the damage they recieve. They can complete the jungle in a matter of minutes and have deadly ganks. What makes a good jungler is in the ability to complete the jungle, gank, sustain themselves, and to control the map. Some champions are better suited to things than others, such as better complete times vs. stronger ganks.

  • What is counterjungling?

    Counterjungling (or invasion) is the act of going into the enemy jungle in order to steal buffs, creeps or to score a gank. Counterjunglers generally are champions who have versatile jungle paths or very fast clear times as they wont be affected greatly by spending time in the enemy jungle.
    Notable counter junglers are Nunu, shaco, Trundle, Cho gath and Warwick because of the versatile jungle, ability to gank or the fast clear time.

    Aspects of counter jungling:

    Warding as a jungler is extremely crucial, since you're very mobile and constantly roaming the map. Generally there are a few places that are high priority ward spots, such as baron, dragon, and the neutral buffs.

    Baron spawns at 15 minutes, but generally you wouldn't expect teams to be able to take on baron with 2 or 3 members, it'd be extremely difficult even with 5. Wards should be placed around the entrance to his lair along with the areas leading into baron.

    The dragon is very important to keep track of, as junglers such as amumu, trundle, udyr, warwick and shaco can attempt to do the dragon as early as level 5 or 6. Warding this area also wards the bottom half of the river, so you can see a jungler or roamer who is attempting to gank mid or bot lane.

    A very crucial ward. It keeps track of your enemies buffs so that you can go and gank them or even steal the buff as they are doing it. Can be put as early as level one, but only some champions can afford to get the ward instead of health potions (nunu, warwick)

    The river wards are generally there to alert your lanes or solos of incoming threats from lane to lane or from the jungle. These wards generally are accompanied by:

    The bush ward is there to show if an enemy jungler is camping the bush, preparing for a gank. This will probably be taken care of by the laner, as the jungler should be focused on warding the river, dragon and neutral buffs.

    While not as common, this ward covers the main choke points such as entrances into and out of blue, the side bushes of middle and the triple bushes near on either side. While important, they should be last on priority level, but useful to have.

    Stealing the Buffs:
    So you have your wards in place and you see the enemy jungler attempting their red or blue. what do you do?

    1) Bring a teammate with you, inconspicuously so the jungler wont be alerted.
    2) If you cannot bring a teammate with you, camp a brush where you wont be seen and prepare yourself
    3) If you have a high damaging move (Feast, Consume) use it to last hit the buff or use smite.
    4) If it was a red buff, you may attempt to kill the enemy jungler with your slow, but not suggested unless they are very low
    5) GTFO, the enemy team now knows what you did and wants your sorry ass for breakfast. Plan escape routes using your wards accordingly.

    Ganking the Jungler:
    You see the enemy jungler coming in for a gank in a lane and is camping a bush. As a jungler, you coordinate with your team for a COUNTERGANK. This generally involves either killing or chasing away the enemy jungler. There are no real guidelines for it, but make sure not to overextend too much.

  • Runthrough of junglers

    For the sake of time, I'll go through all the junglers in tier 1 and 2 only.

    Self sustainable with Consume and fast clear time, very versatile
    Deadly ganks with Ice Blast
    Good mobility with Blood Boil
    Dragon and Baron easy to achieve, Consume
    Good AOE champion outside of the jungle
    Nunu is most known for his ability to counter jungle, since his Consume acts as a smite, making it reliable as it is on a low cooldown

    Fast jungle clear time (AOE with phoenix)
    Good sustainability (turtle shield/lifesteal)
    Bear stance as a pocket stun movespeed increase
    High damage with phoenix and tiger, ganks are deadly.
    Udyr is a beefy champion, however very prone to kiting and CC

    Versatile jungle, clear times all high
    Godly ganks with Pillar and W skill
    Q skill as a debuff/steroid
    Easy dragon, earlier than udyr or nunu
    Ultimate as debuffer, making him very strong in 1v1 or 1v2
    Passive gives him sustainability

    Most sustainable jungler, never below half HP
    Mid-speed jungle clear time
    Good ganks at level 6, before that not as good
    Early dragon/baron
    Supression ultimate
    Very versatile jungle path, completely interchangable

    Sustainable and fast jungle
    Great ganks before and after level 6
    Squishy, but has spell shield, damage steroid and pocket fear skill
    Slightly versatile jungle path

    Cho Gath:
    Versatile jungle path
    Good clear time
    Very versatile champion in general (can be AD, AP or Tank)
    Good ganking, must land rupture
    Good invasion (counter jungling) best before nunu and shaco
    Sustainable due to passive
    Ultimate acts as a second smite

    Very fast clear time
    Sustainable (to some extent)
    Decent ganks (must hit Q), but once locked in can deal very high damage (true damage E)
    Fast dragon (less HP -> More attackspeed - > more hits -> more lifesteal)
    Decent invasion
    Great end game carry

    Creative jungle
    Deadly ganks, invisible and Shiv slow
    Great counter jungling (ganking the jungler)
    Not held by standard clear times, can start at red buff and gank
    Difficult to master, but rewarding

    Lee Sin:
    Versatile jungle, runes and masteries and starting place interchangeable
    Decent ganks if Q is landed
    "OK" invasion and counter jungle
    Outside of the jungle he's pretty meh.

