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Delepitore's Comprehensive Guide; Improvement 101

written by Delepitore

Table of Contents

  • Step 1) Learn Team Compositions

    "Do not protect yourself by a fence, but rather by your friends."

    Not just Push Team/Poke Team/Heal Team Dynamics. You should know you need Full Tank/Off-Tank/Mage/Carry/Support. We have all see some pretty strong teams outside of this format before . However each role in a team is distinct. The roles will be discussed in step 2. This is the basic format for success. However, I will discuss some variations that can be used with more or less success. Remember try to keep focus teams focusing, and AOE teams have tanks/support to match your Mages/Carries. Amumu is an amazing Complement to Fiddlesticks and Ezreal, as just an example. Another thing to keep in mind is buffs. Junglers will get buffs until around lvl 6-9, meaning dont have more then 2 people who are DEPENDENT on blue. Chalice of Harmony is always an option, no matter how sad it make you to sacrifice that item till Endgame when mana wont matter as much anymore. Ad Ez shouldnt be needing Blue if you have Annie running around.

    The tank team:
    Example: Alistar, Rammus, Mordekaiser, Udyr, Olaf
    This type of team relies on being able to fight under the turret take out the turret and then get out, heal up and then doing it again. Everyone grabs a Madreds Bloodrazor, Casters Grab Deathfire Grasp its over

    The Push Team:
    Example: Alistar, Heimerdinger, Janna, Tristana, Shaco
    This team is the Hit it and Quit it Team to the extreme. Hit the tower, play defense, hit the tower, play defense. This team can push a turret in a matter of seconds. They are extremely frustrating.

    The Heal Team:
    Example: Alistar, Soraka, Taric, Kayle, Nidalee
    This team has carries, they have a lot of poke ability and they don't take any damage ever So they can widdle the other team in until they go it and its game over for the other team. Grab a Katarina or some Executioners Calling, Ignite, Tristana, and Gangplank work well. This team has been severely nerfed, so not as much need for fear

    There are a lot of compositions out there but if you stick to the basic model you'll do well. These arnt even necessarily the best of each of these compositions however this give you a lot of insight into the teams.

    Basic Model for Success:

    I will put some Laning Compositions on here as well, because thats an important thing to understand as well.

    Any other ideas please post them and Ill include them.

  • Step 2) Learn Character Roles

    "Only the curious will learn and only the resolute overcome the obstacles to learning. The quest quotient has always excited me more than the intelligence quotient."

    Character Roles are essential to your knowledge of the game. You need to know how to play who your playing and how you interact with other people. You need to know how to behave when someone is going to gank your lane. You need to kill that Carry in teamfights, and overextended caster should be eaten swiftly. You dont let the tank mess up the line and Support needs to be doing their job whatever that is.

    Carries: A carry is someone who function by throwing a ton of damage out of his auto-attacks. Some people use this as a term for people who carry their team to victory. Which is fine based on the name however a Carry is someone who maximizes auto-attack damage. This person will be putting out a lot of constant damage in a team fight, and will be the person who takes towers down in a heartbeat. A person playing a carry needs to know the time when they engage the other team under the tower and when its better to break for a few moments to down the tower entirely. A carry will be SQUISHY, but will carve the other team to shreds if you give them the chance. The job changes depending on the character. A carry forces the other team to invest in armor or die in seconds. Blinds, and Exhaust are your enemies. Watch out for them. Stay in the back, if you are up there where your tank cant control the flow of the fight or the burst damage of the mage youre in the wrong position.

    Examples: Ashe, Tristana, AD Ezreal, Master Yi, Shaco, Tryndamere, TF, Twitch

    Mage: A mage is the magic version of the carry. They do a lot of damage through their SKILLS. They normally excel by excellent Magic Penetration, and Lots of Ability Power. Every Mage is very different so its hard to classify. Mages bring a lot to the table, damage wise and normally utility wise as well. Karthus and Anivia need to be able to wall well. Annie needs to manage pyromania stacks. People need to stop playing Ryze entirely. Whoever is in this role needs to force the team to get Magic Resist. Mages stay in the back and pop in and out to get their skills off, since when their on cooldown their pretty useless.

