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Champions, Items and Oddities - The Missing Manual

written by RobertMeta

Table of Contents

  • * This guide is NOT

    This guide is NOT intended to teach you how to play a champion (or use an item), it was created to compliment The Missing Manual - Game Mechanics with information on non-general mechanics and quarks.

    The guide is bluntly not as well researched as the other guide as of yet, while I will never put in anything I am not confident about, the sourcing is not as complete or detailed, and the testing takes much longer.

    It will not cover skills that are working in obvious / clearly understood ways, it will not cover all the champions abilities. This will point out oddities / things you may not know, and things that are not obvious.

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    #3. Another way is to join the Mechanics Testers Brigade... we need people checking math, designing tests, and of course, getting in the game and testing the mechanics.

    #4. The final way is to search the forum for the topic "TEST REQUIRED:", those are tests posted by people in the Mechanics Testers Brigade that are looking for answers (if they are locked, they are probably already closed.

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    This guide is long, and getting longer by the day. It is primarily intended to be used as a reference, rather than a coherent readable guide.

    Text in this color is a quick summary / the one sentence explanation, the 101 version.

    Text in this color means I REVERSED what was said (major correction)

    Text in this color means it is unreferenced / unverified, but I have a high degree of confidence in it, also used for missing references.

    Text in this color is something I think is important to know, or might go against what you expect

  • * Changelog

    Moved changelog to forum thread.

  • * Pending Research

    * Is yi hittable by skillshots while doing alpha strike?
    * Does Xin's Q get reflected by thornmail, if it does, full amount, or just autoattack portion, same questions for gangplanks Q and Pantheons Q... my working theory is that there is a reverse-on-hit effect, things that apply on-hit effects will also proc thornmail. Confirm.
    * Morgana's shield blocks all incoming spells. It's more than just a damage absorbing mechanic, it also renders crowd control useless. My question is if this is also true for auto attack item/ability procs. If a champion runs with invulnerability (e.g. kayle) can he/she still be the subject of on-hit effects such as the black cleaver? Since the black cleaver is dependent on actual hitting does it apply or does it not?
    * Does stun/silence interrupt the stealth fade process of Eve/Twitch?
    * Warwick does knockback save ult from doing damage?

  • * Thanks

    * Civil Enemy the most referenced guy on this guide. :)
    * MagnaKay some great feedback.

  • Anivia

    Anivia does double-damage to "frosted" using Frostbite, at one point, the "frost" effect could be applied by other players, and rumor has it, even items. But currently, the only person who can prep a target for double-damage is Anivia herself, using either Flash Frost or Glacial Storm.

    Her walls can be charged into by Poppy.

    Can teleport while in egg form.

    References: 2010-09-07 -- Confirmed in game with Sneaky Celery(US) as Ashe, myself[MetaCosm(US)] as Anivia on the blue buff.

  • Corki

    Corki's Gatling Gun does physical damage every .5 seconds, it does not proc Frozen Mallet, but it does proc [item_text=Rylai's Scepter].

  • Evelynn


    References: Test Lab Post

  • Ezreal

    Ezreal's Arcane Shift will not shake off targeted abilities the way the summoners spell Flash will. It will of course allow you to dodge skill shots.

    References: Mechanics Testers Brigade Post

  • Fiddlesticks

    You can use [item_text=Zhonya's Ring] during his Crowstorm without breaking it (once the channel has completed).

  • Gangplank

    Gangplank's Parrrley does physical damage, applies on-hit effects, with the exception of his passive Grog Soaked Blade which it will not apply, and on items like Sheen will apply the damage bonus immediately. It can critically strike, and when it does, it takes into account the spells bonus damage.

    Gangplanks [spell_text=Raise Morale] can be cast on wards and won't consume the ward. Once again wards at baron/golem/lizard/dragon so on important brush can help you use Raise Morale in team fights. Please add this to your gangplank memoirs.

    Parrrley will also be affected by items like Thornmail.

  • Garen

    Garen's Judgment can not be stopped once it is started, regardless of slow, silence, stun or taunt, he will continue to spin (but can be rooted in place). Silence will make him unable to cancel it (use the toggle) but he will spin on!