    Master Yi:
    Unpredictable jungle, can be fast or slow depending on Alpha procs
    Monster carry late game
    If jungle goes well, can have a 3 minute clear time
    You might die to camps without procs.
    Did i mention procs?
    Can steal enemy camps with Alpha strike... procs.
    Ganking is OK, but needs red

    Good clear time
    Not versatile
    great tank
    susceptible to ganks
    "OK" ganks pre 6, amazing ganks post 6.
    needs blue buff.

    I will link to stonewall008's youtube channel, in it he has mindsets and jungle guides on all these junglers. http://www.youtube.com/user/stonewall008

  • Choose your jungler

    Now that you know which champions jungle well, where the hell do you start?

    For your sake, I'm dividing all the jungle champions into 3 categories


    Ganker junglers are junglers who's sole purpose at jungling is for putting out deadly ganks. These junglers usually have some form of CC and/or a way of closing the distance between them and an enemy very quickly. Junglers that fall under this category are: Nocturne, Shaco, Xin Zhao, Rammus, Udyr, Nunu, Warwick post-6, Amumu post-6

    Control junglers are junglers who may not be good at ganking, but have some very strong control. What control means is that the jungler possesses methods of controlling not only their jungle, but their opponent's jungle. They can be good at stealing creeps, being very mobile or having the ability to destroy a jungler early on without much farm. Junglers that fall under this category are Trundle, Nunu, Amumu, Warwick

    Omni junglers are a mix of both. They have decent to good ganks and can control their jungle very easily, also, they have good clear times as well as being less prone to counter junglers. These junglers are not necessarily the best, nor are they more powerful than the others, they just boast the ability to do these things. Junglers that fall under this category are: Nunu, Shen, Trundle, Shaco, Warwick, Cho Gath

    Some junglers on the tier list might not appear on this list. Such as Amumu. Its time we talked about the elite group of junglers that jungle simply because they have no other choice. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, the tanks in the jungle

  • Tanks in the jungle

    If you can't already tell, I'm going to talk about JUNGLING TANKS. But what makes them so special? Not much really, they're just doing their thing in the jungle. Until the teamfights come along. That jungle amumu who has been given the oppurtunity to freefarm is now ulting your team and getting aces for his team. That shen just popped to a teammates lane and turned a gank around. That rammus is rolling in and going to rape your.... nevermind.

    The reason that tanks jungle is sometimes because they simply have to. Amumu and Rammus are, for the moment, terrible laners. They jungle because they have to, and because if they lane they simply will not do well.

    A slow jungler, but boasts good ganks and control due to his ability to dash through walls. He comes to the jungle not because he has to, but he chooses to. Shen is a solid choice as he can give away his buffs, he is NOT BUFF DEPENDANT.

    Even though on the tier 3 list, Rammus is considered one of the best gankers in the game. He has methods of keeping targets in place, good damage and the ability to close distances. He, however, is in the jungle because he has to be, and tends to fall off later in the game. He is still a decent pick.

    I might get alot of rage from this, but Amumu is by far the best example of a forced jungler. Amumu does bad in the lane, and him in the jungle is meh. Even though he boasts some of the fastest clear times, he can't gank well pre-6, and is almost faithful to one strict pathing. He is, however, the best example of a jungle tank. He's a great speed jungler, and past level 6 he boasts one of the strongest ganks ever.

