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How to Tank correctly in LoL(in progress)

written by falconPAHHNCH

Table of Contents

  • First of all..Team Composition

    A team with 5 tanks will fail...A team with no tank will fail. A purely physical team will most likely fail and same goes for a purely magic damage team. Learn how to build your team correctly, because without this there is no hope. This is just a reminder and I am not getting into further detail about this.

  • What is a tank?

    To even begin to understand HOW to tank, you first need to learn WHAT a tank is.

    Lets begin with the basics.
    1. A Tank needs to be able to take a decent amount of damage.
    2. A Tank needs a way to make people want to attack them. So as not to just become a "soak".
    (for those that don't know what a soak is: A soak is someone who can't do anything at all but soak up damage, so no one is going to attack you because you don't hurt them and cant keep them around somehow. Basically you get ignored and can't do anything about it)
    3. A Tank needs to be an initiator. (other champion types can initiate as well. example: Ashe's ult.)
    4. A Tank needs to be able to keep someone around or CC people somehow.
    5. Usually some form of damage mitigation is present.

  • Is that character really a tank?(edit)

    Is that champ a Tank or can they just take a lot of damage?

    Let me just start off by saying every single champion in League of Legends can be played as a tank. But there becomes a point when you need to ask "Couldnt _______ do this better?" and most champions who try to tank end up becoming soaks.

    Some champions you might think are tanks could actually be in the "Offtank" category. Usually this category is defined as a champion who has fairly high survivability and also a fairly decent amount of damage/support capabilities. While these characters can be built completely tank, they were designed to be played as an Offtank and therefore should not be considered a Tank.

    This list below is a list of champions that I consider to be in the class of Tank. I will go into a short description of why they are a Tank and not an Offtank.

    Alistar is considered a Tank because he has possibly the best initiation tool and damage mitigation tool. Building Alistar as any form of damage dealer is completely a waste. His offensive ability cool downs are very high, so building AP isn't that effective. And there are so many better dpsers out there that building him AD/AS is just completely a waste of time.
    Some people argue that he is a support character, but he only has one real supporting ability and its nothing great compared to other characters supporting abilities.

    While Amumu can be built with some AP in mind, he is not an Offtank and should not be built around his AP ratios. Amumus main job is to keep everyone around during a team fight and to supply a small steady flow of damage to all enemies.
    His second job is to reduce enemy MR. The only AP item Amumu should get is Abyssal Scepter, because of the synergy with his passive.
    If Amumu is built without thinking completely about survivability he will be destroyed by the enemy team because in order to do any damage he has to be in the middle of everything.

    Rammus should be played as a tank for multiple reasons. Reason one is that he has an amazing taunt. If used with his defensive ball curl, this can deal out a significant damage to an enemy carry, coupled with a thornmail, this can be absolutely devastating to the enemy taunted. Reason number two is similar to that of Amumu, he needs to be in the middle of team fight to do his job effectively. And while he does have OK AP ratios, he shouldn't be built that way because other characters can build AP more effectively. No champion scales as well with armor Rammus does.

    I have seen builds for AP Shen and "fighter" Shen. If you compare what these builds turn Shen into and someone else who SHOULD be doing that role, you will see that Shen is far, far inferior to them. The most effective way to play Shen is maxing HP and a large amount of MR/Armor. If you want to shield for more and deal slightly more damage with VB then get a Rylais. Now if your taunt is down you can throw a blade instead. Or, if you want auto-attacks to hurt more, buy a Frozen Mallet. There is no need for any other damage/AP items on Shen, they are just ineffective.

    Sion is confusing, because he can be built effectively 3 different ways. When you build him completely tanky, he is at the same level as Shen and Amumu. He can do all the jobs of the tank as effectively as both of these champions. Keeping this in mind, he can also be build AD fairly well and AP fairly well also.

  • Items?

    Building correctly is important for any type of play. A tank needs to build based 100% on the enemy team composition. Throw out any idea of a build until you see what the enemy is comprised of.

    My good friend Auster Delaurant has a pretty good tanking item guide.. Here it is :

    Always Always make sure you have a decently high Hp pool. I don't care that people say just getting Armor/Mr is better. YOU NEED HP STILL. Dont listen to those lies. OBEY ME!

  • Laning

    option 1: A lot of the tank/offtank characters can jungle very well. Keep this in mind as an option for your team. Its always good to have a jungler.

    Option 2: Soloing a lane for a jungler. A lot of the tanks/offtanks can do this effectively as well, because they usually have good survivability to lane longer and out level enemies quicker.

    Option 3: regular 2v2 lane. This is my favorite option. Always try to lane with your carry. One of your Jobs is to protect and feed the carry. We will get into this more in the next section.

  • Jobs of the tank

    1. Keep the carry alive.
    2. Keep your carry fed.
    3. Initiate fights correctly.
    4. Focus the right people.
    5. Tank towers.

  • Jobs 1 and 2

    Ahh your best friend and partner throughout your tanking adventure is your carry. DO NOT EVER STEAL KILLS FROM THE CARRY. His job is to get the kills...your job is to help him do this. Now this doesn't mean you cant get kills. Just try to let the carry get them if he is around. Tanks usually have some form of CC. Use it, abuse it, make people afraid of your stun...not because of you but because if they get stunned your best buddy Master Yi will rip their face off.

    Also protect the carry. If he is dead he cant do his job. If someone has got to die..let it be yourself. protect that SoB with everything you possibly can. :) he is your best friend after all.

  • Initiating

    This part uses the most brains. remember this is a game of strategy, so just running into the enemy and hoping for the best will almost never work out as well as a thought out strategy.

    First things first. Do not initiate if:
    A. Your casters have no mana
    B. Your team has low HP
    C. you are outnumbered(usually)

    Basically check to make sure your teams Hp and Mana bars aren't low. A good time to initiate would be when the enemy team has situation A B and/or C

    Another important thing to think about is location. Would you rather fight in the jungle(narrow pathways) or out in the open?

    If your team has more line AoE character or people who can use abilities through walls (Ezreal, Janna, MF, Twitch etc) Then a fight in the jungle where the enemy can't avoid these things as easily might be better than an open battlefield. Just be smart about where to fight. Also fighting under your turrets is an amazing bonus to have, not to mention if someone is carrying Fortify :)

    The last important rule for initiating is positioning. Make sure your ranged are in the back and you are in the middle. Keep the fight on you as long as possibly. Some champs can do this easier than others(Rammus Shen Galio)

    oh wait i forgot one. ALWAYS ALWAYS let your team know that a double ping means you are going to initiate. Then, make sure you double ping before you do.

  • Who to focus

    Another important part of any team is communication. Let your team know the focus order. Kill the carry first. ALWAYS. When tanking, people tend to follow you around. You are the leader of the team and should always be out in front. They will follow you and in most cases attack who you attack. So attack the carry and he/she will die. Ive had games where I initiate a fight and chase the carry away leaving the enemy team with way less damage.

    remember, Your job is NOT to kill people, but to make people kill you. And while they try to kill you, your best friend will be raping them.

  • Tanking Towers

    Go for it. You have plenty of HP and armor. Let your carry smack that tower. Just don't be dumb and get killed by it. There is a time to back away. You are the tank..not indestructible.

    Pulling a whole team back door will annoy the crap out of the enemy team..which is a good thing because they are our enemies and we want to beat them as easily as possible.

  • Summary

    Follow these rules. OBEY ME! and you will find that tanking is actually fun and a decent way to play this game. Remember that this is a team game, and just because you went 1/5/19 doesn't matter because you won the game and your team will love you.

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