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Thresh of the Sands (for Classic skin) (Actually b

I made a skin "Thresh of the Sands" for the Classic skin instead of the Championship one. Still this skin h...

Racno - 1,555 views
Purple Dragon-slayer Vayne

Made for a friend Feedback appreciated

1BlackPhoenix - 1,061 views
All purple Dragon Slayer Vayne

This one was made for a friend Feedback still appreciated

1BlackPhoenix - 394 views
Red Soul Reaver Draver

I think this requires the Soul Reaver Draven skin Feedback is always appreciated

1BlackPhoenix - 715 views
GBD Aatrox ^[With ult changes^]

Green, blue, dark xd. This is my first skin, i...

rikihanks - 384 views
Arclight Zed (Including particles) (updated)

This is my first custom skin. Pls comment if something is bugged or looks wierd. Also keep in mind that the pictures ...

chthunder - 2,836 views - Updated: 1 week, 4 days ago
Zed Akatsuki

This skin for SKT T1

soki1200 - 1,207 views
Zed Akatsuki + Particles

This skin for base

soki1200 - 1,097 views
SexyArmor Quinn

Just added some sexy details to the awesome quinn's armor, show this champ some love

DualKick - 2,809 views

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