  • Jungle creeps

    For the sake of knowledge, here are the spawn times and respawn times of all neutral creeps

    Anc Golem: 1:55 Spawn time, 5:00 respawn time, Mana regen and Cooldown reduction buff
    Golem: 1:40 Spawn time, 3:00 respawn time
    Lizard: 1:55 Spawn time, 5:00 respawn time, Magic damage over 2 seconds and slow on hit
    Wolf: 1:40 Spawn time, 3:00 respawn time
    Dragon: 2:30 Spawn time, 6:00 respawn time, Global Gold reward
    Baron: 15:00 Spawn time, 8:00 respawn time, AP, AD, HP regen buff and Global Gold reward

    Lizard Elder and Ancient Golem
    Health: 1450 + ((175 x (Highest Champion Level - 1)) + (Number of times respawned x 50))
    Attack Damage: 110
    Armor: 24
    Magic Resistance: 0
    Attack Speed: 0.625(Lizard)/0.613(Golem)
    Gold Given: 60g
    Spawns at: 1:54
    Respawn Timer: 5 minutes

    Health: 3250 + ((220 x (Highest Champion Level - 1)) + (Number of times respawned x 50))
    Attack Damage: 190
    Armor: 21
    Magic Resistance: 30
    Attack Speed: 0.658
    Gold Given: 190g (Global)
    Spawns at: 2:30
    Respawn Time: 6 minutes

    Baron Nashor
    Health: 9926 + ((125 x Minutes past 15th minute) + (Number of times respawned x 50))
    Attack Damage: 600
    Armor: 100
    Magic Resistance: 70
    Attack Speed: 0.208
    Gold Given: 300g (Global)
    Spawns at: 15:00
    Respawn Time: 7 minutes

    Thank you to Aaron Lake. (I don't know why there's a dot there) for this info

  • Jungle pathing

    Now that you know your junglers and the creeps infesting the jungle, its time to decide upon your jungle pathing

    Generally there are 2 types of paths,

    Golem Path
    Non-Golem path

    The Golem Path is by far the most common jungle path which involves getting the blue golem directly at level 1. This allows you (with the EXP buff in Utiliy) to be at level 4 with both buffs at the end of your jungle clear. This is also the most predictable, and very easy to gank. Generally, the pathing go's from Ancient Golem, Wolf Pack, Wraith camp, Ancient Lizard, and Dual Golem camp. You will be around 550+ gold and at level 4 at the end, and should consider ganking. Champions that take this path are champions that need the mana regeneration buff to continue jungling (EG: Amumu, Udyr).

    Non-Golem Paths are a little bit more different. There are numerous different non-golem paths, so i'll place the most common:
    Wraith Path: You start off smiting the blue wraith, and finishing off the camp. Then moving onto wolves and then to blue. Continuing along getting red. This is for junglers who are afraid of being ganked at level 1.

    Red at level 1 path: you start off at the lizard camp, finishing it off. You will be level 2 at the end. This path is for junglers who wish to gank directly at level 2 (Shaco, Shen, Trundle). Risky path, but very rewarding

    Dual Golem start: Starting at the dual golems, working your way up to wraiths, wolves, blue, dual golems again and then red, followed by wraiths. Should put you at high level 5, almost level 6. For junglers that are scared of being ganked at level 1 and who wish to jungle directly to 6 before ganking (Nocturne, Amumu, Warwick)

    Golem Path w/ wolf: Taking out the big red wolf before doing golem. This allows you to level up directly to 2 after killing the big golem. This is identical to the golem path, but a little bit faster as the wolf camp spawns some time before the golem. Is highly recommended if you know you can finish the red wolf quick (Trundle, nunu)

    Got a path you want to send me? Do it! I will add it to this guide.

    What's an optimal finish time?
    There is no such thing as optimal finish time, but you generally want to aim at below 4:00 minutes, as you will be higher than the mid/solo lanes and much higher than bot lane. Generally speaking, most junglers at tier 1 and 2 already have this good clear time.

  • Madreds Razors

    There have been alot of discussions as whether or not to invest in this item. Lets look at it shall we.

    Madreds Razors
    Cloth Armor - 300
    Long Sword - 415
    Recipe - 285
    Total cost: 1000 gold

    15 Damage
    23 Armor
    15% chance on hit to deal 500 additional magic damage to minion

    Madreds increases your jungle time, generally allowing you to clear camps faster. It is built from cloth armor directly, therefore you have a use of the startup cloth armor. It can be built into Wriggles Lantern, which is a sustainabilty item or Madreds Bloodrazors, which gives you an on-hit effect of dealing 4% of the targets maximum life per hit. Madreds Razors will increase your jungle clear time, but might set you back on some of your builds. However, I highly recommend investing in this item, as it provides the most cost efficient stats in the game for a low price, and can be built into Wriggles Lantern, which is possibly the best item in the game at the moment in my opinion

  • Smite vs. Non Smite

    I'll leave you with this video.




  • Closing remarks

    I am in no shape or form the best jungler in the game. I am simply a student. I learned by watching videos, watching other players and practice. Maybe one day you'll become a strong jungler.

    Guide incomplete, will add more as soon as I get some sleep Z_Z

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