    Examples: Anivia, Karthus, Ryze, Annie, Kogmaw, Katarina, Fiddlesticks, Malzahar, Veigar, Corki, Vlad, Kassadin, Akali, Evelyn, Kennen

    Off-Tank: An off-tank is someone who can lay down a lot of Damage still, but can go into the fight either right before the tank or right after depending on the teams initiation ability. They normally bring a ton of utility threat, and are right in the middle of the fray. They need to have survivability or else being where they are they will eat dirt really quick. You need to be scaring people, you are the person actively going after squishys and making them say "Oh shit, this fight aint for my ass." Im out of here

    Examples: Mordekaiser, Nasus, Olaf, Xin Zhao, Warwick, Sion, Blitz, Malphite, Udyr, Mundo, Garen, Jax, Poppy, Pantheon, Nunu, Gangplank

    Tank: A tank is someone who has massive utility, who can spec themselves specifically to soak up Tons of damage. Their job is to keep people off the squishies, and to disrupt and disturb the other teams lineup. Have a carry that is hiding in the back? Taunt them back in range of your mage and carry to eliminate the enemies damage. This is the guy who good teams ignore until its necessary. Remember Disrupt and Save Squishies. If you arnt keeping your squishies safe then you need to readjust your play as a tank unless you have your Off-tank filling that role.
    If you want to tank; Heartigans Tanking Guide is a must read.

    Examples: Shen, Rammus, Amumu, Alistar, Cho, Gragas, Singed

    Support: Support is someone who, just like it sounds, functions in some capacity as a support role. Some bring damage of their own, some bring heals, some bring CC, some bring auras. They will enhance their teams, they will mess up the other team, they make their team smile and go yay Im so happy we have them on our team. They stick to the back and do their job. Aura people stay in there, Heimer, Soraka, Nidalee Jump in and out. Same with Morgana until she uses her ult.

    Examples: Soraka, Janna, Morgana, Sivir, Heimerdinger, Nidalee, Kayle, Taric

    Now note that these listings are kinda generalities. Some champs can be built other ways, this is just a good starting point. Remember your only taking 101 currently. WW is a lot of support by increasing the carries AS. You cant ignore Kayle or Heimerdingers functionality as a Carry/Mage when their late game built either. However I wanted to paint a picture

  • Step 3) Learn the Stages of the Game and Learn to Predict Enemy Movement

    "All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."

    Game stages are the critical stages of the game that can be seen as separate and distinct due to different character actions.

    Pregame Phase: This is during Champion Select. Communicate with your team, if youre solo queuing try to get your team into vent/ts/skype with you. Get a good composition. Weve already seen how important this is, try to do your best to maximize it. Tank>Carry>Mage>Off-tank>Support. You already know my opinions on this. Get your composition as good as you can get it.

    Positioning Phase: This is the stage a lot of people dont use very well. This is where you protect your jungler so he can get golem in peace. Go over and mess up the other teams Jungler. Bait them out and get an early first blood. This stage is also where you decide who gets what lanes. Try to keep ranged or people with spammable ranged abilities in the solo lanes where it is much harder to zone them out without being seriously hurt.

    Laning Phase: This is where we start to do some major cash grabbing. Last hitting minions is your priority while at the same time lowering the last hits your opponent gets. This is also where harassing comes into play. You want to make it so your lane opposition is afraid to come in to last hit, which means youre getting gold and theyre not. Experience denial is only in rare circumstances where you have the ability to completely zone them out, at any time you should be able to return to last hitting during this phase if youre doing it properly.

    There are two guides you really need to check out for this phase.
    Krysander's Harassing Guide
    Miya's Comprehensive Last Hit Analysis

    Ganking Phase: Is a bit of a transitional phase so its hard to describe in detail. However the important part is people will start actively leaving their lane for hope of 300gold kills and extra experience to match. This changes from character to character. Twitch you better be afraid of the moment he turns 6, same with Karthus, Pantheon, Nidalee etc. Some like Jungling Udyr and Amumu might strike while their at only lvl 3-5. This involves a coordinated small group killing and then returning to their actions before like this was completely normal. This also is the phase when a lot of first towers go down because of a man going down and the ability to push the creeps easy and take the tower down while the remaining, or nonexistent partner being to afraid, or unable to act without feeding them a kill. Wards protect you from unexpected deaths in this phase. Keep one up at dragon, thats a lot of gold you dont want to miss out on. Also normally a free kill on whoever is attempting it solo.