    Regarding Judgment and critical damage. Here is how it actually works. He makes 6 strikes in his Judgment. Each strike has a standard chance (from your char sheet) to crit, when it crits, it will crit bonus damage only on bonus damage, not the skills base, which means it DOES scale with Infinity Edge and crit damage runes and masteries. See the post on Garen Crit below for a full math breakdown.

    References: Test Lab Post, Post on Garen and Crit

  • Heimerdinger

    Heimerdinger's H-28G Evolution Turrets do magic damage, take into account magic resistance, and can't be blinded or stunned.

    His rockets will not hit invisible units.

    References: Test Lab Post

  • Katarina

    Katarina's abilities are magic damage, regardless of if you build her with attack damage or ability power, all her abilities do magic damage and take into account magic resistance.

    Also, her Death Lotus's damage is calculated via the bonus damage, it ignores her base damage. Also Death Lotus can only be cased when an enemy is in range (even a stealth one, and it will hit the stealth one!). Her ult is channeled, so you can not use [item_text=Zhonya's Ring] during it.

    Reference Civil Enemy in comments

  • Kennen

    Kennen's Slicing Maelstrom is not channeled, so you can use [item_text=Zhonya's Ring] during his Slicing Maelstrom without breaking it.

  • Master Yi

    Master Yi can be hit with a spell that was already in travel during his Alpha Strike. Meaning if Sion cast his [spell_text=Cryptic Gaze], it was in travel, then you did an Alpha Strike, it would land when you you come out of Alpha Strike (wherever that is) and you will be stunned there.

    As for if Alpha Strike dodges skill shots, it does indeed dodge skill shots. Also, Yi will show as missing from the map.

    Master Yi's passive double strike is an exact mirror of the first shot... if shirt shot procs on on-hit or is a crit, it will be mirrored.

  • Miss Fortune

    Miss Fortune's Double Up is the equivalent of two auto-attacks, but the first shot has bonus damage, and the second shot does 120% damage. Both can proc on-hit effects, and armor is taken into account of each targets individually.

    Sheen is set into action when you use an ability, so once you use an ability, the next auto-attack will use it, which means it will be the FIRST shot of her Double Up.

    References: Post on double-up mechanics

  • Mordekaiser

    Mordekaiser's Children of the Grave with [item_text=Rylai's Scepter] only slows by 15% not 35%, this is a specific exception to how [item_text=Rylai's Scepter] normally works.

    Mordekaiser's Mace of Spades can proc off either his next hit, or his pets next hit.

    Mordekaiser's shield will still take damage when a spell hits and removes Banshee's Veil

    Reference: Riot Employee Post

  • Morgana

    Morgana can use [item_text=Zhonya's Ring] after she casts her Soul Shackles because it is not channeled, it is a double-proc. Same thing goes for Guardian Angel, you can die in your ult and have it work if you have GA on.

  • Poppy

    When using items like Deathfire Grasp, or the summoner spell ignite, the damage is increased by the buff from Diplomatic Immunity.

    Can charge people into walls made by Anivia. Can charge people into other people.

  • Nunu

    Nunu cannot Consume Shaco's clone or Mordekaiser's pet, but he can consume Heimerdinger H-28G Evolution Turrets, he can consume Tibbers (Annie's Pet).

    References: Test Lab Post

  • Pantheon

    Pantheon's Grand Skyfall puts him in a state where he can be hit by AoE, once you see the green "drop zone" drawn, he can be hit with Area of Effects spells and even knocked away with Janna's Monsoon. Also, you can be knocked back during Aegis of Zeonia, and his stun won't land.

    Reference Civil Enemy in comments

  • Rammus

    Rammus' Defensive Ball Curl returns flat amount of spell damage when attacked, and that damage procs spell vamp.

    References: Test Lab Post

  • Shaco

    While a jack in the box is being activated, it can be used to block skillshots.

  • Sion

    Sions' ability [spell_text=Enrage] gives his weapon a buff and seems to imply you only get bonus health from melee kills, but in actuality all kills that give gold will give health buff.

  • Sivir

    If Sivir's spell Ricochet bounces on someone with Thornmail, or Rammus with Defensive Ball Curl on, you will not take damage.

