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Karma - Order of The White Lotus

Inspired by "Avatar" - Order of the white lotus clothing and, well, name. This is for The Order of the lot...

ManlyMan - 2,285 views
Lab Rat Twitch

He seemed like a lab rat thats been experimented on, so i wanted to give him a more fitting look for it, since they u...

ManlyMan - 1,300 views
[Dsiver144] Cloud 9 Shen

Just change a little in model texture and remake particles :) Hope u enjoy it :)

dsiver144 - 3,168 views - Updated: 2 weeks ago
Sion the Orc (Garrosh Hellscream Inspired)*For Rew

This is for his default skin, after first time playing him he reminded me of garrosh so i decided to make my first ma...

SpinalTap90 - 2,736 views

A re-color for monarch Kog, based on Deathwing. My first skin.

iLLw1nD - 2,804 views - Updated: 1 week, 3 days ago
Fire Master Ezreal

Enjoy it ! this is a first version of this skin!

subin777 - 2,926 views
Brighter ribbons for base Azir skin

Pretty small texture fix that makes Azir's ribbons look brighter and more noticeable on dark areas of map. Entire...

Existor - 1,215 views
[Dsiver144] Project X Talon

Another skin for 'Project team'. Hope you like it :)

dsiver144 - 4,881 views - Updated: 2 weeks ago
Arcade Lux

i got a little distracted with kog but im done with the main project. I just hade to :>. I havent made splash art ...

league of skins - 3,015 views - Updated: 2 weeks, 2 days ago
Dark Captain Azir

DOWNLOAD - HD-PREVIEW - VIDEO - https://www....

Existor - 4,009 views - Updated: 2 weeks, 2 days ago

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