    Teamfighting Phase: This is what youll be doing the rest of the game. You will fight, kill, and push. You will fight, die, and be pushed. You will fight, semi-win. Dispurse to clear lanes/jungle and come back to do it again. This is where your roles become SO important, because it will happen a lot. This is also where a lot of jockeying happens. (Moving back in forth, poking the other team, trying to set up for an advantage in a teamfight) Here Wards are extremely important because they give you information on the other team, are they attempting to come at you from the side in the jungle? This gives you a ton of time if theyre sitting ontop of a ward to investigate their gear and their team positioning.

    Clairvoyance is a really good test for this, if you can effectively find any player on the map at any time in the game you have got this down to a good level. Try it out, its fun and really helps with your Map Awareness.

    Sight Ward: Who buys wards? If this is a question, its your job. Simple, I don't care who you are...Because your team needs wards and some teammates just don't get that. Wards are extremely important to high level game play. Let me make this completely clear. Dragon and Baron Wards are NOT questions. They are Requirements if you want to stay competitive.

    External Image

    1) This is a protection ward. Top Lane with this ward is relatively safe to push as long as they are ready to retreat as soon as they see trouble.

    2) This is Baron Nashor. He Gives an UBER buff to a team, you ward this bad boy atleast by 25 and keep it up for the rest of the game. Dont let the other team get this without you fighting them for it.

    3) This is a jungler catching ward. Normally a jungler is lowest health at lizard. You see him starting and mid and top can work together and kill him and steal the buff generally.

    4+5) River Wards. To a Good Mid these are the best place because it covers when a jungler crosses into your jungle and also alerts you when someone comes into the side bush to try to gank mid.

    6) This is the enemy junglers mana...if you bottom and mid go and kick him out everytime he goes for it trust me he is going to have a much more difficult time jungling.

    7) Dragon Ward. This ward should be up from 10 mins till around 30 mins. After that point dragon goes down so fast its not worth warding it. You should be getting it as soon as you see it spawn at this point in the game

    8) Bottoms Protective Ward

    9+10) These wards are informative for the teamfight phase if mid tower hasnt been pushed. Teams will wait and try to initiate from positions where running is a difficult option.

    11+12) These are offensive wards. When you are pushing the last two towers in Mid these are really informative, and keep off nasty Fiddle's waiting to ultimate

    13+14) The same as 11+12, but are defensive if they've pushed your first tower and your going to teamfight near your tower.

    Wards can also be placed in sidelane agressive/defensive positions but are normally cost too much gold compared to a character with Clairvoyance, which you should be great with by this point right. These ward locations are also good places to use clairvoyance *wink wink*. Most importantly you really dont need 12 wards up at all times. That would be cool but you really dont need it. Stick with River wards, Dragon and Baron and additional wards varying from game to game.

  • Step 4) Make Friends

    "If you make it plain you like people, it's hard for them to resist liking you back."

    Sometimes in Solo Queue there is simply no way you can win with a leaver and or a Feeder. Seeing an overfed carry bearing down on you while your underleveled and undergeared is truly a bad day. I've seen great teams fail due to a jungler who got caught twice by a hawkshot.

    If were talking ranked- Duo Solo Queue find someone who matches your playstyle, who you have a good time with, and who play characters that complement yours. 5-man premade is done by getting alot of these friends together. Guys/girls who you have regularly tested to see that they know what their doing.

    Most importantly just be friendly- Even on your way down if you are a nice guys people on both teams will respect you(atleast the people who are worth caring about), especially people who you may add and try out later. Wild cards are a negative thing in a Strategy game, control the cards you control the outcome.

