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Desert Shen

A simple recoulor of Shen

Cuked - 446 views
Varus Desert Ops V2.1 With FIXED Particles

I change the coulor of the particles and the textures from artic ops to a desert colour, i look cool but i think that...

Cuked - 1,423 views
Samuraï X Yasuo

Yasuo en samuraï

tonio1044 - 2,335 views
Ancient Karma

First skin! Tested and fully working for SiU 4.34 and LoL 4.5

Jigaro - 1,873 views - Updated: 2 days, 21 hours ago
Commando Yi the Ruthless

Just the best skin ever

RayHam - 2,125 views
Longbow Ashe + new particles

It's 1346 year - Battle of Crecy - smaller and worse trained english army crush bigger and better french army, which ...

FrozenArrow - 1,288 views

_I_ ken xD

jonnyrara - 800 views
Yasuo boladão


juninho35966 - 3,596 views
[V1]Championchip Thresh for the Deep Terror Skin

This skin only works whit the Deep Terror Thresh skin! I'm not finished with the ultimate and the hook texture (be...

Wiret - 1,706 views - Updated: 4 days, 1 hour ago
Sensual Blue Ahri

Complete redesign of Ahri including retexturing, recoloring, air mods, loading screens, in game icons. Works for the ...

joseppi189 - 7,096 views

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