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Kenshiro 1986 movie / Lee Sin

Is Kenshiro with the costume based in the animated movie of 1986 . ( REPLACES THE CLASSIC SKIN).

Felie Dantas - 1,435 views
Red recolor Yasuo (+Particles + Load Screen)

This is my version of red recolor Yasuo, this belong to my recolor speed video

ArcangelXavier - 3,037 views - Updated: 1 month, 3 weeks ago
Teemo PROJECT [Hot]

Teemo PROJECT [Hot]

Lyesange - 3,032 views
[HUD] Azir my GOD! [For the new hud]

[HUD] Azir my GOD! [For the new hud]

Lyesange - 3,240 views
Golden/Purple Kayle + Loading Screen

A recolor for Kayle. Changed her color to more golden,since it look kinda bronze to me. And also purple cloth. L...

BoomyBear - 693 views
SKT 1 HUB [Very Hot] [Beautiful]

SKT 1 HUB [Very Hot] [Beautiful]

Lyesange - 3,617 views
betrayer jhin

This is the first skin I ever made. I know it's ugly but next time I try to make a better. Spells also got new particles

ReaperOverlord - 3,212 views
Forged In Silver Kha Zix

Sup guys i didn't posted for a long time so here it is a new skin !

DaoNamSkins - 1,812 views
[UNUSUAL] Pax Twisted Fate [UNUSUAL]

This skin of the Master Cards is arguably one of the rarest of the game skins . Distributed at PAX 2009 just after th...

Draxas - 1,699 views
Teemo PROJECT lolskin

Teemo PROJECT lolskin 2

Lyesange - 1,786 views

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