    Smile, invite people to play games with you and always listen to others. Even if you disagree with them you can learn very important pieces of knowledge and hopefully something you dont know yet even. Friends are the reason this game is fun, get to know people, get to know the tank, get to know that support that kept you alive, get into a group of guys and enjoy their company.


  • Step 5) Become a Leader

    "Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other."
    "Faith in the ability of a leader is of slight service unless it be united with faith in his justice."

    If you want to know how to singlehandedly turn games around, this is the way to do it. Theres alot to be said on the subject so I'll keep it League related.

    1) Inspire, Dont Devalue- You need a Team to win this Game if played with the best. Any insults make the team insecure, they then try to overcompensate. This also mean that they wont listen to you when critical points come in the game that you need to be aware of.(See Step 3)

    2) Gather People around yourself- Get people on vent. Communication is key and verbal is faster than written. Think of the poor people not reading this guide because its too long. Now get people gathering around you leadership. If they have a heimer mid against you, emphatically ask for assistance from your teammates. If they have a missing person anywhere call the MIA, you want the team knowing you know whats going on and they can listen to your statements if they want to win.

    3) Communicate, Communicate, Communicate- When teamfight stage comes tell them the focus order, be ready to type if you get a 2 second break to give them the information they need and you're not sure they know. This is why everything above is important, you need to be able to give your knowledge to your less knowledgeable teammates

    4) Dont accept praise or blame- you need to be known for what you do not what other people say of you. If you accept praise more than a simple thankyou, it lowers opinion of you. If you accept blame, you see why it brings you down. Leave your abilities on the Fields of Justice, leave the talk to the nub who went home with a win and a feeding record due to your leadership

    5) If you already have a good leader, let them lead- Two leaders just confuses people, if things start going awry you may be able to take authority with some dirty tactics if winning is your only goal. However the old leaders feelings will be hurt. And people competent enough to take leadership are normally people you want on your friends list.

  • Step 6) Learn to Play a Variety of Characters

    "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work."

    Most people do this since Season 1 started however I feel it is necessary to point out not all the same role. Of all the classes I listed for team comps you should be able to step into any of them with atleast a backup or two. Teammates, even friendly ones can be stubborn when it comes to the characters they play. If winning is your goal, you shouldnt be stubborn on this at all.

    This is a strategy game; if you know more you can play the game better its as simple as that. However League has the added benefit that you have to play at a high level, unlike chess you can move slowly. You need to act extremely swiftly and in the right way in order to excel. You cant do this without knowledge and practice.

  • Step 7) Keep a Positive Attitude

    The most important step. It keeps you playing, and it keeps people gathering to you.

    Smile, its a game!

  • Step 8) Play for Fun!!!!!

    Thats my take on it. Some people may disagree. Find great people and Enjoy. Your Elo isnt as important as the great people you get to play with along the way.

  • Step 8) Stuff You Might Not Know But Should

    "The man of virtue makes the difficulty to be overcome his first business, and success only a subsequent consideration."

    1) Last Hit, Last Hit, Last Hit...Dont auto-attack. Please.

    2) Dont Attack from the bushes(exception Skillshots). It reveals you.

    3) Use bushes to lose Minion aggro from Harassing Enemy Champions. Incase you didn't know also you attack a champion with his minions around they switch to you. Cannon Minions hurt.

    4)Teleport works to all sorts of fun stuff. Wards, Shaco Jack in the Boxes, Teemo Mushrooms, Turrets, Heimer Turrets, etc. Very useful for Backdooring.

    5) Elixirs- These bad boys cost almost nothing and can turn a game around. If you're in trouble grab one of these and it can turn a fight in your favor.
    [item=Elixir of Agility] Elixir of Brilliance Elixir of Fortitude

    6) Having a support champion with you doesnt make you God. My main is Janna, my biggest pet peeve is when I give them a shield so Zileans Bomb doesnt kill them and they proceed to turn around and have a god complex and die swiftly. Its just annoying

    7) Champion Guides only get you so far. The rest is Comprehensive Game Knowledge. Know it, Dominate with it.

    8) If you havnt watch Shurelia's Zoning Tutorial Yet Do it. Even if you have, Watch it again.

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