    Sivir with Banshee's Veil and her Spell Shield, and someone uses a spell on her, both shields will break.

    References: Test Lab Post, Post with Sivir Shield Testing

  • Teemo

    Teemo's mushrooms will break Banshee's Veil, yet still apply the dot and slow component. It appears as if it only absorbs the initial explosion.

    While a mushroom is being activated, it can be used to block skillshots.

  • Twitch


    Twitch's [spell_text=Spray and Pray] will proc on-hit effects.

    References: Test Lab Post, Civil Enemy in comments

  • Udyr

    Turtle Stance healing DOES NOT work on towers / structures.

    Tiger Stance when used with items like Sheen will not use the increased damage in the DOT component, and will only use it on the first of the 3 micro-strikes.

  • Vladimir

    Vladimir is still affected by dot's ticking while going into Sanguine Pool. Area of Effect also affect him while in Sanguine Pool. He can dodge Zilean's Time Bomb by using Sanguine Pool right as it goes off. Quicksilver Sash will remove his ultimate, but the damage will go off immediately, only really saving the damage bonus component. Transfusion is only slowed by 15% from [spell_text=Rylia's Scepter]

    Source: Confirmation Thread & Confirmed by Lys_Ecarlate

  • Warwick

    Warwick can be knocked back from his Infinite Duress, the animation will continue, but the damage will stop.

    Warwick's Eternal Thirst HEALS him, which means it is reduced by healing debuffs like ignite, Executioner's Calling

  • Xin

    Xin can still knock you up in the air with his Three Talon Strike, even while blinded. Xin can be silenced before he uses his Three Talon Strike, but after he uses it, silencing him will not cancel or stop the effect.

    [spell_text=Tireless Warrior] works on towers / structures.

  • Zilean

    Zilean can put his [spell_text=Timebomb] on wards to set off damage with no warning.

  • Atma's Impaler

    Atma's Impaler adds right to Attack Damage, it is not an "on-attack" effect.

  • Banshee's Veil

    Sivir with Banshee's Veil and her Spell Shield being hit with a spell will break both.

    Same goes for Mordekaiser's shield.

  • Executioner's Calling

    The Executioner's Calling only debuffs HEALING, not Life Steal OR Spell Vamp!

  • Frozen Mallet

    Frozen Mallet slows for 40% when used by melee champs and 30% when used by ranged champs.

    Slow % with abilities still needs to be researched.

  • Last Whisper

    Last Whisper updated to work with all physical abilities (but still not on tower).


  • Lich Bane

    Lich Bane works with Parrrley, and all abilities that proc on hit effects. It procs it on the strike itself, because using the spell set off the proc, then when the spell strikes, it consumes the proc. All abilities that do proc on-hit effects should behave the same.

  • Quicksilver Sash

    Quicksilver Sash can be used to remove multiple debuffs at once. If used to remove Vlad ultimate, the damage will proc immediately.

  • Rylia's Scepter

    [item_text=Rylai's Scepter] slows differently for AoE (15%) and single target (35%), but there are various exceptions to this rule, like Mordekaiser's Children of the Grave only slows by 15% not 35%. It also only slows Vlad's Transfusion by 15%

    Source: Confirmation Thread & Confirmed by Lys_Ecarlate

  • Sheen

    Sheen works with Parrrley, and all abilities that proc on hit effects. It procs it on the strike itself, because using the spell set off the proc, then when the spell strikes, it consumes the proc. All abilities that do proc on-hit effects should behave the same.

  • Thornmail

    Thornmail returns damage before damage reduction (tooltip is a lie)!

  • Tiamat

    [item_text=Tiamat] splashes for 50% of your damage when used by melee champs and 35% when used by ranged champs. The splash is considered to be physical damage. The splash damage does not proc lifesteal. It takes into account armor penetration, and target armor.

  • Trinity Force

    Trinity Force works with Parrrley, and all abilities that proc on hit effects. It procs it on the strike itself, because using the spell set off the proc, then when the spell strikes, it consumes the proc. All abilities that do proc on-hit effects should behave the same.

  • Brush

    Be careful when in the bush near other objects (like walls) because on some champion models, if you push up against the wall you will pop out of the Brush.

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