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Cooldown Reduction and other Scaling Attributes

written by th_pion

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    I'm th_pion and want to share something with you. Lucky you!

    Looking for a new cool champion to play, I read Huggybear's Poppy guide. I never played Poppy before or after reading this guide, but I liked his idea of dividing Attributes (like AD, AP, HP, MR, Armor and CDR) into scaling and non-scaling ones.
    In general, scaling Attributes are more effective then non-scaling ones and so it is important to think about this topic. Because I cannot expect all of you to read a Poppy guide, I write this guide to share the "knowledge" to all the other non-Poppy players ;)

  • Waht do you mean by "scaling"?

    An attribute is scaling, if its effect is percentaged. This means, that his effect will not get weaker in the course of the game, because it "scales" with your and your enemy's champions.
    So CDR ist scaling, because it reduces the cooldowns of your skills by a percentage, whether the cooldown is high or low, whether the skill is strong (because of a lot AP or something) or not.

  • Some scaling and non-scaling attributes

    Health, Mana, Attackdamage, AP, Health-Regeneration

    CDR: This one is obvious scaling, but it is more then that. I will write more about it later.
    Armor and Magic Resist: These two are scaling because they reduce the incoming damage by a percentage (or they increase your effective health by a percentage).
    Penetration and Reduction: These attributes reduces the effect of other scaling attributes (Armor, MR), so they are scaling too. For more information about Armor, MR, Penetration and Reduction read my guide Resistance, Reduction and Penetration.
    Dodge: Dodge is similar to Armor.
    Critical Chance/Critical Damage: The Critstrike-Stats scale with your Auto-Attacks (AD and AS).

    Complex Cases:
    Attack Speed: Extra AS from items etc. is calculated on the AS you have on level 1 without any items and stuff. So the AS-Bonus from your items is not scaling with your Champion-Level.
    Lifesteal and Spellvamp: They leache a percentage of the damage you do, so they scale with your damage. But if your health grows faster then your damage, the effect is decreasing anyway.
    Mana-Regeneration: This one is complicated. The effect (recovering your mana) seems to be flat. But your mana wastage is not increasing drastically during the game (in fact it's decreasing a little bit, because you burn less mana lategame then in the laning-phase). So the effect of "being able to use skills" is more or less scaling.

  • Cooldown Reduction

    This stat is pretty awesome for champions, which rely much on their skills. The hard-cap for CDR is 40%, so you cannot get more then this. The cool thing is, if your cooldowns are reduced by 40% you can use your skills (1/(1-0.4) - 1 = ) 66% more often! Additionally it's pretty easy to get CDR:
    With Greater Quintessence of Celerity and Greater Glyph of Celerity you get 15% at level 18. With a standard Mage-9/0/21-Mastery-build you get another 9% from Sorcery and Intelligence. Now, for example, get Ionian Boots of Lucidity and you have 39% CDR.

  • Shall I only get scaling attributes?

    No! In most cases you get the best effect if you mix several attributes. For example: If you wanna have a good survivability you need a good mix of Health, Armor and Magic Resist. But you should keep in mind, that the scaling attributes help you more then the non-scaling ones.

  • Runes

    "Are X-per-level runes, scaling or not?"
    In general they are not. They get better while your champion is leveling up, but if X is a non-scaling attribute, in most cases the effect is decreasing anyway.

    In most cases i get only scaling attributes for my runes. Here are some examples:
    Greater Quintessence of Celerity
    Greater Quintessence of Desolation
    Greater Quintessence of Insight
    Greater Quintessence of Resilience
    Greater Quintessence of Warding
    Greater Mark of Desolation
    Greater Mark of Insight
    Greater Seal of Replenishment
    Greater Seal of Resilience
    Greater Glyph of Celerity
    Greater Glyph of Warding

    However, if you want a earlygame boost (e.g. for jungling), flat runes of non-scaling attributes can be very useful.

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