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Golden Commando Jarvan

Just a golden and black version of the commando skin of jarvan BO2 style (can be placed on any skin "default")

knaki03 - 2,030 views
Cyber Riven w/ Particles

Just a slight recolor of a chinese custom skin for default (hair color, gloves, face, eye piece, weapon, e particle)....

Hummus on Bread - 46,674 views - Updated: 1 month ago
Lee Sin Ninja

Only for Lee sin Muay Thaï (if you know how to make for default tell me pls). Particles inspired by Underworld Lee sin

knaki03 - 9,209 views
Elin Ahri

Recolored Ahri to look like an Elin from TERA. Original:

Hummus on Bread - 6,942 views
Sly Cooper Twitch

recolor of pickpocket twitch (buy pickpocket twitch before installing this recolor) preview

slaysomezs - 2,460 views - Updated: 1 month ago
Cho Gath on Acid

Green with blue and more Still perfect in the lore

Nescafe Skins - 1,731 views
Cyber Nasus

:D A Good Skin!

1052929430 - 6,273 views - Updated: 1 month ago
Void assasin Talon

HI GUYS my first custom skin i hope you like it i couldn´t do some new attak animations would aprechiate it if someo...

TheRebbelonduty - 3,500 views
Ahri - Cheshire Cat

A chesire cat skin for Ahri ~Made by Equifox 'n Bucurry:

saix - 5,806 views - Updated: 1 month, 1 week ago
Peacebringer Fiddlesticks

Trollface Ulti :))

DaoNamSkins - 4,417 views

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